Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Peter Bis makes big claims and spouts big numbers; millions and tens of millions - even hundreds of millions - of dollars. What's it all about? Summarized:

What the Jews have billed on Bis

Lifetime: $80 million.

Broken out: $60 before/$20 million after arriving Washington D.C. 2005.

Further broken out: $19 million 2005~2008 as this blogspot was being posted essentially as his book advance though they didn't let Bis actually have the money but lined their own pockets with it [and kept Bis living on the street], followed by a relatively paltry $1 million 2009~2011 after the blog posting stopped. Which is ironic to say the least; in 2007~2008 Bis was trying to buy ice class bouy tender hulls surplused by the Canadian government for sale at roughly $20,000 [twenty thousand dollars American] in two lengths - 165' and 148' - and couldn't come up with the money.

Well, the million bucks now pays for his apartment anyway.

Back to business: Somebody at the Heritage Foundation adapted a Russian child and now wants to 'notch' the child's spine because the child's brain is allegedly sending too many signals down the spinal cord and the kid's toes curl. Peter Bis alone defends the child. At least they're not contemplating 'dulling the action down' with electro-shock; still, the thought of 'notching' any three-year-old child's spine offends him particularly in light of past incidents involving the foster/ adapted/ step children of senior Republicans used in political manuevering [James A. Baker III's granddaughter sucked into a pool drain and Senator Smith's son committing suicide, though Bis is not making broader claims here about the politics of the Heritage Foundation or its employees] commensurate to previous incidents involving adapted Russian children in the United States. To the point at which laws were passed about exactly that.

Anonymous. Daily News Bulletin. (English). Moscow: Mar 21, 2008.
MOSCOW. March 21 (Interfax) - The Russian Education and Science Ministry is proposing to amend the federal law governing the adoption of orphans by foreigners to "better protect the rights of the adopted following the recent death of a 14-month-old Russian-born child in the U.S."

The statement issued by the ministry on Friday talks about "the tragic death in the U.S. of Nicoli Emelyantsev, who was adopted by U.S. citizens, Fyodor and Kimberly K. Emelyantsev, in February this year."

Nicoli Emelyantsev's adoption "was arranged without assistance from an accredited representative office of a foreign organization but following the so-called independent adoption procedure," the statement says. This procedure "does not rule out mediation by organizations or individuals not subject to any control and not bearing any responsibility in the adoption process," it says.

"This tragic case once again testifies to the need to amend the law to improve guarantees that the rights and legal interests of orphans adopted by families of Russian citizens living abroad, as well as families of foreign citizens and stateless persons, are protected" it said.

The ministry said it had drafted a bill that would require foreign citizens wishing to adopt Russian children to provide information about themselves to an operator of a state-run database of orphans only through authorized representative offices of foreign organizations involved in the adoption business.

In addition, the amendments would "make it mandatory for potential adopters to undergo psychological examination and would introduce a special program for training families before adopting a child," it said.

According to the ministry, 12 cases of violent deaths of Russian children adopted by foreign citizens were recorded from 1991 to June 2007. Eleven of them took place in the U.S. In all of the cases the adoptive parents were found guilty of the children's deaths.
End citation.

For types of activities in line with defending the child they're busting on Bis.

Bis busts back, claiming Mayor Adrian Fenty has been recently busted either 'for' or anyway 'with' cocaine at least twice - people say "Barry"; Bis says "FENTY" [apparently Bis has sources which are clear and unambiguous on the point] - and elements associated with city government then stole his gear from the sidewalk in front of the Exxon Station, Mass Ave and 2nd NE where it was neatly covered just down the sidewalk from the Heritage Center dorm. In fact a lot of it [if not the bulk of Pete's stuff] comes from young people moving through their various programs. Obviously this town revolves around people knowing people; all efforts to get this worked out are appreciated, and friends of Pete are asked to stop by and lend support as may be possible.

Does the Russian embassy still have an interest in the child [who is only three years old], and can somebody contact them? Bis claims he himself is NOT implanted with an MKULTRA neuroprosthetic, but in fact, if anything MUST be done to the child, an electrode is infinitely preferable to 'notching' the spine, and Putin would probably be able to make that happen if something HAD to be done.

Other side of the coin: In the late 1980s/early 1990s Peter Bis allegedly circulated 300 pages of information on Thermo Biofusionary Genetic Engineering to and through the United Nations in Switzerland. He claims he can walk into an embassy and go elsewhere, while people here evidently enjoy keeping him available to play against the lizard or lizard-ine human figure behind the World Bank as long as there is no cost associated with it. If they have Pete living on the street for free, why pay him? Of course you would not expect them to put that to the test in this manner - actually pushing him into an embassy with Bis picking WHICH embassy; he blusters Russian but they famously have bureaucracy to deal with and the Israelis would probably be the first to offer him real refuge ostensibly because he can claim Jewish heritage, skipping on the various aspects of the technology until he is over there. Can we back this pressure off somehow?

Who is Peter Bis, and how much of what he says is really true and can be verified? This blogspot tries to outline some of the issues and areas he works. Your interest is appreciated, understanding there is no substitute for simply going to 2nd and Mass Ave NE and meeting him.

Peter Bis has said for YEARS that Hillary Clinton's senate seat is owned by the Mafia,
that even in the 1990s they were significantly claiming that the seat could serve as a stepping stone to the presidency for the right person,
and that a man directly related to the Gambino crime family worked out of Clinton's senate office apparently for the military judge advocate general.

Actually, Bis said a man identifying himself as being part of the Gambino crime family claimed to work out of Clinton's senate office - both parts of which Bis found credible; it wasn't his accusation but rather the other man overtly claimed affiliation.

NOW - December 2008 and maybe for the past six weeks - 'a source on the street' totally unrelated to Bis but proven valid in other matters is saying Hillary Clinton is into the Mafia for six million dollars, and that the other congressional delegates from New York hate her and got rid of her by pushing her into the slot at the State Department. Indirectly but significantly validating Peter Bis.

What that source did not know is whether the two parts of the statement were really 'cause and effect' - she's into the Mafia for the six mil and they're certainly uncomfortable with that so they bounced her. Still oozing his trail of unctuous piety, it is very possible to see Schumer - the senior senator from New York - unhappy about somebody being unable to clean up their business with the Mafia never mind their having gone there in the first place though he is almost certainly wired himself.

The secondary question is whether that scenario is really a CIA effort to place Hillary in control of globalized organized crime structures as Secretary of State - 'diplomacy by other means' - commensurate to husband Bill being head of globalized charity structures taking a great deal of money off the Middle Eastern governments and princes. Of course including the Saudis. The sotto voce are whispering in mock scandal about Hillary getting bounced over Mafia affiliation, but was that really the intended consequence? CIA maximizing effectivity - the scandal being she's falling up instead of down, as her husband is in with the princes.

Wikipedia. Huma M. Abedin is a Pakistani-American aide to United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. [She] served as traveling chief of staff during Clinton's campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 presidential election.

Abedin was born in 1976 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her father was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar who died when she was 17 years old [approx. 1993]. Her mother, a professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.

At the age of two [1978], her family relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Abedin returned to the United States to attend George Washington University.
Huma Abedin began working as an intern for the White House in 1996 and landed an assignment with the First Lady. She has since risen to the role of Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman....

PETER BIS has a source who says Obama also has ties to Saudi Arabia; '2nd tier' media sheets have suggested Abedin is more than just an aide to Clinton and its an interesting coincidence particularly if Obama does pick Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

Two Space Shuttles [ALLEGEDLY] launched on 26 Oct 2008, journeying 14 days to a rendezvous with Asteroid 433 EROS [approx. 08 Nov 2008] which they intend to push out of orbit [CERTAIN], so it gains speed and ultimately crashes into Earth. A new president elected 04 Nov 2008, they will have to work fast to stop the Bush gaming, making the guys who are out there totally destroy the asteroid rather than 'pushing' it or putting rocket packs on it and launching it.

NEW 16 Nov 2008. A shuttle filled with American military people definitely launched exactly as Bush was hosting a pre-summit dinner with world leaders at the White House on the evening of 14 Nov 2008. Backing out the schedule, a 14 day flight from there would rendezvous with the asteroid on 28 Nov - so it looks like our earlier source missed on at least one of the launch dates.

A big finance meeting is scheduled for 15 Nov 2008 in Washington D.C., and the suspicious timing suggests that Bush and his tool Sarkozy set it up to validate their concept and actions. We previously reported Bush bought big land holdings in Paraguay, which may anticipate 'asteroid-entry' in the northern rather than the southern hemisphere.

OBAMA is the bastard son of an Egyptian somehow married into the Saudi royal family. Obviously names would be helpful, and PETER BIS is working with his foreign sources.

October 24, 2008

They can take more than one wife - and certainly did forty five years ago - but apparently enough money was at stake for the situation was handled a different way. Or that is what PETER BIS hears, supported by some odd factors 'at the outside edge of coincidence' in the United States.

First is the 'reciprocity concept.' McCain wasn't born in the United States either, and in racketeering essentially equivalent candidacies it seems probable ['more likely than not'] they'd put some hook on the other side for the Democrats to sink in our flesh. Article. II. Section. 1. No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adaption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President....
Wait a minute. Being the son of an Egyptian rather than an African doesn't change Obama's eligibility - who says he wasn't born here? Interesting, isn't it?

Second is the otherwise self-destructive remarks of House Representative Michele Bachmann ['swept up in a firestorm of criticism', Pioneer Press, 21 Oct 2008] quasi-supported by others such as Robin Hayes in North Carolina who is a pretty decent and low-key guy. Hayes was friends with Ed Schrock in the House, and they were - Hayes is and hopefully will continue to be - among the better guys over there.

Third is the effort to get rid of Egyptian President Mubarak which has been half-***ed kicking around Washington for for the past three or four years. Turns out the Egyptians have been behind a surreptitious effort to attack us which is actually pretty funny when you think about it. The larger point is that among 'the players' this isn't 'on the sly.'

Fourth - and so on - gets into looking at 'the churn' kicking up on the web, much of which is CIA-originated forwarded by various players. Poor Republicans are the little boys who cried wolf before and now nobody believes them. 'False flagging' isn't beyond them here, but it would mean getting into the source network that supports Peter Bis. It would be a longer term effort than they've been known to undertake in the past, but it would be possible.

Is the current Communist government of China really nothing more than a thirteenth dynasty? And certainly no more legitimate than that? Interestingly, Mao appears to have been a handpicked candidate, with both the 'Great Leap Forward' and subsequent 'Cultural Revolution' triggered from the outside. Even more interesting is that the Communists started corrupt and have remained corrupt, whereas history tends to suggest the previous dynasties started in virtue and grew corrupt though the subsequent dynasty obviously had an interest in disparaging the previous administration.

So what about a foreign dynasty in the United States - as happened certainly in Egypt and probably in China. Well, it would be a way of physically representing us as being in decline [which we evidently are]. Some changes, but more than have already been forced through under Bush? Worse than 'No Child' or 'Oxley-Sarbanes'?
Probably not, and McCain certainly is a part of the problem which now appears to have figured in his selection.
"My friends, McCain is a rusty old windbag. George Allen was the Republican choice for 2008 and probably would have won, so they took him down the hard way."

AND appears to have been vindicated on our earlier 'fix' allegation [as follows] - suspecting that was at the heart of the subsequent Colin Powell endorsement of Obama on national television. Shrewd choice. Remember, the military has a critical interest in NOT backsliding into cannibalism.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The fix is in. Obama is out.

Why? Over what?

Jurors finding Stevens guilty hang the noose around his neck? Stevens in its entirety involves accepting the sculpture of a fish and an armchair that vibrates; the home modification was a bogus CIA cover [put it this way; for the purposes of the trial, Stevens doesn’t own a home – he owns a multilevel jacking platform that is partially enclosed]. Palin comes from Alaska, and it looks like the deal is ‘taking Stevens out means putting Palin in.’ So a jury in the District of Columbia knocks the Democratic contender for the presidency out over a bronze fish and an animated armchair?

The other possibility is….. cannibalism. Not just that Obama engaged in cannibalism, but that he was exactly warned about it, given a mechanism for both intelligence and avoidance, made at least peripherally aware of Peter Bis and, and went ahead and engaged in cannibalism anyway. Peter Bis on the takedown.

Biden is said to have three lobes in his brain [most people have two]; both Biden and McCain are implanted with neuroprosthetics. They aren’t the only ones – so is Stevens. ‘Throwing the fix’ or averting the hostile takeover might mean going to the sentient plasma structure or the human-alien interface which Biden certainly ought to be able to do. Stevens matters really should end in a mistrial over the ‘sexy phone call’ and the multilevel jacking platform CIA cover scam – throw it out and send ‘em home; it otherwise will reverse on appeal anyway.

Inside one of the 'chem-trail' wide bodied airframes; a heroic Air Force 'Nam vet delivers the picture.

The program apparently originated in a series of White House MAP ROOM meetings in the later stages of the Clinton administration; spraying has been undertaken on a widespread basis since November 1998. Reports of additives in food [apparently coordinated by a group in the FBI] and monitoring of urine date to 2007 and early 2008, perhaps suggesting a time delay in saturation or effectivity in the human body.

No idea whether or not either the spray or the mitigation relates to spiking Alzheimer's and dementia rates.

Harry Reid leads the Senate. He is from Nevada. He says he opposes ‘Yucca Mountain’, which is the nuclear waste repository the federal government periodically threatens to build in his state.

PETER BIS says he [BIS] can get rid of the nuclear waste utilizing Accelerated Radiation Decay [ARD], eliminating the entire Yucca Mountain issue.

Both men are immediately thwarted by the government, but resolving this situation may be as easy as getting documentation the government already has on BIS to the leader of the United States Senate, allowing him to decide how credible PETER BIS is or is not.

How difficult can that possibly be?

On the night of the State of the Union address 2008, two policemen told BIS he should have taken the ten million dollars for his technology or gone to work for ten million dollars bringing the technology forward essentially for somebody else. That number – ‘ten million dollars’ – came up previously.

PETER BIS was in Europe 1989-1991, and again in 1997. One opinion has it that he should have stayed there. Prompted to answer that opinion, BIS said he had to come back ‘for his mother.’ Within twenty four to thirty six hours, a woman evidently associated with government agencies was telling PETER BIS she wished ‘mama’s boys wouldn’t come here’ [to Washington D.C.]; ‘turn around’ within the government agencies is obviously relatively immediate.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a book suggesting ‘the Jews’ try to confuse and neutralize [assert their own dominance] by putting numerous oblique or nuance issues ‘on the table’ in media or in political debate. In ending the Yucca Mountain controversy, bringing forward advanced medical technologies, and going beyond the current - orchestrated - ‘energy crisis’ and controversies, PETER BIS essentially seeks to solve problems and eliminate the manipulation undertaken by the Jews. The catch is that he is Jewish or claims significant Jewish heritage; in that sense there is an element of ‘Jew versus Jew’ to the controversy [typical in say Zionist CIA water boarding versus the ACLU] which is emblematic of their penetration of media and politics and is hard to ignore.

Essentially PETER BIS thinks the ten million dollars is much too low; this blogspot outlines the argument.

Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States in 1952 after commanding the United States military in Europe and coordinating the Allied war effort during World War II.

Ike in Korea 1952.

After the Nazi government went into exile, we got some of their technology. Here is Ike with Von Braun, keeping in mind the big nuclear explosions with calculated radiation patterns we were undertaking in the Pacific - apparently designed in part to mitigate whatever alien threat might emerge.

This is Allen Dulles. Together with his brother John, he had interaction with Eisenhower. The following sequence looks realistic, and would explain quite a bit.

He told Ike that we needed to undertake the nuclear testing.
Ike said 'all right.'
He told Ike that the aliens were going to undertake some medical experimentation on humans [more than they'd already done in the 'intelligent design' approach].
Ike said 'all right.'
He told Ike that the aliens wanted to migrate us to unisexual status with a-sexual reproduction apparently via homosexuality [a current CIA designator],
that the aliens backed a collectivist agenda [evident in the Communist slash Nazi paradigm],
AND that the aliens were going to insert 'a being' into a human life-form in Michigan as it turned out.
Ike said '**** that.'

PETER BIS is homeless in Washington D.C. He essentially claims to be that alien, he says the government singled him out and backed a number of unique attacks on him [taking him out of the ultra-light aircraft business for example], and he wants to leave the country - via boat.

Unfortunately PETER BIS presents a mixed picture; few people screwed by the government are as friendly with the police as he is ['be safe, enjoy'], and threatening to walk into the Israeli Embassy - after they were behind the slaughters in Europe during the World Wars, most recently continued in Rwanda and Kosovo - certainly doesn't help.

Any government files of serious weight are going to include interagency transmittals, showing how and when information originated and became available probably in a particular pattern across a number of years - now decades. Across governments. Has the information flow remained the same since the Eisenhower years? Now is an excellent time to revisit the decisions which led into the situation, and domestic political developments suggest we need to do that. has experienced a major, major failure.

We began posting in late 2005. It has abruptly come to our attention that in early 2007 it was none-the-less possible for manipulative elements in politics and government to significantly erode or corrupt a conceptually responsible figure who seemingly exhibited awareness of PETER BIS, the blogspot, and the issues at stake.

How can this be? How can that happen?

The government has interests in PETER BIS, indicated by both technical means and street observations. Definite.

PETER BIS claims to be an alien - from 'outer space' or a distant place/galaxy, and if you believe that you almost certainly believe it in spite of PETER BIS and not because of PETER BIS. Really at issue is not what he says or what you believe; at issue is what the government has in their files on PETER BIS, and in particular when those files originated.

The BIS conceptualization of the Van Allen Belts in conjunction with the Earth's electric field [metal core, imposed on the flag of South Korea]. BIS figured that out - sharp guy. But wouldn't an alien with hugely advanced technologies and intelligence arrive already knowing that?

There is a sentient plasma structure in the Earth's atmosphere, which apparently corrupts human essence, and may ultimately be responsible the 'Messiah sequence' which started in ancient Egypt and most famously includes Christ [which the Jew apparently figured out and their legitimacy as a religion is based on their 'awareness of' and 'collaboration with' but not 'worship of' it].

The plasma structure arrived 10,000 years ago. For the sake of the argument, let's say its name is 'Bob.' PETER BIS says his alien group last sent a scout in 3,000 years ago, or 1,000 years B.C. - 7,000 years after the plasma structure arrived. If they now send another scout in, would he [PETER BIS] be coming to see us, or would he really be coming in to see 'Bob' the plasma structure? Why even actually touch down on Earth - why not stay on the outside and check in with Bob?

BIS says the plasma structure can travel the relatively short distances among the inner planets, but not the longer distances between the gaseous planets [which probably relates to the size of the Sun and the amount or intensity of radiation it produces]. There probably was life on Venus and Mars, there isn't any there now, and it stands to reason the plasma structure wiped it out before coming to Earth. BIS says he doesn't know or anyway that theory isn't his.

Is he kidding? An alien scout sent from a highly advanced group or more intelligent base structure that had somebody here 3,000 years ago and maybe 3,000 years before that - doesn't know?

BIS says he won't date without a DNA sample on this planet, as some evidence suggests sexuality can be migrated. And in fact the CIA has a designator for migrating people to the uni-sexual condition with a-sexual reproduction that we're starting to commonly see in fish and lizards. Though where he comes from they already are uni-sexual. That is normal to him and supposedly more advanced; shouldn't he be encouraging this?

YIN is feminine, dark, and duplicitous, while YANG is masculine, light, and opened; one thing about BIS is that he seldom misses an opportunity to attack what he calls the 'Boy's Club' [in religion, law enforcement, or wherever else he sees it], but he exhibits absolutely no awareness of the deeper grounding of it in the Earth cycle beyond tactical scenarios in which women can attack men by tangling their energy field in the man's. He instinctively hates it because his father attacked his mother, but unless you intend to change the energy field of the Earth its something you need to learn to work as yoga and zen people do.

You expect to get a certain 'zen-like' quality from a highly intelligent super-advanced life form, and there ain't a drop of it in PETER BIS. None. Humor, bitterness, cunning, some wisdom - absolutely; zen? No.

This is not a recreational blogspot; at issue is the government file on PETER BIS. The main file or the root file - not the transient stuff in the Capitol Police Department or what he fed the FBI back in the late 1980s and 1990s.

BIS says he inhabits the body of a child who was born in 1951 and died in 1953 from polio. In fact, as 'alien essence' he was in the hospital room above the bed looking down on the child when it's human essence 'died' and left the door opened for him to enter.
Asked to date the government's awareness of him, BIS first guessed mid to late 1960s when there were a lot of UFO sightings, and later guessed second grade or about 1957-58 based on an incident at school when they should have called his mother but didn't.

Doubtful. Eisenhower met the aliens at an Air Force base in California in early 1954; looking at all the nuclear testing and the MKULTRA CIA designator the evidence suggests 'everybody' - Earthlings and aliens - knew about PETER BIS absolutely from his arrival in 1953. Right from the start. His father - the father in his Earth family - was an ***hole; the question is whether some of that was staged or at the direction of the CIA, trying to diminish BIS or somehow contain him. Eisenhower was evidently not happy about being confronted by the aliens - certainly not with a 'plant' already inserted. Did they have to additionally 'groom' the father, or was placing PETER BIS in that family good enough?

PETER BIS heard from a Marine in San Diego that the CIA calls him 'Alien 1', but we don't know if that is a category [whether or not he is the only alien in the category] or an identifier unique to him. He is NOT actually the first alien and, judging from their treatment of him, he isn't the most important alien or even a particularly high priority alien. He was just right there when the door opened, or when they opened the door.

Again, we started posting in 2005, and recently discovered efforts were made to erode or corrupt a major political figure in early 2007. PETER BIS does represent the ability to fight corruption at its very basic level, significant effectivity [he does report out without withholding - he will do it or say it], and he is an immediate tool to deploy. If it is a matter of additional validation - as it appears to be - endless posting here is not the answer; we need to obtain the source documents on PETER BIS - whatever and wherever they are. Rubber meets road. The rest is background.

Dualing headlines: We find out the arson on Pennsylvania Avenue SE here in Washington last August [08/08/07], with significant CIA ties to the crime via the Agency overview designator for messing with rush hour traffic and having truckers lay down their loads on foggy highways, leads straight into the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. So it turns out that, at least by association, the Heritage Foundation is also involved in the effort to pin the FIRES - that one and the CIA burning down Eastern Market maybe three or four short blocks straight east from there - on homeless people. Stigmatize the homeless - when its the wealthy bastards that did it BOTH times.

Versus the headline about CIA activity.

PETER BIS busted a CIA executive named Thomas J. Mattingly who in late 2004 - early 2005 was trying to procure energy for CHINA from the Nigerians. Mattingly was CIA and he wasn't trying to get energy for us - he was trying to get energy for them, via Nigerian generals retired in Virginia. Pictured is Willaim Jefferson, D-La House of Representatives, who got caught with $90,000 in the freezer compartment of his fridge when the FBI raided. That also had something to do with Nigeria [as it happened, supposedly cell phones or communications, but that is all they've said so far, and nobody wants to talk about how the whole thing went down. Other than us]. Stacy Rosenberg, head of the Krewe of Muses, looks to have been one of the executives in the CIA New Orleans, and Howard Wolpe - Congressman who PETER BIS says knocked him out of the aircraft business - looks to have been a CIA executive placed to cover the saturation of the disease in various African communities after Allard Lowenstein brought the CIA-engineered AIDS virus to the continent.

Now Obasanjo.

Hillary Clinton or anyway the 'Clinton camp' has a street guy with a sign in Washington D.C. saying Obama is somehow tied to Obasanjo, leader of Nigeria. We didn't want to stop with Plame. We wanted to keep going, naming more - rather than fewer - CIA executives. Heather Grant, Scooter Libby's wife for example, is said to have been CIA, and maybe was the handler for Marc Rich [who Giuliani placed overseas and Bill Clinton pardoned] and Pincus Green. Its even possible Plame herself tied directly to Nigerian generals either over there or in Virginia and the CIA energy scheme [Niger to Nigeria; did anybody ever try to claim Plame was precluded from looking at some aspects of energy development?].

Giuliani briefly toured with Angelina Jolie's father - and then dropped out of the race; there wasn't any goodness in that for anybody.

What's surprising is the extent to which people don't like Clinton on Capitol Hill, and, for somebody who isn't even here, how much support there is for Romney on Capitol Hill. The people on the sidewalk - us on the sidewalk - are just trolls who don't themselves significantly interact with either Clinton or Romney; it is all second-hand or significantly 'trickle down' feeling, but it is real.

Cecil Butler was supposedly a developer who took $150 million dollars out of Lawndale - a ghetto Chicago neighborhood, but in fact that looks to have been a CIA funding mechanism. No word on the Chicago developer who repeatedly contributed to Obama's campaigns and is now in jail, but Clinton has repeatedly smeared Obama with that; it won't be good if it turns out the guy was only carrying Agency water. The Clintons had twelve hundred of our guys killed at Fort Benning and taken elsewhere to be cut up and eaten one winter in the 1990s leading into the 9/11 constellation of 'terror events' and us doing human sacrifice with our own guys in Iraq. Whatever it is in Nigeria, is it worse than that? Is it worse than Bill Richardson and Peter Bourne screwing democracy in Japan by siding with conservative elements in Gimento or the Liberal Democratic Party against the coalition government and American business in Tokyo mid-1990s under Clinton - if you're talking about whole countries being macro-screwed by the Agency? Frankly, Hillary isn't 'clean' in it by any means. If she wants to start naming CIA executives she should, but its surprising to find the Agency letting her do that for her own political ends, and its difficult to believe anybody could possibly be dirtier in it than she is.

The Clinton-Whore-Death-Cult corrupts Obama with the Satan-is-Christ paradigm in the abruptly notorious killing of four girls with a 'crazy' mother in SE Washington D.C. before a dismayed CIA-Mayor Fenty and governmental establishment which badly fumbled the hand-off to PETER BIS.

PETER BIS did not drop the ball on them; they dropped the ball on PETER BIS - but nobody looks good on this one. If it does mean a return to the Temple of Set 'boy-rape'-era of the late 1970s and '80's with 'select' or otherwise designated savvy Capitol Police running late night interference bringing victims into the Congressional Office Buildings, it will only serve them right for trashing PETER BIS or 'turning the cold shoulder' when he could have saved them.

[Are they ****ing CRAZY?!? They actually have professional guys who are suppose to be all over this crap, they know who PETER BIS is by name, they know where he sleeps and pretty much where they can find him - since mid-2005 at the latest, and now this ***t?!? F*** YOU, welcome back to the bad old days when there's just going to be some late nights alone on a post and you're ashamed of what you 'turn a blind eye to' with rumors afterwards].
Hey, Officer ***hole, what's a cup of coffee versus going to home and telling your wife you're covering for boy-rapists - and then the next morning telling her not to tell her friends? Ask some of the old cops what went on up there. Actually, you can pour coffee in BIS until he pisses dark brown, but he still can't help you unless you let him in on the way the play is breaking.

Here's this thing went down over the days, weeks, months, years, and eons.

Evil spirits thought to include Laura Bush and Catherine Zeta-Jones wiped out civilizations on Mars and Venus, sucking the 'essence' or 'life force' into a sentient plasma structure which came to Earth about 8,000 years before Christ or 10,000 years ago and now lives in the upper atmosphere. More literally, it 'primarily resides' in the upper atmosphere with direct linkages or corruption mechanisms securely tied into the human life communities on the surface of the Earth. This was one of the first topics PETER BIS posted on, but he was unable to precisely name Laura Bush and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the time. They also apparently brought water and probably 'atmosphere' at least from Mars if not also Venus with them when they came, and Hillary Clinton is now associated with this Whore-Death-Cult whether or not she was associated with it to begin with [10,000 years ago].

It may be possible to 'kill' the sentient plasma structure - atmospheric nuclear testing is banned - but then we will [presumably] have forever lost the essence of life on Mars and Venus which experience suggests may be recovered at least in part from the plasma structure. Understanding how Obama got corrupted into it requires acknowledging the situation does offer temptation and reward perhaps including significant 'long life' if not true immortality.

In a single incident in the early to mid mid-1990s, the Clintons had about twelve hundred guys killed late autumn or winter at Fort Benning, Georgia; at least some of the bodies were apparently eaten. The Whore-Death-Cult exists. A guess is that they somehow feed the plasma structure the 'human essence' - quite a bit; think Spanish Influenza on top of World War I and the Stalin-era mass starvation in the Ukraine as a precursor to World War II. The Jews are at least in on it if they don't direct the feeding, and BIS has fairly immediate Jewish credentials but that is getting ahead in the story.

Joseph is a short Ethiopian who stands on across from the fountain of Columbus on Columbus Circle outside Union Station in Washington D.C., waving signs and demonstrating as Congressional staffers arrive via Metro and trains for work. He may be African nobility; government security agencies in the United States are aware of him and a woman he paid a few dollars to have sex with him stole a condom full of his semen. He called the police but they did not effectively respond; truly there is no recourse in law when a ten or twenty dollar whore steals your semen - even if an agency put her up to it.

An older black man with Styrofoam core board signs which mostly say bad things about 9/11, Senator Schumer, and the Jews - a lot of which is true - also demonstrates on Columbus Circle outside Union Station, sometimes at the same time as Joseph. He [Joseph] says with true belief that the older black man is a 'known' or identified police informer or anyway a tool for surveillance mechanisms. Joseph has seen the older black man deploy.

January 18, 2008
About 6:40 a.m. a woman says the Clinton attack mechanisms are going after Obama down in Carolina.
About 8:15 a.m. the older black man arrives, coming down off Capitol Hill to demonstrate on the median at Columbus Circle with a sign that says 'Obama Murdered The Four Girls In D.C.' or words to that effect [the word 'Horrible' was included somewhere in the verbiage sequence]. In the course of brief questioning, he said 'God told him to expose Obama.'

'So much bull****' you say.
We wish.

Obama has or used to have an 'off campus' office for fund raising and strategy close to PETER BIS on Mass Ave NE., and last spring [2007] - at some point apparently before the four girls died - there was an issue about him [Obama] smoking or not smoking and PETER BIS thinking he saw Obama kind of sulking about 'maybe' smoking but who cares, maybe a couple times, and Obama's office started sending PETER BIS the occasional meal, and the head of Obama's security introduced himself to PETER BIS.

They made approaches, but never bellying up to the bar - 'let's work this thing out,' but rather oblique and hesitant. They sideswiped PETER BIS. Hit 'n' run. And got burned. People want to touch the vibe but not the burden. PETER BIS was positioned in a restaurant to see the street in front of the building - nice day in maybe February or March 2007 - and he saw a 'Code Pink' feminist demonstrator photographing all the security elements around Obama.
Single story about a white woman hanging all over Obama one night outside the office - maybe on Mass Ave NE - but it isn't immediately clear how that might relate to the Code Pink surveillance effort or a Clinton-Whore-Murder-Cult approach to Obama.

BIS knew the Code Pink photography was 'a thing' and he tried to blow the whistle or grab a conductor but he couldn't stop the train.

[Wikipedia] In February 2007, standing before the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois, Obama announced his candidacy for the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Describing his working life in Illinois, and symbolically linking his presidential campaign to Abraham Lincoln's 1858 House Divided speech, Obama said: "That is why, in the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a house divided to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America.” Speaking at a Democratic National Committee meeting one week before the February announcement, Obama called for putting an end to negative campaigning. "This can't be about who digs up more skeletons on who, who makes the fewest slip-ups on the campaign trail," he said. "We owe it to the American people to do more than that" [end citation].

Yeah, that's about when it was. PETER BIS is ENDLESSLY dedicated and a hard worker, inquisitive, and at least over time fairly thorough, but he is not a great listener, his documentation isn't good, and at this time he has no real lab or research facility. We don't know what the actual exchanges were and while he can recreate a sequence-in-theory the whole situation is just lousy. Efraim Halevy, head of the Mossad, went to North Korea in the early 1990s and got them to cut a deal with him probably on the poison gas and scud missiles. They tell him when they ship scuds into the region. HOW did he get that deal? He brought something with him or anyway showed them something - we don't know what, but it must have been fairly impressive.

Obama is a grown up and not naive in the situation - they may have approached him in the guise of something else but who knows; Sam Brownback is said to have practiced West African voodoo. Don't abandon the man - just that he shouldn't have NUMBER ONE been surprised - and the approaches to BIS suggest he wasn't - and NUMBER TWO taken the Satan-is-Christ Clinton-Whore-Murder-Cult deal.

Hillary Clinton: 1,200 in a single incident we know about, lifetime is said to be higher. Obama: 4. Hopefully he won't do this, but Obama could go for another 1,196 and he and Hillary would just be tied.

What does extraction look like? How do we get Obama out of this? He has a CIA affiliation; Cecil Butler is, was, or appeared to be a CIA executive in Chicago who took $150 million out of Lawndale - the real depressed southside neighborhood where three hundred plus old black people died in the Clinton-era orchestrated heat wave of 1994 or 1995. Obviously it wasn't appropriate to take money out of that neighborhood. Butler deserves to get a nasty note in his file over that, and it should have been possible for Obama to speak to it and admit some guilt without going further into really problematic areas [Hillary Clinton has never been 'vetted' - people including Vince Foster die before she gets 'vetted'].

Now things are more difficult. Don't do anything to any more people like that - no matter how it was, or what they say, or what the original deal was. We can lose Hillary pretty easily [very easily - she has doubles]; Obama is a bigger deal than that. This election is a big deal, and now we know they've evidently taken steps to expand the Satan-as-Christ corruption in a continuity mechanism.

The rest of this blogspot is just footnotes save for one important point; by midafternoon 18 Jan 2008 elements of Team understood this situation to be true. There was validation. Classic 'bland man' with hat and sun glasses and Allen Dulles pipe on a path watching a 'recent ex-con' out of central casting who wasn't quite close enough to the path to violate his parole or be held for questioning but was more than close enough to 'threaten to be a threat' in a by-the-text-book deployment scenario.
Another indicator five or ten minutes previous to that maybe for the Hillary Clinton CLOVERLEAF spray operation which might have been related [man breathing through a rag].

Sure, protection from Hillary Clinton is much appreciated [they tried to bust PETER BIS with a legless black in a wheel chair Saturday or anyway BIS said they did and got validation back but that 'validation' might have been his own spray blowing back on him], but the larger picture is not cause for optimism. There is significant corruption in the election scenario and the agencies are factionalized or anyway don't put a stop to it.

Our nation is spiraling downward and the government is largely the problem.

Earth-ling who reads this - you are the sole repository of this knowledge. Try to tell deaf media that doesn't want to hear or show blind people who don't want to see. It is up to you now, and 'the authorities' will try to disparage you, diminish you, and ultimately shut you down.

Prisoner without a name, blog without a blogger.

Hillary in a spiraling free fall, they're going to go back to the double, and this is their "declaration of intent", published in The Washington Post 08 January 08, page A9.

This marks an attempt by her strategist Mark Penn and 'inner circle' - having been sacked for a devastating loss - to come back to the line of scrimmage strong, in theory deploying to create a Jamie Gorelick-type "firewall" and start afresh, shielding the February 5th outcomes from what has been a debacle so far.

It is so cheap it is almost too pathetic for words. What they intend to do, frankly, is cheat, which really only makes a bad situation worse because it backs into Hillary's CIA affiliation. Could be the doubles aren't happy in the Senate and the scheme isn't Hillary's idea but she wears it, returning to question how relevant Hillary Clinton is in what is conceptually her own campaign. With critical assistance from the Central Intelligence Agency.

An unidentified man in the Senate gallery once said he had found himself next to her at a party or reception and she didn't have any smell. None at all, which may additionally suggest lizard characteristics or a third chromosome.

And this was early in New Hampshire, showing aspects of criminal conspiracy if the double has ever appeared on the floor of the Senate or voted. Senators are not suppose to vote by proxy; not even elected yet in this campaign, Obama and certainly Edwards - who must know better - may face a 'high crime or misdemeanor' rap if they let the double[s] back in.

Second half of the problem: PETER BIS cannot get verified professional CNN reporters to remotely touch the story. He knows them, they know him, and one even told him they've been threatened with disciplinary action if they so much as look at this website. CNN as the "Clinton News Network" indeed.

PETER BIS was after a boat - 64'5" x 10' 6" [draft] x 19', ex-Canadian Inland Marine Fisheries, $21,000 reduced to $16,000, and somebody bought it out from under him. That is the second time this has happened. No more warning shots across the bow:

Why I Believe Bush Must Go, George McGovern, Sunday, January 6, 2008; Page B01.

He's out. PETER BIS is sick of screwing with the guy and his Council on Foreign Relations 'New World Order' West Bank-Expansionist Zionist backers with their toadying "hedge fund" rigged bet investment house predatory friends.

After the 1972 presidential election, I stood clear of calls to impeach President Richard M. Nixon for his misconduct during the campaign. I thought that my joining the impeachment effort would be seen as an expression of personal vengeance toward the president who had defeated me.

Today I have made a different choice.

Enough is enough, and Bush is done. PETER BIS is on the phone with the feds late night, and a pricey BMW pulls up with an old guy in a nice mohair coat and brim hat - maybe a fedora - driving and a kid with him. The kid gets out. He has a strong New York accent which automatically triggers the PETER BIS Gambino crime family situational awareness paradigm. "You want to talk to the cops?" the kid says, without showing BIS any identification which of course BIS says is standard procedure [particularly given the circumstances]. BIS tells the kid to **** himself, waving the phone and saying he's already talking to the feds.

The kid goes into the gas station. PETER BIS puts down the phone, goes over to the car and gives the old guy who is driving a couple cards for this website. The kid comes out of the gas station. PETER BIS tells him that he'd given a couple cards to 'his father.' The kid says "He's a cop - he ain't my father." The kid gets in the back seat of the car like maybe he's going to hit PETER BIS out the window or something; BIS is already walking around the car to get the licence plate [pricey BMW, Virginia registration], and the old guy driving pulls the car around to him, rolls down the window, rips up the two cards in front of PETER BIS, and says "Ask the New York paparazzi about your girlfriend."

****ing Bush has got to go.

Of course, there seems to be little bipartisan support for impeachment. The political scene is marked by narrow and sometimes superficial partisanship, especially among Republicans, and a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians... The dominant commitment of the administration has been a murderous, illegal, nonsensical war against Iraq... The financial cost to the United States is now $250 million a day and is expected to exceed a total of $1 trillion, most of which we have borrowed from the Chinese and others as our national debt has now climbed above $9 trillion -- by far the highest in our national history...

It really isn't the money; its that Bush has done all this big crazy stuff without taking fairly minor steps in level-setting awareness or unifying the country, and beyond that taking care of business with the alien.

Back in the news - but PETER BIS was there first. With amazing new inside information on intern Chandra Levy, who ran around with a respected [and married] member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and died in what was really the first big search-turned-to-murder-investigation of the new century. The BIS inquiry into the death of Levy - beyond his 'ongoing and evolving' consideration of Princes Di matters - might not have prompted the law school from Atlanta to take a closer look at the case, but it is an amazing coincidence.

Particularly in that Monica Lewinsky's name was connected to it.

By BIS, in making his inquiries.

Scowling around a cigarette with his arm over the payphone near idling taxis, like a hero from the 1950s 'adventure theater' movie era [all that's missing is the bourbon tight; PETER BIS doesn't drink], BIS pulses the government agencies for the latest inside line, sharing and scooping, gathering information from the Canadians, feeding it to the Department of Justice via one of his all hours crackerjack alibi communications mechanisms. Some of them are real people with real names and real jobs, or maybe they're fake names with cover positions or anyway business cards, but some have even less than that - nicknames out of the PETER BIS memory files that he assigns to differentiate between the times and places and maybe different costumes of a single life form or entity he either stumbles across or that sniffs up his backtrail.

'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy' is a big one; PETER BIS uses the phone both as a weapon and an insurance policy, touching base on the way to OK Corral. Kind of like Wyatt Earp.

PETER BIS calls, and gets 'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy.' PETER BIS starts fishing, and says he heard Monica Lewinsky and Chandra Levy's parents both used the same lawyer. Washington D.C. can be real small town some days.

'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy' says yeah, and that he 'had a dream' in which Gary Condit, senior on the Select Committee on Intelligence who was running around with Levy, hired a D.C. cop to either get Levy off him or keep Levy off him [every man should have that problem], the cop went for Levy himself, and something happened between the cop and Levy - either she went for the cop or didn't, but either way Levy ended up dead.

There was a brief pause.

PETER BIS asked if 'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy' had had a name or description come to him in this 'dream.'

'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy' said 'yes, he did' - a name and badge number - but he'd have to dig it out of his files. Must be writing down and saving those descriptive dreams.

The immediate situation then, is that Gary Condit, PETER BIS, and 'Jimmy who isn't Jimmy' all think the cop Condit hired to merely 'turn her away' instead killed intern Chandra Levy, but, insofar as the story was skillfully deployed to monopolize the news as a precursor to 9/11, you, the educated reader who regularly follows, know to look for the laughing shadow of Geo. W. Bush in the background, along with traces of the Jews and Council-on-Foreign Relations in Wm. Proxmire being taken down with at least conceptual Alzheimer's for example. Levy matters covered the Proxmire takedown. Bush would not have done that on his own; his father would have known, and James A. Baker III, but then you're into the Council on Foreign Relations one way or the other, aren't you. Sorry about the little girl getting sucked into the pool drain, whether or not that was orchestrated too.

Right after that sequence the law school from Atlanta announced they'd be revisiting the case; watch for more ongoing coverup.

Is Bhutto really dead? Probably not. Details in the Washington Post 28 Dec 2007 both suggest that she isn't, and, outlining her ties to 'players' on the international scene [Harvard and Oxford for example], tell a compelling story of people - some well intended - seeking to surmount obstacles in fostering societal change in Pakistan. And heaven knows the foreigners aren't hard workers but labor in 'think tanks' rewarding the clever and smooth; here they took the easy way out.

'Cutting and running' - the politics of an elementary school playground, thankfully ducking around the bullies to make it home from school safe. 'Voices of reason.' Though the crowd looks supportive and apparently willing to work for change, the 'top people' want the change to be arbitrary and imposed [diapers on goats? Yes - there is a CIA presence in the tribal areas and 'diapers on goats' was a particular incident designed to assert situational dominance].

As for the details in The Post, Bhutto had completed the rally speech and was departing in an SUV when she apparently 'on her own' decided to pull the 'top cover' or temporary roof off the SUV, at which point she promptly got hit in a 'combined' or unified terrorist attack featuring both guns and bombs. Depending on her to pull the top off her vehicle makes it no better than coincidence, and her being in the SUV additionally argues she isn't dead. When they took down Sadat they didn't leave it to chance. It has been said that assassins usually work from very close quarters or far away - there aren't many from the 'middle' distances.

Unfortunately, all manipulation serves to legitimize the military government. He isn't himself a coward, he wants to do the right thing for Pakistan, and, left to their own devices, in the face of one 'necessary death' the military would not stay the sword. Remember, one hundred and forty poor people really did die when her convoy was bombed on her initial return from Dubai. Now the CIA is tentatively unifying a newly emergent middle class with street activity. In fact they're creating this middle class as they go along, but this middle class will inevitably be the most bought of the bought. They're all lawyers. Musharraf has rarely looked so good.

Hate to say it, but the Clintons - both of them, working as a team - brought the guy to power in 1999, and they aren't through with Musharraf yet. Hillary in Iowa trying to leverage the 'incident' [can't call it a 'death' or even an 'attack'] obviously won't claim this as evidence of her experience - but it is.

Anticipate their trying to smear people foreign and domestic, labeling 'enemies' or anyway people they don't like with negative associations. Now they're saying Ron Paul takes money from white supremacy or Aryan groups. Worse than the Clintons taking money from Chinese military figures or Al Gore picking up cash in the [Buddhist] temple? Was that in California? And did it permanently taint them? Well as a matter of fact it did in some quarters - dealing with the Chinese military turns out to have been one aspect of the CIA attack on American manufacturing [selling them advanced machining equipment for airplanes] the Clintons never completely recovered from. That book about the Clintons is titled Year of the Rat.

Bhutto Ron Paul? But the real thing and not a gesture? A man named Daniel Estulin has sources in the intelligence community that say an assassination attempt targeting Ron Paul may be in the early planning stages. Estulin is said to be close to the Bilderberg structures.

Sure its something on the web. Because they told him to put it on the web. Estulin - or his sources - suggest the planning is in 'concept development'.

How likely is that? Well, if the talk originated after one of the days the Ron Paul campaign raised big cash via very minimally solicited internet donations, the possibility a credible planning effort exists probably falls somewhere between 'plausible' and 'more likely than not.'

Estulin - and presumably his sources - being close to the Bilderberg group doesn't mean its them. Of course the Bilderberg 'group' denies it as they deny all 'conspiracy' scenarios - though nobody even knows the name they really use among themselves but identifies the group by the name of the hotel where they met in 1954. Late May 1954, after Eisenhower met with the aliens in February 1954.

Pictured. THE infamous Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek. 146 rooms, and legend has it they book ALL the rooms in whichever hotel, whenever and wherever they meet.

Of course you would never find Hillary Clinton's fingerprints on a Bhutto job taking out Ron Paul, but she is suppose to be one of them. She's also suppose to be high in Masonry but the men in the Blue Lodges which aren't part of the 'inner clique' would be very genuine in denying it. It figures the only time Hillary Clinton has a low profile is when its a covert operation and they're doing something sneaky. Her latest new slogan in Iowa is 'Time To Pick a President.' Isn't that the old John Kerry slogan as a retread from 2004?

If you want to take from Kerry, be sure to take the whole thing. True story; Terry Reed raised exactly this issue but centered on Clinton drug dealing in Arkansas, with Hillary laundering the cash and reporting to William Barr.

...During their investigation of Noriega, Kerry's staff found reason to believe that the Pakistan-based Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) had facilitated Noriega's drug trafficking and money laundering. This led to a separate inquiry into BCCI, and as a result, banking regulators shut down BCCI in 1991. In December 1992, Kerry and Senator Hank Brown, a Republican from Colorado, released The BCCI Affair, a report on the BCCI scandal. The report showed that the bank was crooked and was working with terrorists, including Abu Nidal. It blasted the Department of Justice, the Department of the Treasury, the Customs Service, the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as influential lobbyists and the CIA.

Kerry was criticized by some Democrats for having pursued his own party members, including former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, although Republicans said he should have pressed against some Democrats even harder. The BCCI scandal was later turned over to the Manhattan District Attorney's office [Wikipedia].

They probably were forced to release the report in 1992 to shield Clinton [Bill]. Whether Hillary ever had to contact Clifford for funds at BCCI isn't clear, but the point brings us nicely back to Bhutto and Ron Paul. One dead in Rawalpindi with rioting in Karachi, and the other raising unbelievable cash over the internet - revealing the real 'distress of the system' which is perhaps nearly as dangerous.

Tony Blair makes the Queen take the liberal Rowan Williams, the public homosexual Gene Robinson, and the 'billboard for women in the clergy' Katharine Jefferts Schori - and then he leaves the Church to become a Catholic. He cripples the Church of England and walks, which Rowan Williams applauds [who is paying that man's salary, and is there nothing to be done about it?], and Bhutto got taken out.

PETER BIS had a source say one of the French bishops of the Catholic Church is a Jew. No immediate further word on whether or not Blair is really a Jew but the tip is certainly coincidental to the earlier reporting.

Middle East envoy now of the Catholic slash Jesuit 'World Domination' manipulation paradigm and distorted teachings of evil. Pus hole scum of their Christ the Satan.
PETER BIS sees indicators suggesting they're trying to take over the world; he hears 'word on the street' [outside government agencies in Washington D.C.] suggesting they're trying to take over the world, and everything he sees and hears suggests the Catholic Church has previously tried to take over the world.

[From Wikipedia on Tony Blair] ...The family returned to Britain in the late 1950s, living for a time with Hazel Blair's stepfather William McClay and her mother at their home in Stepps, near Glasgow. He spent the remainder of his childhood in Durham, England, his father being by then a lecturer at Durham University. After attending Durham's Chorister School from 1961 to 1966, Blair boarded at Fettes College, a notable independent school in Edinburgh, where he met Charlie Falconer (a pupil at the rival Edinburgh Academy), whom he later appointed Lord Chancellor. He reportedly modelled himself on Mick Jagger. His teachers were unimpressed with him: his biographer, John Rentoul reported that, "All the teachers I spoke to when researching the book said he was a complete pain in the backside, and they were very glad to see the back of him". [End citation].

Two sources independent of one another on Blair:
One source says he worked for a summer as a counselor at Camp Swagoswatonah [now closed in eastern Pennsylvania] they thought in 1968 or apparently while he was at Fettes College - not impossible from the text - BUT that he already knew Cherie Booth Blair while he was working there. The camp was supposedly heavily Masonic with 'gluing spells' and witchcraft; that camp experience could have figured into Blair's singing as supposedly other 'emergent' singers were also there. Musician Sting of The Police figures into the story but details are elusive.

The other source said that as recently as the late 1990s on at least one occasion Tony Blair and Jack Straw were associated with a synagogue. Where they either met or knew the source. But Tony Blair isn't and never was Jewish - was he? He may have been; frankly he falls into a category of Council on Foreign Relations 'New World Order' liberal prone to rationalization. In fact these are not opposites but pairs.

The Mail on Sunday, 27 January 2002, p.63.
In the week that a children’s writer who claims God is dead and the Church is wicked wins a prestigious literary prize...

This is the most dangerous author in Britain. Philip Pullman is being hailed as the new C. S. Lewis after being awarded the Whitbread Book of the Year prize for his latest novel aimed at children: The Amber Spyglass. The judges described it as visionary, but PETER HITCHENS reveals that the author appears to have his own sinister agenda...

The atheists have driven God out of the classroom and off the TV and the radio, and done a pretty good job of expelling him from the churches as well. But one stubborn and important pocket of Christianity survives, in the Narnia stories of C. S. Lewis. Now here comes an opportunity to dethrone him and supplant his books with others which proclaim the death of God to the young.

If you are wondering why the children's author Philip Pullman has collected a major prize and why such a huge fuss is being made of him, now you know. He is the anti-Lewis, the one the atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed.

Children instinctively like Lewis's enthralling stories and often do not even notice their religious message, though it frequently goes deep into their minds and emerges later. How infuriating this is for liberal but literate parents, the sort of people who work for the BBC and want all the advantages of a Christian culture without the tiresome bother of having to worship a God they think they are too smart to believe in. Spotting this trend, Lewis's publishers last year toyed with producing 'sequels' without any Christian references, but retreated under a barrage of thunderbolts from Lewis supporters.

Until now, liberal, atheist parents have had to buy the Narnia books, reading them out loud to their young between clenched teeth, hoping the messages of faith, forgiveness, grace and resurrection do not get through. Now at last they have an alternative and an antidote, the supposedly brilliant Pullman, who - according to the reviewers - is a new Lewis and a new Chekhov rolled into one.

Of his three famous children's books, the first two, Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife, are captivating and clever, but the third, which took the Whitbread prize, is a disappointing clunker with some gruesome and needlessly nasty scenes. This is probably because The Amber Spyglass - in which God dies - is too loaded down with propaganda to leave enough room for the story. None of the trilogy is a patch on any of the Narnia chronicles. You can't help wondering if the praise and the prizes, handed out by reliable, liberal establishment sorts such as Channel 4 News's Jon Snow, are because of Pullman's views as much as his writing. For Pullman has said: 'I hate the Narnia books, and I hate them with deep and bitter passion, with their view of childhood as a golden age from which sexuality and adulthood are a falling-away.'

He knows perfectly well what he is doing. He openly and rightly believes storytelling can be a form of moral propaganda: 'All stories teach, whether the storyteller intends them to or not. They teach the world we create. They teach the morality we live by. They teach it much more effectively than moral precepts and instructions... We don't need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do's and don'ts: we need books, time and silence. "Thou shalt not" is soon forgotten.'

Pullman has said many times that he thinks God is dead. Since he cannot know if this is true, it raises the question of whether he also hopes that God is dead.

He told an Oxford literary conference in August 2000: 'We're used to the Kingdom of Heaven; but you can tell from the genera thrust of the book that I'm of the devil's party, like Milton. And I think it's time we thought about a republic of Heaven instead of the Kingdom of Heaven. The King is dead. That's to say I believe the King is dead. I'm an atheist. But we need Heaven nonetheless, we need all the things that Heaven meant, we need joy, we need a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, we need a connection with the universe, we need all the things the Kingdom of Heaven used to promise us but failed to deliver.'

None of this makes sense. If there is no God, then who makes the rules of the supernatural world which Pullman creates, in which people have visible souls called daemons; magic knives cut holes between the worlds and spectres devour life? How is it that the dead live on in a ghastly underworld of unending misery and torment, yet there is no Heaven?

In his worlds, the Church is wicked, cruel and child-hating; priests are sinister, murderous or drunk. Political correctness creeps in leadenly. There is a brave African king and a pair of apparently homosexual angels. The one religious character who turns out to be benevolent is that liberal favourite, an ex-nun who has renounced her vows and lost her faith. Even so, she sets out on a perilous journey when ordered to do so by angels, who speak to her through a computer.

Pullman, like Lewis, lives in Oxford, though a long way from the outlying suburb where the creator of Namia once dwelt and is now buried. A good thing, probably. The sound of Lewis chuckling from his grave at the idea of angels speaking to a renegade nun through a computer might get on Pullman's nerves [end citation].

At issue isn't whether you happen to agree or not; at issue is whether or not that effort is part of a broader - orchestrated - 'government' or quasi-government campaign advocating attacks on the society combined with immigration and deliberate blurring of traditional structures or elements [abortion is significantly up in Britain for example].

Bruce Rux wrote a book called Hollywood versus The Aliens which looks at disinformation and awareness furthered by the government security agencies. Of course PETER BIS follows current developments as is possible; further down this website schematic drawings outline plasma exchanges - and at some level 'cycles of human essence' - at the North and South Pole. Now there is a question about 'dust' - perhaps star dust - and how it figures into the paradigm.

Daemon (pronounced DEE-mon) - The soul of each individual human being embodied in an animal companion. In childhood, a daemon alters its form to reflect the ever-changing nature of children. In adulthood, it assumes a permanent form that best reflects the inner nature of its human [the possibility is an Eskimo belief - not an inevitability].

Dust - Mystical particles in highest concentration in the Arctic Circle [bordering 'world ice theory' which includes some interesting arguments].

The Magisterium - The councils that form the heart of government in Lyra’s world. Now tightening its control over the populace, the Magisterium seeks to eliminate free will and calls Lord Asriel’s research into Dust heresy.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) - Storms of charged particles and intense solar rays that cause a luminous radiation in the arctic circle. Lord Asriel believes the Northern Lights cloak a magnificent city in the sky.

North - A place of great beauty, diversity, and danger, it is home to armored bears, Tartars, witches, and innumerable creatures. Lord Asriel has photographed Dust and a sort of other world in the Aurora from an outpost in the North [it isn't actually clear whether the best photographs 'of the North' are taken AT the North or rather from other planets or space looking down on the North from a distance].

Spy Flies - Small mechanized insects rumored to be made from both machinery and trapped souls [the mechanical aspects have certainly been completed and deployed, including in the District of Columbia].

Witches - Female beings that travel through the air and outlive humans by hundreds of years [PETER BIS thinks he dated one, and twenty odd years later is trying to figure out if she was a good or evil one]. From - and PETER BIS, watching the agencies watching the public.

PETER BIS characterizes the human-alien interface and related aspects of criminal racketeering typically as undertaken by the Roman Catholic Church and church officials, organized crime structures such as the Mafia, and agencies of the United states government. Actually he typically 'works into' and exploits the factions within the government agencies.

The BIS or Bank of International Settlements - based in Basel Switzerland - is not suppose to be at all related to that.

The BIS denies all corruption allegations, though it was originally the enabling device which gave rise to the Nazi party in the early 1930s - leading into a discussion about Sullivan & Cromwell [Allen Dulles' old law firm] stacking the German economy and recovery of the Dawes Loan.

From the BIS website [ - here annotated]:
The Bank for International Settlements was established in 1930. It is the world's oldest [FORMALIZED]international financial institution [it pales next to Rothschilds and the Zionists] and remains the principal centre for international central bank cooperation.

The BIS was established in the context of the Young Plan (1930), which dealt with the issue of the reparation payments imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles following the First World War... The reparations issue quickly faded [essentially because the Nazis - with foreign collaborators - were able to blow through it], focusing the Bank's activities entirely on cooperation among central banks and, increasingly, other agencies in pursuit of monetary and financial stability [in the interests of large market capitalists exploiting elements at the margin or periphery of the economy with the orchestrated adjustable rate mortgage crisis coordinated by the BIS or sister institutions for example].

The changing role of the BIS

Since 1930, central bank cooperation at the BIS has taken place through the regular meetings in Basel of central bank Governors and experts from central banks and other agencies...

In the monetary policy field, cooperation at the BIS in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War and until the early 1970s focused on implementing and defending the Bretton Woods system. In the 1970s and 1980s, the focus was on managing cross-border capital flows following the oil crises and the international debt crisis. The 1970s crisis also brought the issue of regulatory supervision of internationally active banks to the fore, resulting in the 1988 Basel Capital Accord and its "Basel II " revision of 2001-06. More recently, the issue of financial stability in the wake of economic integration and globalisation, as highlighted by the 1997 Asian crisis, has received a lot of attention [end citation].

Cutting through their crap, PETER BIS is an enforcement tool used to mitigate alien and humanoid lizard influences at the World Bank meeting[s] in the spring [March/April/May time period] and early August. John Perkins wrote a book called Confessions of an Economic Hitman about third world populations being kept in poverty by a thin band of CIA-corrupted bureaucrats forced to provide infrastructure supporting satellite constellations and other aspects of the human-alien interface; PETER BIS wearily attempts to discipline the related institutional and governmental enabling devices magnetically drawn into the foul paradigm.

Functionally retarded with a high IQ, much of the time PETER BIS doesn't even know what the **** is going on, but given his 'legacy background and positioning in the field,' he simply gets thrown into various scenarios and abandoned to inflict as much damage as he possibly can. In 2007-2008 we've returned to, in the words of the BIS [the bank], "cross border capital flows" which include the exploitation of energy revenue, which the BIS [the man][actually 'the enraged alien-humanoid figure'] pretty much knows to be accompanied by a commensurate CIA effort to divert some percentage of funding at the transfer mechanism - which is of course the BIS [the bank]. Is the percentage diverted to or by the CIA "fixed" or does it float perhaps on the basis of an orchestrated market manipulation allowing for recovery of a previous 'toll' for example? They definitely induce crisis to enhance revenue - as in the summer of 2006 for example; presumably producers are subsequently allowed to at least stabilize their return. Is the best alternative questioning the BIS [the bank] at the office, or would you wait for them to leave work and have the BIS [the enraged alien-humanoid figure] catch them in the parking lot? A particular investigative technique involves 'lurking like a troll on intercept-mode' as the 'figures of controversy' stroll unsuspecting with their wives and children down cobblestone paths on holidays and weekends.

PETER BIS has deployed on the pump price gas scandal - and he is directly flogging the CIA-industry corruption orchestration mechanisms this time.

The data points are amazing - a Canadian woman related by marriage to the Rockefellers coming to Washington D.C. alleging a racketeering mechanism is/was moving in on her and at least one boy and that the boy's 'Uncle Jay' [Select Committee on Intelligence] was aware of it across the winter of 2005-2006 talking at length in an exclusive interview with PETER BIS; a CIA executive named Thomas J. Mattingly trying to corner the Nigerian energy market for the Chinese while PETER BIS was living in his house; a PETER BIS source who worked with Saddam Hussein saying the Iraqi ruler 'got greedy' which led to the invasion and overthrow; CIA-type drops and pickups involving 'ground soldiers' on foot and cars with out-of-state license plates at a particular station PETER BIS suspects might somehow figure in an Agency linkage paradigm, and beyond that, years of experience in automotive dating to the 1970s, which in total makes for a hell of a compelling picture.

PETER BIS theorizes the CIA is using the retail stations to 'wash' money or otherwise turn illicit cash into usable profits and credits, while at the same time racketeering in oil as a resource including at the market which is actually the unique BIS perspective - many people see one side or the other, but few see both sides of the coin.

Oil costs a lot but we don't have a way to immediately see how much of the cost goes to the producer and how much is diverted in CIA-controlled revenue streams. Can't deny it; in 2006 there was trouble in Iraq, with Iran, and Venezuela, on the Nigerian Delta, unspecified with Saudi Arabia, and BP messed up maintenance gimping the Alaskan pipe line around the time the supplies in Europe were also being threatened - not exactly coincidence. You're being had. That was the year after the CIA executive - Mattingly - tried to secure Nigerian oil for CHINA as opposed to say the United States. Can we quantify the extent to which you're immediately vulnerable?

As he was working next to PETER BIS, Mattingly was talking about the drug economy which increasingly dominates at least sectors if not the totality of the American financial system getting into the underpinnings of banking and money movement.

George W. Bush now wants funding for the war. Supposing it turns out Saddam Hussein was very legitimately frustrated with the funding scheme and said he was going to switch over to the Euro ["he got greedy"], so we invaded and overthrew the regime. Not, as it happens, for what people allege are 'big oil' interests, but in fact for what turn out to be CIA interests in a revenue stream which largely evades legislative allocation in total violation of the Constitutional structure of government.

Where George H.W. Bush made his money while apparently also drawing the CIA check from Uncle Sam - or in his case Uncle Sugar.

Should Congress now give the son [Geo. W] the money [actually 'more money'] for 'the war,' with all parties admitting a certain amount of that supposed military funding is really for additional CIA activities designed to conceal the funding mechanisms but which by themselves at least appear on the 'event horizon' Congress can in concept discover.

What is the breakout? How much are the individual players taking? Is Chavez joining Castro as the 'outside' or rebel CIA executive who subjugates countries by pretending to further the ambitions of the lower classes against the middle at the behest of the Council on Foreign Relations? YES, and you know you're paying for Chavez but don't know how far beyond him it goes. Neither does PETER BIS but he's working it, and there pretty apparently are Agency people behind him who may at key intersections make more precise percentage breakouts public.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
In order to create a unified brand, the company changed its corporate name from Jersey Standard to Exxon, rebranding all its U.S. stations under the latter title in the summer and fall of 1972 after successful test marketing of the Exxon brand and logo in late 1971 and early 1972 at rebranded Enco/Esso stations in certain U.S. cities. However, the unrestricted international use of the popular brand Esso prompted the company to continue using Esso outside the United States. Esso is the only widely used Standard Oil brand left in existence. Other Standard Oil descendants, such as Chevron, do maintain a few stations with the Standard Oil brand in specific states in order to retain their trademarks and prevent others from using them.

The Aurora spy plane, built 'on top of' the hugely expensive B1 bomber program. Readers may remember officials in the Reagan-era simply telling baldfaced lies; some of those were apparently designed to attack Reagan himself via the CIA-orchestrated IRAN-CONTRA scandal, but some related to capabilities which were being developed off the charts - it appears the B1 ran over budget because in fact a significant aspect of the program was secret.

Of course professionals speculate about how much the two planes have in common - shared undercarriage [minimal] to perhaps elements of cockpit design which has larger engineering implications at the other extreme.

Anyway, more to the point here, this is the plane the Pakistani government flies down the border between Russia and China for us, essentially keeping President General Musharraf in power. There will not be another Francis Gary Powers incident; the plane is said to self destruct [certain] after the pilots have ejected [supposedly]. No one is known to have tried to eject, and no one knows whether or not the plane will be immediately destroyed without delay in preserving the classified nature of the undertaking.

'Other side of the coin' of course is the crowd of Pakistani lawyers in dark suits rioting for restoration of constitutional government in Pakistan. They perhaps are being unknowingly manipulated by the CIA commensurate to similar recent riots in Burma and Georgia if the CIA has opened a designator for 'repressive governments surviving civil disobedience' with associated charge lines and funding mechanisms.

One argument is that, as in Egypt where the professional military is a stable element in the society under a dictator who should be replaced, it is possible to change the government without damaging the larger alliance. And 'sooner is better' [the United States has a relationship with Pakistan - we have no relationship with Musharraf himself beyond that we expect him to act for the good of Pakistan, and he needs to go].

The St. Peter's Basilica dome is seen through the spy hole of a door of the Templar Church of St. Mary in Aventino Friday. The Vatican has published secret documents about the trial of the Knights Templar [Processus Contra Templarios... 300 pages... in a limited edition of 799 copies]. Washington Post Express/Examiner, 2007.

That is where the story begins.

Forget about Blue Lodge and even the lower degrees of the Scottish Rite; English royalty governs the upper levels of Masonic tradition [and we think the York Rite in its entirety but reports have not been finalized on that]. Lord Hamilton prior to the war, with 'The Three' in the recent past if not today,
Lord Henley [who refers to his son Don as 'The Idiot'],
the Duke of Kent,
and Lord Cumberland, who was essentially the 'Grand Master of Grand Masters' with the Egyptian spells.

Two women. One is the 'Known Female Templar.' She commanded big dollars which weren't hers, someone[s] took the money which apparently is a significant issue, and she currently lives on the street in Washington D.C.

The other is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is apparently the 'Unknown Female Templar.'

Will she - Hillary - admit to that? Maybe. In private she might; the position commands a certain amount of distinction - does she admit to any Masonic affiliation in private? Does she admit to being in on swagging the money? NO! That was not her, and you can count on that [her friends - did she know who did it? Did she visit the scene of the crime?]. Can we quantify how distinguished the position of Unknown Female Templar really is?

Sort of.

Question: Did Hillary Clinton get up to 'Level 42'?
Answer: No idea; you have to ask John McCain.

This is a white van setting up on PETER BIS. His stuff is low in the picture on the sidewalk.

This is the logo on the side of the van - difficult to read because to wait for the enhanced images might be waiting too long; BIS is on fire in the middle of Washington D.C.

And this is the shot with the satellite low on the horizon - or whatever. Once upon a time the 'clip clop' of horses hooves meant Masonic death. Now they come for you in the white van.

After the McCain/Clinton exchange the story gets truly bizarre - Lord Cumberland's head set out as the 'Oracle' [apparently there was a plan to destroy him] at the Temple at 6th Avenue and 47th Street; they used to hold a room at a nearby Sheraton Hotel ["Guards, arrest her! Guards, arrest her," even as only an Oracle without body Cumberland was apparently a commanding presence]; putting the head back in the coffin with the body in Lord Henley's apartment, which is where Lady Di used to hang out. Right around the time or right before she met PETER BIS. In fact, the screwed New York Masonic scene might very well be 'why' she met PETER BIS. If you were the Queen, what would you do? Alien in Michigan might look pretty attractive.

Hand it to them - they have long memories; this was late 1970s activity with an extended continuity mechanism.

More on La Belle Nightclub activity.
Turns out the CIA was laundering funds through the ISI in Pakistan and the apparent 'Middle Eastern female' hustled out of Berlin after the bombing is thought to tie into that or anyway the timing is of interest to PETER BIS. The money spigot was turning, but whether it was really opening or closing isn't clear [may not be clear to anybody including the Pakistani ISI or the CIA]. PETER BIS, conceptually unrelated 'but you never know,' had a White House source tell him the Pakistani government flies the Aurora spy plane down the Chinese border for us on an ongoing basis, which might be a factor keeping Musharraf in office.

No gloating with these scoops.

'Word on the street' - very much from 'unquantifiable' sources - is that somehow the astronauts brought something [bad] back from space. A disease of some kind.

Q How long did the Apollo 11 astronauts remain in quarantine after returning to Earth from the first manned landing on the lunar surface?
A [They] were housed in a special quarantine van for eighteen days... President Nixon, seen with the astronauts aboard the USS Hornet, talks to them via microphone.

Of course that's assuming they really did land on the Moon, and weren't just hidden in the van the whole time or something [O.J. Simpson of Capricorn 1 back in the news of late].

Q Has the government ever investigated what effect the discovery of extraterrestrial life might have on society?
A In the 1960s NASA and the Brookings Institution did such a study and concluded that there would be no significant effect if the life-form is of subhuman intelligence. But if "they" are smarter than us, it could upset many philosophies and value systems - and would be the most devastating to scientists and engineers [which sounds real 1960s. At this point the truth of the finding is very much in doubt; the question is whether or not that finding remains the government's operative paradigm].

Citations are from The Space Program Quiz & Fact Book, Timothy B. Benford and Brian Wilkes, Harper & Row, New York 1985. Same author - Benford - makes interesting observations elsewhere: "the hands on the clock tower at Hiroshima, Japan, stopped at 8:15 a.m. on August 1, 1945. Coincidentally, five days later at the same time, the first atom bomb ever released over a populated area struck the city."

"Coincidentally" bull****. It turns out the first nuke was adjudicated; no surprise, but you wonder who they relocated for survival [or moved in to perish], then taking down the Indianapolis in the Navy's worst ever loss at sea. Did 'they' [our Navy at the behest of others] deliberately pack the ship? Questions.

PETER BIS hears that when Giuliani was nominated to be United States Attorney he forgot to mention his underworld ties on the background check undertaken by the FBI. Rudy!

La Belle nightclub, Germany - photographed after the attack.

PETER BIS says [because sources told him] that someone appearing to be a younger-type female perhaps of 'Middle Eastern' origins participated in the attack on the disco where the American servicemen died - and was then spirited out of Germany on an American military plane, which ultimately gets into the 'Lady Di' and aged witches paradigm. Could it be true? Street indicators - including 'diplomatic probing' [of BIS] by embassy staff and reportedly private detectives - in Washington D.C. 2007 suggest it might be. Going and talking to BIS, taking photographs, and even asking searching questions of him probably is covered by diplomatic immunity, but hiring private detectives might fall into a gray area. The latter point may be related to the spy ring PETER BIS exposed on Capitol Hill, in which case you would think somebody would have prosecuted long ago.

Of course, nothing is as simple as it may at first appear.

Gainer, Chief of the Capitol Police, gaining office in a coverup? Senator Somebody wiped out a guard shack, maybe somewhat damaged the surroundings, and demolished their own vehicle in exiting the Hart Senate Office Building while driving 'under the influence' - and the hush crowd went to work, or so the story goes. As a reward for handling that, Gainer 'got the glory' or was promoted to the command position.
Our question:
in the District of Columbia, what can 'under the influence' possibly mean?

David Harris appears to have been in La Tuna when Joe Valachi was there, from about March to November 1970 [C Block, 24 cells; he says the prison held about 780 prisoners when it was built for 360], departing shortly before Valachi died in 1971.
That sounds like a fairly small facility; no word on whether they had contact perhaps on work details.

Wife Joan Baez, liberal singer, appears to have been featured [knowingly or unknowingly] in a CIA ground deployment at Stanford Medical Center on 02 Dec 1969.

Ratzinger; Mafia Pope and scum hole pus of Jesus Christ the Satan.

...Four future pontiffs took part in the council's opening session: Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini, who on succeeding Pope John XXIII took the name of Paul VI; Bishop Albino Luciani, the future Pope John Paul I; Bishop Karol Wojtyła, who became Pope John Paul II; and 35-year-old Father Joseph Ratzinger, present as a theological consultant, who more than forty years later became the current Pope Benedict XVI [Wikipedia].

PETER BIS has an informer.

Prior to this person, we already knew the Mafia had a meeting in Apalachin, New York [west of Binghampton on the Pennsylvania line] on Nov [14] 1957 which was famously 'broken up' by a policeman who sent big name hoods in fancy suits running into the woods, hiding behind trees and rocks - maybe overnight. That legend - 'Apalachin,' central in the education of subsequent underling mobsters - was almost certainly an Allen Dulles CIA/Mafia joint orchestration, ultimately diminishing the FBI in a very calculated manner. The meeting apparently was not broken up until the Allen Dulles agenda was articulated, and in developing a history of CIA/Mafia interaction the buffoonery strikes exactly the note of an adjudication effort.

The real question is whether or not entire history of FBI/CIA interrelationship has just been a CIA effort to subjugate the FBI on jurisdiction as various data points may suggest: Too low to be of any real value but too big to throw back or ignore, “Senator John McClellan [ ] produced [ ] Joe Valachi [ ] in 1963.”

Anyway, the new PETER BIS informer says VATICAN II or The Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, which "opened under Pope John XXIII in 1962 and closed under Pope John VI in 1965" was also Mafia - and thusly CIA - driven.

Claire Sterling formalize the research of organized crime in the 1970s and 1980s; of course a crooked Vatican II would have been an important precursor to her work.

A [different] CIA source has told us the CIA had a 'World Congress of Organized Crime' at Heathrow outside London immediately following the attacks of 9/11 [September 2001]. It apparently lasted several days with small meetings taking place off the main room or conference area filled with the criminals unifying their efforts and developing contacts within other crime structures; PETER BIS [supported by the recent information] suggests a crooked Vatican II would have been an important contribution to that, laying the groundwork for global expansion.

In other news, George Weightman, Major General originally from Vermont who was cashiered by Gates over an orchestrated health crisis at Bethesda after Rumsfeld left, has been given another command. One can never be sure the titles reflect the activity, but he may have been put in charge of a research laboratory though probably not involving blood or anyway not related to the kinds of 'blood research activity' we describe below.

Unless 'blood ties' are a more significant aspect of the Bush-Clinton [Bush-Clinton] continuity mechanism that we thought; see Ex-Walter Reed medical chief to command Fort Detrick, Associated Press. Telegraph - Herald, [Dubuque, Iowa] Nov 14, 2007, pg. A.5.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - A two-star general who was fired as the head of Walter Reed Army Medical Center amid reports of shoddy treatment of wounded soldiers will oversee U.S. biological weapons defense research as commander of Fort Detrick, the Army said Tuesday.
Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, a physician who works in the Army surgeon general's office in Falls Church, Va., will command both Fort Detrick in Frederick and the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command there, Army spokesman Paul Boyce said...

AIDS was significantly developed at Detrick by the CIA under the MKNAOMI Subproject within the MKULTRA overview designator [technically that would be Subproject 110 supported by Subproject 78 BIO LABS which eventually was assigned an MKSEARCH designator when Richard Helms semi 'burned' MKULTRA on his relocation to Tehran].

Vague rumor has it MKNAOMI relocated to Detrick after originating in work undertaken outside Chicago but that is obscure in AIDS lore; if it did the move probably would have taken place in September or October 1962. The key document appears to be 110-13 which was missing from the National Security Archive files in 2003~2004; we don't know if that document had previously been withheld from researcher John Marks who the CIA selected to write about MKULTRA, or if it had subsequently been removed from the files attempting to conceal the truth from PETER BIS and investigators.
The point, of course, is that relocation of the AIDS development effort to Detrick from wherever, if it did happen in Sept-Oct 1962, coincided exactly with the start of VATICAN II.

"It had been inaugurated, in accordance with John XXIII's wishes, on 11 October 1962, which was then the Feast of Mary's Motherhood, and ended on the day of the Immaculate Conception. The Council took place in a Marian setting. It was actually far more than a setting: it was the orientation of its entire process.
It refers us, as it referred the Council Fathers at that time, to the image of the Virgin who listens and lives in the Word of God, who cherishes in her heart the words that God addresses to her and, piecing them together like a mosaic, learns to understand them (cf. Lk 2: 19, 51).
It refers us to the great Believer who, full of faith, put herself in God's hands, abandoning herself to his will; it refers us to the humble Mother who, when the Son's mission so required, became part of it, and at the same time, to the courageous woman who stood beneath the Cross while the disciples fled..."
[CAPPELLA PAPALE ON THE 40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CLOSURE OF THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL, HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Thursday, 8 December 2005, Dear Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, Dear Brothers and Sisters...]

Scary beyond the use of religion to legitimize the attack on gays and blacks is that Richard Helms 'burned' MKULTRA or publicized it including to members of Congress in 1972-73 BEFORE infecting the Africans with it - the AIDS virus - in 1979.

Of interest: 17 seated United States Senators including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and John Warner [R-Va] are said to be implanted with invasive neuroprosthetics developed under MKULTRA Subproject 119. Warner is retiring. He isn't going to run for re-election in 2008. That probably means the Senators are looking to recruit some new people to be implanted, and some continuity mechanism supplying the neurostimulant which mitigates the effect of radiation associated with monitoring and stimulating the neuroprosthetic from remote locations.

That continuity mechanism could be George Weightman at Detrick; updates on that and other political developments in Washington D.C. as events warrant.

Liberals in the CIA; you can't just push them down and beat them with sticks however tempting it might be at times.

Joan Baez. Liberal. With David Harris, draft resistance student movement leader going on to write for Rolling Stone,
who was involved in torturing Dennis Sweeney with the neuroprosthetic technology and electrodes the Senate now uses after keeping him [Sweeney] out of Chicago in 1968 as an important aspect of gimping the Democrats for the Nixon win,
and who was in the slam it looks like at the end of Joe Valachi which of course becomes immediately problematic.

...In 1966, Valachi attempted unsuccessfully to hang himself in his prison cell, using an electrical extension cord. He died of a heart attack in 1971 at La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution in Texas [Wikipedia], which is also where David Harris did his time. As a matter of fact that's where Allard Lowenstein visited Harris before engineering CIA-Frank Serpico issues during his [Lowenstein's] run in Brooklyn against Rooney - roughly commensurate to Frank Lucus in American Gangster now played by Denzel Washington. Did getting rid of Valachi somehow figure in that?

Lowenstein/Serpico unified police corruption for the CIA, Frank Lucus unified drug dealing for the CIA, and Joe Valachi was evidence of previous CIA affiliation with the old Mafia structures until around the time David Harris went to prison.

No word on whether Lowenstein and Harris discussed killing Valachi when they met in La Tuna; maybe Harris was only dropped in afterwards to make sure Valachi hadn't said anything to anybody else or anyway nobody was squealing, and Lowenstein might have come for a progress report. Lowenstein went on to mastermind the AIDS attack on Africans and we do know he and Harris again briefly met in a restaurant about that time after a state political convention in California.

In the history of the AIDS crisis there was only one man who both understood the problem and attempted to immediately act in mitigating the disaster; his name was Dennis Sweeney, he was tortured - and denied - by Harris, he bought a handgun and brought the business to the liberal [Allard Lowenstein], but unfortunately it looks like he didn't finish the job and anyway he was late [March 1980, when March 1979 might have averted the crisis/epidemic]. Sweeney went to prison a hero to any credible researcher in the field, before getting out and selling out, now living in obscurity in Upstate New York.

PETER BIS continues to fight. Some element of the Mafia or VATICAN FACTION attempted to kill PETER BIS in 2005 [poison; put him in the hospital] which was and continues to be covered up by the Capitol Police; of course he is 'one of the only games in town' and it is very possible they will try again. BIG picture - what really happened; Joe Valachi had once been in prison with Vito Genovese, and in having him talk the CIA took down the whole Luciano-Genovese family, which cleared the way for the rise of the old Anastasia family run by Carlo Gambino which gets into racketeering at Boeing and PETER BIS being chased all over the United States with an attempt on his life in New York [car crash; put a couple other people in the hospital]. Keep reading and you find out about the offer they made to put PETER BIS in office, the threats they made about him needing to 'get right' with the church, telling him he need to buy two coffins - one for him and one for his technology - on Christmas Eve [which actually was CIA and not immediately Mafia VATICAN FACTION though the CIA executive who articulated the threat was Jesuit-educated]; all of that we now find out originated in VATICAN II.

MORE! When are the birth defects [here in small species; conjoined turtles and multi-legged frogs] going to end? PETER BIS suggests they aren't, and whether or not these particular examples brought forward in media are CIA-orchestrated or induced, larger problems confront the planet. And are being significantly misrepresented.

Chernobyl No. 4 after April 26, 1986 - a precursor to the fall of the old Soviet Union with its overt Communism as opposed to the 'gentle tyranny' of Bush-clan CIA-orchestrated corruption. Putting the dog on a leash and tricking the dog into liking it, only the dog really doesn't whether or not it can characterize the entirety of the situation with precision, which may lead the owner to 'retraining' the dog or even killing it and getting another. 'Ruling elite' against the dogs.

PETER BIS says the CIA 'VATICAN FACTION'-orchestrated 'accident' released elements that have long term effectivity [which everybody pretty much agrees on], and the residual contamination is having an emergent effect on atomic structures [and atomic medicine] perhaps intentionally amplified by the global energy 'grid system.' Which people are at least ignorant of, if 'global warming' debates which serve to conceal the issue aren't entirely a disinformation effort undertaken by various government security agencies and international organizations.

Why Chernobyl as opposed to say the above-ground atomic testing for example; the relative characteristics of 'prolonged radiation leakage' versus 'hot flash' explosions are not easy for PETER BIS to recreate and quantify on a street corner without alarming the neighbors but he suspects there may be points supporting the argument, particularly given the subsequent 'plume' or cloud movement range. Some talk of birth defects in Sweden being announced and subsequently covered up [all web references are now to cancer as opposed to deformity], but that may be or have been CIA-driven as part of the larger scenario which PETER BIS understands and even anticipates. In secret he admits his awareness of the CIA internal structure is what makes Chernobyl particularly attractive: scattered CIA offices in danger of being shuttered with marginally employed resident agents trying to pile on a charge line; executives trying to show affiliation with a 'marquee' career event however attenuated. Another day toward the pension and another step toward the coffee pot.

'Thank you for your government service' and lie of silence, when every good American knows the patriotic thing to do is snitch.

Suspicious Refunds in Gandhi's Tax Tenure; Questionable Checks Total $2.4 Million [on top of the twenty to thirty million previously discovered and reported], Carol D. Leonnig and Dan Keating, Washington Post, 20 Nov 2007 may date the initial CIA test runs under 'soon to depart' executive supervision of a fraud operation in our nation's Capitol.

"...Natwar M. Gandhi ran the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue..." before going on to save the city's credit portfolio on Wall Street and in the bond market; now we discover there was a CIA-imposed tax of roughly $30 million associated with that. The really pathetic aspect of the situation is that it hugely trashes middle class black people as total criminals and inept government bureaucrats while utterly ruining the spirit of the city; from there it is but a short step to CIA-orchestrated street crime and the batting order of ***holes PETER BIS has to face on a daily basis while the wealthy white CIA executives [male and female] celebrate the holidays out in Fairfax County. One of our nation's wealthiest - it ain't like that's a guess or secret. What percentage of State Department executive grade pensions go to CIA people - is 'CIA' the new 'magic word' for after elementary school? Yeah, high-end poverty pimp driving an SUV on the ruin of some 'post-independence' African nation you managed to quickly enslave with Uncle Tom tactics the Council on Foreign Relations perfected over something like three hundred fifty years ['Christian' no less - there are a lot of 'good Christians' in the CIA and domestic support mechanisms over in Justice]; have a nice holiday - including grandchildren for a whole potential legacy of 'on-the-tit' government workers [how are they doing in school; PETER BIS was always targeted and attacked in his schools] - with PETER BIS withered and cold on the street.

The problem is not that its wrong [which makes it simple to make right]; the problem is that its supported by government tenure and funding [which makes it damn near impossible to make right]. Deep down you know you're scum; think of PETER BIS as you carve that turkey.

PETER BIS again proves correct! Before:

Eight legged frog found recently in Quanzhou, Fujian Province [China], and statue of Hindu God Ganesh with eight arms holding weapons – over a map of the ancient world with conceptual civilizations marked.

BANGALORE, India - Doctors in southern India completed a a grueling 24-hour operation Wednesday on a girl born with four arms and four legs that surgeons said will give the 2-year-old a chance at a normal life.
The surgery went "wonderfully well," said Dr. Sharan Patil, who led a team of more than 30 surgeons in the marathon procedure to remove Lakshmi's extra limbs, salvage her organs and rebuild her pelvis area. NEWS IN BRIEF, World, The Examiner, 08 Nov 2007 page 17, citing Associated Press.

PETER BIS sources in and from India report those deformities are not uncommon in India and the sub-Asian continent; indeed, the source happens to know of someone who really has two faces which PETER BIS is guessing means a skull deformity of some kind.

Is the 'deformity issue' residual to the nuclear weapons exchange in prehistory? India reportedly had nuclear capability ten thousand years ago and obviously there are questions.

[Skipping the foul or fowl threat mechanism which immediately follows and returning to the Tut controversy outlined below]:
...The temples were the centre of each community and the repositories of learning. Although many of the priests were dull creatures, some were erudite and educated, aware of all that was happening in their nomes and in tune with the mood of their flock. They were a reliable source of information and intelligence. [He] spent hours conferring with them, interrogating them keenly. One question he put to them all: 'Have you heard of strangers moving covertly among your people, preaching a new religion?'
Each one replied that they had. 'They preach that the old gods are failing, that they are no longer able to protect this very Egypt. They preach of a new goddess who will descend among us and lift the curse from the river and the land. When she comes she will bid the plagues cease and Mother Nile once more to flood and deliver to Egypt her bounty. They tell the people that Pharaoh and his family are secret adherents of the new goddess, that soon [the Queen] will renounce the old gods, and declare his allegiance to her.' Then, worried, they demanded, 'Tell us [ ], is this true? Will Pharaoh declare for the alien goddess?'
'Before that happens the stars will fall from the sky like raindrops. Pharaoh is devoted to Horus, heart and soul,' he assured them....
Wilbur Smith, The Quest, St Martins Press, New York 2007, page 103. In concept this is a recent fiction work; in reality we're wondering if Tut could have 'gone either way' as an orchestrated Messiah figure.

PETER BIS faces a batting order of ***holes on the street and gets caught up in it which can make conversation with the guy pretty awkward [he tends to dwell on the latest bull**** and not the most important points], but beyond that, quite a bit of what he says - and quite a bit of what people tell him - does drive to the element of truth.

...The fancy that angels taught men the secrets of alchemy survived the Middle Ages into modern times, and was restated by several later alchemical authors. Among them was the celebrated eighteenth century French historian of alchemy, Nicolas Lenglet DuFresnoy (1674-1755), who wrote in his three-volume history of Hermetic philosophy that, charmed by the beauty of the daughters of man, the angels seduced them [apparently a Mormon or Latter Day Saints belief], and taught them the greatest of secrets, namely that of the transmutation of metals. Noah saved this secret lore from being lost in the Great Flood, and of his sons, each of whom chose for himself a special vocation, it was Cham (Ham), or perhaps his children, who chose that of the arts and sciences. If Cham's son "Mezraim" (Misrayim) "did not practice chemistry, it is believed that it was,at any rate, practiced by his eldest son," who was none other than "Thaut or Athotis, also called Hermes or Mercurius, who became king in Thebes."
The Jewish Alchemists; A History and Source Book, Raphael Patai, Princeton University, 1994 from page 21.

Published every Thursday, The Onion is in concept a saterical look at the news and society. In fact it appears to be a CIA communication mechanism, and on the inside cover page it recently [late October or early November 2007] ran a small graph of share value [plus or minus $40.00 per] for a company based on alchemy [with the caption "Hmmm - latest shiny batch looks good" or words to that effect].
Also, price of gold per ounce is perhaps being pushed forward in media.
Don't dismiss the possibility somebody is turning lead - or base metals to gold, but more imortant here is whether alchemy in a larger sense relates to Tut and the rulers of ancient Egypt, precursors for 'the Messiah sequence' of today.

The fowl threat:

Dead fish in a newspaper? Dead bird in a napkin. PETER BIS investigates Capitol Police activity - and it sounds like they don't want him to 'sing.' Of course this is only funny because its true.

Big guy - 6'-3" or 6'-4" and maybe 280 lbs in plainclothes; BIS thinks it might be one of the chiefs - comes and leans on PETER, but sotto voce threats are routine for him. Its the bird and 'bird crime' that draw the scorn.

Disgraceful when the mob does it and hardly more edifying when its the cops, there are websites - mostly European - set up specifically for this:
...The two most famous tragically dead birds of the 21st century will be united... The sparrow which was gunned down last month by an angry chain-of-thousands-of-dominoes demonstrator — the death provoked outrage among the Dutch populace — will soon have a place of honor in the Rotterdam Nature Museum. It will reside near the preserved body of the first scientifically-documented mallard duck victim of homosexual necrophilia.
For nearly a month, the little sparrow’s carcass has been the victim, post-mortem, of legal wrangling, and was in danger of being swept under a bureaucratic rug. Now, thanks to the intercession of Kees Moeliker, the Nature Museum’s curator of birds, the feathery corpse will be preserved for its adoring public and for science.
Moeliker shot to fame in 2003, when he was awarded a[] [p]rize for observing and documenting the now-famous case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck...

Ending its life wrapped in a paper napkin while serving a thug as a threat mechanism, the case here isn't identical but the trending is clear. At least Europeans honor the dead and preserve the memory, generally treating PETER BIS quite well and asking intelligent questions. A man associated with the VATICAN FACTION tried to kill him in 2005 [apparently with a common or even household substance as a poison, BIS was thirty days in the hospital], and the cops send dead birds wrapped in napkins. For your public servants here on Capitol Hill, its another step toward the coffee pot and another day toward the pension.

Revisiting a point PETER BIS previously raised.

What is 'the deal' with Tut?

Odd story in Egyptian history at the end of the 18th dynasty. Amenophis IV replaced worship of Amun and local Gods [a multiple deity scenario] with new cult devoted to Aten - Sun God - alone [single deity], and he [the pharaoh] took the name 'Akhenaten.'
[Graphics follow below: it's not entirely clear if the image is of Akhenaten at Amarna 'offering to a solar disk' or 'Ankhesenamun receiving life-giving rays of the Aten,'the latter being King Tut's wife].
Effectively Tut's older brother had tried to institutionalize a 'new religion' with single God or anyway a huge variation on the old practices; Tut reigned age 10 to age 19, at age 13 returning to Thebes and restoring the old order [worship of Amun with multiple Gods],
Tut dies, widow sought Hittite alliance [in taking a Hittite husband which the Hittites agreed to], Egyptian General Horemheb kills the Hittite and "stamped out every trace of the Aten heresy" starting the 19th dynasty which, under Seti I [1312] and Ramesses II [1298 for a reign of 67 years] is about the height of Egyptian civilization.

Tut tried, but realized he didn't have the weight and aborted? We actually do not know for sure that Tut was Akhenaten's brother but he might have had to fight back a usurper. That was trying to deify him? In that larger sense, is that how Tut figures in the original Messiah sequence? Were they thinking about trying to float Tut as a savior figure, and, if so, why did they abort?

The twist - PETER BIS has had deliberate exposure to 'similar-looking' humanoid lizard figure that apparently attends the twice yearly World Bank meetings and may get with Senators as they leave Washington in August. It was wearing a mask but apparently 'looked' like Tut does now [interesting: it was a black leather mask which didn't strike BIS at the time though now of course its an interesting coincidence], and had attached earlobes.

Are we talking about a creature caught in the middle of sexual transformation, and deliberately left for us to discover? The fabled Egyptian mummy simply is not common and it is not at all clear the pyramids were intended to be final resting places.

We really don't know what we know; only that Napoleon was the original European researcher, he had breasts like a women and not much facial hair, and PETER BIS is wondering if his interests were entirely academic.


Is Hillary Clinton still relevant in her own campaign?

She showed up at Drexel - and looked real weak, but sent a double to accept the cake 'scheduled union endorsement' the next day? What does that mean? They'd known she wouldn't do well so they scheduled a strong second act [clear], but why didn't she go herself to take the win [puzzle]?

Possibility - they always put the same impostor in front of the given constituency [Barbie doll populist versus Barbie doll globalist] for consistency in the message and memory-continuity ['I saw you at Soldier Field in Chicago - we spoke near the exit'],
one or the other of the impostors [there are at least two] does better in physical situations, 'pumping a crowd' for example, which would be a situational or tactical explanation,
flat out the function controlling the campaign simply wouldn't let her show, which could have represented anything from disciplining her to preserving the option of regime replacement. Call that a 'decree' or 'edict decision.'

There is a Secret Service element in this, and the command element relies on them to legitimize the deployments [and disparage our democratic process]. 'There were threats' which are probably CIA-orchestrated to in turn cover the Secret Service, or 'We had concerns' though they haven't irrevocably documented use of the impostors [announce it] which means they are preserving the option of making a swap.

Suspicion - the transitions between Hillary and HILLIMPOSTER1 are treated much more carefully than transitions between HILLIMPOSTOR1 and HILLIMPOSTOR2 where they probably just laugh at witnesses and only worry about photographs, though both transition conditions are equally detrimental to the campaign.

Sad - Mark Penn maybe, but beyond him and obviously Bill who can provide a cover function no one can seriously threaten, really its women. Equal Rights Amendment? Not now, thank you. Rumor has it the Navy once sent out a ship with an all-female command structure and crew, but the experiment was not particularly successful.

Italian mobsters in widespread decline, LARRY McSHANE, Associated Press, Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:14 PM ET
Alternate title: FBI Agents Crap Their Brains Out Their ***, Settling For Street Thugs As CIA/Mafia Organized Crime Families Overrun U.S. Economy, PETER BIS, Washington D.C.

NEW YORK - In early 2004, mob veteran Vincent Basciano took over as head of the Bonanno crime family. The reign of the preening, pompadoured Mafioso known as Vinny Gorgeous lasted only slightly longer than a coloring dye job from his Bronx hair salon.
Within a year, the ex-beauty shop owner with the hair-trigger temper was behind bars — betrayed by his predecessor, a stand-up guy now sitting down with the FBI.
[Revised 2006-2007, see Krispy Kreme Mafia pump-and-dump versus Dunkin Donut Carlyle buyout in reciprocal CIA-orchestrated investment transaction fleecing the sheep as the FBI stands around congratulating themselves, unaware a crime has even been committed].

It was a huge blow to Basciano and the once-mighty Bonannos, and similar scenarios are playing out from coast to coast. The Mafia, memorably described as "bigger than U.S. Steel" by mob financier Meyer Lansky, is more of an illicit mom-and-pop operation in the new millennium.
[Strike most of that paragraph, saving only that the CIA Mafia crime functions have been increasingly able to get the FBI to settle for mom-and-pop busts, leaving the boardrooms alone].

The mob's frailties were evident in recent months in Chicago, where three senior-citizen mobsters were locked up for murders committed a generation ago; in Florida, where a 97-year-old Mafioso with a rap sheet dating to the days of Lucky Luciano was imprisoned for racketeering; and in New York, where 80-something boss Matty "The Horse" Ianniello pleaded to charges linked to the garbage industry and union corruption.
[So pathetic, here the FBI is having the word "LAME" tattooed across their *** in capital letters, settling for bones the CIA throws them in orchestrated 'resolution busts' as in the civil rights cases down south, while the CIA Mafia unified crime and surveillance mechanisms laughingly hold Whitey Bulger back on long term high end vacation - think Ira Einhorn in the French chateau with the hot looking chick for twenty plus years until they finally told him he had to come back to live in Pennsylvania for awhile].

Things are so bad that mob scion John A. "Junior" Gotti chose to quit the mob while serving five years in prison rather than return to his spot atop the Gambino family.
[PETER BIS very much believes so-called 'Mafia Queens' represent a transformation condition perhaps involving radiation, possibly confirmed by a different source who claimed Victoria Gotti explicitly told them she had once been a guy. Power drained anyway by the front office suits, it's tough to blame John Junior for walking].

At the mob's peak in the late 1950s, more than two dozen families operated nationwide. Disputes were settled by the Commission, a sort of gangland Supreme Court. Corporate change came in a spray of gunfire. This was the mob of "The Godfather" celebrated in pop culture.
Today, Mafia families in former strongholds like Cleveland, Los Angeles and Tampa are gone.
[TRUE. They're all in Cleveland Heights, Silver Lake, and Boca Raton - after the CIA killed the unions did you seriously think the Mafia was going to stand around the cemetery? 'The Edge' ain't sentimental, baby].

La Cosa Nostra — our thing, as its initiates called the mob — is in serious decline everywhere but New York City. And even there, things aren't so great: Two of New York's five crime families are run in absentia by bosses behind bars.
[Last few street thugs helping themselves to a couple free papers after paying for one at the paper box or just taking a couple off the driver; hang around and maybe the big guys will throw you a house your kid can live in on the tail end of an adjustable rate mortgage scam].

Mob executions are also a blast from the past. The last boss whacked was the Gambinos' "Big Paul" Castellano in 1985. New York's last mob shooting war occurred in 1991. And in Chicago, home to the 1929 St. Valentine's Day massacre, the last hit linked to the "Outfit" went down in the mid-1990s. [Congratulate the CIA on cracking the social codes and bringing their paradigm of reduced expectations to on-the-tit muscle toughs who kiss more ass for less bread and have to hold part time straight jobs to make ends meet these days; the money is definitely up in the boardroom].

The Mafia's ruling Commission has not met in years. Membership in key cities is dwindling, while the number of mob turncoats is soaring. "You arrest 10 people," says one New York FBI agent, "and you have eight of them almost immediately knocking on your door: `OK, I wanna cut a deal.'" ["cuz you're a dumb ass fed who will readily believe the scraps they told me I could throw you, and know better than to push past the points where they tell you to stop." Exactly who is the fool? The Mafia thug in a 'three squares' vacation stretch or the earnest FBI guy who gets a pension for destroying the American working class or serving as an enabling mechanism which allows it to be destroyed?].

The oath of omerta — silence — has become a joke. Ditto for the old world "Family" values — honor, loyalty, integrity — that served as cornerstones for an organization brought to America by Italian immigrants during the era of Prohibition. "It's been several generations since they left Sicily," says Dave Shafer, head of the FBI organized crime division in New York. "It's all about money."

Which doesn't mean the Mafia is dead. But organized crime experts say the Italian mob is seriously wounded: shot in the foot by its own loudmouth members, bloodied by scores of convictions, and crippled by a loss of veteran leaders and a dearth of capable replacements....

Bone to you, fed jerk off.

How successful is the CIA-Mafia criminal interface? They actually have you doing their old work. For example:

Experienced in marshal arts and featured in movies tending to be refreshing in their brisk determination to fight criminals and terrorists [the scenarios at times seem extreme], Steven Seagal is a recognizable Hollywood figure. You can easily rent his stuff from Blockbuster or other video stores. At the same time, major stardom – Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson-type big league stardom – has proven elusive. Long story short, word on the street is that Steven Seagal is carried by accounting firm Ernst & Young as a MAJOR player with significant CASH – same index as the Rockefeller charities without blushing, and personnel – number unknown but more than one; perhaps a squad - from the FBI and Homeland Security sit behind a partition in the basement of Ernst & Young New York ready to make a move if anything goes down the wrong way.

Government agents protecting private cash.

Charges Filed in Threats on Writer; Private eye Anthony Pellicano is accused of conspiracy and making criminal threats against a former Times reporter, Richard Winton and Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times, Jun 18, 2005. pg. B.1
Anthony Pellicano, private investigator to the stars, was charged Friday with conspiracy and making criminal threats for allegedly hiring a man three years ago to intimidate a Los Angeles Times reporter.

The charges, the result of a long-running federal and state probe of Pellicano, stem from a "Godfather"-like incident in which a dead fish with a rose in its mouth was placed on the windshield of the reporter's car...
Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley's office alleges Pellicano, 61, hired Alexander Proctor in 2002 to make the threats against then-Times reporter Anita Busch.

Busch had been researching a story about alleged links between action movie star Steven Seagal and a reputed New York mobster when she discovered the fish and rose on her car the morning of June 20, 2002.
The objects were accompanied by a sign that read: "Stop." There was also a puncture in Busch's windshield that was made to look like a bullet hole, according to prosecutors...
Proctor, 61, who is serving 10 years on unrelated drug charges, already had been facing a felony count of making criminal threats. He was charged Friday with the additional count of conspiring with Pellicano to threaten Busch [end citation].

A 61-year-old thug hired for Steven Seagal? Please. Does he have to write "DISINFORMATION" on a note for you to get it?

Mafia threat; [CITY Edition], Evening Mail. Birmingham (UK): Jan 10, 2003. pg. 6.
STEVEN Seagal claims he was threatened by members of the German Mafia after a row over damage to a Berlin villa he rented. The Hollywood hard man is seeking damages for 'severe anxiety, emotional distress, humiliation and mortification' caused by the alleged menacing. Seagal rented the property in late 2001 while filming the movie Half Past Dead [end citation].

HEY FED. Immediately after 9/11 the CIA held a convention of international criminal structures at Heathrow. True. EVERYBODY was there. The CIA informer had been on Sardinia which gets into another story, but if you didn't even know they had the convention you seriously need to talk to your boss.

Seagal in Berlin was actually very patriotic - after they gave him a deal on the villa, Seagal turned around and informed the Germans they do have a Mafia. So things may be looking up; Allen Dulles created the modern Mafia and got J. Edgar Hoover not to see it until the CIA grew it passed the 'tip point' and got the Mob into the boardroom safely - now at least our FBI can admit the Mafia exists. As opposed to say the Germans.

Could be Mr. Seagal is working as a CIA funding mechanism? Does Congress know about the Hollywood connection[?]. Bone to you, fed. Take the rest of the afternoon off, and go hassle some old lady emigrant mother of a cab driver from the Middle East on a terrorism charge.

Street observation in Washington D.C.: Senator Craig is very obviously being 'framed' in the orchestrated toilet room scenario. Bush is somehow holding a knife to the guy's throat. It goes beyond toilet rooms past, present and future, but anyhow a source here has suggested the conspicuous attack on Craig was designed to knock him off the Veterans Affairs Committee where he had been chairman and was at the time ranking member, and may relate to the laptop computers which famously went missing with VA records on the hard drives. Names and addresses and Social Security numbers and medical histories. The obvious attack on Craig is or was really a precursor to a covert attack on our prior service veterans, or so the theory goes.

NOW - the same source comes back and suggests the smoke, heat, drama and media coverage of near constant brush fires in California may be cover for vulcanic activity, with PETER BIS long maintaining the Pacific Rim is 'about to go.' Of course, in geological time 'about to go' could be decades in any direction. Noting the CIA was keying on Mount Rainier and maybe Hood in the Pacific northwest a couple years ago, its possible they've migrated south in seeking to destabilize the region. There haven't been any supporting tremors or ground movements reported in media but perhaps a couple vaguely supportive [ambiguous] indicators out of the agencies.

PETER BIS is one pissed alien - somebody finally took the 165' buoy tender he was looking to acquire from a yard up in Canada for dock fees of about $25,000 [hull painted or primed red with hoist and tower structure white][it wasn't worth $25 grand to somebody to get him the heck out of here?].

When they heard he was looking at it they doubled the price to about $50 grand, but anyway it reportedly went for a little over twenty.

Supposedly its going down to South America. PETER BIS is convinced it will be used for weapons or drugs and wants everybody to be on the lookout for it. By virtue of 'circumstance in timing' driven by interactions with people now here in Washington who connect to the Bellingham homeless shelter where they resided [see below], PETER BIS believes the purchase somehow relates to Mohammad and Malvo, the CIA-orchestrated Beltway Snipers who were convicted in Maryland and Virginia a couple years ago. Distinctive lines are essentially the same, but again, the hull is - for now - painted white.

Insult to injury - as the boat sails, somebody pipes off a round or a blank at PETER BIS, a CIA-associate source or contact seated next to him at the time hits the deck, and the Secret Service offers to put him - PETER BIS - in a 'safe house.' After somebody apparently associated with the Mafia said they'd get him a modest pension if he'd give them Accelerated Radiation Decay. Old echelon, PETER BIS doesn't swear much but he let go on the guy and chortled about it afterwards. The problem is that while he usually gets everybody else's name, license and plate and telephone number which he then feeds into government agencies with great relish, when the Mafia actually did show up he didn't get their name, license plate, or telephone number.

PETER BIS again on the Global Energy Grid, now with a 'shaft in Alaska' [look close] that a seemingly reliable source spilled to him on here in Washington D.C.

The source says its 65' feet in diameter, going down originally maybe twelve or thirteen miles deep as a smooth shaft. They then apparently tested for a time of unknown duration, before deciding to extend the shaft. Now it goes down 33 miles, and they can access the Earth's magnetic core and energy field. Still, supposedly, the shaft has smooth sides. At least in theory this appears to relate to Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower experiment[s] 1900-1902, which J.P. Morgan 'took off the table' when Ida Tarbell succeeded in 'reforming' Standard Oil.

John Paul I and John Paul II with a Soviet dagger between them. Same source says the Soviets delivered 18 scrolls to the Vatican when John Paul I died, and of course PETER BIS wants to know if that is why John Paul I died. Did the Soviet dagger - under Yuri Andropov - really cut the Pope. Half the scrolls deal with the physical aspects of life here on planet Earth, and the other half deal with subjugating people given the physical characteristics of the planet.

The Soviets apparently captured the scrolls from the Nazis at the end of World War II, and the Nazis are said to have obtained them in the course of undertaking field research efforts in Latin America. The latter point probably reflects Nazi dominance at the alien interface; we do not know if 'eighteen' scrolls were all there ever were or even if that was all the Soviets had.

QUESTION: Given that the same source brought PETER BIS both points, of course we want to know if the scrolls and information 'on the properties of the Earth' figured into the shaft design and engineering in Alaska. But that is not all we want to know.

A large number of American servicemen were killed in a single incident one winter in the 1990s on a military base in the United States. Word has it '1,200' guys and Benning, but all we know for sure is that it was A LOT of guys, demanding infrastructure and support to pull it off.

Your information source, PETER BIS already looked at an incredibly rare disease of the vampire called "porphyria" [noted below]. "Porphyrins combined with iron form hemes in the blood. Heme is what makes blood red... Imbalance can cause..." gastrological problems, neurological problems, skin pigment problems and a host of other ailments [from, noting that is but one of many sources].

Pictured is Major General George Weightman, originally from Vermont, cashiered by Gates over an orchestrated health crisis at Bethesda after Rumsfeld left.

This, of course, is Rumsfeld, who was Secretary of Defense prior to Gates.

Rumsfeld with Gerald Ford, who was famously Masonic in kind of a political context: of the three degrees in Blue Lodge, only one was awarded in Michigan which is where Ford claimed his affiliation originated, and the other two were awarded in Washington D.C., with Ford continuing into the higher esoteric levels beyond the famous Thirty Third degree of the Scottish rite. Word has it he might have been a 'One Hundred and Fourth' degree Mason with some anticipation of his death opening slots for advancement, but anyway Ford definitely did participate in awarding other advanced degrees in the Scottish Rite.

Rumsfeld, on the other hand, is suppose to be Hospitaler. They originally ran a hospital for pilgrims dying on the trip to the Holy Lands, and tradition says they have continued in hospitals - and blood. Blood banks, blood analysis, blood research.

.....A century later, in 1291, Akko fell to the Muslims and the Hospitalers were driven from the Holy Land, establishing themselves in Cyprus. From their base in Cyprus, the Knights Hospitalers continued their original role by protecting the convoys for the pilgrims.

In 1308-1310, grand master Foulques de Villaret carried out the plans of his brother William de Villaret, the preceding grand master, with a special crusade that conquered Rhodes from the Saracens.

While here, the Hospitalers were known as the Knights of Rhodes. During this period, they increased their reputation as fighters. In 1344, the Knights of Rhodes assisted the Genoese in capturing Smyrna. In 1365, they aided the king of Cyprus in capturing Alexandria. Grand master Pierre d'Aubusson successfully defended Rhodes from determined attacks by the forces of Sultan Muhammad II. The attacks continued, though, and in 1522, Rhodes was lost when grand master Philippe de L'Isle Adam capitulated.

In 1312, the wealth of the Hospitalers was increased when they were given much of the property of the Knights Templars, an order that was disbanded primarily because of its amassed wealth and power.

The Knights Hospitalers wandered homeless until 1530, when they were given the island of Malta by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. While based here, the Hospitalers were called the Knights of Malta. They built extensive fortifications on the island to defend against the Turks. One of their more famous exploits was the successful defense in the battle of 1565. In 1571, their success at the battle of Lepanto effectively stopped the Turks in the Mediterranean and ended a period of conflict. The Hospitalers continued their charitable work, and their hospital on Malta was the equal of any in Europe at that time.

In England, the Protestant Reformation led to Henry VIII suppressing the English branch of the Hospitalers. The order went through some reorganization, and admission as a knight became mainly a test of nobility of birth.

In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte captured Malta during his Egyptian campaign. The Hospitalers had a defensive force of 332 knights and 16,600 militiamen, and they were faced with a French armada of 400 ships with more than 50,000 land troops, sailors, marines. The knights were given the option of defecting with a lifetime pension or departing Malta.

Thrown out of Malta, the Hospitalers chose Czar Paul of Russia as their grand master, and many of the knights moved to St. Petersburg. With the Pope's agreement, the Roman Catholic order of the Hospitalers were now ruled by an Orthodox emperor.

In 1802, following the death of Czar Paul, the Pope named Tommasi as grand master, the last official head of the Hospitalers. The order moved to Catania, but after 1805 they continued there with no leader. The headless Hospitalers moved on to Ferrara, then to Rome.

The old order effectively died at this time, and the new order had no real connection with the previous. In 1827, some French Hospitalers reestablished the grand priory in their attempt to revive the order. In 1879, the pope restored the office of grand master, and the order expanded as a charitable organization devoted to the care of the sick and the wounded. In 1926, an association of this new order was founded in the United States....[].

Yeah, well, don't believe everything you read about the Order falling apart and losing its way; it has been around for a thousand years and changes, reforms, and purges have come and gone. If they deal in something people still need they're here to stay.

George Patton. Famously slapped a guy at a hospital, which effectively documented he was at the hospital.

And he claimed to have been at Carthage when it was sacked by the Romans. Not 'in spirit,' but actually there. Unrelated, a book called The Last Vampire, by Whitley Strieber, associated Patton's niece with vampires, but that is thought to have been a work of fiction.

Anyway, Weightman is apparently not being brought back into the Army command structure.

The single attack on the guys in the 1990s - even though it was an attack on MANY guys - does not necessarily equate to being an attack on the entire planet, but the attack on the entire planet started somewhere and that seems to have been one step in its progression.

Federal prosecutor arrested in child Internet sex, NEWS IN BRIEF, The Examiner, Sep 21 2007, page 16. DETROIT – A federal prosecutor from Florida who authorities say flew to Michigan for a sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl tried to hang himself in his jail cell Thursday…. John D.R. Atchison, 53, used a sheet…. The 119-Sanilac County Jail is in Sandusky, about 75 miles north of Detroit. U.S. marshals sometimes use it to house federal prisoners. Marshals moved Atchison after the suicide attempt....

Word has it Atchison has since succeeded, but that opens the door to very problematic circumstances in the notoriously criminal pus-hole State of Michigan. Somehow they targeted Atchison and lured him there; no excuses but they don’t typically do that to the genuine Boy’s Club scum, instead taking down the people they think might hinder their utilization of the government offices in covering up egregious types of CIA-Mafia racketeering.

About The Diagram
The diagram shows distortion of the Earth’s gravitational/magnetic/electric field by the Global Grid System of ‘laser balanced’ satellites which nobody much wants to talk about but Boeing – and others – put up in the 1990s.
Iridium was the name of Paul Allen’s commensurate commercial effort that was widely disparaged in the industry by people who evidently didn’t know the government application was already in position and coming on line if not fully operable.

1. There was a great deal of talk about ‘heating the penguins’ in Boeing management,
2. corporate headquarters moved to Chicago [for sure] which made them more accessible to the Gambino crime family [the PETER BIS argument] and New World Order reorganization of the [manufacturing] economy [true], and
3. they hired high profile counsel [Mike Luttig] off the federal appellate bench perhaps anticipating – and attempting to limit – their liability in a precursor step to defining court process.

One of Boeing’s insurance brokers had a son named Garret who died in Redmond now a few years ago and it’s medium probable ‘they’ took him down as one aspect of the effort, simultaneously furthering a number of other CIA advocacies. Boeing didn’t kill him, but they probably figured in the ‘down selection’ process. Anyway, PETER BIS claims distortion of the Earth’s gravitational/magnetic/electric field by those satellites is what’s taking out the Arctic and Antarctic [polar] icecaps, exacerbated by solar flare activity. The constellation allegedly has a multiplier effect in magnifying or extending portions of the spectrum.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
Auroras (or aurorae) are natural colored light displays, which are usually observed in the night sky, particularly in the polar zone. Some scientists therefore call them "polar auroras" (or "aurorae polaris").

In northern latitudes, it is known as the aurora borealis, named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. It often appears as a reddish glow on the northern horizon, as if the sun were rising from an unusual direction. The aurora borealis is also called the northern lights, as it is only visible in the North sky from the Northern Hemisphere. The aurora borealis most often occurs from September to October and from March to April.

Its southern counterpart, aurora australis, has similar properties. Australis is the Latin word for "of the South". Auroras are interesting not only because of their beautiful colors, they are considerable because of their strange sound too.

Auroras are now known to be caused by the collision of charged particles (ions (+) (-) ) found in the magnetosphere, with atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere (at altitudes above 80 km). These particles travel into space with speeds of 300 to 1200 kilometers per second. A cloud of these particles is called plasma, and a stream of plasma coming from the sun is called solar wind. These charged particles are typically energized to levels between 1 and 15 keV and, as they collide with atoms of gases in the atmosphere, the atoms become excited. Shortly afterwards, the atoms emit their gained energy as light (see Fluorescence in Wikipedia). Light emitted by the Aurora tends to be dominated by emissions from atomic oxygen, resulting in a greenish glow (at a wavelength of 557.7 nm) and — especially at lower energy levels and at higher altitudes — the dark-red glow (at 630.0 nm of wavelength). Both of these represent forbidden transitions of electrons of atomic oxygen that, in absence of newer collisions, persist for a long time and account for the slow brightening and fading (0.5-1 s) of auroral rays. Many other colors — especially those emitted by atomic and molecular nitrogen (blue and purple, respectively) — can also be observed. These, however, vary much faster and reveal the true dynamic nature of auroras.

As well as visible light, aurorae emit infrared (NIR and IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays as well as X-rays (e.g., as observed by the Polar spacecraft). While the visible light emissions of aurorae can easily be seen on Earth, the UV and X-ray emissions are best seen from space, as the Earth's atmosphere tends to absorb and attenuate these emissions.

That is STEP A or PART 1.

STEP B or PART II is ‘The God Squad.’

The Endangered Species Committee
In 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped construction of the Tellico Dam on the Little Tennessee River because it jeopardized the survival of the snail darter, an endangered fish. In response, Congress created the Endangered Species Committee, commonly referred to as the “God Squad,” and empowered it to exempt select projects from the ESA [Endangered Species Act].

The God Squad is composed of seven cabinet-level officials with the power to set aside the ESA when:
There are no alternatives to the agency action;
The benefit of the exemption outweighs the benefit of protecting a species or its critical habitat;
The action is of regional or national significance,
And when the ESA has not been violated by an irreversible commitment of resources.

In addition, the Secretary of Defense may force the committee to exempt a project from the law “for reasons of national security.” And the President may step in during certain kinds of emergencies and take authority from the Secretary of Commerce or Secretary of [the] Interior [end citation, Citizens’ Guide to the Endangered Species Act 2003, pages 38-39].
In sum, this is why it is so important to break the Bush-Clinton 'CIA continuity mechanism' [Michigan Mitt Romney, Jeb '08]; they've essentially decided to slaughter wholesale vast segments of the global eco-system for a false-premise satellite enslavement capability. Many species exist in a very narrow range of climatic conditions, and they are knowingly discarding the entire body of law which says you aren't suppose to screw with that. What swine. Be sure to thank PETER BIS for the critical information you need in opposing government.

Wal-Mart went in to Charlotte, Michigan, south of Lansing, and PETER BIS hears they're somehow involved with the airport [Fitch A. Beach Airport]. No immediate proof on hand, but BIS suspects Wal-Mart is engaged in drug trafficking; Wal-Mart defends its monitoring; A fired technician alleges he was part of an organization that spied on workers, critics and vendors. The company says he violated policy, L.A. Times, April 05 2007. Bryan Adrian had a source in New York that said the Walton family was [is] really Jewish, and PETER BIS may be right - perhaps suggesting Wal-Mart was [is] an Israeli funding mechanism. Hiring ex-FBI and CIA guys? Senator Clinton is [was] Wal-Mart, leaving "prior to the 1992 U.S. Presidential Election" [Wikipedia] but apparently had been key in developing their Chinese trade policy with the CIA and presumably their masters at the Council on Foreign Relations.

A different source tells PETER BIS that
Louis Freeh,
Robert Hanssen,
Rick Santorum,
and the owner of Blackwater, terrorism incorporated in Iraq [the Polish ambassador was recently attacked as if to excuse their egregious violence], Erik Prince,

all go, have gone, or anyway have been associated one way or another with St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, Virgina.

The [ex]Director of the FBI, their top spy, the "conservative" who doubled the size of 'K Street'- the lobbying community in Washington D.C. - making it damn hard to reduce the size of government, and the enforcer for the pussy State Department which can't, apparently, carry its own water.

PETER BIS isn't sure about Mueller, current Director of the FBI, but he hears things.

This may not be the control function of the VATICAN FACTION with the hit team on Capitol Hill, but know its weight behind the wheels.

Blackwater, the most hated name in Iraq. This is one of their crime scenes, where they apparently killed nine people and a policeman.

Blackwater was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince, a former member of the Navy Seals, and is privately owned. Most of its nearly 1,000 people in Iraq are independent contractors...
The company’s close ties to the Bush administration have raised questions about the political clout of Mr. Prince, Blackwater’s founder and owner. He is the scion of a wealthy Michigan family that is active in Republican politics. He and the family have given more than $325,000 in political donations over the past 10 years, the vast majority to Republican candidates and party committees, according to federal campaign finance reports.

Mr. Prince has helped cement his ties to the government by hiring prominent officials. J. Cofer Black, the former counterterrorism chief at the C.I.A. and State Department, is a vice chairman at Blackwater. Mr. Black is also now a senior adviser on counterterrorism and national security issues to the Republican presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.
Blackwater Tops Firms in Iraq in Shooting Rate, JOHN M. BRODER and JAMES RISEN, New York Times, September 27, 2007.

Of course Mitt Romney, son of the former governor, also has strong ties to Michigan.

The New York Times goes on to say:
Many American officials now share the view that Blackwater’s behavior is increasingly stoking resentment among Iraqis and is proving counterproductive to American efforts to gain support for its military efforts in Iraq...

That's the whole point - after successfully keying the Battle of Fallujah with human sacrifice in 2004, they've kept the war smoothly rolling along.

“They’re repeat offenders, and yet they continue to prosper in Iraq,” said Representative Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat who has been broadly critical of the role of contractors in Iraq. “It’s really affecting attitudes toward the United States when you have these cowboy guys out there. These guys represent the U.S. to them and there are no rules of the game for them.”

Despite the growing criticism of Blackwater and its tactics, the company still enjoys an unusually close relationship with the Bush administration, and with the State Department and Pentagon in particular. It has received government contracts worth more than $1 billion since 2002...

Last year, the State Department gave Blackwater the lead role in diplomatic security in Iraq, reducing the roles of DynCorp and Triple Canopy...

No Blackwater employees, or any other contractors, have been charged with crimes related to the shootings in Iraq, although there are a number of American laws governing actions overseas and in wartime that could be applied, according to experts in international law...
Separately, American officials specifically exempted all United States personnel from Iraqi law under an order signed in 2004 by L.Paul Bremer III, then the top official of the American occupation authority. The Sept. 16 shootings have so angered Iraqis, however, that the Iraqi government is proposing a measure that would overturn the American rule and subject Western private security companies to Iraqi law. The proposal requires the approval of the Iraqi Parliament.

In a sign of the Pentagon’s concern over private security contractors, Mr. Gates last Sunday sent a five-person team to Iraq to discuss with Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander in Iraq, the rules governing contractors. “He has some real concerns about oversight of contractors in Iraq and he is looking for ways to sort of make sure we do a better job on that front,” Geoff Morrell, Mr. Gates’s spokesman, told reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday [end citation].

BULL****. Gates is CIA. The whole imperial scenario is very possibly his idea or anyway he was in on it and wholeheartedly endorsed it; of course his ties to Michigan are not as evident as the ties of Prince and Romney.

Robert Mueller, head of the FBI. This part you knew.

'Word on the street' in Washington D.C. says that he came out of Vietnam a junkie. All right, you might not have known that, but otherwise his service record is excellent - multiple awards [exactly why is 'word on the street' in Washington D.C. still on the street - how hard can it be to find boats or apartments?].

'Word on the street' - same source - is that Mueller has a cousin Eddy Miller, who's father is VERY important with the Swiss Guard at the Vatican. Big in banking and connected in Geneva Switzerland, and PETER BIS has a thing with the "Miller family." All branches; everywhere - they go 'round and 'round which NOW we may be able to identify as starting with PETER BIS's work investigating the murder of John Paul I, continuing on to drug smuggling in Michigan - home of criminal cesspool scum dominated by the old Air America Triangle and Mafia crime families now allied with CIA-Jennifer Granholm, and continuing from there around the United States.

"Does Eddy's dad have a first name?"

So lets look at Mueller using Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
...After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, Mueller was again called to public service. In 1989 he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Dick Thornburgh. The following year he took charge of its criminal division. During his tenure, he oversaw prosecutions that included Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega, the Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie bombing) case, and the Gambino crime family boss John Gotti.

Three-for-three with PETER BIS, including elements of the VATICAN FACTION and their death squad on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Tried to kill PETER BIS and left him for dead in 2005 which wasn't a bad guess - PETER BIS spent thirty days in the hospital, and couldn't [can't] get police to prosecute which he claims represents continuity in the criminal enterprise.

The catch is that his work investigating drugs in Michigan for the Federal Uncover Organized Crime Task Force [or something like that - a group with no website], started before his work on the John Paul I situation. At issue may not be the origin of the Miller situation but acceleration of the spiral.

Ratzinger has a brother.

'Word on the street' from a well-placed source in Washington D.C. is that the brother is or anyway was called 'the Colonel,' and he brought prostitutes into the Vatican or arranged for them at least once back apparently in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Maybe right before John Paul II whose papacy might have been entirely averted but Ratzinger was seen as the Pope in a 'future role' rather than in a 'present role' at the time - perhaps of interest given John Paul II's evident collaboration with the Nazis during the war.

The idea is that the Germans definitely managed to assert dominance within the structure of the Vatican at least following the death of John Paul I, which perhaps adds a level of complexity to that murder and anyway definitely parallels broad 'continuity mechanisms' emergent in say the growing centralization of the European community across that era. On Ratzinger:

[from Wikipedia, CIA on the internet]
Benedict XVI was elected Pope at the age of 78. He is the oldest person to have been elected Pope since Pope Clement XII (1730–40). He had served longer as a cardinal than any Pope since Benedict XIII (1724–30). He is the ninth German Pope, the eighth having been the Dutch-German Pope Adrian VI (1522–23) from Utrecht. The last Pope named Benedict was Benedict XV, an Italian who reigned from 1914 to 1922, during World War I (1914–18).

Born in 1927 in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, Ratzinger had a distinguished career as a university theologian before being appointed Archbishop of Munich and Freising by Pope Paul VI (1963–78). Shortly afterwards, he was made a cardinal in the consistory of June 27, 1977. He was appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Pope John Paul II in 1981 and was also assigned the honorific title of the cardinal bishop of Velletri-Segni on April 5, 1993. In 1998, he was elected sub-dean of the College of Cardinals. And on November 30, 2002, he was elected dean, taking, as is customary, the title of Cardinal bishop of the suburbicarian diocese of Ostia. He was the first Dean of the College elected Pope since Paul IV (1555–59) and the first cardinal bishop elected Pope since Pius VIII (1829–30).

Even before becoming Pope, Ratzinger was one of the most influential men in the Roman Curia, and was a close associate of John Paul II. As Dean of the College of Cardinals, he presided over the funeral of John Paul II and over the Mass immediately preceding the 2005 conclave in which he was elected....

Early life (1927–1951)
Joseph Alois Ratzinger was born on 16 April, Holy Saturday, 1927 at Schulstraße 11, at 8:30 in the morning in his parents' home in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany. He was baptized the same day. He was the third and youngest child of Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., a police officer, and Maria Ratzinger (née Peintner). His mother's family was originally from South Tyrol. Pope Benedict XVI's brother, Georg Ratzinger, a priest and former director of the Regensburger Domspatzen choir, is still alive. His sister, Maria Ratzinger, who never married, managed Cardinal Ratzinger's household until her death in 1991. Their great-uncle was the German politician Georg Ratzinger.

The pope's relatives agree that his priestly vocation was apparent from boyhood. At the age of five, Ratzinger was in a group of children who welcomed the visiting Cardinal Archbishop of Munich with flowers. Struck by the Cardinal's distinctive garb, he later announced the very same day that he wanted to be a cardinal.

Following his fourteenth birthday in 1941, Ratzinger was enrolled in the Hitler Youth — membership being legally required after December 1939 — but was an unenthusiastic member and refused to attend meetings. His father was a bitter enemy of Nazism, believing it conflicted with the Catholic faith. In 1941, one of Ratzinger's cousins, a 14-year-old boy with Down syndrome, was killed by the Nazi regime in its campaign of eugenics. In 1943 while still in seminary, he was drafted at age 16 into the German anti-aircraft corps. Ratzinger then trained in the German infantry, but a subsequent illness precluded him from the usual rigours of military duty. As the Allied front drew closer to his post in 1945, he deserted back to his family's home in Traunstein after his unit had ceased to exist, just as American troops established their headquarters in the Ratzinger household. As a German soldier, he was put in a POW camp but was released a few months later at the end of the War in summer 1945. He reentered the seminary, along with his brother Georg, in November of that year.

Following repatriation in 1945, the two brothers entered Saint Michael Seminary in Traunstein, later studying at the Ducal Georgianum (Herzogliches Georgianum) of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. They were both ordained in Freising on June 29, 1951 by Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Munich. Joseph Ratzinger's dissertation (1953) was on St. Augustine and was entitled "The People and the House of God in Augustine's Doctrine of the Church". His Habilitation (which qualified him for a professorship) was on Bonaventure. It was completed in 1957 and he became a professor of Freising College in 1958 [end citation].

The source is tied to the Jesuits but evidently not beyond the Vatican. The citation doesn't say anything about what the brother might have done to earn the nickname 'Colonel' beyond directing the Regensburger Domspatzen choir and the source claimed not to know; particularly given that his brother is the Pope, it could be a real rank reflecting hidden affiliation with the military or government security agencies as we discuss below.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been trying to "humanize" herself for quite a while. During a much-hyped appearance on "Ellen" that aired yesterday, Clinton described just how big a challenge that can be. Asked by host Ellen DeGeneres what the biggest misperception was about her, Clinton chirpily replied: "You know, that I'm some kind of creature from an alien world, I suppose." The Trail, Anne E. Kornblut, Washington Post, Sep 5, 2007, pg. A.6.

The way she articulates the point is intended to disparage it, but that is exactly what PETER BIS has been alleging - and it seemingly attracted the Gambino Crime Family.

"I didn't have a sexual encounter with Bill Clinton then. My sexual exposure to Bill Clinton was extremely limited because I witnessed Bill Clinton involved in homosexual activity. I know that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more towards the homosexual end.... It was Hillary Clinton that accessed my sex programming. It was Hillary that I was sexually exposed to. It is my experience that she, too, is bisexual, leaning [ ] towards [ ] homosexual[ity]."

Government Sex Slave Cathy O'Brien
Of course controversial, after referencing her 'Michigan affiliation' which compares and contrasts to PETER BIS [she alleges extreme sexual proclivity to the point of kidnapping and rape while he alleges the opposite - isolation - but validates the deep seated 'hatred of women' observed in his Michigan Catholic Church experience], we note that O'Brien may be circumstantially validated by her 1988 transition.

...My mother's brother, Bob, had also been abused, was part of Air Force intelligence, and worked for the intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican, the Jesuits. Uncle Bob helped my father manufacture child pornography. This is not so say all Jesuits are bad or involved anymore than all CIA is. Since being deprogrammed I've learned that there's good people and bad people in most every aspect of life and the Jesuits, the Catholics are no exception. But never the less the Catholics were very much a part of my victimization. My father was caught sending child pornography through the US mails. When this happened, my uncle told him he could receive immunity from prosecution if he would agree to sell me into the ClA's "MK Ultra" mind control project. My father thought it was a great idea because he thought the government condoned child abuse. He went on to have five more children to raise in the project.

The local Michigan pornography ring was sanctioned by a criminal faction of our government. Government allowed the pornography to be distributed because they were interested in the effects of trauma on the human mind and wanted to locate children such as myself who had been sexually abused prior to the age of five. Child pornography was one means to locate us.

The local Michigan politician who protected this Mafia pornography ring was Gerald Ford -- the same Gerald Ford who became President and very much a reason why I ended up in a political realm of the MK Ultra mind control operation. When my father agreed to sell me, Gerald Ford came to our house and explained to my father how to raise me according to government specifications for mind control. He then flew my father to Boston for a 2-week course in what my father termed "reverse psychology." In essence this was neuro-linguistic programming. It was the language of the subconscious because the subconscious has no ability to reason, question, or analyze things the way that our conscious mind does. The subconscious mind takes things very literally and allows a person skilled in reverse psychology some extreme controls over another's mind.

Since the trauma I endured was so extreme, there was no way to consciously comprehend it. I had no place for it in my conscious mind so I operated on a subconscious level. Therefore my father's ability to manipulate my subconscious was extremely powerful.

Reversals and rites
I was brought up in Muskegonis St. Francis of Assisi Church; it was heavily involved in mind control and was among the criminal faction of the Jesuits that believed they could became the "one world church" in the New World Order [NWO].

The Jesuits had gained much information over the years on the effects of trauma on the human mind. They gained that information from such things as the Spanish Inquisition and what the Crusaders had done They learned how people were easily led once they've been severely traumatized and they had been keeping records of that information for many, many years. This information was merged with what the CIA had gleaned from the Hitler/Himmler research of WWII. By combining their efforts and information, mind control capabilities increased dramatically.

I was subjected to occult rituals in keeping with the "reverse psychology" programming This "reversal" of the Catholic mass into a Satanic rite had an enormous impact on me because throughout my mind control victimization, I was manipulated by those things that I held most dear. I was manipulated by my religion, by my patriotism, and after my daughter Kelly was born, by my maternal instincts.

As a child, I was right there when the CIA was merging with the Catholics. I witnessed and experienced so much and even though I didn't consciously comprehend it then, through the deprogramming process I have recorded conversations photographically that I overheard surrounding the trauma.

I was taken routinely to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Mackinaw Island is a political retreat because it is located between the US and Canadian borders. And it is where the Michigan governor's mansion is located. It was there that I was subjected to the sexual perversions of certain politicians like Gerald Ford. I'm not saying Gerald Ford is a pedophile, a person who just rapes children. Instead, Gerald Ford is what I refer to as "tri-sexual"--he'll "try" anything with anybody, any age, any time, any where, it doesn't matter to him, as long as he can be in control. He had a perversion for power.

It was in Mackinaw Island that I first met then-Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, a professed Jesuit. Through conversations that I overheard between him and Governor Romney, I learned how the CIA and the Catholics were merging their information for New World Order controls.

Michigan's Governor George Romney was very much interested in implementing mind control of the masses. He wanted to bring the Satanic rituals of child abuse that were proliferating in the Catholic Church into the Mormon church. He wanted a robotic society growing up within the Mormon church so that they would give more money to the New World Order effort.

Governor Romney was also interested in an early version of the Global Education 2000 Program (Outcome-Based Education) that's infiltrated our school system It was designed to increase our children's learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze. As a result, the Michigan education system ranked first in the nation for many years but the devastation to the children was horrible.

As a very young child, I was also sexually abused by Michigan State Senator later US Congressman, Guy VanderJagt. This is the same US congressman who headed the Republican National Committee that put George Bush into the office of President. VanderJagt was more of a typical pedophile; he sexually abused me until I started developing a little bit and then I was too old for him.

When I made my first communion in 1966, I was subjected to what they termed the "rite to remain silent". That's r-i-t-e as in "ritual" - not r-i-g-h-t. The head of our Catholic Church, Father Don, and US Congressman VanderJagt were present and very much a part of the blood trauma ritual that followed my first communion.

[Note: In her book Ms. O 'Brien alleges she was completely bathed in the blood of a slaughtered lamb and later sexually abused. ]

This blood trauma was so horrific they got their desired results. It just blew my mind. There was no way for me to deal with what had happened. Using hypnotic language, using the language of the subconscious, they manipulated my subconscious mind to the extent that I lost all control. For example, the part of me that opened up to deal with my father's sexual abuse, no longer could, when a sexual abuse occurred. Instead a series of codes, keys and triggers had replaced the original triggering mechanism--that compartment within my brain only opened through hand signals or their codes. keys and triggers.

It was also at this "rite to remain silent" that I lost my ability to make decisions for myself. Because up until that time, if I had a decision to make, I would pull it from all those different compartments to my brain so that I could make the best decision possible. I heard voices in my head, but it was my own voice arguing back and forth so I could properly make the decision. But after the "rite to remain silent", I no longer heard my own voice arguing in my head. I could only hear the voices of my abusers instructing me to do exactly what they wanted me to do...

George W. Bush and 'il cornuti' or the Devil's hand whether or not it is also the salute for the University of Texas.

The idea is that we need to 'break the chain,' and Prince William may be a logical place to start though of course he can and probably will claim that he didn't know what it really meant or understand the degree to which it is taken seriously and that other people were doing it first anyway - neither point being a particularly good point for a King.

The PETER BIS diagram showing where the two cops who almost died in Athens were standing relative to the administrators when they called the Capitol Police Mobile Command Center Bus either a 'mobile whore house' or a 'whore house on wheels' [per BIS].

As PETER BIS walked up to the group, one of the officers said to the unidentified male standing with them - referring to the male and female administrators in front of the Capitol Police Building - "They tried to set us up."
The Mobile Command Center Bus drove by, PETER BIS said something about the movie Stripes, and one of the officers called the Bus a 'mobile whore house.'

CIA executive Richard Welch was hit by the CIA as part of a disinformation scenario in Athens when John Negroponte was over there circa mid1970s; Negroponte probably didn't shoot Welch on the lawn but he might have triggered the gunmen by calling from the Christmas party.

Were people getting laid in the Mobile Command Center Bus, either in the parking lot or when it was all set up down by the Rayburn House Office Building?

CLOVERLEAF is allegedly the designator for the aerial spraying program begun in the 1990s under CIA executive Hillary Rodham and her husband; at one time it was thought to be intended to mitigate ozone depletion but the truth has been uncovered.

No single picture is of key importance insofar as a quick web search brings up dozens [try "chemtrail" in a search engine]; the above is from Wikipedia, CIA on the internet, so we understand this particular one may be disinformation or innocently explained. Over Washington D.C. the trails are generally slightly wider apart [maybe discharging from the trailing wing edges as opposed to refueling booms at the tail], and occasionally there are 'gaps' in the chemtrail which tend to be uniform, suggesting that happens when tanks run dry or the pumps are shifted to a different tank assuming they have to pump evenly in keeping the airplane balanced.

Two different chemical characteristics have been observed; long cohesive trails and short 'boiling' discharge which disappears in the immediate wake of the airplane. One is associated with 'scratchy throat' and the other with 'burning mouth and tongue.'

In May there is an air show at Andrews Air Force Base, and flight crews from Dover and McGuire have denied participating in the activity [may their friends die horrible deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan and their children suffer birth defects if they lie].

NOW - August/September 2007. A source has come forward - Charlotte Robinson, who is being chased by Clinton associated domestic surveillance mechanisms [Hillary Rodham Clinton as a private person organizing surveillance mechanisms that interface with government agencies but shield them from liability and Freedom Of Information Act requirements] - alleging the FBI has been put in charge of poisoning the food supply. Literally putting poison in all beverages and foodstuffs, actually turning over inventory to insure distribution is uniform in the given area[s] which Robinson claims has progressed city-by-city across the United States.

In some instances, the level of contamination has been marked by dots on the bottoms of cans; dots on the shelf tags in grocery stores may reflect inventory turnover but are also of interest.

All we know for sure is that the aerial spraying has stopped [05 - 08 Sep 2007], and here in Washington D.C. there have been, of late, multiple opportunities to donate blood. Viewed from the alternate perspective, there has been an ongoing opportunity for 'the authorities' - Hillary Rodham Clinton CIA and her gang - to quantify the induced chemical contamination of blood supply in the Capital region almost 'real time' or on an ongoing basis.

A guess is that the big push is to get everyone - or everyone apart from the 'ruling elite' who may be driving to Delaware for their groceries and bottled water - contaminated to a certain baseline or blood level, after which the effort will shift to maintenance and sustainability.

What swine they are! How childish [or not - how slick and professional they are! You want to donate money to her and be on that team!].
The top Democrats are going to let her get away with this?!? It is disparaging to our God, our country, and our history as a people supposedly free of manipulation and racketeering or anyway prosecuting it when we can catch it, as Howard Dean fights furiously to keep the beginning of the primary season locked on Iowa and New Hampshire. Howard, end the fight. Iowa isn't a tradition worth keeping insofar as they only turn out a couple hundred thousand voters - it isn't like everybody in Iowa even wants it there or participates in it which is relative honesty; the majority of the adults in Iowa admit we're being scammed and don't want to associate themselves with it or make it worse by giving it their stamp of approval.

Conceptually UNRELATED but of great interest.
D.C. Officials Investigate Sex Charges, Fire Chief Asks Police to Check Out Reports of Employee Prostitution Ring, Elissa Silverman, Washington Post, Sep 01 2007 but only after the Washington Times broke the story.

Sex and shootings probed in Fire Department, The Examiner, weekend edition Sep 01 and 02 2007. Scott McCabe, page 4, on "accusations of a prostitution ring run out of D.C. firehouses.... paramedics or firefighters were performing sexual acts for money..." [Post says "exchanging sex for money or other benefits"].

Some weeks previous - now a couple of months ago - PETER BIS walked up to two female officers of the Capitol Police Department here in Washington D.C., Pam and Sophie. They were standing by their car which was parked across the street from the headquarters of the Capital Police, talking to an unidentified man in civilian clothes. As PETER BIS came up to them, he heard either Pam or Sophie say "They tried to set us up," referring to high ranking civilian administrators [male and female] of the Capital Police who was standing out in front of the building near the door.

The Capital Police 'Mobile Command Center,' which is really a big bus, drove by, overtaking PETER BIS and driving passed the women.

PETER BIS said 'Hey - that's like Stripes,' talking about the bus and referring to a Bill Murray movie from the 1980s which also had a command vehicle.

Pam and Sophie looked at each other, and speaking to one another one of them associated prostitution with the Capital Police Mobile Command Center bus.
'There's their whore house on wheels' or 'No, that's the mobile whore house' or anyway words to that effect. PETER BIS heard it or anyway alleges he heard Pam and Sophie speak of prostitution and the Capital Police bus.
PETER BIS also says the high ranking civilian administrator of the Capital Police who was standing in front of the Capital Police Headquarters building with the unidentified woman also heard Pam and Sophie.

After that Pam and Sophie went to Greece, rented a car, and nearly died in a terrible car accident.

PETER BIS reports Pam is just back to work, but Sophie is still out and in pretty bad shape.

Is it possible for Hillary Rodham Clinton CIA and that clique to arrange that kind of thing, or to make friends die in Iraq, or give children 'birth defects'?
Is it possible - in a word, yes.
Are they poisoning little boys with mercury to see if they can significantly achieve the longevity associated with ancient Chinese medical practices?
One car accident in Greece is almost trivial by their standards, but as our blood is being contaminated - as we're being poisoned - here's hoping Pam and Sophie recover completely and get well soon.

PETER BIS claims to be targeted by the Gambino crime family, that they're linked to the Clintons, and that they - the Clinton-Gambino interface - have significant ties to what conceptually should be the 'law enforcement community.' What is really at the bottom of all that? We killed about 1,200 of our own guys probably at Fort Benning one winter in the 1990s. Wrapped the bodies in plastic and laid them out on a road. Why? Well it turns out Bill Clinton ate them.

He didn't eat them all, but the element of truth is strong in the picture. William Jefferson Blythe changed his name to 'Clinton' at age fourteen, which would have been around the time he entered DeMolay. Neither Clinton or George H.W. Bush is 'known' to have gone on in Masonry,

as opposed to being overt in their affiliation as Harry Truman and Gerald Ford both were, Truman utilizing it in campaign and Ford apparently as a way of showing collaboration in CIA activities [of the three 'Blue Lodge' degrees, Ford only got one in Michigan, perhaps in Grand Rapids, perhaps in the building where PETER BIS subsequently went to law school, and took the second two in Washington D.C. though he sought to claim the Michigan affiliation],

but multiple semi-official reports link George H.W. Bush to advanced degree programs in the Scottish Rite.

Reports on Bill Clinton's Masonic affiliation originate in the New York Temple and apparently have been timed to support the larger allegation; in actual fact Hillary Clinton's affiliation may be stronger if not for a longer duration [tracking to somewhat later in the 1960s] and may have been a factor in her decision to focus on New York after her husband left the White House.
Women and specifically Hillary Clinton were or are the 'Unknown Templar' which almost certainly equates to a degree or level Hillary reached, that might have been in the early 1980s, and she is known to have continued in West African voodoo which may or may not have been preclusionary to pursuing other avenues in Masonry.
That appears to have been a decision she made and not a habit she fell into. She spoke of her own political ambitions for 'high office' as early as 1982 in Cannes or southern France.

Why the New York Temple as opposed to Arkansas or Illinois isn't clear, but there is a broad allegation of recruiting and grooming being undertaken by the New York Temple in the time period [with the group being designated as the 'up and comers'].

Someone who cuts up human bodies professionally rather than hacking at them is a diener, from the German word for 'servant.' An interesting footnote; while 'Blythe' may be Scottish, our source strongly suggests Bill Clinton has ties to Germanic blood lines with comments about Hitler refusing to do a second Holocaust whether or not he really said 'You'll have to get your food from somewhere else' or words to that effect.

In office, the Clintons very overtly went down to the Carolinas for a three day 'renaissance weekend' of 'big thinking' during the holidays, and it is interesting to speculate that somehow figured into cutting up the bodies of the 1,200 dead men apparently from Benning. Definitely CIA orchestrated, it is also very possible the story about the crematorium in Georgia that didn't burn the bodies but 'threw them in the woods out back' somehow figures into the larger scenario, perhaps as a disinformation effort.

Body parts on a rack under a lamp apparently in a basement were shown in an image sequence that might have somehow tied to Skull & Bones, with both Clinton and Geo. H.W. Bush being Yale graduates.

Body Brokers: Inside America's Underground Trade in Human Remains, Annie Cheney, Broadway Books 2006 scratches the surface of the trafficking but is a good initial reference.

Shown at the funeral of the impostor John Paul II who only claimed the papacy after the murder of John Paul I, there has been a significant amount of continuity in the Bush and Clinton regimes or Bush Clinton Bush [Clinton] braided chain.

Cutting up bodies doesn't necessarily mean eating them, but supposedly in Bill Clinton's case it does. The source is firm in that and characterizes it merely as a nasty habit as opposed to an addiction or physical need, though there almost certainly is some enhancement associated with it. The subject of a considerable amount of research and study in the 1980s and 1990s largely by social workers who were willing to 'buck the system' and challenge the blanket denials of the supporting law enforcement and media structures, some common patterns in satanic ritual have been documented. Initially treat the victim - usually a young child - very well, and then abruptly shift and terrify it for a period of time before sacrificing it. We do not have a specific instance in which Bill Clinton is alleged to have participated in the circumstances surrounding the death, 'killing with his own hands' ['killing the beast' in innocent children ranging from infancy to five years of age] but that is in the picture.

The source is not infallible, failing to realize Elvis Presley had been doubled and replaced apparently in 1970 for example, and we don't put some of the more general allegations here - about Hillary Clinton having been 'programmed' in the 1970s or Richard Nixon linking to Mattice out of New Orleans which is suppose to be a big deal. Just understand the circumstantial case for Bill Clinton himself having been in on cutting up the bodies of the 1,200 guys is actually very strong.

New and different: Charlotte Robinson worked at Collins Locke Lasater in Little Rock in the early 1980s after briefly working at Wallace, Hillburn, Clayton, Calhoun, Forrester. She is on the street in Washington D.C. 2007, claiming - perhaps with circumstantial supporting indicators - they've been chasing her apparently since the early 1980s which has come to include utilization of various constituent communities as surveillance and threat mechanisms associated with government capabilities. In his landmark work which focused on Jewish involvement, Bryan Adrian showed that 'the blacklist' is run at the NSA perhaps related to their computer capability, with street deployments undertaken by the CIA.

Initially viewed along those same lines, Charlotte Robinson shares some common ground with important differences.

Water - including conceptually 'bottled' water - and food is being poisoned.
Significant indicators including people identifying themselves to others though not to Robinson - lead Robinson to claim the FBI is doing it.
For whatever reason, perhaps related to surveillance or credibility, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and not the CIA or Food & Drug Administration [FDA] is poisoning the food and water [water leading to a two hour 'tongue burn' on 05 Sep 2007 documented independent of Robinson].
It may be undertaken in broadly mitigating plaque build up on arterial walls or ostensibly for some other reason, but it is wrong - in violation of the Title 50 USC prohibition on medical testing for example, which might also explain the involvement of the FBI insofar as the CIA is specifically prohibited from doing it - and obviously the government should announce what's going on. Robinson claims the activity to be entirely invidious.

Whitewater - the missing background. David Collins was the owner, with former Senator George Locke and Dan Lasater as solid partners. A woman named Patsy Thomason was dating George Locke. When David Collins got sick he had to travel, and they made him give his proxies to Patsy Thomason. They then voted Collins out of his own companies, and wanted to make Patsy Thomason president. The government/municipal bond traders wouldn't work for her though so that didn't fly, but it got her in the door and worked into Whitewater which became the famous scandal though she successfully ducked it and went on to work in the Clinton White House.

From, outlining Thomason's actions relative to the death of Vince Foster: ....Witnesses also saw Bernard Nussbaum in Foster’s office as well. Three witnesses noted that Patsy Thomason, director of the White House’s Office of Administration, was desperate to find the combination to Vincent Foster’s safe. Ms. Thomason finally opened the safe, apparently with the help of a special "MIG" technical team signed into the White House in the late hours. Two envelopes reported to be in the safe by Foster’s secretary Deborah Gorham, addressed to Janet Reno and to William Kennedy III, were never seen again. When asked the next day regarding rumors of the safe opening, Mack McLarty told reporters Foster’s office did not even have a safe, a claim immediately shot down by former occupants of that office....

Presumably to be brought back should Hillary Clinton again gain the White House. The really interesting thing is that voting Collins out of his own companies actually sounds like a CIA device, and may tie to Hillary Clinton's work as a CIA funding mechanism.

Robinson is entirely innocent in the scenario. Chasing her across the years does reflect the capability of the Clintons to utilize the resources, but more interesting from our perspective, is that the pursuit almost suggests a need to command the resources.
Hillary Clinton - and not Patsy Thomason - appears to be utilizing Charlotte Robinson as a unification device in lining up and extending domestic CIA and other agencies effectivity.

William Jefferson Blythe, born on August 19, 1946 and educated at Oxford, was the forty-second President of the United States, serving from 1993 to 2001. Before his presidency, [Blythe]Clinton served nearly twelve years as the 50th and 52nd Governor of Arkansas. He was the third-youngest person to serve as president, behind Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and is known as the first baby boomer president. [Blythe] Clinton is considered to have served during the American transition from the political order of the Cold War...
[Wikipedia, CIA on the internet]

Mikhail Suslov was the Grand Inquisitor of the Communist Party in Moscow for the Council on Foreign Relations. Born in 1902, he placed Khrushchev and Brezhnev in the Kremlin after taking down Stalin, and Yuri Andropov in the KGB before placing him in the Kremlin after Brezhnev. Suslov even mentored Gorbachev and was in general a 'Richard Helms-type guy,' critical in orchestrating power plays in the old Soviet Union. At issue is whether 'the quest for situational dominance' and 'repression capability' emblematic of the Cold War ever really ended, or if the battlefield simply changed with people now speaking in euphemisms as they betray the United States and lead the American people into subservience.

They may genuinely believe they betray the United States for a 'higher calling,' but that is not what our democracy was founded on. The jury is still very much out; in fact it is possible Suslov ultimately won.

Multiple sources tell PETER BIS the plan is to put in William Blythe as Secretary General of the United Nations with Hillary Rodham in the White House.

Multiple sources independent of each other. Can they be readily quantified - are they good sources proven reliable in the past[?]. One definitely is. The other[s] may be less certain. In general PETER BIS only gets information that is orchestrated one way or another - essentially he has one good source on the point and other people in the agencies are also pushing the information forward.

Blythe didn't take his stepfather's name until he was fourteen years old and almost ready to apply to college; Rodham didn't take her married name until completing initial assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency including at WalMart and in running a CIA funding mechanism in Little Rock.

Born in 1946, he was fourteen years old in 1960. Citing to Wikipedia, CIA on the internet in trying to shed light on the Agency affiliation:
[After returning to Arkansas], [a] year later, in 1974, he ran for the House of Representatives. The incumbent, John Paul Hammerschmidt, defeated Clinton with 52% of the vote. In 1976, Clinton was elected Attorney General of Arkansas without opposition in the general election.
In 1978, Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas for the first time; at 32, he was the youngest governor in the country [which definitely sounds CIA]. He worked on educational reform and the infrastructure of Arkansas's roads, but his first term also was fraught with difficulties, including an unpopular motor vehicle tax and citizens' anger over the escape of Cuban refugees (from the Mariel boatlift) detained in Fort Chaffee in 1980 [again, probably CIA].
...[Defeated that year][I]n 1982, Clinton reclaimed his old job as governor and kept it for another 10 years....

From the same time period:

Double click on the image for the surprise text-reading of your life.

Interesting - beyond Clinton - is that the citation may open the door to a vampire scenario [with say Condi Rice] in the 'clean blood' issue. Don't vampires fear AIDS or HIV infection; no - apparently not. Incredibly rare, "porphyria" is the disease of vampires. "Porphyrins combined with iron form hemes in the blood. Heme is what makes blood red... Imbalance can cause..." gastrological problems, neurological problems, skin pigment problems and a host of other ailments [ which is one of many sites specializing in the topic].
Somehow the CIA apparently figured out how to capture an immunity characteristic which of course they apply in rape scenarios rather than making public for the general good, but that is fairly typical. They want to withhold and then afterwards get the government pension which would strike you as counterintuitive but the federal courts let them get away with it.

Anyway, could the immediate scenario referring to Clinton and Cathy O'Brien possibly be true; in a word - 'YES.'
Barry Seal [Adler Berriman Seal; July 16, 1939–February 19, 1986] was a covert drug hauler for the United States government, with supporting documentation in the John Roberts's files from when he [Roberts] was an attorney in the White House - ending shortly after he [Roberts] arranged for Poindexter and Oliver North to lie in responding to queries at least from Senator Leahy and then-Representative Dick Durbin which started IRAN CONTRA. The Roberts files do not formally indict the Clintons , but combined with significant circumstantial evidence ['forged' rather than 'machined' weapons parts manufactured by or at least for Iver Johnson in Arkansas supporting Terry Reed's allegations in Compromised, for example] a compelling case can be made.

Cathy O'Brien was born on 04 Dec 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan [more-or-less north of Kalamazoo], and in many respects her story parallels elements of the activity sequence targeting PETER BIS. They are not identical cases but both outline the corruption of family structures; while O'Brien complains of hugely invidious sex [rape], PETER BIS notes the opposite - isolation.

However reluctantly, PETER BIS currently represents a reform effort in Washington D.C. It is important to note the O'Brien 'sex slave' situation was immediately ended in 1988 though never addressed in a larger context. Perhaps related, in 1988 Dan Quayle was brought forward as George H.W. Bush's surprise choice for a running mate. Though Quayle was himself significantly associated with 'womanizing' [at least by reputation], something at that point triggered a shift which ended the homosexual rape/satanic child molesting then being undertaken at the top of government.

O'Brien says her daughter - born in 1980 and in 2007 now presumably twenty seven years old - is 'still being held' by the State of Tennessee, but she is not clear about whether the girl is actively prevented from departing or is merely 'unused to freedom' and suffers internal inhibition with possible verbal [and/or financial] reinforcement. The implication is that O'Brien was freed as one aspect of the shift in 1988 but they held some hostages.

George W. Bush, President of the United States, persisting in his claim the world is flat and disparaging so-called 'round worlders' [of the alleged 'round world' conspiracy]. PETER BIS with new information on a Chinese missile system capable of penetrating eighteen inches of steel clean, and a look at a previous issue raised by an agency source or relay mechanism which in the past has proven reliable. First the latter in case you missed it in the Washington Times.

Bush denies superstate rumors, Jon Ward, Washington Times, August 22, 2007 page A1.
President Bush, along with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (center) and Mexican President Felipe Calderon yesterday in Montebello, Quebec, denied they were planning a regional alliance similar to the European Union. Mr. Bush described rumors of a North American Union as "political scare tactics."

MONTEBELLO, Quebec — President Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico yesterday ridiculed the notion that their countries are conspiring to create a regional supergovernment similar to the European Union.

"I'm amused by the difference between what actually takes place in the meetings and by what some are trying to say takes place," said Mr. Bush, responding to concerns raised by conservative and liberal groups and some U.S. lawmakers. "It's quite comical actually, to realize the difference between reality and what some people on TV are talking about."

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper joked that a superhighway rumored to be in the works linking the three countries could also be "interplanetary."

The two leaders and Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke at a press conference here in a countryside resort, halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, to cap two days of meetings.
Mr. Bush said it is important for the U.S. to work with Canada and Mexico on facilitating trade while securing their borders, under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), a series of negotiations started in 2005.

Mr. Bush said the charges of a plot to form a North American Union were "political scare tactics."
"You lay out a conspiracy and then force some people to try to prove it doesn't exist. That's just the way some people operate," Mr. Bush said.

...Mr. Calderon said there were "myths" about the SPP, and joked, "I'll be happy with one foot in Mexicali and one in Tijuana."

The rumors of an EU-style plot, which started out on obscure Web sites and talk radio, have since been picked up by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and have now gained traction among some of the House Republicans who successfully derailed Mr. Bush's immigration-reform plan.
A group of 21 Republican congressmen and one Democrat — Rep. Nancy Boyda of Kansas — sent Mr. Bush a letter earlier this month expressing "serious and growing concerns" about the SPP.
White House officials say the SPP is meant to build on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which they say has generated $884 billion in trade among the United States, Mexico and Canada over the past 12 years, while boosting the security of cross-border trade.
But the idea of a plot has gained currency, and the recent fight over immigration policy has only made things worse by aggravating fears about cross-border cooperation with Mexico.

Mr. Bush also spoke [ ] about Iraq, saying that if the Iraqi government [of] Nouri al-Maliki does not make progress on passing key laws, then the people of Iraq will elect different leaders.

...Mr. Bush and Mr. Harper also [ ] discussed Canada's displeasure with U.S. requirements that Canadians must show a passport when coming to the U.S. [recalling the 'Of USA' on gravestones in the Canadian sections of the British war cemeteries],

and disagreement over Canada's claim of sovereignty over the Northwest Passage.
...Mr. Bush thanked Canada for its commitment of 2,500 troops to Afghanistan... and [with] Mr. Calderon discussed an aid package from the U.S. to help Mexico fight drug trafficking...
Mr. Bush also said the U.S. is ready to help [in] dealing with the effects of Hurricane Dean, which hit the Yucatan Peninsula yesterday.
[End citation].

PETER BIS objects to corruption and - no secret - would leave the United States for Europe or the High Seas; at issue in the 'North American Union' is the backhanded way in which it is being brought about which will permanently taint the outcome. This website goes on to explore Jeniffer Granholm's possible CIA affiliation; she cannot cry about the loss of manufacturing in Michigan with a tie like she apparently has to the Agency.

Chinese missile capable of punching through eighteen inches of steel - and the Justice Department is worried about it. The implication is that its portable and somehow close enough to us to be a threat [presumably smuggled?]. Where are they on the spectrum of immediate-ness: already have one/anticipate one/hear of one/conceptualize the possibility [?]. No idea. They do have a name for the missile or more literally the Chinese name and an American designator which BIS wasn't able to get - that source [who is in the Justice Department] met with him on the street.

Of course PETER BIS doesn't want to burn his sources [he does lie to protect them], and that sometimes leads to speculation about who is telling him what.

Source check. PETER BIS moves in weird circles, and hears a lot which is typically difficult to verify. This tip, however, may 'come from' a VERY well placed informer. One of the TOP informers - if not THE top informer in Washington D.C.

Use your imagination.

In 1921 Churchill held a conference in Cairo dividing up the Middle East in an effort to preserve British influence across the interwar period. Allen Dulles delivered a scheme to cook The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a forgery which it may or may not be via a Times reporter in Constantinople [it wasn't called Istanbul until later]. Dulles delivered and the story ran, at some point in the sequence the owner of the Times got taken down hard apparently for resisting, and - the inside information express to PETER BIS - 1921 was the last year the silver dollar had six point stars. True. PETER BIS got a demonstration with real coins - we can only show a picture here.

PETER BIS is of Jewish heritage and is used as an interagency communication mechanism; which agencies - and departments - keeps getting interestinger and interestinger.

Wikipedia, CIA on the internet citing to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
These newspapers, like the Indian god Vishnu, will be possessed of hundreds of hands, each of which will be feeling the pulse of varying public opinion. (Protocols, p. 43)
Our Government will resemble the Hindu god Vishnu. Each of our hundred hands will hold one spring of the social machinery of State. (Protocols, p. 65)

PETER BIS on polydactyl patrol; watching for multi-legged creatures in anticipation of possible links between cell formation, genetic structure or biology and religious tradition.
Perhaps more frequent in some areas or at some points in history than in others which in turn presumably feeds the religious tradition. If you think its difficult to get people to seriously ponder mutation, just wait until you try to objectively discuss caste and social hierarchy.

Hillary Clinton is a lizard - PETER BIS spotted the photo from August 4 in the paper August 7. Simply put, Clinton in Chicago was exhibiting a 'lizard designator' as John Roberts in Maine was having his 'brain seizure,' both related to Congress meeting with the 'humanoid-lizard figure' as they apparently do every year at the start of their summer recess.

Widely discussed on the web, what brought up the 'Clinton-Lizard' issue here?

Use of 'doubles' or impostors. Clinton has at least two, and they have campaigned for her and are allowed to speak on the floor of the Senate. How can that be? How can that be allowed to happen? Read on.

Is this really Di?

Does this book feature photographs of Di; none, some or all?

PETER BIS looks at that ear and suggests further inquiry is warranted.

End of the day - we can't be sure.

PETER BIS makes a bust on probable 'use of a double' in a Lady Di shot hanging in the National Portrait Gallery, London - now on display in the National Portrait Gallery [Washington], where Curator of Photographs Ann Shumard apparently diminishes the difference or disparages the argument: are you really entitled to see the individual the photo is suppose to be of, or is a good photo of a representative figure 'cause enough for celebration'[?].

In other 'double' situations [Elvis as a prime example], mixing pictures of the double[s] into the released or 'official' photo sequence apparently began prior to the death of the original, serving to blur the distinctions. Some are, some may not be, and some probably are not. Photographer shows up and what the he** [heck]; he's where he's suppose to be - in a palace - and a princess comes out; he probably did not ask to see ID and even if he did a guess is that you can cop a phony ID easier than swapping out the real princess anyway. Who might have been in on it or knowledgeable of it however unwillingly. Testino may be honest to the best of his ability. Unless, of course, he knowingly isn't, and took the photo assignment in deliberate fraud.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet: Mario Testino (born 1954) is a London-based fashion photographer.
Mario Testino was born in Lima, Peru to an Italian Peruvian father and an Irish Peruvian mother. He was a pupil at the American School of Lima. He subsequently studied economics at the Universidad del Pacifico, law at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and international relations at the University of San Diego, California (USA)[CIA just moved a bunch of 'international relations' majors into a covert employment status with the mock shooting at Virginia Tech, which obviously doesn't preclude the possibility Mr. Testino has similar ties to the Agency].

In 1976, Testino moved to London, England, (taking a flat within an abandoned hospital near Trafalgar Square), where he trained in photography. His career in fashion had humble beginnings selling portfolios to wannabe models for £25.00 including hair and make-up.
Today, he is highly successful and internationally famous for his bold and imaginative ad campaigns and fashion imagery.
He has remained based in London, but travels much to undertake fashion shoots for magazines like Vogue, V, and Vanity Fair. He has photographed many well-known celebrities and models. These include....[Lady Di, end citation].

PETER BIS says Di had connected earlobes and the woman Testino photographed does not.

Known in London with ties to the agencies, did PETER BIS essentially kill this man? What makes us think so? How alien vanity went from being a pain in the *** to being a national security menace.

PETER JOSEPH BIS, the fine line between assuming the presidency of the United States and being arrested for vagrancy.

Uranium is a very stable element with incredible half life in the thousands of years. If you do not have enough uranium to make the warhead you want - or literally to create an explosion with the characteristics you want - it is possible to 'jack the yield' with other elements including polonium. Polonium, however, is not as stable as uranium. If we want to keep the warheads of our neutron bombs viable - and it appears we do - we'll have to take them back into the shop, or have the Russians take them back into the shop for us. Throwing up a smoke screen of anti-American hatred and lies [which may be deeply felt but none-the-less it is a smoke screen], that appears to be what Bush and Putin have agreed to do.

As that scenario was being developed in response to Jewish racketeering at the alien interface in the late 1970s and early 1980s [about as long as the warheads are stable without reconfiguration], PETER BIS was dating Princess Di in Kalamazoo.

Too bad about the guy dying - if he really did - on international television.

Polonium-210 production [Wikipedia, CIA on the internet]. Most of the world's polonium-210 (210Po) is produced in Russia in Chernobyl-type RBMK reactors. About 100 grams (450,000 Ci) are produced by Russia annually. According to a claim by Sergei Kiriyenko, the head of Russia's state atomic energy agency, RosAtom, all of it goes to U.S. companies through a single authorized supplier.
Polonium-210 is a synthetic element that has a half-life of 138 days as it gradually transforms into lead. This means that after four months approximately half the polonium has been transformed, and it drops to about one eighth of its original potency a year after it was first produced. It is thus virtually impossible that the polonium came from a pre-1991 Soviet-era source, and it is unlikely to have been in storage for more than a year.

Commercial products containing polonium
No credible nuclear authority has asserted that a commercial product is a likely source for the poisoning of Litvinenko. However, potentially lethal amounts of polonium are present in anti-static brushes sold to photographers. Many of the devices are available by mail order. General Electric markets a static eliminator module with 500 microcuries (20 MBq), roughly 2.5 times the lethal dose of 210Po if 100%-ingested, for US$71. If these were used to collect the amount of polonium likely used in the poisoning—and one could devise a method of separating the polonium from its protective casing—it would take 100 modules for US$7100. That such a thing could be done is extremely difficult according to the manufacturers and would be highly dangerous to anyone attempting to do so.

Tiny amounts of such radioisotopes are sometimes used in the laboratory and for teaching purposes — typically of the order of 4–40 kBq (0.1–1.0 μCi), in the form of sealed sources, with the Po deposited on a substrate or in a resin or polymer matrix—are often exempt from licencing by NRC and similar authorities as they are not considered hazardous. Small amounts of 210Po are available to the public in the United States by mail order from a company called United Nuclear as 'needle sources' for laboratory experimentation. It would require about 15,000 210Po of these sources at a total cost of about $1 million to obtain a toxic quantity of Polonium. They typically sell between 4 and 8 sources per year.

According to some estimates,[ ], the cost of the quantity of pure Polonium-210 used to kill Litvinenko would be around £20 million (US$ 39 million), which would make it the most expensive murder in history [doubtful - that is probably CIA disinformation]. However, this estimation seems to be based on retail prices of commercially available demonstration radiation sources.

Speculation on why Polonium-210 was chosen [these points are interesting in light of the CIA involvement in Wikipedia]
Filmmaker and friend of Litvinenko, Andrei Nekrasov, has suggested that the poison was "sadistically designed to trigger a slow, tortuous and spectacular demise". Russian expert Paul Joyal suggested that “A message has been communicated to anyone who wants to speak out against the Kremlin. (...) If you do, no matter who you are, where you are, we will find you, and we will silence you, in the most horrible way possible”.

Oleg Gordievsky, the most senior KGB agent ever to defect to Britain, said they wanted to "demonstrate something new". Another suggestion by Gordievsky, is that the poisoners were unaware that technology existed to detect traces left by polonium-210: "Did you know that polonium-210 leaves traces? I didn’t. And no one did. (...) what they didn’t know [BULL****] was that this equipment, this technology exists in the West – they didn’t know that, and that was where they miscalculated" [WRONG. They DID know that, and that is exactly why they did it]. Philip Walker, professor of physics at the University of Surrey made a similar comment: "This seems to have been a substance carefully chosen for its ability to be hard to detect in a person who has ingested it."

Another reason for choosing polonium-210 may have been to suggest the likely involvement of the Russian government, to prevent its further convergence to the West. The theory was voiced by prominent writer and journalist Yulia Latynina, who works for Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper that normally tends to be very critical about Russian governmental policies [end citation].

So that is Part A, circumstantial in line with the explosion of a neutron weapon in the Southern Indian Ocean on September 22 1979, the seizing of the Embassy in Iran, and the Iraqi invasion of Iran on September 22 1980.

Hillary Clinton has a double - in fact at least two of them. You don't know if this is one or not - the photograph was taken in Sweden, suspecting that use of the doubles is much more structured than you might casually think it would be.

Human interaction lends itself to consistency - send the same double next time as last time.

Chinese jacket at the Convention in 2004; not to go too far on the previous theme, there probably are visual keys to the doubles, an element of which may be personal preference. In her first campaign for the Senate, the joke was that Clinton always wore black pants suits. As more people have been brought into the circle [the coven, the group, the clique, or the conspiracy, whichever way you look at it], however, it stands to reason they'd use visual indicators as a mechanism for communication and adhesion or unification.

Clinton apparently untucked her blouse and 'adjusted' herself behind the podium at one event which brought cheers from the crowd; earthy and chic at the same time [think of the female soccer player tearing her shirt off], that would be something the CIA might do to slyly assert situational dominance. You're blatant - out in public - but there is deniability in the hidden subtext. Common street whore as the Virgin Mary.

Is Obama aware of it? Almost certainly. At these close quarters? Assuming he has seen the real Hillary Clinton in the past and occasionally sees her in the Senate, how could he NOT be aware of it?

The Washington Post enjoys publishing photographs of Hillary Clinton in her 'waif' look, sucking in her top lip - but it blatantly is not her, which the Post enjoys in asserting situational dominance.

In fact, the whole damn campaign is rotten in it.

Why would you ever support John Edwards, man who took a reasonable fortune off Murdoch before turning around and scant moments later breathlessly demonizing him in horror for buying The Wall Street Journal?

Edwards isn't a lizard.

Clinton is a lizard, and Obama knows it.

Having taken about a year and a half or two years to blow through $500,000 dollars of his own money on spur of the moment vacations to Europe and Egypt, PETER BIS was down on his luck and driving taxi in Kalamazoo late 1990s. One day a guy gets in the back seat and offers him the New York Senate slot as a precursor to the presidency. PETER BIS didn't take it. Opening the door to the lizard invasion of our government and destruction of our way of life as we'd known it.

Yes - it is true. Hillary Clinton has two doubles and everybody in the Senate knows it. The doubles are even allowed to speak on the floor of the Senate - that's the good news. The doubles are the CIA effort trying to mitigate the 'lizard supremacy.'

Did the guy really offer PETER BIS the presidency or anyway the New York Senate seat with promotion opportunities? Other websites suggest Clinton is a lizard. Many other websites. A guess is that the offer to BIS was one part of a larger effort to mitigate the situation, but given Clinton certainly has doubles which are being blatantly deployed it is possible if not likely BIS is credible in it.

PETER BIS - and the Michigan 'alien life form' bust. The guy shown by the truck may or may not be innocent; the truck graphic as seen on the street in Washington D.C. is what caught PETER BIS.

Are mushrooms a sentient life form? Were they brought in on an asteroid or comet several thousand years ago?
Question: If aliens kidnap children from Earth, and you dig up mushrooms in your yard, what's the difference?
Answer: The children are trickier to clean and cook.
In reality of course the answer is that they knew your kid was at least conceptually a sentient life form and you did not know the mushroom was; beyond that the kid is suppose to help clean the yard while the mushroom was never suppose to help clean the kid - do not let aliens surprise you and push you around by stacking arguments in advance.

PETER BIS does reference head hunting and cannibalism [keep reading], but in general he doesn't practice it per se; just that he has some unusual insights. Now a sprawling life form in Michigan near the triangulation zone [the old 'Air America Triangle' and 'Lake Superior Triangle' - areas showing patterns of activity BIS can see without being able to fully quantify. He doesn't know exactly why those areas are prone to the activity but only says they are]. Anyway, what follows is the formal documentation.

The Humongous Fungus--Ten Years Later. Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month for April 2002-- Armillaria gallica, the humongous fungus. Thomas J. Volk, Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, La Crosse, WI 54601.

This article was published in a slightly different form in Inoculum 53(2): 4-8. April 2002.

Has it already been ten years? On April 2, 1992, the non-mycological world first became aware of very large fungi, thanks to the efforts of Myron Smith, Johann Bruhn, and Jim Anderson. They published a landmark article in Nature (Smith , M., J. Bruhn and J. Anderson, 1992. The fungus Armillaria bulbosa is among the largest and oldest living organisms. Nature 356:428-431), but no one expected the media blitz and the scientific interest that would follow.

First you'll need to know a bit of background on Armillaria, also known as the Honey Mushroom. Armillaria (Fr.:Fr.) Staude is a genus of mostly pathogenic agaric fungi. Perhaps the most important aspect of the life cycle of Armillaria is the formation of rhizomorphs, conglomerations of differentiated parallel hyphae with a protective melanized black rind on the outside. The rhizomorphs are able to transport food and other materials long distances, thus allowing the fungus to grow through nutrient poor areas located between large food sources such as stumps. The rhizomorphs can also act as "scouts" for the rest of the thallus, searching for new food sources. These proliferative rhizomorphs apparently permit Armillaria colonies to spread and become quite large. Thus enters the Humongous Fungus.

The science that led to this seminal Nature publication (Smith et al. 1992) turns out to be quite interesting and very thorough. The project was actually an offshoot of a grant from the Department of Defense, which funded a project to study the possible biological effects of ELF (Extra Low Frequency) stations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These ELF stations were built to communicate underground with ocean-going submarines in time of war. The humongous fungus site, which Johann Bruhn had been studying for many years, was actually one of the control sites, nowhere near the ELF stations. Historically, the site (near Crystal Falls, Michigan near the Wisconsin border) had been mostly northern red oak/white birch/ sugar maple forest, but the native trees had been harvested with more profitable red pines planted in their place. When the oaks were cut, the stumps were mostly left in the ground to rot. The oaks had been infected with Armillaria root rot, but had survived very well because they were not under any stress. However, when pines were planted, some species of Armillaria were able to kill the young pine seedlings. The particular species that garnered their attention was Armillaria bulbosa, which is now correctly known as Armillaria gallica. I'll tell you more about this taxonomic problem later.

The study of Smith et al. (1992) was performed by collecting vegetative mycelium of Armillaria by "baiting" with small pieces of poplar wood, actually popsicle stick-like tongue depressors. Since Armillaria is a wood decay fungus, the mycelium quickly colonized the tongue depressors. The labeled inoculum stick could then be easily collected. Additional subcultures, including tissues and single spore isolates, were made directly from fruiting bodies that appeared in the fall or from the black rhizomorphs and mycelial fans that are always present in the soil or on the wood, especially under the bark. The laborious process of analysis began, first with checking the mating type loci by mating on media in Petri dishes. Molecular techniques were then employed, first looking at mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) restriction patterns. These were both good markers for the study because mating type loci and mDNA restriction patterns are both highly variable within Armillaria species. Once these were determined, RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) and RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms) markers were employed to check for additional heterozygous loci in the nuclear genome. With these several types of data, they could begin to draw maps of the area to determine the limits of each individual. One of these clones turned out to be quite large, covering 15 hectares (37 acres). Within this area, all the vegetative isolates had the same mating type , the same mDNA restriction pattern, and had the same eleven RAPD products and five RFLP-based markers, each marking a heterozygous locus. These data indicated that this 15 hectare clone is a single organism. However, some argued that this only meant that they had the same alleles at these genetic loci, bringing up the possibility that the samples were from separate, but closely related organisms (or individuals) that arose from separate matings. In their paper, Smith et al. (1992) presented some complex statistics that show that the probability of this being the case was infinitesimally small (P= 0.0013), given that all the samples share all the heterozygous markers examined. Even so, to lend even more credence to their conclusions, eventually they tested 20 RAPD and 27 nuclear restriction fragments that were found to be invariable in the large clone. By far the most likely hypothesis is that this clone reached it enormous size through vegetative growth. Thus the Armillaria clone was proven to be quite a humongous fungus. By estimating (very conservatively, I might add) the growth rate of the fungus under their natural conditions and by extrapolating the weight of the clone from smaller soil samples (again very conservatively), Smith et al. found the clone to be at least 1500 years old and weigh at least 9,700 kg (more than 21,000 pounds or 100 tons), close to the mass of an adult blue whale. They compared the mass to that of a giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) estimated to be about 1,000 tons, most of which is dead xylem tissue. The conclusion of their paper states, "This is the first report estimating the minimum size, mass, and age of an unambiguously defined fungal individual. Although the number of observations for plants and animals is much greater, members of the fungal kingdom should now be recognized as among the oldest and largest organisms on earth."

Myron Smith wrote to me recently in an email "I have often been asked something like,'what made you look for a large fungus?' Like most discoveries (and this is a point that needs to be stressed to granting agencies), we did not set out to make this discovery. Initially, (at least when Jim and I came on the scene) we wanted to find out how mitochondrial DNA was inherited in fungi in nature (Smith, Duchesne, Bruhn and Anderson, 1990). The first year we went out and sampled from a 120 x 60 m area. Nearly every sample was identical for mDNA and mating type. The second year we extended our sampling over a 1 km transect through the area and, again, detected this one wide-spread genotype. By extending the areas sampled in subsequent years, we were finally able to delimit the large area occupied by this genotype and then go on to show that this genotype likely represents an 'individual'."
[end citation].

None of that proves mushrooms are a sentient life form much less an alien life form; however, there has been a recent pattern of communication 'on the street' in Washington D.C. apart from BIS suggesting trees and other 'vegetables' are sentient life forms which obviously feeds the paradigm, and PETER BIS separately looks at the communication [ELF] and radiation issues - apparently turning the night time sky in Michigan green back in the Cold War-era related [or allegedly related] to missile or tracking capabilities. tends to advance in an iterative manner - please keep visiting [and thanking all sources for communicating with PETER BIS].

Correction [addendum]: Other side of the pen presented to PETER BIS has "Justice Department" written on the other side of it - beyond 'United States Embassy, Belgrade.' BIS looks for ties to the VATICAN FACTION in the Justice Department and suspects there are ties to Belgrade given proximity to one in a pattern of airplane crashes and a group of CIA-connected young people from Washington D.C. coordinating travel there in maybe 2006.

PETER BIS belatedly accorded semiformal diplomatic status - in the guise of a handsome writing utensil inscribed with the words "United States Embassy, Belgrade."

Of course he appreciates it.

"Dancing Queen" - what PETER BIS sources say about the particular incident.

A transgender female got cut up on a beach in Daytona, Florida. Literally hacked to death, with limbs severed. The Mafia, possibly acting for CIA interests, intervened, telling other like-minded gay and transgender people they could go to New York and ride around with the Good Humor ice cream truck drivers who apparently were also Mafia-controlled.
The BIS source might have said on Coney Island rather than Staten Island, Fire Island, or out on Long Island but it is not clear how close they were to it or what the territorial distinctions would mean beyond identifying the particular crime family's power base or area of control.
There are sources in Washington D.C. who speak very highly of John Gotti though PETER BIS is not one of them; to the contrary BIS makes a study of so-called 'Mafia Queen' characteristics.

Presumably the victim here was a young person - maybe seventeen years old; while the source was not specific they said the famous song [Dancing Queen] was immediately related to the death. Song came out in June 1976, perhaps suggesting the death was in the summer of 1975 or anyhow in the 1975~76 time period.

The CIA has undertaken redesign of the human body including asexual reproduction, but as background information PETER BIS says the practice is ancient and linked to religious ruling cult practices [in Egypt described below] which in turn has come to involve organized crime structures. BIS says traditionally the gender migration involves burning out the soul of the subject with radiation, which gets into a satanic or antihuman paradigm.

In at least one contemporary case, a Mafia relative advised an aspiring singer - male - to have their balls cut off in preserving or enhancing vocal characteristics; several other famous American jazz and disco singers are thought to have been previously treated as men becoming women.

Two possible indicators from the dedicated Wikipedia website:
ABBA donned 18th century-inspired costumes when they first performed this song for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden the night before he was married to Silvia Sommerlath, June 19, 1976; and,
The song was featured prominently in Spike Lee's 1999 film Summer of Sam. According to Lee, he had to personally contact ABBA and get permission to use the song, as the band was afraid that Lee was going to mock them in the movie. The song was used to ironically underscore an argument between John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino.

A fried mouse recently turned up in a Frito Lay chips bag, perhaps recalling the CIA attack on Wendy's via the 'finger in the chili' 2005 incident.

PETER BIS recalls a rat minus tail being fried in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant approximately early 1970s Michigan,
"All you can eat" pizza nights [maybe Wednesday] being a regular feature at a Pizza Hut restaurant in Michigan - until they recovered 600 empty cans of dog food in the dumpster one morning following the special in the late 1970s or early 1980s when the garbage truck failed to arrive as scheduled [it is true that for years the industry was prevented from optimizing the content of dog food for dogs because of widespread consumption by humans - no word on that lately],
and PETER BIS swears a restaurant in France served human flesh purchased from ambulance drivers on the way to the morgue around 1990~1991, reviewed with approval by Cuisine [magazine] from San Francisco - until they figured out what the meat product really was.

Could the latter point possibly be true?
There may be at least an element of truth to it [two different points from Wikipedia]:
The New York Times reporter William Buehler Seabrook, in the interests of research, obtained from a hospital intern at the Sorbonne a chunk of human meat from the body of a healthy human killed by accident, and cooked and ate it. He reported that, "It was like good, fully developed veal, not young, but not yet beef. It was very definitely like that, and it was not like any other meat I had ever tasted. It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal. It was mild, good meat with no other sharply defined or highly characteristic taste such as for instance, goat, high game, and pork have. The steak was slightly tougher than prime veal, a little stringy, but not too tough or stringy to be agreeably edible. The roast, from which I cut and ate a central slice, was tender, and in color, texture, smell as well as taste, strengthened my certainty that of all the meats we habitually know, veal is the one meat to which this meat is accurately comparable."

Médecins Sans Frontières, the international medical charity, supplied photographic and other documentary evidence of ritualised cannibal feasts among the participants in Liberia's internecine strife in the 1980s to representatives of Amnesty International who were on a fact-finding mission to the neighbouring state of Guinea. However, Amnesty International declined to publicise this material, the Secretary-General of the organization, Pierre Sane, stating at the time in an internal communication that "what they do with the bodies after human rights violations are committed is not part of our mandate or concern". The existence of cannibalism on a wide scale in Liberia was subsequently verified in video documentaries by Journeyman Pictures of London [end citation].

Of course PETER BIS opposes CIA attacks on our food supply or individual companies, but discussion is the first step in prevention and he routinely goes where others may be reluctant to follow.

Vehicle with roof mount; so-called "crib" on left.

PETER BIS has an informer proven reliable in the past, who says Bush is trying to push through secret legislation on the 'North American Union' joining the United States and Mexico. "The several states" becoming "the several states plus the Mexican provinces secretly tacked on in the lame duck period of the George W. Bush administration." Looks like Bush is trying to make the Senate ratify an agreement. Immigration Reform didn't make it and this must be 'Plan B' in giving the Mexicans access to the American economy; it is 'secret' so we don't know exactly what's in it. The source suggests the designator is "SST", the first word is 'strategic,' and the second two words are not 'supersonic transport.'

Brackets and enclosure for roof mount monitoring capability.

Beyond the point about the secret 'North American Union' the source says 'All the money is going to Austria.' PETER BIS himself believes that movement may be related to the German Pope [or the naming of the German Pope may be related to the money movement]; not on the scene PETER BIS cannot quantify volume or value but the source has street credibility as reliable.

The cover for the monitoring device on the roof of the vehicle driven by the Capitol Police who are attempting to track exposure to radiation on Capital Hill.

According to BIS, when remotely monitored, the normal human brain state is blue, 'accelerated' to red and yellow which can be visible under MRI.
That is also the color of the Egyptian scarab, suggesting the radiation issue has a parallel history which PETER BIS is piecing together.

Again according to BIS, "Accelerated Brain Syndrome" was an alarming condition which proliferated from the late 1970s to the early/mid-1990s, upping the rate at which the brain idles - reflected in changes of color on brain monitoring devices. He says it was big news including in the medical journals, and then it abruptly fell off the charts [no hits on the Yahoo search engine late July 2007].

At least seventeen Senators are implanted with a remotely monitored and stimulated 'unified neuroprosthetic' which probably originated in MKULTRA Subproject 119, and the number of people locked in 'the clique' probably increases when you include the House and Supreme Court.

Conceptually secret - 'prisoner without a name, cell without a number' - the police then monitor the radiation on Capitol Hill. Their monitoring device has a 360 degree plexiglas face with metal shielding above and below, and BIS suspects that is for radiation or literally a fairly narrow band of excited neurons/protons; the cable runs down into the van [where it attaches to some impressive computer hardware] and the vans carry canisters of a chemical base to measure the activity against.

"Crib" in the background may house alien babies or some kind of incubation process PETER BIS has yet to define with precision; the doors have electric security but the building has been penetrated at least twice in recent months.

So PETER BIS gets a visitor who essentially wonders how much BIS really knows and tries to test him. The visitor talks about MOG [sounds like 'fog' only with an 'm'] and GOG [sounds like 'grog' only without the 'r'], which apparently are the names of the two truly huge supercomputers you didn't know we had. Cooled by sea water, the one is apparently in the Netherlands. We don't know where the other is located, but PETER BIS notes the drones over Afghanistan are piloted out of Las Vegas and wonders if the location of the second relates to holding the drones in the satellite grid system. The known location in the Netherlands [maybe Belgium] hardly detracts from the possibility the money is flowing to Austria as opposed to say Amsterdam or something, but at the moment its talk with PETER BIS keeping his ear to the street.

Of course you wonder exactly who was PETER BIS's visitor talking about MOG and GOG. BIS wonders too. No idea, but the names of the two computers do sound Skull & Bones-ish, don't they?

The fast times and high living of Idi Amin, Uganda. Earlier one of only two commissioned black officers ever in the King's African Rifles.

Idi Amin with Archbishop Janani Luwum, who was later murdered by the regime.

KKMOUNTAIN was the CIA and Mossad designator for covert activity in Africa, with Amin ultimately seizing control in Uganda and undertaking a PHOENIX type of 'bleed down' activity which weakened the society under the guise of eliminating potential sources of resistance to his regime. Like we're doing in Iraq today and did in Vietnam approximately 1968~1972 but in Africa across the middle 1970s; Amin ultimately 'forced out' of power in April 1979.

Robert Mugabe was positioned as a 'transitional leader' in Rhodesia~Zimbabwe by CIA executive Allard Lowenstein in May/June 1979, where he remains today after destroying the 'bread basket' of Africa and turning that country into a 'food importer' and essential welfare dependency for global 'Non-Governmental Organizations' [to the extent CIA-supported bureaucratic entities can be considered 'non-governmental], as opposed to being a food exporter to the region.

Faith, celibacy and marriage; Mugabe shown here at one of his weddings post-Allard Lowenstein bringing AIDS to Africa in 1979. The 'Vela Incident' was a nuclear explosion in the South Indian Ocean - possibly a neutron bomb - picked up by an American Vela satellite on September 22 1979. That event might actually date or in some way relate to the inoculation of the initial AIDS carriers in Africa; anyway, the Iranian 'students' seized the American embassy in Tehran that November, isolating that country in the international community, and Saddam Hussein invaded Iran on September 22 1980.

Hussein famously deploying chemical and biological weapons against the Iranians, in a relatively short time period - counting the 'Vela Incident' of the previous year - a complete Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical [NBC] interactive battlefield was realized along a vertical axis running from the Middle East down the eastern coast of Africa, complete with mass casualties and the anticipation of residual death and suffering which has easily lasted the twenty eight years and shows no sign of abating.

On the other side of the world, PETER BIS - who claims to be an alien - met a girl who went by the name of Kim Lisa Taylor in late 1979 when she was getting beat up in a gas station. They went out for awhile, started having sex in 1980, lived together [she always ran around on him but he put up with it], and finally broke up on Superbowl Sunday 1984 when she levitated horizontally off the bed - screaming.

PETER BIS now suggests the so-called 'Kim Lisa Taylor' was really Princess Di and probably 'doubles' [at least one or two] swapped in and out to create the appearance of a stable relationship to the extent it was stable. They were both going to school; he was trying to start a business across part of the time. He says that while always attractive, the Di he knew looked like the early girl [shown here at the conceptual wedding in 1981] and not the glamorous figure which came to dominate the magazine covers.

Backing out the dates, its possible one or both of the British princes come from the relationship between PETER BIS [currently living on the street in Washington D.C.] and Di or a double/surrogate. PETER BIS says he is drawn to Harry.

Allard Lowenstein was definitely shot though probably not killed in 1980; Howard Wolpe was then in the House of Representatives from Michigan and appears to have taken up the KKMOUNTAIN designator activities ongoing in Africa though perhaps under a different designator at that point.

How likely is it the PETER BIS is an alien and/or dated Princess Di? To the uninitiated, it does sound extreme. Our analysis: given the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare scenario with mass casualties and nearly thirty years of residual death and suffering which was probably undertaken to mitigate an alien paradigm on the other side of the globe, it is actually 'more likely than not' they tried to 'hedge the bet' by putting some chips on alien numbers on this side of the globe.
Allen Dulles [liberal] always opposing his brother John Foster Dulles [conservative], Council on Foreign Relations putting responsible leadership on both sides of any issue, the CIA undertaking to expand capital punishment by kidnapping and murdering women across state lines where they don't have it to draw a federal prosecution - Vermont and North Dakota - while also funding opposition to capital punishment via liberal control groups. You need both night and day; playing both sides of the coin is actually typical.

With ALL the chips on PETER BIS? Doubtful. Genuine and honest, he is not really capable of sustaining ambiguity, and those who know him consider him to be a gearhead radical. If you knew you were going to have two sons, his might be the second if you had a 'more level' choice [not 'better' but 'less radical'] as an alternative. So there is probably at least one more alien out there, which would suggest a second or even third double beyond Di. In turn raising interesting possibilities about the car wreck in Paris.

Will there be another terrorist attack, this one coming in the final throes of the George W. Bush Administration [and is that the reason Bush is thinking about it]? President Besieged and Isolated, Yet At Ease, Washington Post, 02 July 2007, page A1 [headline]. Isn't that a classic diagnosis?

PETER BIS essentially is the remote observation capability of the Capital Police. PHOENIX was conceptually a code name for a specific Vietnam-era operation cleaning the Vietcong out of South Vietnam. In reality it's much broader than that - the CIA wanted to kill and did kill all possible sources of resistance to the Communist takeover of the South [which they in fact orchestrated] often using American soldiers, but the PHOENIX 'category of projects' is an ongoing effort. It did not end in Vietnam.

'Bleeding down' Iraq in factional strife certainly falls under the PHOENIX heading; depopulating rural areas of Darfur and creation of the 'camp dependency' may possibly be a PHOENIX effort.

Now - or two weeks ago [mid-June 2007] PETER BIS saw two trucks labeled PHOENIX from a company up near the Canadian border in Washington D.C.; an individual associated with the Gambino crime family has repeatedly been 'bouncing' or moving in a short-cycle pattern of appearances around BIS [out of Miami, with talk about weapons in handbags at the beach], a federal law enforcement source said something had to be picked up by Gambino because it couldn't be moved by rail [no further information immediately forthcoming], a flurry of license plates from Canadian provinces appear, and street harassment of BIS has abruptly skyrocketed. Out of sight. Breaking one telephone, and sitting on the other. People crawling on the guy, significantly in teams and significantly in phased deployments.

Of course that doesn't mean a terrorist attack - beyond the attack on BIS - is at hand. Rodney Stich is a critic of the CIA who at some level 'formalized' the study of CIA practices. He found that names with 'Tri' prefixes were often associated with the CIA Mafia structure but at least when he was writing hadn't seen PHOENIX actually incorporated in naming practices, and BIS has separate problems analyzing 'cause and effect.' BIS throws so many punches its difficult to track the origins of the incoming turbulence, some of which is directed at him and some of which may be precursor activity to a larger attack effort. Unspecified warning from BIS - chatter is definitely up on the street.

Hillary Clinton 2004, former board member of WAL-MART - and a possible tie to surveillance mechanisms targeting PETER BIS ongoing since the 1970s.

Busted by CIA mechanisms in Kalamazoo which kept him out of the aircraft business, PETER BIS was forced into a relocation sequence early 1980s.
Evident if you live there, Kalamazoo is in part a 'college town' with groups of kids renting 'off campus' housing. Of course that is the CIA project manager's delight: fluid and transient, with an excellent demographic for a spectrum of cheap labor [association without financial tie, contract, hourly, or entry-level professional employment], and easy cover - kids drop in and out of college all the time.

Across the street from BIS mid-1980s there was a group which included a girl who's father was big in K-MART. Visual indicators can be difficult to quantify - apparently she was from a wealthy family, and it sounds like she was 'smarmy' with BIS [do people from wealthy families deploy for the CIA? In a word, 'yes']. She said her dad had been in charge of putting up a satellite which was used to track K-MART's inventory apparently on a nationwide basis.

She also said that K-MART was tied to WAL-MART in the effort.

BIS is not known to have been implanted with a tracking device prior to the Holiday Inn incident at Dulles which was early in his 1989-to-1991 European movement sequence, but certainly in retrospect the girl's comments reflect an interesting capability in relatively close proximity, possibly 'bleeding' over across corporate lines into the WAL-MART 'world domination plot' which was being formulated at that time in Arkansas.

It's increasingly evident George W. Bush never wildcatted for oil or managed a baseball team but has always been a CIA executive; the question is whether or not that is also true of Hillary Clinton. No Rose Law firm, but always just CIA. With BIS matters as a possible uniform benchmark or 'constant' against which their access to data and awareness can be quantified, whether or not they were individually active in channeling the 'flow' of information on BIS from what would conceptually be commercial infrastructure to an Agency customer for example.

Can they precisely date their awareness of BIS, understanding that is very possibly complicated by a 'designator' or code structure. They may have known of BIS as a target or surveillance object long before they ever knew his name or who he really is; certainly unique, its possible there are other unique targets captured in the same category or 'subheading.'

From their advertisement, "Simply put, the Arnage T is one of the most powerful cars in the world...." and there happens to be TWO of them hovering around PETER BIS in Washington D.C.; one with Jersey plates and now a second with Virginia tags.

And both are at least proximate to 'poverty pimps' but of course we're trying for a more complete picture.

On this latest one; a guy gives PETER BIS a meal and departs the scene. The Bentley with the Virginia tags arrives and loiters in close proximity. BIS tastes the meal and thinks its poisoned so he dumps it; the Bentley departs the scene and the guy who gave BIS the meal promptly returns. He says he's going to bring BIS around to the standard Church mindset of Christ the Satan, going into street conversion mode with towering arms outstretched and veins throbbing. Only with utmost bark and bluster was BIS able to escape, but now of course has a significant interest not in the agent but in the 'keying' Bentley.

Say what you will about the George W. Bush community faith-based initiatives; they're putting a lot of high powered auto hardware into a previously marginalized group - namely the poverty pimps. The real trick of course will be migrating the vehicles into the appropriate constituent community - the targets of the blood sucking leeches - which doesn't seem to be happening as rapidly.

Meanwhile, BIS currently looks at what are conceptually Church efforts to penetrate - and corrupt - the old Soviet Union at the behest of the CIA and CIA-based Mafia crime structures.

Of course PETER BIS provides data to the Secret Service.

Taking breaks in his analysis of Vatican spy activity targeting the former Soviet Union, PETER BIS does keep office hours, essentially running a public policy shop on Mass Ave. NE in Washington D.C. As do other prominent politicians. Senator Obama recently got enhanced Secret Service protection, and BIS apprehended somebody photographing the agents from a proximate observation post.

'Why' they were doing that isn't immediately clear to anybody, but ever mindful of larger, 'tip-of-the-iceberg' constructions, PETER BIS made the bust.

'Don't go to Athens - it's full of spies.'
That was from a church official at St. Joseph's on Capital Hill and it may or may not be factually correct. BIG problem - it turns out that irrespective of what's happening in Athens [Greece], BIS sources report there is or may be a child molester loose in Philadelphia with links to St. Joseph's and ongoing contact with a respected church member who happens to work for the Federal Government.

The BIS source says a previous priest [Msgr] at St. Josephs BEFORE the era of the currently serving Rev. Msgr. Charles V. Antonicelli, Pastor - born in New Jersey and former lawyer who denies the Mafia - appears to be the guy.
And there were accusations of child abuse or sexual molestation. The Church claimed the accusers were deranged and hustled the priest out of town - to Philadelphia as it turns out - where the church member still visits him ['that the accusations were made' apparently comes to BIS from two sources, both the original or primary informant and the government-linked church member who BIS personally interrogated].

You know the old W.C. Fields routine: "First prize is a week in Philadelphia. Second prize is two weeks."
That should be real dated - Philadelphia has done a lot for itself,

getting passed Ira Einhorn exposing CIA weather altering technology in the 1970s to find his girlfriend Holly Maddux mummified in a suitcase on the back porch on a tip by Drexel students [approx. 1978, one of whom went on to be a civil engineer in Pittsburgh maybe doing big government jobs],

and the CIA bombing of the commune, destroying the row house neighborhood for instance
[MOVE, 1985, which is particularly interesting in light of the subsequent CIA attack in
Waco Texas on BRANCH DAVIDIANS 1993, and possible CIA control of a commune now in Vermont called
TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL as suggested by an orchestrated 'unification event' which involved the government momentarily seizing the commune's children, similarly from about 1979 continuing across the time period].
But now this. PETER BIS is quick to condemn child molesting, and if its true we can only hope the bastard has a car accident or slips and falls in the shower.

Perhaps a more interesting tie which PETER BIS brings forward: when George H.W. Bush and the CIA were bringing down the old Communist government of the Soviet Union using guys like Leo Wanta to racketeer in currency before rebuilding with the thuggish criminal or Mafia structure which exists today, the respected member of St. Joseph's who works for the Federal Government went over and was influential in teaching the Russian judiciary how to avoid the APPEARANCE of corruption.

PETER BIS keeps office hours on Mass Ave between 2nd and 3rd Street NE. Couple guys walked up to him and start talking about a [negative] legacy from the Apollo missions unsolicited, and they didn’t precisely detail what they were driving at – if they even knew [it very possibly could have been a ‘put up’ conversation just for PETER BIS].
Looking at how we were manipulated into undertaking what became the space ‘race,’ BIS speculates the astronauts brought back a virus – though they were quarantined.
O.J. Simpson did a movie – Capricorn One – suggesting we never landed but faked the photos [to ‘Mars’], and he famously ended up in a CIA paradigm criminal docket.

The pattern of crew staffing suggests the Apollo 13 accident was orchestrated [an ‘off’ crew switched 'on' and then had the accident while the original crew ducked around that to subsequently undertake a successful mission], and the Tom Hanks movie with generous media coverage does nothing to diminish that suspicion; anyway, O.J. Simpson went on other movies which might have been CIA-arranged beyond that Hollywood as a whole looks like its CIA-arranged and perhaps always has been.

Casablanca PETER JOSEPH BIS, prowling with a watchful loiter in a restless haze of cigarette smoke and coffee.

....Off the set, Ingrid Bergman and Bogart hardly spoke during the filming of Casablanca. She said later, "I kissed him but I never knew him." Years later, after Bergman had taken up with Italian director Roberto Rossellini, and bore him a child, Bogart confronted her. "You used to be a great star," he said. "What are you now?" "A happy woman," she replied.... [Wikipedia].

'Forces of evil' hover about in threatening orbits of varying proximity, but they're never far away. They spy on him - PETER BIS - and, with jaundiced eye, he reverse engineers the ground deployments.

Those guys who wear blue coveralls and push the plastic garbage cans around Capital Hill; street sweepers from 'back in the day' who now come with two bike riders and pickup truck capability. PETER BIS says somebody got to a couple of them and they're on him. How big a deal can that possibly be?

Well, it turns out those guys - from the shelters or wherever - are a million dollar corporation whether or not they actually see much of the money as opposed to it disappearing in graft and corruption. True. As follows:

Income [2007]: $1,009,737 [apparently that is by assessment and individual business owners do not have a chance to opt out of funding certain line items such as SURVEILLANCE AND HARASSMENT OF PETER BIS].

Admin. $222,934 including $137,150 for administrative staff, and $38,380 for taxes, benefits, and bonuses.

Ambassador/Safety. $216,650 - for a couple guys on bicycles? There may be some markup on this one.

Cleaning. $304,600 including $257,500 for "contracted services" - probably the public face of the effort with the plastic trash cans. Apart from surveillance and harassment of PETER BIS, the guys seem pleasant in conversation - we note a certain injustice in the funding distribution insofar as you would think they should get a bigger piece of the pie.
Care & Feeding. $8,000. Which might be a shelter or mission.
Marketing/Streetscapes. $123,000 [half the cost of the contracted cleaning? Call a cop - you're being robbed].
Both of the latter subheadings are grouped with the 'Cleaning' expenses.

Transportation. $25,000.
Other Expense. $17,500.

[With a small reserve]

Incredible what goes on around Capital Hill, and quite a bit of at least the surveillance does have grounding in religion. An informer - seemingly reliable - told PETER BIS the Catholics are still mad the Crown threw them out of England which comes back on PETER BIS for a variety of reasons outlined below; BIS suggests the Catholics are also trying to get into Russia which may have been a motivation underlying 'orchestrated Chernobyl.'

A seemingly nice guy walks up to PETER BIS and hands him a lottery ticket - PETER BIS claims his sources think they're trying to bribe him into silence.

PETER BIS hears more from the Secret Service.

To place the remark in context, a Mormon girl [LDS - Latter Day Saints] asked PETER BIS if he believes in God. Which gets confusing to the extent the racketeering factions of pus-hole Mafia scum have taken over or anyway significantly infiltrated Church hierarchy. PETER BIS does not believe in their 'Christ the Satan' paradigm - or he quite literally believes it but he certainly doesn't worship it;

at that point an outside contractor who apparently has unaccompanied access to Secret Service headquarters [is there such a thing? It sounds extreme - a computer contractor with unaccompanied access to the Secret Service computer system]

suggests to PETER BIS that the Bible was written by aliens.

End of the day PETER BIS doesn't care 'why,' but that he is missing the crossing season on the North Atlantic infuriates him. A priest or deacon - man in charge of new Catholic initiates - at St. Joseph's on Capital Hill has suggested he "shouldn't date British women," while somebody else says he has a powerful [alpha] female watching out for him - somewhere.

More on these developments as events warrant.

Calvi. VATICAN FACTION verdicts are in - for now, and nobody is going to jail. But we may be seeing further peripheral activity which gets into issues like Henry Kissinger's Masonic affiliations and the tour of the recently named CIA head of the World Bank.

Why has this man set his dogs on PETER BIS?

Well, in part it may be because BIS says he's a criminal. From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
In 1998, Bush made a speech in Tokyo on behalf of Global Crossing, Ltd., a startup telecommunications company. Bush accepted shares of stock in the company in place of his normal $80,000 speaking fee. Global Crossing made a public offering a few months later. SEC records indicate that Bush sold the stock for $4,505,000 in two sales that occurred on November 16, 1999 and March 13, 2000. In January 2002, Global Crossing declared chapter 11 bankruptcy, making it the fourth largest insolvency in United States history [end citation].

Easy to say that sounds like it was a CIA funding mechanism. Was the whole 'tech bubble' of the 1990s a CIA funding mechanism? In a larger sense, has the sequence Watson[x2]/IBM, Gates/Microsoft, and 'the 1990s tech bubble' been entirely CIA-orchestrated, essentially representing an alien interaction? In retrospect those are obvious questions; at BIS levels we're talking about the CIA turning around and deliberately crashing the market before orchestrating the criminal prosecution[s]. Taking people down on an individual basis driving into the larger pattern of corruption which is really the territory PETER BIS is seeking to conquer. Wouldn't be surprising to find he'd stepped on some toes.

But it doesn't stop in funding or commerce. PETER BIS follows the 'boy's club/pus hole/Mafia scum' all the way back to their perverted sham Christ the Satan, pictured here in death.

John Paul I [the first - the original] was a Godly man intent on restoring legitimacy to the Church. So they killed him, and made the Anti-Christ a figure head leader who was frequently doubled and essentially hollow, with BIS elaborating on everything from dog worship to ground surveillance mechanisms being run out of, inside, and within the hierarchy of the Church.

Italian jury acquits 5 in Calvi murder, FRANCES D'EMILIO, Associated Press, Wed Jun 6 2007, 12:48 PM ET
ROME - A jury Wednesday acquitted all five defendants charged with murder in the 1982 death of Italian financier Roberto Calvi, who was called "God's banker" for his close ties to the Vatican.
Calvi's body was found hanging from London's Blackfriars Bridge, with rocks and cash stuffed into his suit. The death was first ruled a suicide by London police, but Calvi's family pressed for further investigation and eventually Italian prosecutors brought murder charges.
None of the defendants was in the high-security courtroom on the outskirts of Rome when the judge read the verdict, reached after 1 1/2 days of deliberation....

Prosecutors had asked for life sentences for four defendants, but said a fifth should be acquitted for insufficient evidence. They alleged that one of the five, Giuseppe "Pippo" Calo, ordered Calvi killed.
"The evidence was rather weak," said one of Calo's lawyers, Massimo Amoroso.
Prosecutors believe that Calvi was laundering money for the Mafia. They allege Calo ordered the murder because mob bosses thought the banker had appropriated some of the money and were afraid he would talk in the wake of a scandal that overwhelmed his bank.

Calo, nicknamed the Cosa Nostra's "cashier" by the Italian media for his alleged laundering of mob money, was convicted years ago of Mafia charges unconnected to Calvi's death. He is serving his sentence and watched the verdict from a video.
The other defendants were businessman Ernesto Diotallevi, Calvi's driver and bodyguard Silvano Vittor, and Carboni's Austrian ex-girlfriend Manuela Kleinszig.

Prosecutors asked that Kleinszig be acquitted. They alleged that the others conspired to deliver Calvi to the people who killed him.
Defense lawyers have cited the initial assessment by British forensic experts that the banker killed himself and said that even a consultant for the prosecution had indicated there were no elements suggesting foul play in the case.
New forensic tests in 2003 conducted on Calvi's shoes and clothing found no signs that the banker had climbed the scaffolding and indicated he had been killed elsewhere.

Calvi was found dead as his Banco Ambrosiano fell apart in one of Italy's largest fraud scandals — one that also implicated the Vatican's bank.
The Banco Ambrosiano collapsed following the disappearance of $1.3 billion in loans the bank had provided to several dummy companies in Latin America.

The Vatican had provided letters of credit for the loans. The Vatican's bank agreed to pay $250 million to Ambrosiano's creditors but denied any wrongdoing.
[End citation]

While nobody ever put Henry Kissinger squarely in the Calvi death scenario, there were beyond doubt ties to both an 'ad hoc' Masonic structure in Italy and the Swiss penal system with a famous escape under suspicious circumstances [to say the least] and flight with subsequent extradition from South American countries and torturous negotiation.

It very much appears money taken from the Jews in the Holocaust was used as 'interim financing' by the exiled Nazi government which ultimately returned the money to Israel via Swiss and German Banks during the Clinton Administration. Supposing somebody were to try that same maneuver a second time only with Vatican money - who would they pick as a figure to work through? Now [2007] they might use a number of figures first emergent with the CIA restructuring of the economy across the 1980s, but looking back to the late 1970s [planned] and early 1980s [implemented] there don't appear to have been as many obvious choices beyond Henry Kissinger [acknowledging the continuity issue with Brzezinski etc. etc].

John Paul I - quickly selected as Pope - had a previous bad experience with the Italian money crew moving in on Church finances in Venice when he was Patriarch of Venice and used a launch from the fire department to race along the canals. He was wise to their game, and was committed to act, though it is not clear 'the bank issue' was immediately pivotal in his death beyond that he intended to work away from the Satanic practices which have come to plague Catholicism. And which after his death were instead furthered by the Father Satan John Paul II, though somebody like Kissinger might have much preferred John Paul I and essentially treated John Paul II dismissively as an imposter. Which he was.

Viewed from a certain perspective, the tragedy of the late 1900s is that nobody took over Kissinger's role. Power abhors a vacuum and the absence of a central personality [perhaps the motive in the CIA through Peter Bourne selecting Carter before chopping him down] allowed the CIA to at first manipulate and then dominate the 'World Order.' PETER BIS says the Soviet Union was all that held the Mafia structure of CIA organized crime in check at home and abroad; you might similarly argue Henry Kissinger was all that held Richard Helms and the Allen Dulles legacy of criminal racketeering in check. The difference between history as economic imperative and history as biography is ultimately very slight at least at present though the CIA industriously labours to shape collective memory with their lies; anyhow, that is background to the matter at hand.

George H.W. Bush carries guys with him from the CIA; definite. No doubt. Pre-NICKLEGRASS activity in 1973, putting beacons in the Egyptian airports so the Israelis could strip their fighters and fly straight in, destroying the Soviet-supplied planes on the ground. They - Bush and his crew - did it a few weeks before the supposedly 'surprise war' [which was in fact CIA-orchestrated], and they eventually got medals from the Prime Minister of Israel.

PETER BIS is 'captain of his own ship' as is the Bush surveillance guy; both with oversized ego which is a shame because if they compared notes they'd have quite a picture.
In casual conversation the surveillance guy once said that gravity is electricity and PETER BIS says [very possibly as orchestrated disinformation designed to preserve the existing extraction paradigm] that if you scan, the Earth's electrical field is starting to show a tremor - perhaps supported by at least one media reference to the Earth's "tattered" electrical field though again, it's possible both BIS and the media reference are 'disinformation.'

PETER BIS definitely has been used as a disinformation mechanism to spread lies [denying judicial affiliation with the CIA in 2005 and denying Stargate in 2007 as two famous examples]; of course this is adult content and the reader is expected to independently evaluate the information presented.

Anyway, the Bush activity preparing for the October War of 1973 essentially parallels CIA activity taking down socialist government of Salvador Allende in Chile for Pinochet who then ruled as a dictator securing that nation's copper supplies which could have been used to harvest energy out of the gravitational field and thus undermine the OPEC regime Bush was laboring to establish.

Bush deployed with his guys to secure Israel and establish OPEC in advance of the 1973 War; one of those guys now has PETER BIS under surveillance [thirty five years later - both Bush and BIS have long memories].

BIS has tied the guy to St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Capital Hill for sure, and probably the VATICAN FACTION which uses St. Joseph's - church immediately behind the Hart Senate Office Building - as a spy refuge.

Why now? BIS thinks the surveillance was immediately drawn by the Mexican Contra discussion and linkage to CIA Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan, as follows, but he isn't certain of that. As always, your awareness is appreciated.

If you think PETER BIS opposes "blowing people away" you're wrong. It's just so damn difficult to make sure you've got the right people identified - don't let rash action take the place of careful homework.

BIS looks for the endgame realities.
Newspaper in Mexico says severed head is a threat, Orlando Sentinel, May 27 2007 page A15.
Mexican cops crack down on Monterrey drug violence, [same], May 23 2007 page A7.
Escalating drug war grips Mexico, Sara Miller Llana, The Christian Science Monitor, May 23 2007 page 1.

Its Mexican Contras.

Mexico's Poor Trading Machetes for AK-47sGrowing guerrilla movement in Guerrero state ensnares peasants in drug trade and violence
Man's Killing Sparks Human Rights Charge, Richard Parker, Journal Washington Bureau.
TEPETIXTLA, Mexico -- Mexico's newest insurgency is no ordinary guerrilla movement.
According to secret Mexican government documents, guerrillas of the Popular Revolutionary Army are helping protect poppy production in one southern state in exchange for weapons from two Mexican drug cartels.

While past guerrilla movements have been involved with traffickers in Colombia and Peru, this marks the first time an anti-government insurgency has been drawn this closely into the drug trade in Mexico.
[Whether or not they are immediately 'paid' by the CIA or being utilized to unify a multi-tier effort this time, they have been in the past].

It presents two problems for the Mexican government: Drug operations are being protected by increasingly well-armed guerrillas and peasants; and the drug cartels are helping strengthen the fledgling anti-government insurgency [as an aspect of a 'ying and yang' paradigm within the often neglected ideological basis of CIA field activity].

As automatic weapons pour into the southern state of Guerrero in increasing numbers, the production of poppies used in heroin production has soared. Instead of being just one source of poppy along the Mexican Pacific, Guerrero has tripled its output and is now Mexico's top producer [with an associated CIA designator].

The coastal area below Tepetixtla is known as the Costa Grande. For the past three years, it's where weapons have entered the mountain region of Guerrero [with an associated CIA subheading and charge lines or cost codes].
And it's where heroin made from mountain poppies moves out of Guerrero [and into a CIA economic reporting structure] -- bound for the 600,000 heroin addicts in the United States and an increasing number in Mexico.
Human rights monitors say automatic weapons brought in by the guerrillas are winding up among the poor, often illiterate farmers who have turned to poppy production in the last few years [now with their names recorded in a CIA district roster].
The combination of guerrillas, guns and drugs has had a wrenching effect on rural life [true, but no worse certainly than Cambodia. By CIA standards the situation is relatively benign]. To an outsider, it appears simple and pastoral.
After nightfall, it is filled with violence and terror [which is probably much less random than it appears, or at least is 'directed random' to cover core activities and programs].

Weapons from cartels
Guerrillas of the Popular Revolutionary Army, known in Spanish as EPR, appeared in Guerrero for the first time last June [already provided with linkages and protection designations by the Central Intelligence Agency].
Mexico's top intelligence agency, the Center for National Security Investigation, concluded last fall that the movement was getting weapons from drug cartels [BIS note: if they aren't in fact getting the weapons from the Center for National Security Investigation agents].

The agency reached its conclusion, according to Mexican and U.S. officials familiar with the report, after the Mexican army captured weapons from the EPR during skirmishes. The intelligence agency also began documenting an informal trade of goods and services [and its interesting to speculate the CIA backstops that activity].
The guerrillas, who roam both the coastal areas and the isolated mountain regions of Guerrero, were providing protection for rapidly growing poppy farms. At the same time, low-ranking members of the Juarez and Guadalajara cartels were supplying the rebels with weapons.
It is not so much formal cooperation, said a Mexican official, as "co-habitation," two groups inhabiting the same space and relying on each other when they can -- fighting when they must.
The official said, for example, that the rebels will attack drug traffickers and seize their weapons if the cartels fail to adequately supply them [which presumably has some implication in discipline or unification in the CIA hierarchy].

A study by a U.S. agency suggests the guns being supplied by the cartels might come from leftover arsenals built during Cold War conflicts in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.
The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has tried to trace weapons captured by Mexican forces, according to an ATF spokesman, and has concluded they are not coming from the United States.
"We are aware of these particular guns and they probably didn't come from this country," said ATF spokesman John Limbach in Washington. "They are an older, bastardized type of military-type weapon."
Requests made by the Journal over the last two months for an interview with the intelligence agency were not answered.
Some U.S. officials caution that the intelligence agency's findings about links between the guerrillas and the drug cartels are preliminary.
But independent human rights monitors in Guerrero have documented increasing violence associated with the presence of automatic weapons among poor poppy farmers.
This leads some of the monitors to suspect that guerrillas take weapons supplied by the cartels and give them not only to their own fighters but to poppy farmers for safeguarding their patches.
Hilda Navarrete, director of a local human rights group called Voice of the Voiceless [which is NOT affiliated with the CIA in any way], said the gun smuggling was so brazen she could see light airplanes parachuting crates believed to contain weapons onto the palm-lined beaches.
"They didn't care who knew," she said. "People walked out on the beach in the morning and found these empty wooden crates".....
[End citation]

One question is whether or not its possible to scope localized CIA or [at least in the past] Military Intelligence/Army Special Forces staffing requirements based on media sources.

SEA SPRAY was a control designator drug hauler Adler Berriman Seal was significantly involved in.

As was, by implication, John Roberts, current Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court as then-White House counsel 'caping the bull' before adroitly stepping out of the ring in avoiding the impact of Iran Contra. Whether or not they kept the same designator it is more than likely they still have nomenclature that triggers the old SEA SPRAY reaction pattern of inter-agency coordination/activity.

Recent developments do not inspire confidence - PETER BIS has followed the rise of the Mexican Contras through an ideological migration north from Nicaragua,
passed a repressive 'police state condition' featuring 'controlled living environments' [highly controlled company dormitories] and slave wages which may actually represent a deal cut between 'rebel' forces and business interests in Belize,
possibly utilizing 'repression of the people' as a CIA-type funding mechanism vis-a-vis 'protection' payments or other types of extortion,
to the current state-isolated chaos and terrorism south of our own border. Mexico isn't a failed state exactly but a CIA massively corrupted and cuckold state which has harped its own citizens after we knocked them off the land with agricultural subsidies in the United States ruining their markets,
to treat them as illegals here after further demolishing their tariff-protected borders and manufacturing sectors.

Jennifer Granholm is the governor of Michigan and term-limited she won't be back, but she is CIA-affiliated and there are interesting comparisons which can be made between her own state and Mexico, particularly when you look at Kirk Kerkorian's right hand man Jeremy York attacking the United Auto Workers out of CIA Las Vegas for example.

That is not what originally attracted PETER BIS, however. What happened is that Granholm attacked a legitimate business BIS was affiliated with, attempting to drive them under by prosecuting a clearly 'wrongly filed' workers compensation claim. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for anybody, but before she was governor Granholm was the United States Attorney for Michigan appointed by Clinton.
Makes you wonder about the United States Attorney from Michigan forced out in the Gonzales Attorney scandal; Granholm's political base is, after all, located in Lansing same as CIA President Gerald Ford. Was the attorney targeted 'CIA-tainted,' or was that the problem - she wasn't?

Paid for by Granholm for Governor, P.O.Box 17127, Lansing, MI 48901. © Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved

The company PETER BIS aligned with was in a fight against a local power structure with ties to drug movement and the death of at least one significant dealer who was essentially silenced as outlined below;
the attack on the company by Granholm almost certainly figured in the larger situation,
and, while it didn't immediately 'put the company under,' the attack figured in the company's ultimate demise.

PETER BIS hears word it wasn't an isolated incident but does not immediately cite other cases.

Granholm is or anyway was Canadian, and end of the day PETER BIS works the movement of Asians and 'Asian Culture' conceptually from Hong Kong to Vancouver and from there spreading out across Canada accompanied by what might be seen as almost racketeering concepts in some cases maybe legitimately based in 'ethnic exclusive awareness' issues, with Granholm going on to be 'rewarded with' or anyway getting the United States Attorney slot in Michigan which became her stepping stone to governor.

Looking at Angelina Jolie and the gossip magazine cover 'it' crowd which illustrates a corrupt generation and prior CIA recruiting and development activity, BIS notes the possibility of CIA affiliation is certainly not diminished by Granholm's brief aborted or quasi-failed Hollywood acting career and California activity.

Ultimately music and math come together; one question is whether or not the 'North American Union' [Canada, the United States, and Mexico unified as one] is then intended to follow the previous Granholm-type CIA-affiliation models in Canada and Michigan. Detroit; do you call it a success? On so-called Devil's Night or the night before Halloween in years past, having gangs of young Negroes burn swaths of real estate to isolate neighborhoods and essentially enforce a new socio-economic reality on the ground: Your CIA in Michigan At Work in Your Community. Was that Jennifer Granholm's campaign slogan?

The CIA seems to have targeted some metropolitan regions with drug movement; 'emptying Detroit' with a series of high level business deals in line with the reciprocity concept, did they supplement the economic activity with 'Mexican Contra' style gang stratification and street enforcement which is ultimately just as fatal if not so dramatic in photographs. Mexico is starting from a lower baseline and Michigan is colder in the winter, but there are similarities between the two cases. The mayor of Detroit is a legacy office holder for example, though whether or not there is a CIA tie to the family beyond the immediate linkage in the civil rights movement remains to be seen.

You pay their pension. The photo is of the interstate highway condition 'in anticipation' of a CIA-inspired civil engineering project in Laredo Texas.
From the United States House of Representatives in Washington D.C.
Is this official enough for you?

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk,, A Weekly Column.
The NAFTA Superhighway, October 30, 2006.
By now many Texans have heard about the proposed “NAFTA Superhighway,” which is also referred to as the trans-Texas corridor. What you may not know is the extent to which plans for such a superhighway are moving forward without congressional oversight or media attention.

This superhighway would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada, cutting a wide swath through the middle of Texas and up through Kansas City. Offshoots would connect the main artery to the west coast, Florida, and northeast. Proponents envision a ten-lane colossus the width of several football fields, with freight and rail lines, fiber-optic cable lines, and oil and natural gas pipelines running alongside.

This will require coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale, as literally millions of people and businesses could be displaced. The loss of whole communities is almost certain, as planners cannot wind the highway around every quaint town, historic building, or senior citizen apartment for thousands of miles.

Governor Perry is a supporter of the superhighway project, and Congress has provided small amounts of money to study the proposal. Since this money was just one item in an enormous transportation appropriations bill, however, most members of Congress were not aware of it.

The proposed highway is part of a broader plan advanced by a quasi-government organization called the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” or SPP.

The SPP was first launched in 2005 by the heads of state of Canada, Mexico, and the United States at a summit in Waco.

The SPP was not created by a treaty between the nations involved, nor was Congress involved in any way. Instead, the SPP is an unholy alliance of foreign consortiums and officials from several governments. One principal player is a Spanish construction company, which plans to build the highway and operate it as a toll road. But don’t be fooled: the superhighway proposal is not the result of free market demand, but rather an extension of government-managed trade schemes like NAFTA that benefit politically-connected interests.

The real issue is national sovereignty. Once again, decisions that affect millions of Americans are not being made by those Americans themselves, or even by their elected representatives in Congress. Instead, a handful of elites use their government connections to bypass national legislatures and ignore our Constitution-- which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade.

The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union--complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the abolition of national sovereignty altogether.

A new resolution, introduced by Representative Virgil Goode of Virginia, expresses the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a NAFTA superhighway, or enter into any agreement that advances the concept of a North American Union. I wholeheartedly support this legislation, and predict that the superhighway will become a sleeper issue in the 2008 election.

Any movement toward a North American Union diminishes the ability of average Americans to influence the laws under which they must live. The SPP agreement, including the plan for a major transnational superhighway through Texas, is moving forward without congressional oversight-- and that is an outrage. The administration needs a strong message from Congress that the American people will not tolerate backroom deals that threaten our sovereignty.
[End citation]

PETER BIS aspires to be your information source in the District of Columbia.

God and man unified; Pharaoh, Pope, and Jesus on their thrones in orchestrated Messianic mode [literally of 'the Messiah sequence'].

Some scholars maintain the trinity concept was Babylonian, but PETER BIS claims it is ancient Egyptian in tracing a linear conceptualization into the modern Catholic Church.
Essentially its Satanic insofar as it diminishes free choice in exchange for racketeering outcomes negotiated between competing influence groups such as the Mafia, regional power brokers, and – increasingly at least in the ‘big church’ [‘small group’] fundamentalist movement dominating government and media – the CIA.
At least to the extent the CIA is driving government policy, and its possible or even likely the satanic guys in the CIA wouldn't dispute that in a modern campaign scenario - publicly diminishing their effectivity while privately enhancing it.

The original belief was articulated essentially as a way of preserving the debauched Roman Empire by Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 or over three hundred years after Christ died when the whole show was crashing down around their ears [known to be true and generally accepted whether that was the ‘will of God’ or not which is hotly debated];
the Council of Constantinople in 381 identified the Holy Spirit as God [less certain],
the Council of Ephesus in 431 defined a depravity in man’s natural condition, and
the Council of Chalcedon in 451 identified Christ as being theoretically man and God without dwelling on the depravity or anyway allowing for exception but that was 450 years after Christ died and the disciples dispersed. Which makes the exact sequence of the Bible development and assembly very important; it does seem awfully optimistic to maintain that every step of that sequence was divinely inspired.

Is the Emperor Constantine known to have been otherwise divinely inspired?

Female Shark Reproduced Without Male DNA, Scientists Say, Henry Fountain, New York Times, May 23, 2007 page A17.
Virgin birth boosts stock of Komodo dragons, The Independent, London (UK), Jan 25 2007 page 18. Chester Zoo has announced the virgin birth of five Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards. In what scientists believe might be an evolutionary twist, the newborns’ eight-year-old mother, Flora, became pregnant without a male partner. Flora’s virginal conception and that of another Komodo in April at London Zoo, are the first documented cases of asexual reproduction – parthenogenisis – in the species. Fewer than 4,000 Komodos remain in the wild.

Another BIS score – following komodo dragons, fish in the Potomac watershed, and shark asexual reproduction, a live chicken mutates in sex reversal.
Gender, Even as an Egg...., Associated Press, [Washington Post] Express, May 25 2005 page 2. A chicken has gone through a rare spontaneous sex change in India. The bird laid viable eggs six months ago, then began to grow a rooster’s comb. Earlier this week, a team of experts visited the village of Kamat-Chengrabanda, where the incident occurred. “Sure, its rare,” said veterinarian Partha Sarathi Ghose, adding that the owner has called the incident a miracle. “Every once in a while, you hear a story about a hen that changed into a cock,” says a University of Florida report. The study said spontaneous sex reversals can result from damage to one ovary.

BIS then follows that into human engineering in alleging larger orchestrations that he represents as essentially Satanic in being both surreptitious and undertaken as a control mechanism.
Period-Halting Birth Control Pill Ok’d, Associated Press, [Washington Post] Express, May 23 2007 page 3. Lybrel is first approved contraceptive to stop menstruation; WASHINGTON. The first birth control pill meant to put a stop to women’s monthly periods indefinitely has won federal approval, the manufacturer said Tuesday...... Its the latest approved oral contraceptive to depart from the 21-days-on, seven-days-off regimen that had been standard since birth-control pill sales began in the 1960s. The Wyeth pill is the first to put off periods altogether when taken without a break....

Is Lybrel water soluble, or will it accumulate as a toxin to the point at which women will have to take pills to have periods? BIS suggests you can also alter a woman's periods with radiation, and there may be a plan afoot to take them down to three or four periods a year. Questions remain [questions explode in profusion], and PETER BIS follows the ominous trajectory of these interrelated developments.

Nations Use Fear to Distract From Rights Abuses, Group Says, Nora Boustany, The Washington Post, May 24 2007 A18..... “The politics of fear is fueling a downward spiral of human rights abuse in which no right is sacrosanct and no person is safe,” said Irene Khan, secretary general of [Amnesty International].
....The United States is “the leading country using fear to justify the unjustifiable,” said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA.....
Amnesty International pressured by the Secret Service, State Department, and CIA not to take complaints or document abuses by the government agencies. Heck – we thought Amnesty International was a Secret Service State Department CIA orchestration in its entirety. That doesn’t mean people associated with the government agencies or other CIA functions should be allowed to suppress awareness and documentation with impunity though, as PETER BIS discovered at the London office of Amnesty International in 1991 when he was under surveillance by the head of Buckingham Palace security [or somebody apparently relatively senior in that group] who tied to the American Secret Service and CIA. As reported below.

We left some guys behind, and the government cut their dicks off.
'An island' figures in the story but we don't know for sure if it was Con Son - really part of an island chain - or not.
'An extended pier' perhaps 100 to 150'feet long was mentioned in discussions with three conceptually separate sources in the 1970s, but all were located in one place [Western Michigan University] making it difficult to say how independent those sources really were.
Supposedly boats would come and put supplies down on the end of the pier and leave - if you got off the boat they didn't let you get back on. That definitely would not have been 'Con Son proper.'
On the other hand, arguing for Con Son is that Tom Harkin [then an aide - now a United States Senator from Iowa] took the pictures which the agencies - ours and theirs - would take to be a validating factor,
'the timing' of the visit/photographs/publication is an additional validating factor,
an Anglo American CIA executive closely consulted in running Con Son,
and 'the disease paradigm' is now mentioned elsewhere on the web [2006] 'in kind of a casual way' perhaps suggesting a CIA-orchestration or deliberate mitigation effort, 'incidentally' referencing the timing of the transition but not explaining the significance of the timing or what it really means.

Alternately, the island in question might have been in the Philippines.


Love your country but hate the government, or of course don't do that but understand how weak they are and how prone to adjudication. Nuance leading to collaboration in evil, with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff making smarmy remarks about homosexuality in testimony to the Legislative Branch [United States Marine Corps General Peter Pace].
At least on that occasion, General Pace did not fully articulate the situation as impacting prisoners of war, who remain service members until one of two conditions occurs: they are absolutely dead with finality or else publicly returned to the United States.
Desertion - as we recently learned in the case of the sergeant who went over in Korea circa 1965 [Jenkins, Charles R. returned 2004] - does not end or diminish your military obligation.

This is the horror.
This is why you read for the latest updates on breaking developments.

First, the situation as it is suppose to be [in brief].

1. I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.

2. I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

3. If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.

The duty of a member of the Armed Forces to use all means available to resist the enemy is not lessened by the misfortune of captivity. A POW is still legally bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and ethically guided by the Code of Conduct....

...Contrary to the spirit of the Geneva Convention, enemies engaged by US forces since 1950 have regarded the POW compound an extension of the battlefield. In doing so, they have used a variety of tactics and pressures, including physical and mental mistreatment, torture and medical neglect to exploit POWs for propaganda purposes, to obtain military information, or to undermine POW organization, communication and resistance.

....Such enemies have attempted to lure American POWs into accepting special favors or privileges in exchange for statement, acts, or information. Unless it is essential to the life or welfare of the person or another prisoner of war or to the success of efforts to resist or escape, a POW must neither seek nor accept special favors or privileges.

One such privilege is called parole. Parole is a promise by a prisoner of war to a captor to fulfill certain conditions such as agreeing not to escape nor to fight again once released in return for such favors as relief from physical bondage, improved food and living condition, or repatriation ahead of the sick, injured, or longer-held prisoners. Unless specifically directed by the senior American prisoner of war at the same place of captivity, an American POW will never sign nor otherwise accept parole....

4. If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way.

5. When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number, and date of birth. I will evade answering further questions to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country and its allies or harmful to their cause.

"Okay, okay - we'll abandon the 2,000 POWs." Kissinger with his friend Mao, building their relationship.

6. I will never forget that I am an American fighting for freedom, responsible for my action, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.

A member of the Armed Forces remains responsible for personal actions at all times. A member of the Armed Forces who is captured has a continuing obligation to resist and to remain loyal to country, Service, unit and fellow prisoners.

Upon repatriation, POWs can expect their actions to be reviewed,
both as to circumstances of capture and conduct during detention. The purpose of such review is to recognized meritorious performance as well as to investigate possible misconduct. Each review will be conducted with due regard for the rights of the individual and consideration for the conditions of captivity, for captivity of itself is not a condition of culpability.

Members of the Armed Forces should remember that they and their dependents will be taken care of by the appropriate Service and that pay and allowances, eligibility and procedures for promotion, and benefits for dependents continue while the Service member is detained. Service members should assure that their personal affairs and family matters (such as pay, powers of attorney, current will, and provisions for family maintenance and education) are properly and currently arranged. Failure to so arrange matters can crate a serious sense of guilt for POW and place unnecessary hardship on family members.

The life of a prisoner of war is hard. Each person in this stressful situation must always sustain hope, must resist enemy indoctrination. Prisoners of war standing firm and united against the enemy will support and inspire one another in surviving their ordeal and in prevailing over misfortune with honor.....

NOW - the CURRENT SITUATION as reported here on in a news exclusive.

PETER BIS exclusive.

America left 2,000 POWs/infected and rejected in Southeast Asia. Henry Kissinger abandoned them. It is splitting hairs to claim they were not POWs, but apparently the State Department has formulated legal verbiage which goes some distance in claiming they in fact were not though they left in uniform and their families are under the impression their service in Southeast Asia was a direct and immediate consequence of their having being in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps.

EARLIER PETER BIS NEWS. Some POWs were deliberately infected with 'Black Syph' and/or some kind of wasting disease and left on an island [there might be more than one disease at play here] as the Tuskegee experiment was being shut down in the United States which President Clinton knew about and "forgot" to mention when he gave his vaginal apology, essentially providing cover for an ongoing situation rather than perspective on past history.

Not readily available, 'some works' perhaps both fiction and non-fiction mentioned pretty horrific types of venereal diseases associated with Vietnam around the time of the American withdrawal which probably is/was 'an indicator' or at least partial validation, particularly in that the 'disease references' seem to have stopped with the American withdrawal.

The island might have been Con Son or anyway located in that chain of islands - but it also might have been in the Philippines.

PETER BIS NEWS. Others - some men - how many or what percentage of the 2,000 remains unclear - have apparently been given sex change operations and returned to the United States in a condition of subservience as women. Two of whom may have been seen in the Senate Office Buildings May 2007 [one in the Dirksen sub-basement and one by the Calder in Hart], with another - possibly a friend or supporter - in brief conversation with PETER BIS outside in the Senate park.
This unfortunate scenario seems to be validated by an incident reported to have taken place in 1986: supposedly three plane loads of starving American POWs were brought from Vietnam to an American military hospital in the Philippines where they were nurtured back to health and then returned to Vietnam in a condition of subservience. About a hundred POWs were evacuated and returned, with none weighing over a hundred pounds on arrival, and some died.
No official word on where they were taken; speculation centers around the Navy hospital at Subic Bay but that was never confirmed.

We are proud of our POWs, and ashamed of our government - which very probably is threatening them with prosecution for 'criminal' violation of The Code [though Henry Kissinger and George H. W. Bush readily abandoned them] to keep them silent.

Imprisoned since the late 1960s or early 1970s it would not be surprising to find some - in reality normal guys - had gone 'prison gay' to the extent they were isolated and under the circumstances may have considered themselves fortunate to be in proximity to other Americans. 'Homosexual at gunpoint' isn't really gay, and it is not an excuse to cut somebody's dick off. Or to give them an ultimatum - 'You can go back if you let us cut your dick off.'

'Don't ask - don't tell.' Well, it sounds like they were made to tell. Homosexuality is prohibited in the military, but after being held POW for a couple decades after being publicly and pointedly abandoned by your country [which Kissinger definitely did, repeatedly declaring there were no more being held]it is childish to hold that against somebody unless you are claiming there were incidents of forced homosexual rape among the Americans held captive in which case the military has no choice but to prosecute the crimes no matter how distant.

Presumably we carry the POWs on the payroll at grade plus [anticipated promotions]. Please do not be running them out of the service now and under these conditions [in secret no less].

REPEAT. Some POWs - at least a few - are no longer in Asia imprisoned by the Asians, but have been returned to America and are being imprisoned by Americans. Who probably hate them and disparage them as 'queers,' 'queens,' and Lord knows what else. In fairness to the surveillance elements,
1. its medium probable they're operating in ignorance of what the true situation is,
2. they're prone to negative reinforcement from a variety of sources including highly placed ones ['the president' in concept], and
3. they may be government workers conceptually acting in a private role - doing this 'as a favor' for somebody - which they will inevitably see as diminishing the legitimacy of the subject people [here unrecognized POWs].

Department of Defence was allowed to develop their own domestic security service supposedly focused on protecting installations - is this one of their functions? Ongoing surveillance of the POWs and maybe their families, assisted as necessary by Military Intel units [active and reserve]?

Our Domestic Intelligence Crisis; [FINAL Edition], Richard A. Posner. The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.: Dec 21, 2005. pg. A.31.
We've learned that the Defense Department is deeply involved in domestic intelligence (intelligence concerning threats to national security that unfold on U.S. soil). The department's National Security Agency has been conducting, outside the framework of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens within the United States. Other Pentagon agencies, notably the one known as Counterintelligence Field Activity(CIFA), have, as described in Walter Pincus's recent articles in The Post, been conducting domestic intelligence on a large scale. Although the CIFA's formal mission is to prevent attacks on military installations in the United States, the scale of its activities suggests a broader concern with domestic security. Other Pentagon agencies have gotten into the domestic intelligence act, such as the Information Dominance Center, which developed the Able Danger data-mining program.

These programs are criticized as grave threats to civil liberties. They are not. Their significance is in flagging the existence of gaps in our defenses against terrorism [IF that is what they're doing, and they are not in fact tracking POWs or their friends and families]. The Defense Department is rushing to fill those gaps, though there may be better ways.

The collection, mainly through electronic means, of vast amounts of personal data is said to invade privacy. But machine collection and processing of data cannot, as such, invade privacy. Because of their volume, the data are first sifted by computers, which search for names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., that may have intelligence value. This initial sifting, far from invading privacy (a computer is not a sentient being), keeps most private data from being read by any intelligence officer.....
SORRY. That is frankly wrong. Overwhelming indicators suggest the technical means - apparently the reason for running the 'blacklist' out of the National Security Agency as a hitchhiker on their broad surveillance authorization - are supplemented by ground deployments, tracking PETER BIS from Bellingham Washington to Reno Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Maine and the Florida Keys.

Of course we know that surveillance generally is a bad thing, warrantless surveillance is particularly egregious, and an adult capable of acting as a government worker is at least in concept suppose to be smart enough to question the 'situational paradigm' or basic premise of the surveillance operation.

Faith. A Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage. That is how weak Bush really is. That is how disparaging they are to our society and way of life. That is how poorly they treat the lower ranks of the military, and how readily they betray the things the military is suppose to - at least in concept - represent.

And it was never the Chinese.

We don't know exactly when or under which American president, but we're pretty sure it happened under Deng.

Attractive nuisance. A deal too good to pass up and Deng Xiaping couldn't say no. Our State Department sucks and our generals let them suck. It ain't the fault of the Chinese they drive a harder bargain then our guys can. 'We were conflicted.'

We were kept conflicted by the Jews, the Bush family - George H.W. Bush as the UN Ambassador and then the first liaison in Peking before it was even Beijing - and Henry Kissinger.

PETER BIS REPORTING - your ongoing information source.

Working with Buckingham Palace, the Secret Service put Princess Di in France where she 'died' as opposed to the United States where she was thinking about bringing her sons on a trip. And they were monitoring her phone the night of the accident; it turns out the chauffeur was significantly tied to the French security agencies, though his actions and even his presence that night remain controversial. That is review - this blogspot has covered that before.

More recently, The Queen came to the United States with Blair real weak and Gordon Brown an outsider as the Scots contemplate mass defection, Bush in need of an opportunity to be well spoken and a credit to his parents - gloriously 'mock-serious' at a state funeral is his specialty, and Iran ripe for either a good bombing or invasion.
Of course the concern was that The Queen would be a target for Bush and Blair to divide and conquer with Charles coming on and maybe either asking Blair to stay or looking for a wider response in the Middle East essentially at the behest of Israel at least in theory.
So PETER BIS "dropped dime" [now actually 50 cents per call], raised the alarm, and succeeded in blowing the whistle on it.
Which, after a suitable pause for inquiry, seems to have drawn some validation.

How do you validate something like that?When The Queen was here, there was strong opposition to writing anything bad about the Jews. Its possible The Crown is still carrying Zionist weight forward - and in this case it served them well with the warning - but it makes for an odd three-way legacy clutch, spinning in a lopsided step around the dance floor [Nazis, Jews, and the British royal family].
STILL this is review, more-or-less covered here previously.


Action photograph. The United States Secret Service setting up to hassle PETER BIS around the park. Deployed WITH technology - black Cadillac SUV not pictured; the Secret Service sets him up and the Park Police show up to make the bounce.




YES. Truly absurd aspects of their egregious conspiracy - now they're after PETER BIS. They have targeted him. Rather than richly rewarding PETER BIS for saving their ass in Kentucky, they have him dribbling up and down the street like a one armed Harlem Globetrotter. BIS still has all the old moves but it is physically draining and takes a toll on his social life. Vilified, scapegoated, and this was for attempting to save The Queen.

PETER BIS got one fine steak meal the night The Queen arrived, and was also tipped that she left with more people than she arrived with - perhaps suggesting they brought people in when they realized the threat magnitude and proximity - but other than that he is screwed. 'Down by law.'

Stuart Knight was the Director of the Secret Service who apparently had Carter kidnapped out of the White House and Reagan shot in the car, in both instance setting them up for being implanted with electrodes in the body, skull and brain.

Mark Sullivan - shown - has brought this proud tradition forward to the point where the Secret Service has now targeted PETER BIS who foiled the planned attack on The Queen [accepting their wrath as additional confirmation].

Jesus wept. There are a lot of good Christians over there, and there were a lot of good Christians over there when Parr [apparently] positioned Reagan in the limousine. Serious question for the United States Secret Service - who gets more money, Parr or Hinckley? Can you imagine doing that, and then accepting a government pension?

As a matter of fact, you CAN imagine doing that on the government meal ticket and then buckling in for the rest of the government ride. Well they're hiring! They have positions available for people like them who are willing to work like they do! You too could have a black Cadillac SUV to covertly pursue a crippled guy with his worldly possessions balanced in a wheelchair as the Park Police jump him up from location to location.

A lot of it happens at night. Be sure to mention PETER BIS on your employment application, and put down that you're willing to work overtime as required.

Ingratitude, thou marble-hearted fiend,
More hideous, when thou show'st thee in a child
Than the sea-monster!

Charles with the rottweiler. 'A guess' is that the attempt on
The Queen's life was to have come at the Kentucky Derby rather than in Virginia, but this is entirely ridiculous. There is no way
The Queen can come here in the face of this simply outrageous circumstance. No way. Beyond the Pale. Bush and Blair in their conspiracy have broken every rule, and to come in spite of that is to diminish all national honor - our's and England's. We fought the war for this? The grave yards are definitely full of soldiers, and this is a travesty. Jesus wept.

Of course one must remember PETER BIS anticipated an orchestrated 'Bush/CIA-terrorist attack' on the Capital when Vice President Cheney spoke over President Ford's body at New Years 2006~2007, and when Cheney went ahead with the speech suggested Cheney had done so in a building which was then stuffed with explosives [west of the rotunda with a blast pattern taking out the speaker's podium].
That is a fairly specific allegation, guessing the CIA didn't send technicians scrambling through the building pulling the charges out in broad daylight though in collaboration with the Capital Police of course anything is possible,
but in a larger sense 'IF PETER BIS was right about that' [or correct in the allegation] there is a pretty good chance 'he is right about this too.'

Bishop Theophilus Naledi of Zimbabwe [the CIA-Mugabe client state in southern Africa] resigned for Trevor Mwamba who was Head of Legal and Compliance Affairs and Company Secretary at Standard Bank Botswana as Paul Wolfowitz took over at the World Bank, and if those guys are a CIA funding mechanism it is an additional reason for The Queen not to come.
PETER BIS caught a CIA executive named Thomas J. Mattingly funneling Nigerian oil to the Chinese in 2004~2005. Mattingly was working with Nigerian generals who retired to northern Virginia. The Anglican congregations in Virginia [and in M. Jodi Rell CIA-Connecticut] in revolt over conceptual homosexuality in the Church have aligned themselves with the Bishop of Nigeria, The Most Rev'd Peter Akinola, who was in on building the new capital city.
Is or was Akinola associated with 'the Nigerian generals now in Virginia' who the CIA recently tried to use in the 'Oil-for-China' scam? They certainly know who he is, and almost certainly had a relationship with him - making his life easier [or not]. Does the CIA now have people in the rebel congregations, and has the CIA opened a project designator with expense reporting and media contacts identified?
What SWINE these people are.
It is hugely unfortunate that The Queen would come at a time like this, even if the CIA attack on her Church never went beyond the CIA-homosexuality crisis/advocacy into the CIA funding issues.

The CIA has professionals deployed to routinely trash the institutions and destroy the symbolic value of the trip [is a native American contingent planning to ambush The Queen, and are they CIA led? Is there going to be more patronizing coverage in the CIA mouthpiece Washington Post?]. Why should The Queen have to fight that?
Or no - quite the opposite. Iraq is the Bush/Blair war; they've used The Queen's visit as an excuse to monitor all potentially disagreeable persons east of the Mississippi River and now they need the visit to justify the surveillance. SWINE.

The trick is cancelling the trip without letting the CIA manipulate the situation, probably trying to create a health issue they can use against The Queen in the future. Perhaps Charles will have to have a health issue and The Queen will stay in England to care for him.

If The Queen wants to visit the United States, PETER BIS looks forward to her arrival. His FEAR is that she does not/did not want to come on her own though she may not have been disagreeable to it, but somebody else pushed her into the trip - which may be the precursor to an attempt on her life.

Bush is dangerous - as evidenced by Vice President Cheney being driven to shoot a man in Texas [can't ask for more warning than that]- and Bush won't stop at the edge of decency; whatever one thinks of his father, the simple truth is that matters have passed by the old man other than that he fuels it and revels in conspiracy.
Succession is a big stakes game and their appetites are whetted; Blair is weak and 'the team of them' could use a 'rally moment.'

Tony Blair, smooth and sanctimonious in his 'Labor absent the working man' George W. Bush patented phony-faith conservatism, all too handsome as an evil Halley's Comet - arriving and departing on the death of royalty. The Queen would make a handsome pair with Di.

George W. Bush has his orchestrated Jew, Wolfowitz, conspiring in the World Bank [now with Andrew Young lured into the pre-planned scandal], and the attorney general Gonzales neither here-nor-yon,
while perhaps more to the immediate point the Scots of Scotland are threatening to walk on Gordon Brown,
and it is not an opportune moment for Her Majesty to be 'risking' about.

There is no good to be had for anyone - public or private, citizen or servant - in folding the cards and sitting out hands at this late point in the game. The evil ones kill Negroes with AIDS in the Commonwealth and it can be stopped,
for that matter they use Mugabe to starve people in the old bread basket of Rhodesia,
but it won't be brought to an end by quitting or with subservience.

Still, she is The Queen. If she feels she must attend to business here PETER BIS cannot stop her, but otherwise he would urge her to cancel the trip, confident he can somehow get to London if need be.

Of course this is all about the boy.

Charles carries a blackness on his soul as does William or so PETER BIS maintains;
'evil in heredity' has an immediacy that can't skip heads and William's got it but Harry is clear or so PETER BIS maintains.

Distant in the American eye, Charles still intends to take the throne for his own:
"After the wedding, Mrs. Parker Bowles became known as HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. When The Prince accedes to the throne, she will be known as HRH The Princess Consort" [],
and there is trouble in that for the boys [and the subjects], or so PETER BIS maintains.

Still The Queen is a shrewd old Queen who has done well on her own; can she skip in abdicating? Scandalously divorced man married to 'the other woman' to head the Church of England - now, in the midst of the American-born 'homosexual' controversies? It doesn't seem quite appropriate, does it? Almost too American. Ignoring Charles's familiarity with drug smuggling.
Does The Queen know what the future holds for her? Does she see advantage in waiting? All right - the time is ripe for a rally moment, but not the one they think is coming, Gordon Brown lazy in Tony Blair's shadow as a younger King steps up vigorous and strong. The people would be shocked - and shocked again; Harry can surprise them. Vivid Harry with the girls all swooning; do not trust Charles with his blackness to say he'll only hold the seat warm for Harry - none of that now. Do or don't without a half measure trying to hedge the bet. Of course that is a bad analogy - Harry is not a gamble [William is the gamble]. Young, well, one must not wait too long. Harry is young, but so was Richard the Third.

Time and again, in the face of more immediate threats [though never a more pivotal moment] the English Kings have 'risen to the occasion' and Harry, one suspects, will make quite an impression. Including on the comely Scottish lasses. Be interesting if he re-unified the thrones, wouldn't it. In 'easy nature' he is older than he looks.

Henri Paul, driver who took Princess Di to her conceptual death [sans arguments about whether she was really in the car or not].

The latest development in the case.

You already heard [citing here from Report: Princess Di driver was drunk, Sue Leeman, Associated Press in USAToday, 10 Dec 2006 typical with other papers similar].
"...An official British report into the crash, to be published Thursday, is expected to find her death was an accident, a London newspaper said late Saturday. The Observer said the report by former Metropolitan Police chief John Stevens also concludes that Paul was drunk at the time of the crash.
But other of Stevens' findings reported by the Observer were likely to fuel conspiracy theories.
The paper said Stevens would report that the U.S. Secret Service was bugging Diana's phone without the approval of its British counterpart on the night of her death. It said U.S. officials assured Stevens the secretly recorded conversations shed no new light on her death.
Stevens' report also will confirm claims that Paul was in the pay of the French intelligence services, the Observer said.
British police declined to comment on the BBC report or Stevens' investigation...."

'Word on the street' in Washington D.C. is that Henri Paul was "head of the Paris Ossuary" which probably refers to the French intelligence mechanisms. You knew they were stewardesses on airplanes - now you find out they're in the luxury hotels. Big hotel - he might have been fairly high in it, perhaps in charge of other hotels as well.

That of course is but a dowdy cousin to the real Paris Ossuary. Denfert-Rochereau [photo from the awesome Kevin Kelm site, there are several memorials down there and a guess is that some attendant organization exists].

Were the alternate the real deal, of course a question or worry is whether or not there was 'trending' into some kind of black arts or the occult. It's interesting because the source is heavily tied to Masonic practices.

Was it Mitterrand involved in the early morning car accident which everybody assumed took place as he was coming home from his mistress's house? That was almost certainly orchestrated, giving everyone a chance to be very blase in affirming ritual principles of the Francophile.
In general we oppose that type of orchestration as equating to a public lie and leading to a disparity of awareness [ever greater public lies] and they seem to be trying to mitigate that here in acknowledging the tie up front, but is it possible to further define Henri Paul's relationship with the Ossuary as related to Dodi and Princess Di?

PETER BIS: your source for Di updates [acting on a Lauren Goss tip].

Orchestrated "Wolfowitz matters" at the World Bank. True. The alleged controversy is entirely a sham now 'backdated' - even as a small clique of Jews were getting the presidency of the World Bank they engaged in semi-criminal conspiracy about furthering their cause in subsequently losing the seat. Bizarre but true.

George W. Bush famously wanted to 'privatize' Social Security, with the money going into the stock market - but he did not suggest the market is now undervalued. What would have happened when all the new money flowed in? Share valuation might have significantly jumped, but really it looks like Bush was intending to 'internationalize' the New York Stock Market with your Social Security contributions [unless he intended to simply let people entirely opt out of contributing, which he definitely never articulated].

Was Bush's plan to internationalize the New York Stock Market with your Social Security contribution driven by the clique of Jews and/or related to having a Jew [Wolfowitz] be head of the World Bank? Does it tie to the Wolfowitz 'anti-corruption' campaign? Was it conceptualized as a funding mechanism for Israel beyond the Federal Reserve or as a 'second generation' infrastructure funding mechanism with a level of complexity beyond the Federal Reserve scheme?

Was the attack on Jon Corzine, former head of Goldman Sachs, at all related to Bush's economic scheming in the so-called 'privatization' effort? Did Corzine find out about it and attempt to unify resistance?
Did Robert Rubin understand what was going on? Did he really think Bush was the guy to try this? Word on the streets is that they're wanting to crash the concept of a strong American middle class for a wealthy ruling elite and an underclass of poor people or anyway a significantly reduced standard of living in the middle.

Cho Seung Hui, Korean apparently recruited into the CIA by his sister from Princeton who works for either the Agency or the State Department [in public they admit to her working for the State Department, noting Wilson worked for State while his wife worked for the Agency].

Virginia Tech was orchestrated, and PETER BIS got a visit. The kids didn't die - in fact the Agency pulled in a bunch of bright young civil engineers who specialize in water, along with a bunch of International Studies people with some language fluency [STILL maddening - the easiest way for the CIA to acquire language skills is to recruit foreigners and then pretend to kill them].
Why "kill" them before providing new names and maybe new faces? Rebecca Mark ran a water division for ENRON, and at the time that whole industry had a bad reputation for going into South and Latin American countries and pushing big projects on the natives. Keeping the poor people poor. Now the CIA can covertly insert people and maybe do the same thing from the inside.

Death scenario double leveraged by the CIA, now trying to erode your Constitutional protections in gun ownership through entirely artificial constructions. Strictly gaming; there is no truth to the incident. Hillary Clinton must be proud. The California Senators - Boxer and Feinstein - smile; Protocols of the Elders of Zion driving government.

The idea is that the Corzine accident brought us into World Bank weekend or their annual meeting as a defiant threat, and the Virginia Tech killing was George W. Bush emerging victorious. They survive - and prosper.

Jon Corzine attacked by the CIA – possibly related to the World Bank meeting and Alien Movement. Screaming in the ambulance at departure - is that the new mode of Senate travel?

Did they demo a couple SUVs training the driver how-to-hurt-him-but-he-didn’t-die[?].

Summer of 2004 George Tenet stepped down - immediately replaced by stage magician John McLaughlin who was named ‘interim director of the CIA’; Governor McGreevey of New Jersey was knocked down for an apparent CIA executive named Richard Codey; Governor Rowland of Connecticut was knocked down for an apparent CIA executive named M. Jodi Rell; and Porter Goss took over as director of the CIA.

Once upon a time that would have led the folks at Langley to say 'Tenet was clean, Goss was innocent, and McLaughlin was a stage magician' but now we hear they're out of Denver.

The United States Senate was fully informed of this. Richard Codey intended to go on in running to be elected governor of New Jersey in his own right but they knocked him down, though they allowed M. Jodi Rell to continue in the office in Connecticut. What drove their thinking isn’t clear – perhaps there wasn’t as strong a contender in Connecticut as there was in New Jersey [Jon Corzine]; anyway Corzine was elected governor of New Jersey, took the office in a budget crisis which involved shutting down the CIA-gambling casino franchise in Atlantic City for lack of state regulators, got through that, and was attacked in the middle of what we might characterize as the CIA-Larry Summers-President-of-Harvard ‘Women in Science’/ ‘Radio’ Don Imus-‘Black Women Basketball Players’ provocative or inflammatory ‘Big Talk’ advocacy. The CIA asserting situational dominance over society purely through media manipulation.

If Corzine was stupid enough to fall for that as a babe-in-the-woods you have a hard time feeling sorry for him, but ‘Macaca’ George Allen was similarly taken out in a CIA setup he walked into with his eyes open [and may have even initially resisted]; interesting to speculate Corzine actually knew Imus and the Big Talk was orchestrated – just that he never figured they’d wipe him as the cavalry rode to the rescue.

Corzine and George Allen. The CIA didn’t wipe out Larry Summers.

Who is the fool – United States Senate knew what was going on but somehow couldn’t cut the head off the snake. Corzine is down, and CIA Richard Codey is back as governor of New Jersey.

Foul Codey. What an ***hole, certainly magnified by Corzine being a really nice guy who the Democrats had pointed at the top [which is why he left the Senate to be governor]. But for the CIA, Allen would have been the Republican nominee in 2008, and Corzine certainly would have been Vice Presidential material. This could be a case of ‘the CIA doing routine house cleaning’ in taking down attractive outsiders to move their own pawns [McCain, Clinton, Obama] forward. But that would be a foul f***ing Codey.

Maybe not. The attack on Corzine happened simultaneous to the annual World Bank meeting in Washington D.C.; Corzine’s original claim to fame was being the head of Goldman Sachs, and its possible the Agency took Corzine out either in defiance or as a way for reactionary elements in the Agency to assert situational dominance in pursuing certain activities they wanted the Bank to immediately deliver on. Is Corzine known to have been close to either Bloomberg or Rubin, modern J.P. Morgan, which is where all true power lies? No idea.
Either or both of those points are reasonable and very possible; longer shot would be taking out Corzine, whose girlfriend is famously the leading union activist in New Jersey, as a way of preserving Paul Wolfowitz, Jew at the World Bank, whose Saudi-born girlfriend, Shasa Ali Riza, is similarly controversial but unbeatable from a political correctness perspective. Sure, having Codey in the background was a comfort to them and the point may have been raised in-house to bring across reluctant executive approval [it could hardly dissuade them], but the World Bank scenario doesn’t mean Codey figured significantly in the plot – though they may have told him to ‘plan on being around’ that weekend, and once you’re there you’re swine.

Serving Israel with your dick; the guys who brought us into Iraq and their problematic women. Word on the street has it that CIA Heather Grant intends to deny knowing Valerie Plame was CIA from affiliation with Marc Rich back in the day, so 'inquiry' isn't going to work. No bluff - don't try to get her on the record unless you really have the goods on it. More to the point here, did the Wolfowitz-Ali Riza issue set Corzine up for hospitalization?

What does PETER BIS really think? All of the above. They tried to take BIS out once with a semi tractor slamming into Roy Wilson’s Toyota Camry from behind, and once in a ‘head on’ near Albany New York [Roy survived; the other passengers in the car outside Albany left screaming in ambulances similar to Corzine]. In an ‘orchestration’ scenario or Agency construction, maximizing effectivity of the accident would have depended on positioning the vehicles. Doesn’t mean they did wreck SUVs in training for it, and it doesn’t mean the State Police driver was himself a knowing participant in it, but it does mean they knew Corzine routinely didn’t wear seat belts, wasn’t wearing a seatbelt that day, and they almost certainly knew who his driver was whether or not the driver was their pick or choice.

So far so good – unfortunate but easy to understand, particularly given the CIA attack on the governors in the Summer of 2004 and the attack on Senators Burns and Allen in 2006 [what didn’t you understand about that?]. NOW it gets strange.

Summer 2006 [single incident taking place at some point midmorning on a weekday mid-July to Mid August] there was a conceptual bomb scare incident at Union Station which drew a significant law enforcement response, and hugely re-routed pedestrian traffic. Word has it that in fact there was no bomb and they knew it - a humanoid lizard figure was brought into our nation’s capital by rail, continuing on to the White House which is where PETER BIS saw it [dressed in black leather with a mask]. It had an office with a desk – PETER BIS was in the doorway and saw it standing by the desk. He tells the story as moments or long seconds but not minutes.

This was followed by another dramatic conceptual ‘bomb scare incident’ midmorning either Wednesday April 11 or Thursday April 12 2007 [actually somewhat later than “midmorning” – our source put the start of it at 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. approx].

Saturday night, April 14 2007 there was a police motorcade east-bound on Constitution Avenue seen in front of the Natural Science Museum [IRS and Department of Justice buildings], comprised of eight or ten motorcycle cops in front, a white van with black and green rental stickers on the side [is that Enterprise? – maybe a Ford Econoline – no side windows in back], followed by eight or ten police cruisers. Lights flashing and sirens wailing - over a white van with no windows?
Taken in the context of the World Bank meeting, one possibility is that they were again moving a humanoid lizard figure [NO activity immediately evident 04/14/07 at Union Station 8:15~9:30 p.m. arriving to the area maybe twenty minutes after the motorcade, noting there was ‘activity’ on the north ramp access to the Supreme Court basement/parking garage and both a dinner and movie film activity at the Jefferson Building Library of Congress across the street][the movie is National Treasure: Book of Secrets – apparently Jerry Bruckheimer’s production following the Nicolas Cage National Archives success. Walt Disney Pictures is also involved, and Disney himself appeared to have a CIA affiliation dating back to his dishonorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps in the Allen Dulles-era].

Strange trending REALLY strange. ALSO on Wednesday April 11 – reportedly in the early afternoon – Vice President Cheney took 52 Senators off campus for a talk [in a non-government building in near proximity to the Senate buildings – down 2nd Street with CET heavy security-assault rifles-black SUV response].
Why 52 – are we sure 52? Well we aren’t sure about anything but a report from a well-placed source said 52. There are not 52 Republican Senators seated at this time – there’s only 49. From the Constitution, Article I. Section 3 - The Senate. The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice [CIA John Roberts] shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.
[Constitution, Article I. Section 2 – The House. The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment].

Rehnquist, the old Chief Justice, was attacked by Bush who appointed Roberts – does that mean Roberts will automatically recuse himself?
[CIA Bill Gates spell check kicks the conceptual word ‘recuse’ back, and while ‘recusancy’ and ‘recusant’ are listed in Webster’s New Collegiate – “the refusal of Roman Catholics to attend services of the Church of England constituting a statutory offense from about 1570 till 1791” - the word ‘recuse’ itself is not. Are we spelling it incorrectly or is there no such word? Scalia abruptly cleared on the duck hunting].

Would Bush have made a clean getaway if Biden hadn’t been radiated?

Will they talk about radiating the Negroes to bring the crime rate down [which Clinton and Giuliani both want credit for without admitting it involved radiating the Negroes]?
Will they talk about the attack on New Orleans using Katrina [Florida in 2004 similarly using hurricanes as an orchestrated weather device]? Hurricane Andrew in 1992?
As she assumed the office, Nancy Pelosi tried to take impeachment off the table – does meeting with the Senate imply the articles will make it through the House?

Was the recently departed Corzine called back as one of the 52 [51 plus one recently departed ex-Senator]? THAT would be interesting in light of the previous CIA attack and his subsequent accident.

Forget about your fantasies and Iraq – what is immediately at stake. ‘CIA guy who works in the Library of Congress’ [public in admitting past affiliation or professional ex-CIA status, his current status or affiliation may be open to question if he places people or tracks job openings on Capital Hill in communication with the Agency] says a bunch of federal judges are about to be indicted. At issue may be contact with the CIA which, as we saw with Allen in 2006, is your friend and then not your friend on kind of an evolving basis.

WAIT A MINUTE – The CIA indicts judges for contact with the CIA?!? When they have CIA lawyers literally swarming the federal courthouses? When they initiated the contact and provided a CIA contact and ‘check number’ they encouraged the judges to call [“anytime – pick up the phone”]?
Strange but true. When it all started back in the first Bush administration [or at least that’s when our date sequence originates], the contact was Mona B. Alderson in the Litigation Division of the Office of General Counsel [apparently after William Barr had transitioned through but we’re checking that].
PHO: 703-874-3107
FAX: 703-874-3208

And – the real reason you read the PETER BIS blogspot – we happen to know the United States Attorneys in the District of Columbia SUCK. A lawsuit over their sucking was filed as 06-383 Misc. Case [under seal because it was a so-called Grand Jury matter though the whole idea is that they were neutering a Grand Jury on official business] in Prettyman Courthouse. They would initiate an attack on the judiciary like that, and dredge up some virgin prosecutor to shamelessly lie or anyway deny their way through it [doesn’t happen here, checks and – and – and balances. Well it wasn’t me; we’re talking about this time right now].
As a rule it doesn’t break your heart to see judges jumped – though of course in the main they’re going to try to jump good ones, while throwing in a couple swine it was time to get rid of [is that background to what triggered the effort?].

Mona B. Alderson is probably no longer the CIA contact in the Office of General Counsel though its conceptually possible you could make an entire career out of being the contact; more probable is that the fax still works. Anyway, United States Attorneys in the District of Columbia SUCK and lied about it and said they couldn’t check. Because they SUCK.

Codey is by no means alone in attacking Corzine – he had plenty of assistance.

Kenneth L. Wainstein[MR initials], now the conceptual big shot opponent of terrorism, has his signature block all over litigation authorizing CIA, NSA, and ‘Public Officials-in-Private Conspiracy’ intrusions in the District of Columbia which were precursors to the attack on Rehnquist. Because Wainstein sucks. He may not have known exactly that he was going to be in on taking down Corzine, but its a stretch to say he didn’t know he was authorizing attacks on Rehnquist or Proxmire or Biden or most recently Corzine or any of it [Senator Byrd and the dog – after Biden was so blatantly hit it is possible Byrd was similarly attacked last week]. Read the litigation, ***hole. Its guys like Wainstein who are selling out the country to the CIA – is he Jewish? Anyway, now they’re going after federal judges.

Washington Gossip – please do not read this if you don’t live in the District of Columbia or litigate here.
Prettyman Courthouse. Royce Lamberth awarded the Indians $27 billion dollars in a case against the government which the government tried to have him thrown off of. Richard Roberts has his chambers across the hall but in the same alcove as Lamberth. IT APPEARS – piecing together bits of conversation from multiple sources including the guy from the Library of Congress in his quasi-CIA role and litigation filed in Prettyman - Roberts did not use the official CIA contact mechanism [indeed he deliberately refused to use it] but freely engaged in ex-parte communication with so many sources it is now impossible to track them all or who said what when, while Lamberth did use the official CIA contact mechanism but was much stricter on the ex-parte communication. Of course they’re going after Lamberth but not Roberts, essentially over what are ultimately the same attack patterns and parts of a larger surveillance and threat paradigm, and the $27 billion dollar award is certainly an interesting coincidence if it isn’t immediately related.

When they look across the hall, the wrong guy gets to say 'I told you so.'

Which brings us into reciprocity concepts and documentation including New Jersey ties to the VATICAN FACTION on Capital Hill 2007. Your awareness is appreciated, and may serve to mitigate further attacks on Jon Corzine.

Mass card is for Mary Ann Bis, who PETER BIS says was raped by their father with help of their brother. Crippled in a wheel chair at the end of her life, she was a pauper and the Catholic Church would not conduct a real funeral for her. In Washington D.C. a priest told PETER BIS that really all they’re interested in is the donations which makes sense when you look at things their way, which gets into the VATICAN FACTION and structure of the ‘conflict environment’ they have created [as follows].

Anyway PETER BIS would like to thank Betzler Funeral Home of Kalamazoo for providing her the dignity she was given.

More ties between the Justice Department and what we're calling VATICAN FACTION.
PETER BIS was in a street conference discussing previously reported similarities between the Mafia and Catholic Church including as noted by Frank Keating. The guy he was talking to - Catholic on Capital Hill - bursts out "I know Keating" but then didn't want to say from where. BIS started laughing at least in re-telling the story; 'Keating in contact with Catholics on Capital Hill' certainly doesn't diminish the element of betrayal in the CIA/Mafia/Catholic Church 'action designators' or nomenclature structure [including the homosexuality designator, the de-legitimizing or disparaging of socio-political institutions, and the inevitable funding issues]. The two - the parishioner from St. Joseph's and Keating - had apparently met at a religious function.

Mannish woman. Was Joan of Arc really killed by the Catholics[?]. The larger paradigm.

PETER BIS looks at church involvement in the corruption of human essence and induced metamorphosis [sexual - generally male to female], tracing its origins actually through the time of Christ to ancient Egypt and cult worship. He tells frankly anybody who will listen that 'the cure for the bite of a serpent is milk from the breast of a young virgin who was once a male' or at least that is what he claims is written on one of the temple walls in Egypt, and he has traced worship of the Egyptian gods in the Catholic Church to a particular parish on North Capital Avenue here in the District of Columbia. True. NOW, the recent analysis of conceptual relics is awfully coincidental if it isn't somehow related.

Joan of Arc Relics Are Actually Egypt Mummy Remains, Research Reveals, Kate Ravilious, National Geographic News, April 4, 2007.
The charred bones that were long believed to be remains of St. Joan of Arc don't belong to the French heroine but are instead the remains of an Egyptian mummy, a new study has shown.

Philippe Charlier, a forensic scientist at the Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Paris, France, obtained permission last year to study the relics from the church in Normandy where they are housed. The relics were said to have been retrieved from the French site where Joan was burned at the stake in 1431. Charlier's team studied the relics—including a fragment of cloth and a human rib—under the microscope and subjected them to chemical tests.

Close inspection of the human rib showed that it had not been burned but may have been heated to create a blackened crust on the surface, Charlier said. Meanwhile the fragment of linen cloth had a coating characteristic of mummy wrappings and contained large amounts of pine pollen. "Pine resin was widely used in Egypt during embalming," Charlier explained, adding that pine trees did not grow in Normandy during Joan of Arc's time. Final proof came from carbon-14 analysis, which dated the human remains to between the third and sixth centuries B.C. Chemical scans of all the relics further suggested Egypt as the place of origin, as the profiles closely matched those of Egyptian mummies rather than burned bones. "We were astonished to find [the bone] came from a mummy," he said.

Joan's life in France was short but eventful. Late in the Hundred Years' War—fought between France and England from 1337 to 1453—she claimed to hear voices from God telling her to recover her homeland from the English. After many battles against the English she was captured, and in 1431 was burned at the stake in the French city of Rouen under the orders of an English duke [ ]. The putative relics surfaced in 1867 in a jar in the attic of a Paris pharmacy. They were labelled "Remains found under the stake of Joan of Arc, virgin of Orleans" and were officially recognized by the Vatican as being authentic. [End citation].

Was it a true metamorphosis/conversion, or was a church figure trying to induce the possibility of conversion - questions remain.

Of course PETER BIS typically looks at metamorphosis headed in the other direction - man to woman. Only a footnote in the bizarre, Joan of Arc's metamorphosis female-to-male raises the interesting possibility that she had been a male to begin with.

Scan provides clues to King Tut's features, Guy Gugliotta, Washington Post, May 11, 2005. WASHINGTON -- King Tut had a pointy head, a prominent nose, a rounded forehead, and large eyes. He was about 19 when he died, and apparently he wasn't murdered, as earlier research had suggested. ''He was supposed to be an iconic individual, and it was probably important that he look the part," New York University physical anthropologist Susan Anton said yesterday. ''It's interesting that he looks so striking."

Anton led one of three forensic teams who used CT tomography -- a ''CAT scan" -- of Tut's mummified remains to reconstruct the head and face of the boy pharaoh. Two of the teams -- one Egyptian and one French -- knew Tut's identity, while Anton's American team did not. The three sets of results, however, were surprisingly similar, agreeing on Tut's unusual and arresting mix of male and female facial features. The study will be reported in the June edition of National Geographic magazine.

Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities and leader of the team that performed the CT scan in January, said in a news release that the team had found no signs of childhood disease, malnutrition, or prolonged illness in Tut, and no evidence of ''foul play." A report by Hawass in March had rejected a theory that Tut died from a blow to the head. Instead, he suffered a bad fracture just above the left knee a few days before he died, Hawass said, and ''it is possible this injury became infected and killed the king." Tutankhamun, pharaoh of Egypt's 18th dynasty, died around 1323 B.C. after a short and not particularly noteworthy career. He was buried in a small tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings near Luxor.

Tutankhamun's fame arose principally because his inner tomb was left largely unpillaged. When British Egyptologist Howard Carter entered it in 1922, he found a dazzling array of gold and jeweled objects. Hawass's CT-scan gathered 1,700 images, from which three-dimensional plastic models of the skull were created. These were used by the three teams to reconstruct King Tut's face and head. Hawass led the Eqyptian team, and Jean-Noel Vignal, a forensic anthropologist with the National Gendarmerie in Paris, led the French team. Anton and medical artist Michael Anderson, of Yale's Peabody Museum, analyzed the ''mystery individual."

Anton, in a telephone interview, described the specimen as ''somewhat equivocal." The decidedly masculine jaw was the giveaway, she said, although the rounded forehead, the sharp brow and the prominent eyes suggested a woman. Age was easy, she said. The third molars were in the process of coming in, which happens between the ages of 18 and 20. The shape of the cranial cavity indicated an African, while the nose opening suggested narrow nostrils -- a European characteristic. The skull was a North African. [End citation].

Were Joan of Arc and King Tut apprehended and killed mid-transformation [whichever direction]? Both essentially by the Catholic Church structure - one by the Church in its infancy as an Egyptian cult formation, and one by what had by then become the historically validated hierarchy in medieval Europe[?].

PETER BIS looks at directed radiation [both conceptually 'natural' and artificial] and plasma structures invading human essence - less at 'triggers in human cell biology' or commensurate result at a molecular level. Still, 'first choice' is sticking as closely as possible to known and previously quantified processes.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
Hormonal control. Insect growth and metamorphosis are controlled by hormones synthesized by endocrine glands near the front of the body. Some cells of an insect's brain secrete a hormone that activates thoracic glands, which secrete a second hormone, usually Ecdysone (a steroid), that induces metamorphosis. Moreover, the corpora allata produce the juvenile hormone, whose effect is to prevent the development of adult characteristics while allowing ecdysis. Therefore, the insect is subject to a series of moult, controlled by Ecdysone, until the production of juvenile hormone ceases and metamorphosis occurs....

PETER BIS then supports what might be considered an 'overview perspective' with ground observations.
Dime a dozen. However painful to talk, re-talk, and ultimately analyze, these are not difficult to gather. The batting order of ***holes, insofar as they attack him with 'swarm tactics.' Strictly operational [pausing in the religious observations], VATICAN FACTION in Washington D.C. is obviously associated with the emergent CIA-orchestrated NATIONAL COMMUNITY CHURCH. Located in fairly immediate proximity, they have significantly cross pollinated.

NCC 2004 Directory - membership - listing John & Janet Ashcroft, 22 3rd Street NE, Washington D.C. 20002. Ashcroft probably went one time and the CIA subsequently tried to leverage that; on the other hand it is reasonably likely Ashcroft knew they were a CIA front and his visit would be taken to legitimize their undertakings.

PETER BIS suggests All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas Virginia has significant ties to the Mafia [in part based on their suggestion he leave the country],
and one of his previous sources in San Diego [a Mafia 'widow' who was Catholic got exiled from Italy/Sicily as opposed to having her husband die] told him the Mafia had a command center on two floors in one of the 'Twin Towers' destroyed in the attacks of 9/11. Mid-30s [34/35th or 35/36th]. Head of the outfit had been skimming from the Mafia families worldwide, and 'they' - his source got real uncomfortable when BIS inquired as to whether the head of the outfit was male or female - sent all their people to work that day but didn't go in themselves.

Which sounds very CIA, insofar as it isn't likely someone could skim from the Mafia worldwide without the CIA being in on it. Famous last words in the CIA - "Whatever is left over you can keep" - but not that much without them getting something steady back on it. Anyway, PETER BIS would like to wish the source 'Happy Birthday' and says 'thank you' [still]; apparently they were some help in dealing with a Jesuit-trained CIA executive conceptually named Thomas J. Mattingly. The source [reinforced by street talk among the Capital Police here] says Mattingly is dead which we suspect is only wishful thinking but PETER BIS does appreciate being kept abreast of these developments.

Returning - almost inevitably - to the Church and the larger, orchestrated corruption of our society.

Father Satan on Earth, the Mafia Pope in Greece.

Somebody - presumably CIA - maybe plotting an act of domestic terrorism in furthering the pending transition of the Bush Administration,
PETER JOSEPH BIS provides an overview with background details.


chatterbox: Gossip, speculation, and scuttlebutt about politics.
Free Frank Keating.

The Catholic Church really is like the Mafia.
By Timothy Noah,
PETER JOSEPH BIS who was saying that long before the Noah article which only came out in 2003. BIS wants a boat, capable of handling the North Atlantic and getting him to Greece. The problem - or anyway a problem; one of many - seems to be the Catholics having a spy/surveillance structure going up in Greece, maybe in anticipation of weakening or taking over the Greek Church [Orthodox] and government. Slipped to BIS by a well-placed Catholic who recently went over there and came back talking maybe more than he should have.

Message to the Greek national and Orthodox security functions:
You've been warned.
In a passed life, Team peterbis had an NCO previously with the CIA when the Agency went after "Black Mack" [ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS] on Cyprus and the island has still not recovered. Bizarre; for at least the passed twenty five years to this day the Agency has adroitly managed to point the finger at the Turks - anyway these warnings are not to be ignored.

Roger Cardinal Mahony

From the beginning. The Timothy Noah article, posted Monday, June 16, 2003, at 6:56 PM ET.
Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating has resigned as chairman of the bishops' board investigating pederasty in the Catholic Church. Keating appears to have been pushed out by Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who has fought Keating's efforts to force disclosure of church documents concerning allegations of sexual abuse. Logically, the press ought to be playing Keating's resignation as a story about the church compromising the independence of its panel in order to protect its priests. Instead, the press is mostly playing Keating's presumed sacking as a story about Keating's brutish verbal insensitivity. The gaffe in question was a comparison Keating made (in the June 12 Los Angeles Times) between the Catholic Church and the Mafia:

"I have seen an underside that I never knew existed. I have not had my faith questioned, but I certainly have concluded that a number of serious officials in my faith have very clay feet. That is disappointing and educational, but it's a fact," Keating said.

"To act like La Cosa Nostra and hide and suppress, I think, is very unhealthy," he said. "Eventually it will all come out."
Does the Catholic Church resemble the Mafia? Before delving into this question, we must stipulate that the Mafia kills people, whereas the Catholic Church does not. (It used to, as Joan of Arc and many lesser-known heretics could attest. But let's stick to the present.) More broadly, the Mafia is dedicated to evil, whereas the Catholic Church is dedicated to holiness, which translates (roughly) in the secular world to good [hotly disputed by PETER BIS, who suggests the entire Church structure has sold out in Satanic practices]. These two stark differences are the reason why so many Catholics have taken offense, or at least feigned offense, at Keating's remark.

But the idea that the Catholic Church resembles the Mafia in other ways is hardly new. It has at least one distinguished adherent in Wilfrid Sheed—novelist, essayist, Slate diarist, and (more to the point) son to Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward, founders of the venerable Catholic publishing house, Sheed & Ward. In 1974, Sheed published a book titled Three Mobs: Labor, Church and Mafia. Among other points of comparison, Sheed told Chatterbox in a phone conversation earlier today, is a sense that one belongs to the elect. Of the church, "Clare Boothe Luce said, 'It's like being born into a noble family,' " Sheed explained. "A snob like Evelyn Waugh thought this was the true aristocracy." (Think of the Marchmains in Brideshead Revisited.) The Mafia, Sheed says, is "a parody of class." (Think of the nouveau riche Sopranos.) Aristocrats of any stripe don't take kindly to rude inquiries from outsiders.

To this, Chatterbox would add that the Mafia and the Roman Catholic Church are both rigorously hierarchical and led by individuals whose authority is never to be questioned. Both place a heavy emphasis on omertà, and both were hard-hit by the decline during the second half of the 20th century in institutional loyalty. Both are highly ceremonial (a point that's made to wonderful effect in The Godfather's climactic and very bloody baptism montage).

In general, of course, Sheed finds the Mafia much more thuggish than the Catholic Church. But he suggests that the Catholic Church, in addressing the pederasty scandal, is more arrogant. "I've never seen a piece in the Times" he says, "in which members of the Mafia talked quite so boldly as [officials] of the Catholic Church talk all the time."


PETER BIS got on the score board with a major bust detailing priests and others affiliated with St. Joseph's Parish Church on Capital Hill acting in surveillance and espionage matters with contacts nearby at the Berlin Cafe on Mass Ave.

'Bait a hook and the fish bite.' Beyond the 'homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church' issue, Frank Keating is understood to have been active in the McVeigh investigation. PETER BIS now apparently has a source which claims THAT investigation - the McVeigh investigation - ALSO led into the Catholic Church terrorist structures. VATICAN FACTION. Information passing through the confessional to trigger the activity. Under the auspicious of the same Arch Bishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahoney.

Could that be? Is that something either BIS or the source confused in discussion? The accusation certainly sounds extreme. On the other hand, the allegation may be supported in part by Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:

After his parents' divorce, McVeigh lived with his father, and his sisters moved to Florida with their mother. He and his father were devout Roman Catholic who often attended daily Mass. In a recorded interview with Time Magazine [Patrick Cole, "A Look Back in TIME: Interview with Timothy McVeigh," March 30, 1996, accessed August 8, 2006] he professed his belief in "God". The Guardian reported that McVeigh wrote a letter claiming to be an agnostic.[Julian Borger, "McVeigh faces day of reckoning: Special report: Timothy McVeigh," The Guardian Online, June 11, 2001, accessed August 8, 2006].

PETER BIS increasingly thinks St. Joseph's Msgr. Father Charles/Wired Charles has connections going right to the top.

McVeigh the whole way home [Wikipedia graphic]. The really interesting guy is Terry Nichols, who had a girlfriend from the Philippines he married but at his trial could not remember his name or when [noting that sounds extreme and may reflect CIA orchestration in the Court process]. Did they really execute McVeigh? One hopes not - he knows a lot and may yet go on to redeem himself in service to the American people, identifying the people and Satanic infiltration of the Catholic Church responsible for what was a horrific incident of terrorism.

Better safe than sorry. Terrorism. The Pope is trying to work into Greece, victimized since John Negroponte left Richard Welch on the lawn in Athens [true - Welch's physical body went down, but the Greek government was what got shot by the CIA] with the Agency going after "Black Mack" [ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS] and legitimizing a fascist government of Colonels.
Now 2007 the Greek middle class is apparently wealthy enough for the Catholic Church to want to take another shot at them - we advise the Greek government to order them out straight away. Duck and cover. Tell the Pope to stay in Rome.

MAJOR spy BUST on Capital Hill as outlined by PETER BIS, alien of Catholic origin and schooling [twelve years including Msgr. Hackett Catholic Central High School in the Marianist Tradition, Kalamazoo Michigan].

The BUST revolves around St. Joseph's Church, Diocese of Washington D.C., which is located across from the Hart Senate Office Building. People go in at lunch - including a former Marine Corps Colonel and previously 'the short woman in black' - and spill, with the priests dropping back to contacts at the Berlin Cafe on Mass Avenue NE about a block-and-a-half or maybe two blocks away.

Join, Donate, Contact, and Schedule - could be coincidence, but no doubt they have all the criteria for a CIA manipulation scenario clearly presented right up front.

Rev. Msgr. Charles V. Antonicelli, Pastor, born in New Jersey and former lawyer who denies the Mafia, appears to be the lead.

Last Friday night, 30 March 2007, PETER BIS observed the Rev. Eugene Hemrick, underling of Antonicelli, loitering on the street corner at Third and Mass Ave NE - looking quite good. Pleated slacks - as opposed to his usual "baggy" attire [BIS description] - and no beret but a rich purple top; as it turns out apparently waiting for a 'drop.' Man approached and made the turnover [no word from BIS on whether he approached with a sign or was challenged by Hemrick]; Hemrick took it and they spoke for a moment. Man - still unknown though BIS is pursuing identification - departed west direction, with so-called Father Hemrick [if that really is his name] crossing Third and then crossing Mass Ave, turning east on Mass Ave, and then turning around once as if to check for a tail before disappearing into at least one of the restaurants in line with and in immediate proximity to the Berlin Cafe [if not in fact the Berlin Cafe as BIS suspects but does not immediately claim with certainty, alternate proof criteria not yet finalized].

Will it ultimately be validated one hundred percent? The Capital Police [Mike Unsel, Intelligence Specialist], the FBI, and - now - the public [largely due to the efforts of PETER BIS] wants to know. We think so. Of late Wired Charles/Father Charles [the Rev. Msgr. Charles V. Antonicelli] has been seen grimly resigned to taking his meals at pedestrian Subway rather than the somewhat upscale Berlin Cafe which essentially is confirmation in the community though of course it is not a signed confession.

One can confess to PETER BIS on a park bench - he holds generous office hours and tries to make himself available to the public.

Alternately, do you waterboard a priest to get it out of him? How about a wired priest? All PETER BIS ever wanted was a coffee and a doughnut, abruptly discovering himself in the middle of a major international felony espionage conspiracy - undermining the Legislative Branch.

J. Skelly Wright was an Appeals Court judge in the Watergate era. An ordinary citizen - not a lawyer - sent him a letter which he kept and which ended up in his papers where Team peterbis found it. In the Constitution, the only mention of secrecy is in Article One Section Five where it says the Legislative Branch [but NOT the Executive Branch] has a secrecy privilege they can invoke.
Article One Section Six - next section - notes the Executive MUST report to the Legislative Branch, but nowhere in the document does it say anything about the Legislative Branch ever having to report to the Executive. Which Judge Wright noted with emphasis marks in the margin of the letter. Only of interest here insofar as the whole sleazy business SMACKS of betrayal. Alter boys are evidently not the only targets - or victims - of the Church.

BIS says he thinks a man called "Preacher" - seen blessing curb and sidewalk with an open Bible - is similarly 'gaming' in religion on Capital Hill, though of course we don't know if its immediately related or even 'indicative of a trend though not connected at an operational level' to St. Joseph's.

Easter with Christ rising. PETER BIS had a sister Mary Ann and a brother Michael. PETER BIS says that continuing from when she was quite young, their father used to rape Mary Ann while having Michael hold a pillow over her face.

Father was a Knight of Columbus respected in the community, and apparently was able to get Michael into the Knights of Columbus or anyway brought him down to the hall at a very young age.
In an apparent disinformation effort, the father also went around falsely telling parish priests in Kalamazoo [his own as well as others] that the mother was having sex with PETER BIS - apparently to discredit them in advance of their ever trying to tell on him [and Michael].

Father died, which met with an outpouring of sympathy in the community.

Mary Ann died a pauper, and after twelve years of Catholic education, the Catholic Church [Bishop Donovan living in the mansion the Upjohn Gilmore crime structure gave him rather than the official Bishop's residence in Kalamazoo] REFUSED to give her any modest burial service because apparently that does or did cost money.

Brother Michael flew in, and called the undertaker because the plane was late and he wanted them to hold the casket open at the grave - PETER BIS says because he Michael wanted to get a good look at Mary Ann to make sure she was dead as opposed to 'last respects' of any kind. That incident has a Satanic quality to it, and probably fits in a larger pattern of Catholic Church and Mafia interaction.

Happy Easter.

More. Related not in timing of the incidents but in the objectification of women and sexuality by the CIA in the religious context. Story some time ago in media about Iraqi prisoner[s] having a woman's naked breast pushed on them or bumped into them [intentionally. While they were in captivity]. 'Beaten' with a naked breast or 'tortured' with a naked breast sounds extreme, but anyway the prisoners found the conduct objectionable and it was intended to be objectionable.
PETER BIS source claims those were not military women with military breasts, but women the CIA had in the theater,

and they were apparently pretty hot looking women, reportedly with big breasts. Some aspects of the crime pattern are easier to visualize than others but it is one pattern, particularly given PETER BIS' experiences and sources.

Pre-1978 the University of Michigan recreated the Ark of the Covenant, including box, sand, angels, and presumably 'carrying posts.' PETER BIS - then at Western Michigan - met two of the people who worked on it when they came over to Western Michigan perhaps for graduate studies. Jewish guy named Kim who had a girlfriend named Kim, both apparently in electrical engineering. In the same conversation PETER BIS then talked about a magnetic launcher for orbital vehicles which in theory might require a track or tube of up to three miles - at least some preliminary testing was done but no word on how far the larger effort went beyond design calculations.

If design work was successful [and some media indicators suggest it might have been] it should be in service by now - look for Stanford involvement.

We don't know if the Jewish guy Kim or his girlfriend worked on the launcher or whether or not the Ark was intended to be a power source for the launcher [which was conceptually 'magnetic' but it isn't clear what would generate the field]; discussing the effectivity of the Ark they told PETER BIS the generation capability had been dramatic, significantly impacting the area power grid to such an extent they had been forced to dismantle it.

Mafia Soldiers of Satan on the alter of the soiled Church filled with child rape cursing Christ; they're basically fronting for the CIA.
So-called 'organized' crime particularly with a religious element or what Peter Bis calls "boy's club" is essentially all CIA orchestration.
Does the recent Capone move into Miami anticipate a move into Cuba maybe now being worked on the inside as Castro comes down? Kind of like they did in Russia but speaking Spanish this time, playing to the existing power structures.

PETER BIS hears word on the street about the Capone family, apparently still quite powerful now taking over one of the nicest hotels in Miami. Word of their continued strength has surfaced before; PETER BIS then reporting that years ago 'in or near Kalamazoo' they had two 'cottages' that were in fact mansions - one on Gull Lake and the other on Gull Road. One of the neighbors was significantly into Egyptology [museum quality and a lot of it including sizable pieces which weren't easily acquired], and BIS has speculated the location of the neighbor's collection was not coincidental to the Capone holdings though on the other hand no immediate relationship was apparent.

Who would continue the 'strength element' of the Capone family - speculation from Wikipedia. Father Gabriele and mother Teresina had seven sons and two daughters, of whom Alphonse was the fourth oldest:

Vincenzo Capone (1892 – October 1, 1952).
Raffaele Capone (1894 – November 22, 1974).
Salvatore Capone (January 1895 – April 1, 1924). Called "Frank". Killed by police after firing on officers.
Alphonse Gabriel Capone (January 17, 1899 – January 25, 1947).
Erminio Capone (born 1901). Called “John” or affectionately “Mimi.” He served prison terms for minor offenses such as vagrancy and illegal possession of alcohol. He changed his last name to “Martin” and reportedly was still alive in 1994.
Umberto Capone (1906 – June 1980). Called “Albert”. He was an employee of the newspaper Cicero Tribune under the ownership of his brother Al. He changed his last name to “Raiola” in 1942.
Matthew Capone (1908 – January 31, 1967). A Tavern owner.
Rose Capone (Born and died in 1910).
Mafalda Capone (January 28, 1912 – March 25, 1988).

Capone himself had a son, but a guess is that its more likely nephews. Wikipedia says he died, but other sources suggest Capone enforcer Murray 'the Camel' Humphreys supposedly lived well into the Jimmy Hoffa-era. Hoffa's CIA finance guy going into the Central States pension, health, and welfare funds - Allen Dorfman - somehow had to deal with Humphreys in Chicago which gets into Las Vegas CIA slash union pension and welfare fund real estate development.
It's important now because the CIA then brought in commercial interests and sold out the Teamster's pension fund, leaving them essentially bankrupt and nobody wants a union shop now because the legacy costs are catastrophic. How bad is it - supposedly you can't sell a trucking company with union drivers. CIA says they'll 'make it up down the road' which turns into huge policy manipulations; around that same time CIA Justice Breyer was behind deregulation of the trucking industry which equated to a sucker punch right in the pension fund.

Nothing for certain but persistent 'word on the street' which you don't want to over-invest in, but it sure is hard to ignore.

PETER BIS reports some current events in Iraq are in line with our previous reporting on the Princess Di investigation: Chlorine Blast Kills 8; 6 Troops Also Die in Iraq, Karin Brulliard, Washington Post March 18 2007. ....The chlorine bombs - two near Fallujah and one near Ramadi - left at least 350 people and seven U.S. soldiers ill from exposure to the chemical, the military said. At least eight people were killed in the Fallujah bombs....

[The de-frocked Archbishop of Zambia] "Milingo began to clash openly with those he considered his enemies. In November 1996, speaking at a conference in Rome, he declared that Satanism was being practiced at the highest levels of the Vatican. He did not name names, but who were more likely to worship the devil than those who wished to keep an exorcist from his work?" A Marriage Made In Heaven, Peter Manseau, Washington Post Magazine, March 11 2007.

Who do you think you're going to hear something like that from? Won't get it from a cardinal, that is for **** sure.

The many faces of Pope John Paul II. PETER BIS suggests the Church used doubles at some of these events, claiming the real John Paul II was significantly disabled for a [long] period of time and his infirmary was covered up.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet.
On March 2, 2006, an Italian parliamentary commission concluded that the Soviet Union was behind the attempt, in retaliation for John Paul II's support to Solidarity, the Polish workers' movement, a thesis which had already been supported by Michael Ledeen and the CIA at the time. The report stated that certain Bulgarian security departments were utilized to prevent the Soviet Union's role from being uncovered. Although the Pope declared during a May 2002 visit to Bulgaria that this country had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, his secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, alleges in his book A Life with Karol that the pope was convinced privately that the KGB was behind the assassination attempt. Bulgaria and Russia disputed the Italian commission's conclusions, pointing out that the Pope denied the Bulgarian connection. This thesis was also central to Tom Clancy's novel "Red Rabbit", published in 2002.

Another assassination attempt took place on May 12, 1982, just a day before the anniversary of the last attempt on his life, in Fatima, Portugal when a man tried to stab John Paul II with a bayonet, but was stopped by security guards. The assailant, an ultraconservative and right wing Spanish priest named Juan María Fernández y Krohn, former cleric of the diocese of Madrid and expelled ex-member of the Society of St. Pius X, reportedly opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and called the pope an agent of communist Moscow. Fernández y Krohn subsequently left the Roman Catholic priesthood and the Church and served a six-year sentence, was treated for mental illness and was expelled from Portugal afterwards, only to become a lawyer in Belgium, where he would try to assassinate King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Pope John Paul II was also one of the targets of the Al Qaeda-funded Operation Bojinka during a visit to the Philippines in 1995.

ALL RIGHT - at least the third alleged attempt or 'targeting' was CIA-driven, and at some level the activity leads to conservative elements in the Catholic Church such as Opus Dei and the debate about a VATICAN FACTION in law enforcement and the intelligence communities.
Recent indicators suggest the 'Bulgarian attempt' - undertaken as the Soviet Union was being transitioned from Communism to an organized crime structure of government -was similarly CIA-driven.
The activity is by no means limited to the American agencies - the Henry Kissinger Masonic scandal commensurate to the failure of the Vatican Bank was obviously multinational - and PETER BIS tries to further awareness.

Footnote to the Presidential Race 2008. Senator Obama has hired security people from the old Kerry campaign. PETER BIS [and, as best can be determined, PETER BIS alone] suggests that is the seeds of destruction,
fearing Obama's own guys could orchestrate an incident,
intending to start rioting as followed the Martin Luther King assassination,
which is interesting to the extent both King and Obama possibly had/have CIA affiliations,
and BIS fears George W. Bush might then go so far as to build on the orchestrated incident [if he wasn't originally behind it] in further marginalizing civil liberties.
Kerry/Bush Skull & Bones 2004 did not find favor with PETER BIS, who now is very cynical about any legacy trail.

UPDATE: PETER BIS reports on Obama camp arrangements and promptly gets busted out of his observation point by District of Columbia Metro police; hardly an auspicious sign for politics over the next two years.

Pictured here as a priest in 1948, the story really begins in Poland during the war when Karol Wojtyla [Pope John Paul II] worked in a chemical factory. Everybody - including official Vatican sources - agree that he did work in chemicals. Many people accuse him of having sold chemicals to the Nazis, with some debate about what the chemicals were - cyanide gas is widely alleged, and some sources say malathion and the Zyklon B gas which was widely used to kill the Jews.

Krakow is near Auschwitz, and in 1942 the Germans built a significant facility near the death camp to process nuclear material. It is possible - indeed even likely given his subsequent rise to Pope and the effort to canonize him following his death - John Paul II was actually 'involved' in the German nuclear program [presumably selling them chemicals] rather than the death camp program, or at best with peripheral involvement in the death camp program.
A man named Werner Heisenberg was really the driving force behind the German nuclear program and he is known to have visited Krakow in November or early December of 1943. Given that the effort was part of a larger reciprocity concept which, at least in its early stages, routed through the Vatican [pre-November 1942], it seems possible Pope John Paul II met Heisenberg or was otherwise involved on the ground at that time.
I.G. Farben was refining the material for the Germans and it isn't clear if the conceptual 'sale' of chemical involved really delivering chemical or merely tracking its use in the plant; we are wondering if the cyanide gas or malathion [less likely Zyklon B] could somehow be used in a refining process. Pope John Paul II was there and it appears the Vatican shared awareness, picking him up afterwards as a priest having kept him separate at the time for 'deniability' or as a precautionary measure.

The Labyrinth; Memoirs of Walter Schellenberg, Hitler’s Chief of Counterintelligence, DA CAPO Press, 1956/1984.

Summer of 1940, Schellenberg got a message from the German counterintelligence office in Poland. An important courier was traveling from Warsaw to Berlin, probably on the overnight express. “First, we had to sift all suspicious persons aboard the Warsaw-Berlin Express. From experience we knew the number could hardly exceed eight” [p.125]....

They found a team of two guys who initially split up but then kept in touch with each other in Berlin, one calling the Manchoukuoan Embassy. In a short period of time the Germans busted the spy ring which was essentially run by the Japanese, only to discover:

[p.134] “two copies of the material he brought were prepared in Berlin. One went to Rome, the other to Stockholm. In Rome the material was transmitted by the Japanese Embassy to a trusted agent of the General of the Jesuit Order, Ledochovski. We could not ascertain the nature of the collaboration with the Jesuits, but it must have been a systematic arrangement.”

The Vatican’s collaboration with fascists in World War II, as it happened using the Jesuits.

PIUS XII collaborated with the Nazis after serving as a communication mechanism for the Germans in the First World War, actually as the French and the Jews in some combination were trying to ‘throw the war’ in 1917. Probably explaining the Holocaust, which we insist was unfortunate if largely misunderstood. A book on Werner Heisenberg additionally provides insight into German nuclear capabilities and work in Switzerland during the Second World War which, given the time period, may explain subsequent Swiss banking practice, but more important here are remarks the Pope made to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences 21 Feb 1943 on nuclear weapons - certainly reflecting Vatican awareness.

"The thought of the construction of a uranium machine cannot be regarded as merely utopian. It is important, above all, however, to prevent this reaction from taking place as an explosion... Otherwise, a dangerous catastrophe might occur."

Those remarks almost certainly fueled Allied strikes on the Germans [bombing the cities in 1943], but the Allies appear to have deliberately spared the facilities at Auschwitz.

JOHN PAUL II in Wikipedia. Karol Józef Wojtyła was born on 18 May 1920... From 1940 to 1944 Karol variously worked as a messenger for a restaurant and a manual labourer in a limestone quarry, and then in the Solvay chemical factory to earn his living and to avoid being deported to Germany.

In 1942 he entered the underground seminary run by the Archbishop of Kraków, Cardinal Sapieha. Karol Wojtyła was ordained a priest on November 1, 1946, by the same bishop who confirmed him. Not long after, he was sent to study theology at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, commonly known as the Angelicum, where he earned a licentiate and later a doctorate in sacred theology. This doctorate, the first of two, was based on the Latin dissertation Doctrina de fide apud S. Ioannem a Cruce (The Doctrine of Faith According to Saint John of the Cross). Even though his doctoral work was unanimously approved in June 1948, he was denied the degree because he could not afford to print the text of his dissertation (an Angelicum rule). In December of that year, a revised text of his dissertation was approved by the theological faculty of Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and Wojtyła was finally awarded the degree. He earned a second doctorate, based on an evaluation of the possibility of founding a Catholic ethic on the ethical system of phenomenologist Max Scheler (An Evaluation of the Possibility of Constructing a Christian Ethics on the Basis of the System of Max Scheler), in 1954…...

Heisenberg's War, Thomas Powers, Alfred A. Knopf 1993. In October 1943 Heisenberg met with Arthur Seyss-Inquart [Nazi occupied Holland]; six weeks later with Hans Frank [occupied Poland]. "In Munich years earlier Frank had been a high school classmate of Heisenberg's brother, and in the fall of 1943 Frank presumed on their acquaintance to invite Heisenberg to lecture at the Institut fur Deutsche Ostarbeit which Frank had established in Krakow" [page 344].

The following citation is widely reported on the web in various locations, and can only be completely explained by reading down through the betrayal paradigm now unified at is our immediate source for this but it repeats elsewhere.

"In the early 1940's, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946.

One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the November/78 to October/79 and March/80 to October/81 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people. The salesman was ordained Poland's youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30-day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as Pope John Paul II.....”

We FEAR that significantly underestimates the corruption of the Vatican generally and the late Pope John II in particular; specifically the FEAR is that instead of killing the Jews the man who became Pope John Paul II was actually involved in the Nazi program to develop nuclear weapons which leads into an alien paradigm complete with human engineering and the significant compromise of self determination and free will.

Ratzinger is the German Pope Benedict XVI, currently head of the Vatican pretty apparently representing a continuity mechanism.
Father Charles/Wired Charles is head of the Catholic parish immediately behind the United States Senate office buildings - by far the nearest church to the Senate, and he dines at Cafe Berlin, a rather fancy restaurant which appears to be 'the lair' of the German security services here in Washington D.C.
Photo from Germany of the broad avenues in a 'V' for 'victory' behind the cathedral dominates the bar.
Peter Bis reports he has FREQUENTLY observed Father Charles [Wired Charles] coming and going from the German 'CIA-equivalent' meeting place on Capital Hill - Cafe Berlin - which involves going north from St. Joe's and taking a RIGHT on Mass Ave [beside a small park]. If you go LEFT on Mass Ave., you end up at the Vatican Embassy here in Washington D.C. So of course Peter Bis is thinking its possible Father Charles/Wired Charles ALSO serves as a continuity mechanism for the Catholic Church, more-or-less parallel to Benedict XVI in the Vatican.

The PROBLEM with the additional section about John Paul II as written is that they treat those events – the Holocaust and AIDS - as being distinct and separate rather than as evolving phases of a single occurrence. The next step is looking at the enforcement mechanisms BEHIND the continuity mechanisms, or what we call VATICAN FACTION [as pertaining to interactions with the FBI], after mention of the Russian background to 'the great betrayal' - the Jews and the French aligning to try and 'throw' World War I.

The French conspired to throw the First World War. Sabotage their own effort, as more fully outlined at which at least previously was blocked.
The Zimmermann telegram - which brought America into the war - was a staged effort in a 'reciprocity concept' which did depose the Czar and pretty much resolve the Eastern Front for the Germans. The second part - ending the fighting with a return to the pre-war boundaries in Europe - did not come true, and it is not clear how realistic the idea ever was given the ability of Woodrow Wilson to assume a mandate in an era of innocence. Important in understanding the immediate history is that the eventual Pope Pius XII of the Second World War was the envoy who handled the failed effort to resolve the First World War in April/May/June 1917, and that the failure of the effort was widely attributed to the treachery of Zionist Jews who at least appeared to gain the Balfour Declaration as an immediate consequence in November 1917.
Peter Bis is gracious in handling hot topics, has an audience, and the agencies follow his stuff pretty closely. For those reasons, and given the Bis 'Russian connection', we previously posted the first half of that equation here as background to the modern VATICAN FACTION.

PETER BIS. Wired as ever, he reports some combination of government agencies and/or the military gave Stanford University about $1.5 million dollars in the late 1970s to figure out how many women have[had] attached earlobes. They eventually went back and asked about men, but BIS does not know when or how much that cost. Hanssen was[is] a gaming scenario though.

REVISED. Peter Bis had a source in Seattle who had been at MIT. Government gave Stanford $1.2 million in 1978 for initial study of only women, returning ten years later and paying $1.5 million for study of both men and women.

The movie Breach is about a non-practicing Catholic FBI underling named Eric O’Neil [and his non-religious Eastern European wife] going after FBI executive
Robert Hanssen, who is/was very religious and conceptually an extreme Catholic – to the point of belonging to Opus Dei. Is Louis Freeh’s brother Opus Dei[?].
We call that group 'VATICAN FACTION.' Peter Bis has taken steps to quantify their communication structure, ties to so-called 'organized crime' or CIA-legitimized criminal structures, and street capabilities.

In the movie, the actor playing Eric O’Neil had attached earlobes and a significant blemish on his forehead which we try to show but it doesn’t contrast very well. Did the real Eric O’Neil have attached earlobes and/or prominent bump on his forehead? The Devil is out of a deck of tarot cards, and he definitely has attached earlobes and horns never mind bump [bone spur or calcium deposit] on his forehead. Would it challenge you to find out Hanssen had been after the kid as much as the kid had been after him[?] – if the real Eric O’Neil has the attached earlobe or bump on his forehead. Even if he didn’t, it is still very possible the movie played that way for some reason.

Eight legged frog found recently in Quanzhou, Fujian Province [China], and statue of Hindu God Ganesh with eight arms holding weapons – over a map of the ancient world with conceptual civilizations marked.

Among those who study such matters, one story has the ancient civilizations going to war and destroying each other. PETER BIS suggests the war went nuclear, and evidence remains in layers of glass beneath the sand in Northern Africa. Anecdotal talk about metal from an iron deposit in the American Midwest turning up in weapons or ceremonial implements in Egypt etc etc.; PETER BIS speculates about the similarity between the frog and one of the Hindu Gods [he does not specify Ganesh]. BIS then suggests the history of the Earth has been iterative, and we’re either naturally coming up on a repetitive paradigm or some ***hole in the CIA is trying to induce a repetitive paradigm complete with orchestrated Christ that is essentially Satanic and HAARP or satellite-inspired global warming. Which sounds like something Bush or Karl Rove would try. With the Hubble flying blind. Government malfeasance - is the Navy sinking all our late model boats hoping to buy new ones[?] – Going Down With the Ships, Craig Hooper, Washington Post March 5th 2007. That is a scandal.

BREACH. FBI executive Robert Hanssen, ongoing from 1985 was supposedly selling to the Soviets, and
was supposedly the most damaging spy America ever faced.

He evidently does not have any shame at all. Freeh; none of those guys in on it with him do, that is for sure. But as for selling to the Soviets - we should be so lucky.

Anna Nicole Smith. This is by no means her most 'guy-like' photo, but it is a good average [covered for Playboy March 1992; Playmate of the Year 1993].

Were he selling to the Soviets, how could Hanssen possible have been the most damaging spy if he didn't establish contact with them until 1985 when it was already over but for the headlines and Berlin Wall coming down - and even that was evidently in steep decline.

Poster for a movie called Soldier's Girl which was based on a supposedly "true" story, paired with Anna Nicole Smith in shoulder exposure.

Barry Winchell was a private first class famously beaten to death at Fort Campbell Kentucky 4th of July weekend 1999 - that much is true, and our guess is that if one was CIA-orchestrated the other was as well, perhaps driving to a proximate overview designator and nomenclature.

We originally suggested that beyond the overview designator the two would drive to a similar cost code structure but that actually is not clear insofar as the cases are very different in several key ways, Winchell matters being 'centric' or contained to reach a climax among four people with plume of effectivity ['consequential effectivity'], as opposed to Smith which was leashed or progressive over time [at least fifteen years] in a spotlight of media-driven impact and goal attainment. Winchell was nothing until the death, while Smith [of course they'll try to wring whatever they can from it] is essentially over.

Barry Winchell [pictured] went into town with conceptual 'friend' Justin Fisher, met 'the girl' - transgender female Calpernia Addams [apparently at least a couple times though specific dates are vague]; Fisher turning around and spreading rumors about Winchell on base, and ultimately "goading" fellow soldier Calvin Glover into beating Winchell to death with a baseball bat [4th of July weekend 1999].

Rodney Stich is a critic of the so-called government security agencies and their interaction with the military [he was Air Force in the Korean War-era going on to the FAA]. He has a source who claimed to have cover assignments with military units at Fort Campbell flying drugs for the CIA up from Latin America [one was definitely a medical unit and the other unit might have been intelligence]. 1200 soldiers were killed and wrapped in plastic at Fort BENNING [not Campbell] in an incident late 1990s [one was allowed to live and is probably still on the run]. Their names were apparently leaked back as having died in combat or otherwise deployed in Latin America, and a guess is 5th Special Forces which is home based at Fort Campbell would have participated in aspects of the cover operation whether or not they killed the 1200 guys. Were it associated and the CIA does leverage effectivity, Winchell would date the death of the 1200 to either 1998 or 1999.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet:
Winchell's parents, Wally and Patricia Kutteles, as well as Addams, continue to press for a re-examination of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Despite campaigning by the Kutteleses, Addams, and LGBT activist groups, the Commanding General of Fort Campbell at the time of the murder, Major General Robert T. Clark, refused to take responsibility for the anti-gay climate at Fort Campbell under his command. He was nominated and approved for promotion to Lieutenant General on 5 December 2003.

It is very possible Clark had to both cover drugs and CIA ground attack activity including related to Special Forces movement as commander of the post, and far from hurting his chances for promotion that was actually a requirement, with the CIA adroitly working both sides of the coin in also goading liberals to attack him. Its huge and its horrible because it suggests the CIA is able to establish criteria for the promotion of general officers, there is a 'flag cap' - the President [even if he wasn't in on it as Bush very evidently is] cannot independently promote generals, and the situation drives right back to Congress and CIA infiltration of the American political system.

How about Peter Pace? There is a clique, and if you're in it solid enough you probably can maneuver around the CIA effort, but talent that is only marginally connected abruptly looks very vulnerable. Why aren't the military services able to unify in protecting their own guys [has the CIA taken command of the civilian executive offices], and has this emphasis on so-called 'jointness' really been a mechanism for further diminishing the military's ability to resist? It may not be possible to break this in the general ranks - you may need to break it at Colonel.

The Winchell case is tragic - nobody enlists to be beaten to death with a bat, or anyway if they do it shouldn't be allowed, but however unfortunate its possible that was actually a cover for even worse things going on at the time.

Illegal immigration is, to a large degree, an outcome of CIA-induced corruption in Latin America. Previously noted the Special Forces and Ranger commandos require 'a lot of resources and focus.' On second thought that probably isn't immediately true. They're probably very cost effective as far as their immediate operating expenses are concerned, but dealing in 'drugs and dictators' [Noriega was CIA-instigated and will probably die before ever seeing Panama again] is very destabilizing in the region, inhibiting political and economic maturity, and we ultimately have to pay a HUGE 'consequential' tax associated with that activity.

It greatly impacts our society in negative ways.

This is Calpernia Addams with a photo of Barry Winchell, poor troop who may have been set up and killed in a CIA operation on a military base attacking the command structure of the United States Army. Which has the highly trained Special Forces units and Ranger commandos trained and deployed to kill Latin American peasants but can't defend themselves from a bunch of manipulative liberals in conspiracy with 'one world government' thinking from a long discredited 'central brain trust' best-and-brightest ideal.

The cover of the New York Times magazine 28 May 2000, with article by David France, but really 'the way in which the rest of government fits into the paradigm' is of much more immediate interest than 'the way incident has been utilized post-Winchell.'

Robert Hanssen, FBI guy who spied for the Soviet Union - didn't.

Peter Bis looks at 'human essence' - and various theft/conversion scenarios. He alleges that at least in some instances, conceptual women are really men who have had their souls burned out which he traces back to the ancient Egyptians.
A topic similarly of great interest is "Mafia queens."
He suggests that continuing today there is a larger 'religious paradigm' [perhaps satanic or really anti-religious] around [again, at least 'some'] conversions, and he takes that into the Catholic Church, really driving on the rules and traditions but taking into account the recent 'disparaging' CIA activity in religion such as homosexual molesting and subsequent litigation. All of which appears to be or have been coordinated with the Vatican and church hierarchy. What really is Opus Dei, and does it 'relate' [good or bad; supporting or in opposition] to that[?].

IF Anna Nicole Smith had previously been a guy [of course we know she wasn't when she posed, unless the photos were altered which is doubtful], it would amuse them no end to put 'her' on the cover of Playboy. Kind of an ultimate validation or 'pass.' The child or children of course are of interest - conventional transgender surgery does not include mechanical conversion with womb and egg implant for example, but it is remotely possible the CIA - or whoever - has a drug, radiation, or stem cell capability/combination equating to an 'extreme' result.

Hanssen was a put up job and we don't know exactly why, but he actually is a metric by which you can measure the capabilities of the CIA. How good are they - or not? Well, it looks like Hanssen [the case] emerged with the crazy pattern of the Soviets not knowing who he was at least in part because the CIA would have then been able to 'reverse engineer' his spying career and it wasn't there. The CIA knew too much to allow someone - whoever orchestrated this - to just dummy in a structure.

Opus Dei, sex with the wife [on video], the stripper gone to drug addiction blah blah blah; CIA executive Andrew Natsios's sister is an architect who worked Opus Dei headquarters and it can be a real small world at the top. Louis Freeh may be in on the Opus Dei issue as well [ looks at the Catholic Church in World War II as kind of a background perspective].

Vatican Faction in the United States Department of Justice.

Is he [Hanssen himself] just a willing dupe designed to paper over the macro reciprocity concept [neuroprosthetics and our so-called 'leadership' implanted], gone on to further career activities assisting the CIA in Colorado
[a disinformation scenario perhaps covering the death of someone the Americans intentionally betrayed],
or - previously a guess elsewhere - did they [either the FBI or the CIA] really bogus something up and need to make a major face-saving gesture, conceptually 'locking down' a relatively senior guy as a sacrifice in Colorado [though he probably does still work with the CIA out there but in the latter theory as a truly covert activity we aren't telling the Russians about].

The timing is of interest, Hanssen falling around the time Putin took over in the Soviet Union which might be where to begin a real look at the situation. We do not have any immediate reports of Putin himself engaging in sexual deviance, but he was associated with 'paranormal activity' during his German years [AT LEAST in association with the parent of a child who could attack people using 'mental force projection', and where there is one there is typically others].

Peter Bis is getting staked out by various combinations of Mafia underworld and government scum. Most recent was Kevin Charles Pedoide seated in a coffee shop across the doorway from two 'fed agents' [man and woman] unidentified, making some kind of vague homo innuendo which enrages Peter Bis;
he [Peter Bis] spoke with Thomas J. Coyne - apparently a college administrator trending toward CIA in line with Richard Celeste and Richard Cook - the night previous and thinks the Pedoide deployment might have been related.
Peter Bis wants to leave the United States and looks for anywhere else that will take him. Boat designs in progress.

Kevin Charles Pedoide is 'strong Catholic' ['concept,' which may turn out to be something other than the traditional church], and he is associated with Gambino Mafia and Boeing with ties to Chicago which is where Hanssen originated.
Peter Bis came back from Europe in April 1991 and went to debrief the FBI at headquarters here in Washington D.C. They wouldn't actually meet him in headquarters but in the cafeteria of a museum nearby and apparently once outside but in proximity to the headquarters building, suggesting to Bis they were having problems in the building with surveillance. As Russia was 'falling' or anyway transitioning the FBI apparently went to Russia and taught them - something. We don't know exactly what the FBI - or CIA - taught, but increasingly suspect it related to supporting organized crime in government structures.

Kevin Charles Pedoide is strong in the Catholic Church, and he is also apparently familiar with Hanssen matters and organizational structures. Does he 'close the circle' with the Vatican / Gambino crime structures in government - including maybe in Russian government. He [Hanssen] supposedly worked Chicago, and was around when Putin consolidated power. He [Pedoide] pitched a conceptual offer from Boeing. All we know for sure it that the larger trend is toward rotting out the substance of government for the form of government. Staking Peter Bis is not a helpful act under any circumstances, however, and we are hopeful this is really a reform issue to be enlarged upon rather than secretly diminished.

End of the day, the problem is NOT that the Vatican faction in the Justice Department either supports or opposes 'burning souls' and transforming men into women; its that they collaborate in it.
The sad thing about Kevin Charles Pedoide and Hanssen in particular is that they suggest the FBI and Justice Department are factionalized to a much greater extent than may be immediately understood. Looking to further characterize 'the Vatican faction.'

Final notes on a possible CIA construction around Anna Nicole Smith [Wikipedia].
In March 2002, a federal judge vacated the California bankruptcy court's ruling and issued a new ruling but reduced the award to $88 million. In December 2004, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the March 2002 decision, affirming the Texas Probate jury findings that no misconduct had occurred, Smith was not one of J. Howard Marshall's heirs and that the federal courts lacked jurisdiction to overrule the probate decisions of a Texas state court.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in September 2005 to hear the appeal of that decision. The Bush administration subsequently directed the Solicitor General to intercede on Smith's behalf out of an interest to expand federal court jurisdiction over state probate disputes [which actually was the whole point of that 'sub heading' operation]. After months of waiting, Smith and her stepson Pierce learned of the Supreme Court's decision on May 1, 2006. The justices unanimously decided in favor of Smith; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion (see Marshall v. Marshall). The decision did not give Smith a portion of her husband's estate, but affirmed her right to pursue a share of it in federal court.
On June 20, 2006, E. Pierce Marshall died at age 67 from an "aggressive infection". His widow, Elaine T. Marshall, now represents his estate. The case has been remanded to the 9th Circuit to adjudicate the remaining appellate issues not previously resolved.

Also, Anna Nicole Smith had a son David Wayne Smith, and reliable media surveys suggest the middle name 'Wayne' may be or have been a CIA designator, most famously in John Wayne Gacy matters.

CIA Bill Richardson and Peter Bourne circa 1994 in Burma [certain]; Bourne, the ex-drug czar, out with the drug lords - photodocumentation of the CIA 'takes one to know one' reciprocity concept - and Richardson downtown making sure the military government kept A Song Sung locked down so the Council on Foreign Relations can free her at a later date [yet unspecified] and call it a triumph of diplomacy.

They kept going together, explaining an advanced neuroprosthetic capability to Saddam Hussein in 1995 [sure he met with them - he would have met with you if you promised to betray on American technology like they did], and then negotiating with Cuba, killing two exile Cuban pilots or anyway arranging for them to be shot down. Given their track record in propping up shaky dictatorships across the mid1990s, its kind of surprising they haven't been called back to see if they couldn't yet wring a few more years out of Castro. Of course now Richardson is busy with his run for the presidency.

One way or another you can laugh your ass off when they get to the convention: Hillary is CIA, Obama is significantly 'CIA-associated' if he isn't actually professional in it, Richardson is CIA; Feingold, Bayh, and Mark Warner from Virginia all got knocked down by the CIA people, and Heather Grant - Scooter Libby's wife - was a staff lawyer on the Senate Judiciary Committee when Biden was running it. Looks like its Vilsack.

About the drug smuggling - or 'the step beyond the drug lords' and it really is not clear what Bourne was saying to them if it wasn't drug-related [Allegations Peter Bourne urged Khun Sa to set up a Shan state leading to the Mongkyut Offensive... from 11 May to 23 June 1994, with Bourne certainly prominent in the Washington Times 28 May 1994 endorsing Khun Sa].
At least at one time Van Der Bergen Intl Shippers in Bangkok was suppose to unify the drug product for shipment. Supposedly the British wanted too much money for running drugs through Hong Kong and the CIA shifted to Macao. Peter Bis had previous conversation[s] with a woman - maybe the Queen - in a London tea shop in the 1989-to-1991 time frame, and he walked away thinking bleak things about Prince Philip which might be related.

Everybody knows Valerie Plame is/was CIA in 2002, though we are still wondering which "private energy consultant[s]" she worked with overseas as we look at the CIA using energy as a funding mechanism. Trouble in Iraq, trouble with Iran - and Hugo Chavez, trouble on the Nigerian delta and BP having a maintenance problem on the Alaskan pipeline driving up the price at the pump last summer? Did Congress approve levying that tax, or was that the CIA evading legislative oversight?

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's wife Heather Grant perhaps of interest given his fairly immediate proximity to the Marc Rich [and Pincus Green] funding mechanism which played a role in conversion of the Soviet Union now under Putin. Libby was Marc Rich's lawyer from 1985 to 2000 as the Soviet Union fell and was replaced by a state of structured organized crime and confiscation, but he was also a busy man doing other things and Wikipedia notes she had been a staff lawyer for the Senate Judiciary Committee though doesn't go farther than that [they have two kids and live in McLean which is where the CIA headquartered].

Many people suggest Libby is Mossad with a fair degree of credibility - kind of ipso facto given the whole idea was to start the war protecting Israel. Peter Bourne and Mary King, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham; it isn't at all unusual for both partners in a marriage to be CIA and my guess is 'the name thing' might be a disinformation tactic intended to confuse awareness, though this would be the first we've heard of a couple splitting between the intelligence services of two different nations.

Were the Israelis - potentially though Scooter Libby - able to tap into the CIA 'big energy' revenue stream which Marc Rich and Pincus Green created?
I suspect they were able to. Rodney Stich is a reform editor with contacts in government security agencies - or in prison after having worked with the government agencies - and he identifies Mossad agents involved in the CIA drug smuggling designators of the 1980s and 1990s which are possibly ongoing [as the CIA definitely lied about MKULTRA for example].
Stich sources name Robert Silberman and Marta Bleiblatt [both Chicago], Simon Goldblatt [Haifa attached New York in WHITE ELEPHANT]; Ariel Colderman and Delilah Kaufman [both San Fran], Kasam Merchant [LA], and David Turner [San Jose] all in LEMGOLEM.
NEW WAVE [NW 688-01-B-NSC] apparently from 21 Sep 1987 San Francisco and BACKLASH [BL 421-D-06] were additional designators Stich provided. BACKLASH was limited to Customs and DEA involvement after the CIA and Department of Justice dropped out in March of 1993.

Sources claim drug movement into the United States has extensively involved offshore oil rigs, for example including Ranger 1, a semi-submergible deepwater rig off the coast of Newfoundland owned by Shamrock Drilling [described as being close to Exxon] going down with all hands as a CIA activity February 1989, and
ODESSA, a prime rig [with CIA command and control mechanisms] blown up five days after moving into Mexican waters from Nicaragua again with all hands lost.
In other words, the funding designators - drugs and 'big energy' - are not mutually exclusive but instead are interrelated at a number of points which may suggest that people who are in one are probably in the other. WHALE WATCH was a designator from October 1993.

Stich doesn't say anything about Silberman or Bleiblatt associating with Senator Obama if indeed Obama has a CIA affiliation but its interesting to speculate. More likely Obama ties to Cecil Butler, Chicago CIA executive who took a hundred fifty MILLION dollars out of Lawndale in a CIA funding mechanism [in media 2004-5], but now it isn't clear why Butler took that money if they were racketeering in drugs anyway.

The idea behind the Israeli involvement is that they were/are running at least parallel tracks in drug crime and the energy funding mechanism. A problem for conservative so-called 'law and order' types is that eliminating drug crime and usage in the United States very immediately impacts the finances of the Israeli government which is probably why they - 'law enforcement agencies' in the United States - let it get as bad as they did for as long as it went. Of course the CIA additionally leverages that, speculating they have two spigots in the ghetto - drugs and guns - which they use to closely control the temperature of the water.
Its even possible the CIA drug designator is behind the crusade against crystal meth - 'home brew' is untaxed and represents forgone revenue to the Israelis.

Stich himself does NOT suggest Mossad executive Michael Harari intentionally killed the poor waiter in Norway 21 July 1973 as a disinformation mechanism to cover the move into Latin American drug finance activities, but he - Stich - establishes the framework in which to ask the question.
"...Of the at least nine Mossad agents who participated directly in the assassination (Michael Harari, Dan Ærbel, Ethel Marianne Gladnikoff, Abraham Gehmer, alias Leslie Orbaum, Sylvia Raphael, alias Patricia Lesley Roxburgh, Victor Zipstein alias Zwi Steinberg, Michael Dorf, Gustav Pistauer, Jean-Luc Sevenier, Jonathan Isaac Englesberg alias Jonathan Ingleby, "Tamara" alias "Tamar" alias "Marie", Rolf Baehr, Gerard Lafond, Raoul Cousin, Nora Heffner), six were captured by the Norwegian authorities and five were convicted of Bouchiki's murder. Harari as well as the two killers escaped and Dorf was acquitted. The five convicts were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two and a half to five years but all were released within 22 months and deported to Israel..."
The death wasn't a mistake, though how it relates to say NICKLEGRASS isn't clear.

Michael Harari has been repeatedly identified by a number of sources as behind Noriega drug trafficking in the late 1980s and early 1990s and its possible he brought other members of that crew with him. Efraim Halevy took over the Mossad as they positioned leadership in Hamas through an attack in Jordan and he met with the operatives before they went out, saying that he appreciated what they did and that if things went wrong he would bail them when he could.
The CIA is pretty factionalized, and a Navy rear admiral [Stich identifies as John D. Burkhardt] was apparently killed in a helicopter explosion/crash in late April 1991 while trying to essentially oppose the criminal elements. A Stich source then suggests George H.W. Bush headed a Justice Department faction in the CIA, but that incident among other points might lead one to suspect he heads or headed the Naval Intelligence faction. Watching the CIA - be it George Bush or Valery Plame, Scooter Libby or Heather Grant, the funding mechanisms and the drug smuggling - involves the laws of astronomy and gravitational effects.

Fred Smith founded Federal Express. Gary Rullo snitched on Fed Ex for taking big money off the government at Dover Air Force Base in what was a pattern of criminal activity, and he - Rullo - pursued it in a qui tam action meaning he got money for exposing it. Eventually [a decade later] Fred Smith went after Gary Rullo, nearly killing him - only missing by a hair or two, and Vice President Cheney had to put a stop to it. In retrospect it appears the original 'fraud' may have been a CIA funding mechanism, but in a larger sense the whole thing illustrates why the CIA budget should just be made public - be it in energy, drugs, or Fed Ex 'fraud' [post-Rullo it wouldn't surprise me to hear they used Fed Ex in drug movement], the backdoor taxes are debilitating and the United States is being crushed in the gaming.

The nice thing about Peter Bis is that he doesn't much care if you believe him or not. How credible is he - at least peripheral validation in Washington D.C., in part knowledge-based and in part timing-based. Of course that gets into an issue of how credible he is per se versus how credible his sources are.

Peter Bis goes to Egypt and a guide takes him to the Room of Souls fairly late in the day. Peter Bis looks up at the stars on the ceiling, and then looks down to discover the floor has been energized in an infrared grid with THICK beam characteristics. Gloria Hicks suggests radiation can be photographed at least under some conditions, and indicators here in Washington D.C. suggest the human eye can be enhanced to 'predator capability' perhaps with judiciously applied radiation. He saw it, and the guide hustled him out with a couple other people who were there. Cairo then had a blackout.
How common are blackouts in Cairo[?] - no idea. Really at issue is whether or not the pyramids still function in an active sense [as a computer] rather than remaining as legacy or heritage. To briefly address an old controversy which reoccurs periodically [perhaps orchestrated by the CIA] in softcover at airport news stands, its literally the difference between the architecture of the ancient Egyptians in some alien paradigm having the sum of all knowledge and being the sum of all knowledge.

And they are trying to kill Peter Bis or at least get rid of him one way or another.

Of course we want to show the right model of Bentley.
Simply put, the Arnage T is one of the most powerful cars in the world. The famous 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivers an unrestrained 500bhp (373kW) and an astonishing 738lb ft (1,000Nm) of torque. This translates into a maximum speed of 179mph (288km/h) and a 0-60mph time of just 5.2 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds).

These levels of power, together with sports suspension tuned for optimal driving enjoyment are represented by the legendary black badge that gleams on the bonnet, a badge of honour reserved for only the highest performing Bentleys.

The dark-stained Burr Walnut fascia and waist rails, together with other subtle interior touches reinforce the sporting personality of the Arnage T. Diamond-quilted indented hide on the door panels echo the distinctive diamond-stitched hide of the sports seats. Then again, like all of the Arnage series, the entire car will be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual Bentley customer, with unlimited possibilities at hand. [From the Bentley website].

First they kick Peter Bis,
then they tried to grab him in a van,
and after that they sent a thug to threaten him - in a Bentley [which plays to a 'situational dominance' issue]. With Jersey plates, probably in part because Gambino's cousin had a van with Jersey plates and also because Father Charles from Jersey says the Mafia doesn't exist.

While Peter Bis was sleeping in the doorway of the church [St. Joseph's on Capital Hill], Father Charles came and kicked him in his crippled leg and told him he couldn't sleep there anymore [side door, 11:00 p.m., no religious event in progress or planned][Bis asked if he could stay until morning, and Father Charles said okay but not after that].
So-called 'Amanda' who is at least associated with CIA affiliates [National Community Church and their Ebenezer's Coffee Shop here in Washington D.C. that also ties to St. Joseph's - division of church and state be damned] whether or not she is professional in the Agency then sets Peter Bis up to be grabbed in a gas station [Exxon at 2nd and Mass Ave N.E.] and he only narrowly escapes.

Swallowing his pride and raised Catholic, Peter Bis then returns for a regular service at St. Joseph's in spite of what he calls 'constructive excommunication.' They've thrown him out and made it pretty clear they have but don't do it officially anymore because of the publicity; interesting insofar as they leverage dominance through conceptual charity and don't want people who would potentially support Peter Bis to have the finite point to rally on. Like the Soviet, they do him more damage keeping him in than throwing him out.

The scary thing is that Peter Bis suggests they do that in a very calculated way to a lot of people, and he then discusses issues going back to Vatican II and moving away from the Latin Mass. Priests don't have to be as smart or well educated as they once were, and that has been a factor in both religious corruption generally and the agencies manipulating religious structures in specific ways. Child molesting in the Church, with commensurate orchestrated 'stages' of unfolding media coverage and civil litigation outside the Church [permitted by CIA-orchestrated state legislatures waving statute of limitation laws for example]. The famous case was the priest who was active in the Man Boy Love Association, but corruption in seminary training is probably more damaging in the long term. RECENT: 1.Filipino priest who 2.embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from parishes in Virginia while 3.married with three children on the 4.front page of the Washington Post. The peculiar combination of circumstances [that 'opportunity rich' environment] might have allowed Agency involvement on one or more points; John Negroponte is religious and served in the Philippines about when Tim McVeigh's partner was commuting back and forth.

So anyway Peter Bis goes, and just for him they stage a Bentley with Jersey plates in front of St. Joseph's with an ex-some kind of Special Ops baboon to move on him. The moment arrives and the thug deploys on Peter; exactly then a woman standing strategically nearby says "Hi Peter" real loud and smiles. The thug shrugs down into the collar of his overcoat and hides his face.

Forget about the conceptual "Father Charles" - call him "Wired Charles." National Basilica is the biggest church in Washington D.C., and St. Mathews is probably best-known, but to get from St. Joseph's - immediately in back of the Hart Senate Office Building - to the Vatican Embassy you just go a hundred fifty feet north on 2nd Street to Mass Ave., take a left, and stay on it. Chancellery, legation, there is a special word for the Vatican Embassy. They'll know it in St. Joseph's - and can probably give you the phone number without looking it up.

[Graphic revised subsequent to discussion of 40' issue. Also, please note Peter Bis suggests the tail end of the Sphinx shows signs of earlier water damage which leads into a larger debate about historical context].

Evening of January 27, 2007 Peter Bis has a conversation with Amanda, married to a Pakistani guy and from Saginaw Michigan which gets into everything from precursor training for the 9/11 pilots to a CIA executive named Thomas Coyne serving as the Dean of Students at Western Michigan University. Howard Wolpe was in the House of Representatives, and Peter Bis alleges Wolpe traded his aircraft business [a Peter Bis effort in ultra-light composite design/development construction/manufacturing the FAA should not have been able to essentially preclude] for the flight school. Bis says the flight school mostly trains pilots from Asia [or did whether or not the school still operates] and the weather - significantly overcast - is[was] not remotely agreeable to training. In fact, the school may have closed after providing precursor training for 9/11; Bis has good sources [at least immediate sources] on the 9/11 activity itself but his sources on the training or precursor activities are not as readily identified.

Western Michigan University is currently problematic in Washington D.C., with the election of school board president Robert Bobb who is fighting with the Mayor for control of the school system. Essentially it very much appears the CIA has cursed the public schools in Washington D.C. for a number of years - even decades, and it is not at all clear whether Bobb represents an in-house reform effort or remains part of the larger supression paradigm. For that matter, it is not clear where the Mayor or Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton are on 'the CIA-affiliation spectrum,' though recent suggestions are that Norton is trying to distance herself from the Agency - or at least the accusation of affiliation - in spite of serving on the House intelligence committee.

Howard Wolpe CIA; It Seems Possible
Howard Eliot Wolpe, III (born November 2, 1939) served in the United States House of Representatives. A Democrat, Wolpe represented the Third District of Michigan from 1979 to 1993.
Born in Los Angeles, California, Wolpe was an associate professor at Western Michigan University and a Kalamazoo City Commissioner before serving in the Michigan House of Representatives from 1973 to 1976. He first ran for Congress in 1976 but lost to Garry Brown. In 1978 he was elected to the 96th Congress and was re-elected six times. In Congress, Howard Wolpe chaired the Subcommittee on Africa of the House Foreign Affairs Committee for 10 years. He also chaired the Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Allard Lowenstein brought AIDS to Africa in 1979 as Wolpe was entering the House of Representatives and heading toward the Subcommittee on Africa; Bis reports Wolpe traveled frequently to Africa and he [Bis] has speculated about a connection between Wolpe and Upjohn Gilmore involving Africa.

His [Wolpe's] other roles in the Congress included the co-chairmanship of the bipartisan Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition and the Congressional Energy and Environmental Study Conference. [Those very possibly could be or have been CIA intervention 'pressure points'].

In 1994, he won the Democratic nomination for Governor of Michigan and selected his former rival in the Democratic primary, state senator Debbie Stabenow (now a US Senator), as his nominee for Lieutenant Governor. The Wolpe-Stabenow ticket lost the general election to incumbent Governor John Engler and Lieutenant Governor Connie Binsfeld. [Jennifer Granholm is said to have a CIA affiliation of some kind, and it certainly does not diminish the possibility Wolpe did previously, especially given the subsequent CIA attacks on GM and probably Ford as the Boeing executive who moved airplane part manufacturing overseas takes charge].

He [Wolpe] later served as President Bill Clinton's Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa, where he led the United States delegation to the Arusha peace talks, which aimed to end civil war in the war-torn nation of Burundi.

He [Wolpe] is currently the Director of the Africa Program and the Project on Building State Capacity at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, part of the Smithsonian Institution, where he leads capacity-building efforts in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia. He is an endorser of the Genocide Intervention Network.
His wife apparently died [drowning] in 2006, which was hopefully not a CIA-related activity.

Anyway, more immediately in January 2007 Amanda asks Peter Bis if he is planning on marrying a Russian KGB agent. Amanda is known to participate in the NCC [Church] – Ebenezer’s coffee shop CIA paradigm whether or not she is professional in it and they do tie to Russia as does MADONNA HOUSE; anyway she crosses the street after talking to Peter Bis and he promptly gets nearly ambushed in a gas station by two white vans – one apparently for him and one for his gear.
By coincidence [or not] a cop pulls in and one of the vans flees – the second van tries to leave but gets boxed in by a lady pumping gas. Driver gets out, says he’s from Jersey though the van has Virginia plates, comes over to Peter Bis and says he thinks they’re a lot alike.
Peter Bis says he’s law school, grad school, and security cleared with the Vatican and United Nations in Geneva, he hunts Mafia scum, and he doesn’t think they’re at all alike. Specifically Gambino Mafia scum.
The driver of the van – now dismounted - says he’s Gambino’s cousin, and he’s surprised they haven’t put a bullet in his head.

Thug out of Seattle who has been dogging Peter Bis [complaint about that already filed with Capital PD] then appears out of shadows on the sidewalk and heads toward Peter Bis like he’s going to throw him in the one van. Peter Bis asks the guy if his mother ever told him he was an ugly looking piece of pus.

Time perhaps short, we now provide dimensions to the ‘Sphinx Crypt.’ Related in a casual conversation 15 years after Bis was in Egypt, even when he was there he’d not been able to gain access to it. Forty feet seems fairly shallow and not under the Sphinx but in front of it which also seems unusual – unless there is a communication or interactivity issue.

Sunday Jan 27th [same day] was quite mild in Washington D.C., and there was a big antiwar rally. Speakers kept talking about the weather God had given them and in fact it was CIA-booked in advance; God had nothing to do with it and Peter Bis is nearly alone in fighting here.


Biden Attacked

They already took Feingold and Bayh out of the 2008 race in making way for Clinton and Obama; is Biden next?!?

Seventeen currently-seated United States Senators are implanted with invasive neuroprosthetics [based on a CIA MKULTRA Subproject 119 design].

Electrodes on the surface of the brain AND HYPOTHALAMUS.

Senator Joseph Biden [D-Del] is known ['strongly rumored'] to be one of the Senators. Particular media sources are critical of his unrestrained proclivity for verbal introspection. Including in public committee meetings.

No Resolution to Biden's Talk Show; [FINAL Edition], Dana Milbank. The Washington Post. Washington, D.C.: Jan 25, 2007. pg. A.2
Chairman Joe Biden of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was trying to uphold two resolutions yesterday: one criticizing the Bush administration's Iraq policy and the other Biden's own resolution to himself -- to stop talking so much.
The Iraq resolution passed 12 to 9. Biden's other resolution failed, by a voice vote -- Biden's voice.....
He opened the hearing with a 3,000-word statement in which he used the word "I" 88 times, including a lengthy discussion of the types of questions he has asked himself and how he has answered himself. Finally, the committee's ranking Republican, Richard Lugar (Ind.) got a chance to speak. Then Biden spoke again. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) introduced an amendment. Biden interrupted him four times, the last time stating, "I don't want to belabor the point."
By this point, Sen. John Sununu (R-N.H.) had heard enough Biden. "We're going to be here a long time, and I'd certainly like to speak," he announced with irritation. Biden yielded the floor to Sununu, but then interrupted him, too -- five times.
For Biden, verbosity frequently tramples what might otherwise be profound points. Friends have urged him to put a sock in it, and he knows that his wordiness prevents him from being, as he has put it, "the best Biden I can be."
But, like any addict, he is prone to lapses. "I'll not interrupt again," he promised after one of his monologues yesterday -- this one after remarks by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) -- and then he broke the promise minutes later.
The veteran legislator is hardly the only one in the Senate, or on the committee, to suffer from long-windedness.....
But Biden suffers more publicly from the need to explain every contour of his thinking; he at once seems keenly aware that he should keep things moving, yet unaware of the need to stop himself from talking....

Biden battles wordiness JENNIFER BROOKS. Gannett News Service. McLean: Jan 14, 2006[year previous].
USA Today, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc.
WASHINGTON -- Does Sen. Joe Biden talk too much?
Yes, said the reporters who clocked the Delaware Democrat's questions at Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's hearing with stopwatches.
Yes, said the pundits who speculated that the would-be presidential candidate's biggest political handicap might be his mouth.
Yes, said Biden himself, who went on CNN to admit he should have skipped the long-winded speeches and cut straight to his questions.
The Alito hearings should have been a place for the former Judiciary Committee chairman to shine. Here was a national forum, a chance for Biden to strut his stuff to a larger-than-usual C-SPAN audience.
It didn't quite work out that way.
First, Biden insulted an entire university. Then his long-winded questioning style drew ridicule from columnists and late-night talk show hosts.
"It's unfortunate, because in the middle of all that talking are some really interesting points that get lost," said Jennifer Duffy, political analyst for the Cook Political Report.
Biden asked plenty of probing legal questions this week, but he could also veer wildly off topic.
"I don't like Princeton," he announced to Alito, a Princeton alumnus. The next day, Biden donned a Princeton hat for the cameras and apologized.
Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen devoted his entire column to Biden's gift for gab, warning that it could wreck his 2008 presidential ambitions.
"The only thing standing between Joe Biden and the presidency is his mouth," Cohen wrote in a Thursday column.....

You can induce that with neuroprosthetics.
You could do that to either Biden or Clinton, though of course Biden would never do that to somebody else.
Taking down Giuliani, Pirro a sacrifice fly - Clinton might.
Radiate someone passed the 'restraint' barrier that typically prevents them from embarrassing themselves.
Radiate someone passed the 'impulse barrier.'
By itself it is not per se a 'volitional impairment' - you can't get Biden to unknowingly vote against legislation he really wants by secretly radiating him - but it would be an annoying technique to employ in harassing someone.
Supposedly took down Phil Graham at the Washington Post after he got Lyndon Johnson on the ticket in 1960 [wouldn't be the first time they did it],
but that was apparently using drugs.

Tough to tell.

Biden - a politician - already suffers from a reduced expectation or a 'class bias' against politicians and wordiness,
he seems to suffer wordiness most at 'icon' moments or hearings which are anticipated to draw a lot of viewers and typically do [Roberts Supreme Court nomination, hearings on the Middle East],
a clever operator can do it with a deft touch that often defies explicit recognition,

and end of the day it is possible a person or person[s] unknown are radiating Senator Biden to produce the embarrassing effect and essentially trivialize American Constitutional Procedure. Taking him out of the race in 2008.

What to do?
Go to the FBI? Don't be ridiculous. They'll investigate you, Peter Bis doesn't have a home address which is going to be a big strike against him up front, and, virtually the only reform voice on Capital Hill, he was sleeping under plastic in the doorway of St. Joseph's - across the street from the Hart Senate Office Building, when a priest came in at midnight, kicked him in his crippled leg, and told him he couldn't be there anymore [side doorway - it wasn't even the front door].
January 24th 2007 - Father Charles [so-called Monsignor Charles].

Was Father Charles kicking Peter Bis in his crippled leg directly related to what seems to be an attack on Senator Biden?
YES. Team peterbis insists it is. Corruption is contagious. None of them - Charles, Bis or Biden - would see that it is, but if you objectively look at the bigger picture of what effectively is a unified underworld structure, there can be no doubt that it ebbs and flows in areas of close geographic proximity.

It is possible or even likely somebody put Charles up to it and he didn't know exactly why but kicked Bis in evil frustration. Not great for a priest, but it is likely a secondary communication mechanism underlies the attack.

Biden is a good Senator; people - certainly including liberals and the Europeans - ought to be screaming bloody murder about this. The problem is that a lot of the liberals are CIA. We aren't sure about the Europeans.

Peter Bis may yet save the United States Senate and Capital Hill, though in truth he is fed up with this country and wants to leave. As follows.

146 SEXY-BODY SHORTCUTS. Definitely not the nuns you had in Catholic school. We’re talking high power mainline religion, unfortunately ‘proximate to’ if not immediately associated with CIA activity. In Washington D.C. and in other countries.

Problem: situational dominance, ‘cause and effect’ calculation, street surveillance and maneuvering, harassment [what might generally be called ‘the batting order of ***holes] is painful to watch or experience, tedious to write, and difficult to read. At the end of the day, however, there is absolutely nothing as cerebral in government or the associated intelligence agencies as a good witch hunt. What makes this one different is the immediacy to the United States Capital and indeed the Senate as an entity. “Before there were buildings to accommodate the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, or even the elected representatives of our country, there were two institutions that stood side by side on Capital Hill – the Capital Building and St. Joseph’s Church.” The FEAR - backed by the observations of Peter Bis – is that one has thrown over to being satanic, and the safety of the other is in doubt.

146 SEXY-BODY SHORTCUTS. It is official; they also have branches in other countries which gets into a 'fluency' issue that is difficult to quantify. Peter Bis suggests aspects of the religious practices are related to Mafia structures or 'underworld' groupings [so-clled 'Mafia queens'for example] and ancient Egyptology. 'How uniform the practices might be' is difficult to quantify in that Peter Bis is only in Washington D.C. and can only extrapolate on other locations at given points in time.

Ebenezer’s – [“Summer 2006 – Meet at Ebenezer Coffee shop…”] – is the CIA lair closely associated with NCC [Church], to the extent Peter Bis apprehended a Russian agent photographing young people in a surveillance activity summer of 2006. Beyond bizarre, that actually involves the Capital Police [Mike Unsel] and extensive documentation. It isn’t just that at least NCC and their satellite coffee house is a center for satanic worship and corruption in Washington D.C. but its known as such to the extent foreign powers are involved – specifically the Russians – and, as a matter of fact, MADONNA HOUSE turns around from Ebenezer’s and starts a commensurate effort in – you guessed it – Russia. Siberia. Please note that is beyond the two MADONNA HOUSE locations in Canada and the Canadian being jacked at an airport in New York by the Americans and sent to Syria for torture as they – presumably the same Syrians – allegedly subvert our efforts in Iraq.

The problem with the Chinese dissident movement is that it is CIA associated, as viewed at Prettyman Courthouse 2006. Dissident stood up in a White House press conference – having gained entrance in the first place – and shouted at the visiting Chinese dignitary, was arrested, and arraigned out of Prettyman. Team peterbis standing outside. CIA orchestration was painfully evident. Bad CIA. The problem with organized crime is that it stole the legitimacy from organized labor; the problem with the CIA is that it enabled the organized crime.

Here the MADONNA HOUSE is represented in Krasnoyarsk, “a growing city in central Siberia” [the quote is from their newsletter and it may be a CIA recommendation to invest in local real estate].

This is the nun’s “silk underwear” quote which was beyond the capability of repressed Catholic Peter Bis to resist.

Father Charles, originally of New Jersey, who denies the existance of the Mafia. Father Jean, on the other hand, freely admits that when visiting the Vatican he dines with the true Italian Mafia dons. The third - man - 'whose exact affiliation is difficult to quantify' appears to be either Sicilian Italian or Latin American, and he departs the church at 3:15 a.m., returning a little after 6:00 a.m.
Whatever. Peter Bis doesn't have an opinion on the point, or didn't - until a known Taiwanese surveillance operative referred to them as the 'Three Kings' [St. Joseph's Church] as opposed to the dog worship from ancient Egyptology a short distance away on North Capital.
Our God is backward - 'd'-'o'-'g'
[as discussed below].
Of course that is a different topic, Peter Bis here more interested in the relationship among CIA surveillance mechanisms, how they have expanded those mechanisms into religious structures, how the religious structures appear to have become platforms for advancing individual objectives apart from the focus of the traditinal church or AT LEAST beyond the traditional division between chuch and state [without doubt in the case of NCC],
and a larger corruption in the Catholic Church. In which he was born and raised.

St. Joseph's right across the street from the Hart Senate Office Building, and the dog worship a few blocks exactly north of the Capital Building.

After he was poisoned in the Summer of 2005, Providence Hospital threw Peter Bis out on the street to die. Now they've gone non-smoking. The strange-but-true in Washington D.C. At some level validated by the foreign surveillance and threat mechanisms here. You don't have to believe it [as your job goes overseas and your standard of living drops]; so-called Homeland Security holding the door open for satanic pratices and CIA manipulation of what Peter Bis has started to call 'The Brothers in Satan the Christ,' you just have to ignore it. They'll take care of the believing part for you.

Peter Bis wanted the cover [with the pretty girl] shown for German visitors to this website [blogspot] who he thinks might laugh - its his tribute to their media practices.

Charles, Camilla, and the tampon.

The royal family: A synopsisAnonymous. The Economist. London: Jan 16, 1993.Vol.326, Iss. 7794; pg. 58.
....A telephone conversation, allegedly between the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles, was picked up and recorded in 1989, published in an Australian magazine on January 13th 1993, then splashed in a British newspaper. It helps explain to the world's royal-watchers why things have gone so badly wrong between the Waleses. The speakers lust for each other, long to see each other and laugh at each other. She panders, like any woman in love, to his noticeable vanity: she even asks for a copy of one of his speeches.

The story was heralded as the "six minutes that could cost Charles the throne." Yet the tape, even assuming it is genuine, may do him little harm. Despite painful lapses into self-importance--"your great achievement is to love me"--the conversation makes Prince Charles sound rather more appealing than the chilly, unfeeling type some have portrayed him as. He makes jokes (gruesome ones about trousers and tampons, but jokes at least); he writes his own speeches; he seems to love this woman....

Fear not, brave Canadian, Customs stands on guard for thee; [FINAL Edition]
ALBERT NERENBERG. The Gazette. Montreal, Que.: Jan 22, 1993. pg. A.
[Complaining about seizures at the Candian border] .....weird sex. Tampon-wanna-be Prince Charles can be quoted as saying he wants to live inside a woman's trousers by national TV and every newspaper in the country. Jolly wonderful. That's not degrading or dehumanizing for him or for anybody else. The royal family can be as perverted as it wants to be. That's because they're big-time sex weirdness, not mom-and-pop perversion.....

BUSTED January 2007 as a half-step 'validation' of a CIA emergent deployment practice we now date to 1989, brought forward in media 1993, validated in literature 1998 [K.W. Jeter, Noir, Bantam Books, New York][almost certain on that but we're trying to find an evasive copy; if it isn't Noir its another in the same time period - pending], and discussed with Peter Bis in December 2000 [Boogy Cyber Cafe, Kalamazoo Mich., in a coversation initiated by a white male in his mid/late 20s].

Literally, that is the physical reduction of human essence, implanted and carried by a woman essentially as an internal 'living organ/life form' in a host/parasite relationship.
In conversation with Peter Bis, the source claimed the underworld CIA/Church/Mafia structure calls the insert a "shrimp" and he spoke of it as having a radiation element or parameter. Again, we were not able to obtain the Jeter book for immediate cross reference but we're trying.

One case we might point to - Allen Dulles lives but we don't know how or in what form; typically they seem to 're-energize' the old before migrating to new but anything is possible, it would be a big career 'up' for the right young lady [immediate access to everything everywhere], the undertaking would be very calculated in a Dulles-like way, and, Dulles had [presumably has] a weird sense of humor.

Cutbacks Impede Climate Studies; U.S. Earth Programs In Peril, Panel Finds, Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, January 16 2007. The government’s ability to understand and predict hurricanes, drought and climate change of all kinds is in danger because of deep cuts to facing many Earth satellite programs and major delays in launching some of its most important new instruments....
Burden Set to Shift On Balanced Budget; Bush Likely to Force Democrats’ Hand, Lori Montgomery and Nell Henederson, Wash Post Jan 16, 2007.

Bush is setting about to blind science as he undertakes the big racketeering moves in climate degradation –the cunning Calvin and Hobbs scenario designed to humiliate the babysitter or somehow thwart the parents. Vaguely familiar but it wasn’t so serious – you’ve seen this in the Sunday funny papers. Isn’t Congress suppose to be the group that doesn’t let him do that? It -‘The Grid’- is part of a larger scenario that includes radiating people.

George W. Bush is out. They're writing his resignation speech and this - the Global Energy Grid - is why.

Peter Bis only says he saw the energized grid and not the satellite orbit geometry or positioning. Illustration suggests a mixed constellation of low Earth orbit and geostationary vehicles.
One satellite in geostationary orbit can broadcast to a hemisphere; three in orbit can cover the Earth. The 'Global Energy Grid' apparently has diamond shaped 'facets' defined by laser beam.
Satellites are not absolutely frozen in orbit but bounce around in an assigned cubic space; one question is how they keep the lasers aligned. We anticipate they 'supplement' with low Earth orbit vehicles, essentially feeding an equation balancing energy from ground sources against location of the space assets.
Specific to the alignment issue,
1. Redundancy almost certainly plays a role [Bis suggests ten satellites are utilized though he does not say where that number came from], and
2. closely observed, it is very likely the Enery Grid has a 'shimmer' or tremor caused by satellite instability.

Pursued essentially since the 1950s, forced out of the aircraft business and offered chump change in a variety of government jobs, quasi-government jobs, and jobs for government contractors – all for some reason at $60,000 a year and all driving toward stealing technology from him - Peter Bis seeks refugee status and a way to leave the United States. At this point to virtually anywhere. The accelerated radiation decay method of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel might be one reason a foreign country would be willing to accept Bis; he has already submitted medical technologies to the United Nations which he probably would be willing to work more immediately.

Our so-called ‘Homeland Security’ effort at billions of dollars a year is essentially bull**** when they can’t put one guy in a hotel with a pair of clean sheets at a couple hundred bucks a week [Resident’s Inn or whatever it is up on Mass Avenue and maybe 14th over the CVS pharmacy NW]. In 2004-2005 guys told Peter Bis they could make his life miserable because he has technology and the HOMEGUARD Security mechanism – or whoever – can screw with people over technology whenever they want and they definitely do. What SWINE. Playing childish games, using low life and scumbags to stake the guy out on the streets; for them its one step closer to the coffee pot and one day closer to the pension. Peter Bis wants to leave the United States, and this is what its all about.

Based on limited information and semi-formal conversations, Peter Bis suggests the Global Energy Grid is maintained by a satellite constellation. What he saw was essentially a geodesic dome in ‘diamond pane’ configuration, uniformly colored orange which he believes reflects a radiation characteristic [whether or not they tinted it or ‘equalized the graphic’ on the monitors]. A source close to the government says that at least officially there is no large power source floating around in space, so the illustration here shows a possible upload from a ground station[s] which includes radiation into a HAARP capability [as opposed to all the power going stovepipe through satellites for distribution].
Peter Bis lies like swine in protecting his sources so there’s really no telling what degree of truth he brings to particular aspects of the paradigm but:

Peter Bis ‘suggests’ the satellites making up the constellation hold the grid in place – and implicit in that is somehow communicating with each other – via laser beam.

In the late 1990s Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen was thinking about developing a satellite constellation incorporating satellites which communicated with each other via laser beam.
Even in a conceptually ‘fixed’ orbit sitting over the equator [at an altitude of 22,300 miles], a satellite floats within a given area – they aren’t absolutely stationary, and there was discussion in the industry about the viability of the laser communication. Worse if the satellites are in a low Earth orbit, but it may even be possible to have some kind of composite design with stationary satellites providing overall laser control for low Earth orbit satellites supplementing the ground installations. Does that in turn speak to redundancy and a survivability characteristic: Peter Bis is on it.
Teledesic, Iridium, the names are fading memories; Boeing staffed a support unit not in Redmond but pretty close to it – maybe Bellevue. Could be wrong but Boeing support may have been headed by Mike Boyce. A couple communication analysts were seconded to the effort which was aborted, and they came back with sardonic tales of money spent on furniture and doors – causing a fair amount of bitterness in Boeing as the industry entered a down cycle and layoff notices were issued.
Of course it now appears the effort was intended to engineer the interoperability of satellites in the constellation with an outside civilian traffic issue nothing more than a cover or at best a secondary distraction, bonus splash on doors and furniture typical CIA dis-information.

George W. Bush is out. The West Germans spent the equivalent of $1.3 trillion dollars on public works projects in East Germany which all failed dismally – only a guess is the Germans really didn’t spend that money there. They put out some splash funding, and instead bought in on the satellite communications or Global Energy Grid, the underground railroad, the alien medical technologies [which they separately tried to pin Peter Bis on down in the Florida Keys] or whatever,
and they are not interested in the CIA simultaneously causing trouble and sending troops into Afghanistan and Iraq to fix it and protect Israel when they - the CIA/ Israeli/ Mafia/ terrorist crime structures – created the larger parameters of the situation beyond deliberately instigating the specific incidents in the first place.

If the CIA and the Israelis hadn’t orchestrated blowing up the shrine in Samarra, or if they hadn’t kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers so the innocent Lebanese got bombed last summer, would things be different? The Europeans are more liberal than we are but they are big players – it isn’t the deaths. The unification of NATO is important and they would tough through; they’re not remotely stressed militarily and a guess is that they actually don’t have as many combat command slots as their militaries would really like [heard it here first].
George W. Bush is being forced out over the subservience issue. That just isn’t how you treat people. Ultimately it probably is over Lebanon [more immediately than the attack on the American judiciary or the attack(s) on the legislative branch of the American government, either one of which should have done it], but we have no idea what Bush is going to say in his resignation speech.

The original diagram for Grand Theft Soul. Faced with a multiplicity of gods, the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten tried to change direction in worshiping a single deity. God as represented by the Sun, which he called Aten. 'Life' has a physical human essence which can be corrupted with radiation, and 'the rays of the Sun' illustrate the corruption coming from a unified form or entity [which later gets supported in literature]. That's not to say its the only source of corruption possible, but it is a big one. After he died the priests tried to stamp out the ‘Aten Heresy’ as false. In fact they significantly underestimated the problem – that heresy is Satanic – and the United States government has created a plasma grid system which actually enhances the immediacy of the corruption.

It is wrong to radiate people. A guess is that we are radiating the Negroes, as evidenced in a declining birth rate, increased Alzheimer’s, reduced abortions, and diminished graffiti in the hood.
‘Flat Wedding.’ Radiation takes off the top 10% of human emotion, but probably enhances aspects of drone-like or 'slave' work development. More literally, given a reduced spectrum of activity, there may be some compensation in aspects of production [fewer questions] – please do not say ‘No Child Left Behind’ is helping black school children when you know they’re quieter because you reduced their ‘youth joy’ expectation or capacity for vivid expression. Many psychologists – and psychiatrists – probably approve of the application. Maybe you should oppose psychology and psychiatry as essentially satanic.

Do NOT let the Israelis radiate the Palestinians. They probably have towers mounted in Israel radiating the Palestinians, and then pitch a tale of woe when the Palestinians lob missiles at the towers or more generally into Israel. The Palestinians do not have to be able to precisely characterize what they hate or what it is they’re attacking when they oppose something like that.

When the Israelis admit what they’re doing, the Palestinians will say what they’re attacking.

PLEASE NOTE. Peter Bis claims to have Jewish ancestry. This website is not opposed to Jews in general and is not in any way anti-Semitic beyond opposing infiltration and use of National Security Agency and other government capabilities in blacklisting, invidious surveillance, torture, radiation applications [Dennis Sweeney versus Allard Lowenstein and the New York Jews 1970 to 1980 and even after, Bryan Adrian versus the Jews ongoing mid-2006 New York and Washington D.C., John (alias McCluster) versus the Jews circa 2004 into 2005 New York and Washington D.C.], and all that which is not reported in writing, in detail, and in advance.
As with Allard Lowenstein bringing AIDS to Africa, the Jewish work with the Nazis and their Cambodia-izing Lebanon last summer, at issue is the Jews in and out of Israel attempting to preserve a special relationship with the aliens at the expense of others which is actually antiquated and very 'Old World Order.' If they want a special relationship with an alien they can feed Peter Bis.

Do NOT let the CIA radiate the Iraqis.

Peter Bis says Boeing is involved. Without providing a lot of detail, he has seen it - The Grid - called up on a computer in a private building [as opposed to a government building].

They must have special nomenclature [designating diamond panes presumably by number and locating zones on the surface of the grid]. Noting color may reflect the spectrum of electricity utilized, nuclear testing in the Pacific [thought to have been 1950s/1960s] and more recent radiation technologies up in Michigan [either NORAD missile defense, microwave communication, or testing for the antenna designed to communicate with the submerged Polaris submarine fleet worldwide, once designed for the Upper Peninsula], turned the sky green. In other words, we've observed large scale area radiation effects in the past.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet: Until it was dismantled in late September 2004, the American Seafarer system (76 Hz) consisted of two antennas, located at Clam Lake, Wisconsin (since 1977) and at Sawyer Air Force Base near Gwinn, Michigan (since 1980). Before 1977, the Sanguine system was used, placed in the Laurentian Shield in Wisconsin. The Russian antenna (ZEVS, 82 Hz) is installed at the Kola peninsula near Murmansk. It was noticed in the West in the early 1990s. The British Royal Navy once considered building their own transmitter at Glengarry Forest, Scotland, but the project was cancelled....

Of course you're wondering what they're now using to communicate with the submarines.

Peter Bis is following developments at 'the crib' which is a satellite building near the Capital Police headquarters in Washington D.C.
First they threw away canisters used to bring in chemicals -
now they're monitoring maybe with geiger counters.
Peter Bis suspects the chemical absorbs radiation; if that is true they may be checking ground effect.

At issue is everything from alien life forms to global warming which, as we say, a couple United States Senators have disparaged to the dismay of the environmental crowd. They're concerned about the climate modification - the question is the extent to which its a manipulation issue [the exhaust from your car isn't causing it in a global energy grid paradigm]. At the height of the industrial revolution England damn near blackened the planet while now the righteous liberal wants to call you selfish and take away your ride to fit their own ideological criteria.

'Ride the train because your car pollutes.'
'Ride the train because the roads are crowded.'
'Ride the train because I told you to.'
Be sure to look at big picture government radiation applications before you go cutting up the last of the big time Pontiacs.

Boeing has tried to hire Peter Bis [or literally people representing themselves as associated with Boeing have tried to hire him], and government agents have tried to make Peter Bis take jobs at Boeing. Team peterbis has a member who did work at Boeing in Seattle [actually in Kent which is south of Renton] on an antenna project 1996~1998, and there was REPEATED talk about 'heating the penguins.' It was discussed, though the possibility of causing any harmful effect was almost laughingly disparaged admittedly based on quantifying a transient ground effect rather than a longterm atmospheric multiple which is misleading to the extent you're really heating the cubic volume of space at the pole to arrive at a coverage effectivity rather than selectively targeting one individual object in motion, as it happened commercial airplanes flying up near or briefly above the Arctic Circle. Penguins are known to inhabit the Antarctic rather than the Arctic but it was a snappy sound bite and the concept similarly applied though the volume of traffic flying the northern Atlantic route is significantly greater than the amount of commercial traffic flying the South Pole routes.

Now we argue government is certainly orchestrating weather events including the Florida hurricane series of 2004 and Katrina [drought in the western plains states etc.] using targeted amounts of radiation, but that isn't known to have anything to do with Boeing unless they're consulting on the issue.
Peter Bis has been attacked by people trying to force him into Boeing; since they don't do propulsion but buy it [Rolls Royce, GE - which has also attacked Bis but for more obvious reasons, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne] it isn't immediately clear what they would want with him and the obvious answer is satellites.

Again, we do not know if power to the global energy grid is uploaded directly from a ground station into maybe a HAARP-type plasma structure or perhaps routed through an orbiting satellite matrix [making the energy distribution uniform is presumably a key requirement]; watch for future updates as events warrant.

Peter Bis: Eye on 'The Crib.'

Rasputin and Tsarina. Not only is it possible Di lives but that she's quite active maybe in a 'cell' or fluid group of people.

Started with speculation about Princess Diana in Michigan 1979 into 1980 - actually continuing into January 1984, and whether it could be true.
Peter Bis meets a girl, they date for a period of time, they go to bed together and she gets up right after they have sex and leaves the room. Girl had two roommates [actually ‘housemates’] and looking through the wall Peter Bis saw three women in the bathroom next to the bedroom - looking back at him through the wall. The women were all somewhat older. Early 1980 he assumed they were related to one or the other of the roommates as the girl he was dating hadn’t said anything about it. 2006 into 2007, the question is whether or not Margaret Thatcher worked to supplement the Windsor bloodline and [Tory] why she might.

1990-91 Peter Bis was filing papers with the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland. He ended up sitting alone in the ‘Sun Room’ which is apparently a very spacious and nicely appointed conference area overlooking Lake Geneva [to smoke he would have had to go outside which apparently was problematic because of cold weather or some reason]. People came and sat near him and he couldn’t help but overhear their conversation:
United Nations had satellite documentation of the Iraqi build up under Saddam Hussein two weeks before they hit Kuwait which gets into the original Gulf War,
and of course prior to the famously unfortunate remarks of the American ambassador which supposedly led to the invasion.

The problem now is twofold – the American ambassador claims James A. Baker III was explicit in giving her instructions which she dutifully relayed to Saddam Hussein [those were not, strictly speaking, ‘her’ remarks at all],
and Peter Bis knows the United Nations was documenting the Iraqi troop build up well before she or James Baker III made the remarks anyhow. "128,000" deaths was articulated by someone in the Sun Room in front of Peter Bis [that's where he got the number - he didn't research it], and the United Nations was worried their own credibility was on the line.
In the big picture, it very much appears James A. Baker III was racketeering with Saddam Hussein in providing the Iraqi leader pseudo-justification for entering Kuwait and starting the original Gulf War.

Which abruptly ended when George H.W. Bush commanded to end it, and for no other reason.

To some extent the first Gulf War, the interim embargo or ‘oil-for-food program’ with northern and southern ‘No Fly Zones,’ getting into Peter Bourne and Bill Richardson visiting Baghdad 1995 to provide Saddam Hussein with at least a description of a neuroprosthetic technology and ‘higher tier’ of reciprocity concept, and the so-called Operation Iraqi Freedom [currently ongoing] have cumulatively represented confiscation of wealth in impoverishing the ordinary Iraqis. Once upon a time their hospitals regularly ordered equipment from German and France – now they buy it [when they do buy it] from Egypt.

To their credit, the British at least recognize the latter paradigm and are pissed off about it. The question is how the latter paradigm works into the previous issue – supplementing the Windsor bloodline and why. What is the end game; ultimately the Jews are racketeering in subjugating the Middle East [“Tony Blair is Lucifer” – we don’t laugh]. Of course the Monarchy looks beyond that, but Peter Bis would conceptually be an interesting mechanism to use if you back out dates from the births of the sons.
Everybody says Margaret Thatcher is a witch but virtually nobody claims to have seen her actually engaged in witchcraft; Peter Bis didn't know Margaret Thatcher is a witch but says he saw something.
Lauren Gross provides interesting insights on 'doubling' generally [her blog updated and indexed in column to right]. Remember, while always very pretty, in earlier life Princess Di was not as 'glamorous' as they made her up to be in the marriage [which wasn't ultimately to her benefit] and that might have removed a significant barrier to 'doubling her' insofar as they were already starting at a fork in the road and on occasion simply veered the other way.

No real comment or certainty. Peter Bis saw Prince Philip at a helicopter show in England; Philip actually 'shouldered into him' and looked at him funny which wouldn't be surprising under the circumstances. Continuing a line of thought from last year, the idea is that the Queen [and Thatcher] would know, but the children might not. Of course the BIG reflection is on the communication mechanisms Peter Bis has access to and what they tell him as opposed to what they withhold.
Something in the wind about 'Island Princess'; no word yet on a boat for Peter Bis.

The attack on Vice President Cheney continues. Harriet Miers resigns as White House counsel, which BUSH presumably hopes will clear the way for him to launch his 'Plan B' assault. 'His guys' rather than him - probably somebody pretty sharp which gets into the CIA judiciary manipulation overview designator; they appear to run a small core of smart guys which works through ranks of middlish dupes. Chief Justice John Roberts litigated a pattern of CIA cases in front of the Supreme Court before he was appointed to it; a guess is that he knows who it is [and can access it] if he isn't immediately affiliated with the core group.

BUSH might try to use litigation brought forward by Betty Newby - the problem is that Newby's litigation ties to Nathan Hecht who is a Texas Supreme Court justice and an old boyfriend of Miers. That is the first problem. BUSH threatened to try that previously and somebody made them run a photo of Hecht and Miers in the Washington Post on June 07 2006 page A21 [above]. The larger legal argument can be described as 'Government officials in private conspiracy using state assets [material, equipment and manpower] on the quasi-public dime.' Common sense might suggest that argument is or should be a frankly asinine proposition in a federal courtroom; probably developed by the CIA, Team peterbis has already extensively litigated the point - and lost repeatedly.

Cheney has protected a CIA funding mechanism in energy - Hillary Clinton tortured a woman named Sheila Bilyeu and that litigation was actually brought forward in media by the CIA which is how it came to our attention. Yes. They can.

Hecht and Newby - for that matter Cheney - tie exactly into the 5th Circuit, and 85% of America's refining capability is located in the 5th Circuit. According to Newby, Phil Gramm owns the 5th, got Priscilla Owen appointed, dictates how the opinions are going to come down, and has his wife sit on the corporate boards so his own hands are clean, neatly avoiding insider dealings or the appearance of insider dealings.

The CIA funding mechanism in energy is [or was] Enron, and a guess is that Jeffrey Skilling is willing or even eager to sing like a bird. Why you want to take down Hecht, Gramm et al. in attacking people [hitting a few individuals while letting the many escape] as opposed to attacking through the CIA overview designators in instigating larger reform is not at all clear to us. Certain is that Bush should not be allowed to pick and choose.

The Case For Hillary Clinton is written by Susan Estrich and published by Harper Collins, costs $25.95 [minus 20% at Barnes & Noble] and is probably very interesting.

The case against Hillary Clinton is Bilyeu v. Clinton et. al 1:00-cv-02290 RWR which became Bilyeu v. Federal Government 1:01-cv-00321 RWR [DDC con't Dist of Columbia Court of Appeals 02-5008 denied], it's yours for the cost of the Xeroxing, and it is mesmerizing. A page turner. You won’t go to sleep. It describes a horrible situation which really sucks, backing into a larger 1994 CIA paradigm with foreign parallels instigated by a CIA executive named Peter Bourne who had previously made and essentially destroyed Jimmy Carter as ‘the Drug Czar who did drugs’ [remember Hamilton Jordon’s cocaine? Right up there with the CIA rabbit attacking Carter when he was in the canoe]; extreme as that was it was only a precursor to Allard Lowenstein, KKMOUNTAIN, and simultaneously inflicting AIDS and Robert Mugabe on innocent Negroes who had never done anything to anybody 1979.

Bush must go. He is out. This is a reform blogspot, and we doggedly pursue reform even now, but insist that going after individuals without going after the CIA overview designators and nomenclature is only going to result in trivial prosecutions which the CIA will cheerfully manipulate to their own invidious ends.



Spectacularly validated beyond our wildest imagination. Regular readers know to trust for the inside Washington scoop – now on the averted attack of last Saturday night [Bush expanding the Plame effort into an even more immediate assault]. Sure, you checked in and read about that but you didn’t really believe it and in a million years never thought the perpetrators would admit to it.

Negroponte makes his jump, only without a new slot opening for Condi Rice he’s stuck half standing in the musical chairs.

Rice really ought to resign – in protest; that was perhaps the most egregious, cynical, and profoundly corrupt activity she was ever nearly associated with. SWINE. Capital airspace was violated in a big emergency drill last September-ish [as was the ground perimeter around the time they brought in a new chief of police], and speculation centered around their placing '9/11 devices' in the building intending to crash a plane onto the roof to the west of the dome with a shrapnel effect down onto the Ford Memorial Service. Plot aborted, you assume they went through the building tearing out whatever devices they put in; word in the District of Columbia is that just to be safe Cheney didn't say anything about it to Ted Stevens until afterwards.

Tony Blair in America and Ford dead as the cops clean out the crib [their hazardous materials lair on Capital Hill], seemingly disguarding canisters of chemicals and hiding what was perhaps nuclear detection equipment deployed mobile in a van. Was another 9/11 type incident planned with the VIPs coming in for the funeral? Bush does not arrive until Monday, leading us to suspect it might have been scheduled for Saturday [night, probably between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.] when Vice President Cheney was scheduled to speak.

CRISIS AVERTED. AGAIN Peter Bis makes the bust and saves the day, but he couldn't do it without your awareness. THANK YOU.

At least an element of truth to this [as follows]; hadn't heard that Tony Blair is a Shriner which was the weakness in the sequence but some tie has been at least partially validated.
An odd point: Gerald Ford was 'drafted Masonic' [taking his first degree in Michigan with second and third only awarded after his arrival in Washington D.C.]. Scottish Rite 33rd degree, and rumor has it he continued high into the illicit levels beyond the 33rd degree, ultimately taking a top slot. Validated by reports of him skulking about initiating the new 33rd degree candidates. George H.W. Bush is suppose to be the other top dog, with similar reports of his participation. Ford's death means that slot is now available, and Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine is headquartered in Tampa with Blair in Miami and Bush hidden off at Crawford. Of course people wonder if Tony Blair was smuggled onto the Crawford Ranch to speak with Bush, but it actually might be more likely that Bush was smuggled to Florida to meet with Blair and probably his brother Jeb.

Arrest of the protestors in Crawford - five including Cindy - may have dated a meeting.

Seemingly random Bis observation that Condi Rice is vampiric may in fact be related if she went too; for that matter Cheney is Masonic and the whole National Security Council might have been aware of a meeting with the possible attack on Cheney a hidden subtext [Bush, Blair, and Rice].

Supposed execution of Saddam Hussein obviously doesn't diminish the possibility they have or had something cooking. Short appeal process and big talk about him being brave at the end. Right as the death count in Iraq hits 3,000 with a significant number of maimed and walking wounded on both sides. All right, for the sake of the argument supposing Bush/Blair et al. did pull something off. Would the American people really be so stupid as to believe it was 'terrorists'?

In concept the Vice President has[had] to speak at the funeral because he worked for Ford, he has[had] to speak in that location, and he will be[was] isolated with the other leaders - Harry Reid for example - out of the country and not planning to attend. Pelosi won't either. Might be a good time to plead off - go to Iraq because of the worsening violence [disappear into the Middle East to meet with our allies], but he [did attend].

George W. Bush is about to be forced out of office, and it just isn't a good time to wander the edge of the cliff.

The Queen is a very old and wise queen. Blair being 'discovered' when his jet overshot the runway in an amateur 'mistake' doesn't diminish the possibility something could happen. And Bush is planning to be absent Saturday. The pair of them are swine, and Peter Bis very much prefers the Queen.

Release of the movie about the death of Princess Di seemingly anticipated the report on the death of Princess Di and the spying on Princess Di issue. Peter Bis looks at the larger situation.

Margaret Thatcher is said to have been a witch. Widely said. Has anyone ever suggested Lady Di might similarly fit in that construction, perhaps being considerably older than has previously been made public which edges into the Lord Cumberland Chamberlain Masonic paradigm? Again Peter Bis looks at the larger situation.

"Orchestrated Chernobyl" and the emergence of the CIA-backed criminal state in Russia, insofar as the old Soviet government was the last real 'check' on the so-called 'New World Order' [global] paradigm. In line with an 'overview reciprocity concept' you can thank the Soviets for your Social Security, and blame Bush and the CIA for now trying to take it away [though literally it sounds like they want to take an administrative percentage of the deposit as a quasi-permanent CIA funding source].

We look at the 'Tunguska event' [10~20 megaton blast] of Siberia 1908. Avoiding the controversy of Bis, who essentially alleges a significant Earth-cycle reaction figured in that 'bang' beyond what is typically characterized as an asteroid or comet exploding in the atmosphere, we increasingly suspect the American CASTLE BRAVO atmospheric test of 01 March 1954 [and the subsequent Soviet test which was even larger] may relate to Eisenhower supposedly interacting with alien life forms 1952, particularly in light of the contamination plume and death of the Japanese fisherman.

Whether they were ever able to duplicate the coverage effectivity with lower yield neutron warheads isn't clear. Bis himself was at least conceptually born in 1951 which is interesting particularly in the context of the related government surveillance activity in the era.

Ongoing issue[s] in deployment.

Peter Bis has/had a source on the London bombings of July 2005 who said Princess Di was taken out with a SOLIUM bomb. Peter Bis gnawing the bone for a year and a half, investigations division of the Capital Police finally tells him it can be a home brew bomb made significantly of BLEACH which apparently characterized the accident scene, Bis suggesting either there was more than one bomb or the explosion failed to consume all of the material [somehow placed immediately before the car Di was riding in entered the tunnel].
Bleach residue may also explain the formaldehyde issue, particularly if the bodies were 'burned' or otherwise exposed to even trace elements.
Carbon monoxide in the blood: Mission Impossible circa 1968 showed remote activation sequence of a tank with hissing valve in the weekly title track. Or - less glamorous - a parking lot attendant could just crack the valve and put it under the seat. Without specifics it is difficult to be certain how the carbon monoxide might have impacted a blood alcohol test; Bis thought it might make the accident victims appear to have drunk more than they really did. In terms of Agency involvement, would the CIA 'show their cards' or reveal their 'method of madness' on television? YES. YOU BETCHA. But that would suggest its been done more than the one time since 1968. Stay tuned.

From Wikipedia, CIA on the internet.

.....With regard to 2005 bombings in London, Litvinenko said that "all the bloodiest terrorists of the world" were connected to FSB-KGB, including Carlos Ramírez the "Jackal", Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Abdullah Öcalan, Wadie Haddad of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Hawi who led the Communist Party of Lebanon, Ezekias Papaioannou from Cyprus, and Sean Garland from Ireland. He said that the "terrorism infection creeps away worldwide from the cabinets of the Lubyanka Square and the Kremlin". These claims are supported by Mitrokhin archive.

We think Litvinenko stumbled on to the CIA/KGB terrorism nexus, and it's possible he was killed over that when you continue the equation into an orchestrated Hezbollah and new Middle East, quite possibly by the CIA but anyway NO DOUBT with both Bush and Putin in on it. So blatant in a manipulation scenario, its hard to imagine they wouldn't have been in on it anyway. Not only was he horribly murdered but he was meant to be seen as horribly murdered which has kind of a defiant quality to it.

[Citation continuing] In July 2006 Litvinenko alleged in an article that Putin was a paedophile. He compared Putin to rapist and serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. He wrote that among people who knew about Putin's paedophilia were Anatoly Trofimov and the editor of the Russian newspaper "Top Secret", Artyom Borovik, who died in a aeroplane crash under suspicious circumstances just a week after trying to publish a paper about this subject. Former FSB officer Mikhail Trepashkin now states he warned Litvinenko in 2002 about an FSB unit assigned to assassinate him.....

Allegations about George H.W. Bush being a paedophile date to the 1980s.

Discussing the larger [perhaps defiant] context, the poison which killed Litvinenko [polonium] is certainly of interest and traces back at least to Germany at the end of the war:...And so we return to [Adolf Bernd]Freier's statement of a remarkably small 100 g[ram] atom bomb test at Ohrdruf on March 4, 1945. There does exist a method by which much smaller critical masses of fissile material can be used to make a bomb: boosted fission. Essentially, boosted fission simply relies on the introduction of some neutron-producing material - polonium, or heavy hydrogen: deuterium, or even tritium - to release more neutrons into the chain reaction than is actually released by the fissile critical mass assembly by itself. This raises the amount of free neutrons initiating chain reactions in the critical mass, and therefore allows two very important things:

(1)It allows slightly lower purity of fissile material - materially not considered of sufficient purity to be weapons grade without boosted fission - to be used for an actual atom bomb; and,

(2)it requires less actual fissilematerial for the critical mass assembly to make a bomb.

Thus, "boosted fission" would have afforded the German bomb program a practical way to increase the number of bombs available to them, and a reliable method for achieving an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction with lower purity of enriched material..... Reich of the Black Sun, by Joseph P. Farrell.

Delicious threat mechanism - killing Litvinenko in public with the material the security agencies know can be used to miniaturize an atomic weapon or 'weapon of mass destruction' - without being able to speak to the point.

In a larger sense, the 'public death of the Russian by poison in London' was an interesting event for a number of reasons including the media coverage and timing relative to release of the report on Lady Di.
1989 to 1991 Peter Bis was in communication with the United Nations in Switzerland. He alleged - in a fifty six page paper hand delivered to the UN - the American CIA, the Catholic Church, and the Russian Mafia unified in undertaking the Chernobyl disaster which was then quite recent [April 26 1986]. Catholic Church got to create hierarchy [bishops and cardinals], American CIA got to knock down the Soviet state which was really the last significant barrier to rule by 'the New World Order' on a global basis, and all the Russian Mafia had to do was keep the Soviets out once they were removed from power.
Exactly who picked Putin gets to be an interesting question, Bis de facto suggesting he [Putin] is/was the outcome of a much more unified decision-making process - in fact apart from Mother Russia - than is generally acknowledged.
Peter Bis greatly respects the Queen but does not like [or more literally 'trust'] her husband or Prince Charles; anyway, 'end of the day' in conversation Bis makes it clear he thinks it likely the same group of people or at least the same 'gravitational pull' figured into both the Russian paradigm and the attack on Di, perhaps recurring as a subtext to the poisoning and 'final report' on the car accident/death investigation.

If the timing was coincidence its an interesting coincidence.

December 28 2006 his condition is revealed as having been much worse than previously reported - Senator Johnson remains drugged and bed-ridden, still isn't speaking, and has been considered to be in 'critical' condition. Apparently is aware of wife and family.
Was Senator Johnson poisoned?
..."He has been diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation, a condition that causes arteries and veins to grow abnormally large, become tangled and sometimes burst. The condition often is present from birth." Sen. Johnson resting, remains critical, MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer, Dec 16 2006. You can stress that condition artificially ['trigger the incident' as opposed to originating the condition]. These things work out. Senator Gregg's wife got kidnapped, but then he won the lotto [if you're looking at a cluster of attacks on leadership in the Senate]. The Russian poisoned with radiation in London is alternately of interest if you're looking at a cluster of poisoning; in turn Peter Bis suggests that incident [Litvinenko Polonium-210] may cluster with the release of the police report on the death of Princess Di.

What is the issue in 'clustering' attacks - it probably traces to an interrelationship and communication mechanism [whether or not Senator Johnson figures in the activity set]. Airplane crashes, underground mining accidents [gone to school bus accidents in the CIA school bus seat belt advocacy], E.coli food poisoning: THAT they cluster is clear, and driving to the cause effectively backs into the larger Peter Bis paradigm.

The PETER BIS paradigm. Man, in an electric field which can be characterized as 'human essence,' has a vertical axis running from above the head through the groin. The electric field is vulnerable and the axis in particular provides an access by which it can be corrupted. Earth, in a plasma exchange relationship with the Sun, has the same vertical axis WHICH SIMILARLY IS VULNERABLE TO CORRUPTION. Bis then takes the ultimate step in saying so-called 'Black Holes' have a SIMILAR vertical axis and again that axis is vulnerable to being corrupted which figures into the organization of the cosmos or universe.

In other words, Bis claims the physics model shares elements of continuity in hierarchy across scale.

Government isn't dumb in it but essentially misrepresents the situation, looking at Antarctic research here. Large 'red arrow' ought to be moved somewhat to the left along the coast and reoriented to point directly 'south.'

Black Hole.

South Pole. At the end of World War II the Nazis 'folded down' their operations in Europe and moved to the Antarctic, formally initiated with so-called OPERATION PENGUIN in September of 1944 which we recognize today as having been the V-1 and V-2 cover for the withdrawal. The Pinguin was a surface raider carrying mines 1940-41 or in the gap between late 1930s exploration and the mid1940s retreat, and its interesting to speculate its known deployment/voyages figured in construction-defense of the colony.

Big deal. They weren't stupid thugs - Nazis hedged the bet. There really are no bigger fools than academics, who to this day essentially 'kiss their ass and call it roses' to the extent most people have been either ignorant or lying in protecting a fairly evident scenario.

NASA unveils plans for moon station , Rupert Cornwell. Belfast Telegraph. Belfast: Dec 6, 2006. pg. 1. [Translated text available]: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish [arguing the translation alone goes some ways towards establishing legitimacy].
National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Author(s): Rupert Cornwell
Publication title: Belfast Telegraph. Belfast: Dec 6, 2006. pg. 1
Source type: Newspaper
Full Text (544 words)

Nasa, the US space agency, has given the first details of its plans to set up a permanent human settlement on the moon by 2024, as the first part of a scheme for manned exploration of Mars and beyond in the solar system.

The project, first outlined by President George Bush almost three years ago in a speech outlining America's space ambitions, would return a man to the moon for the first time since the Apollo 17 mission of December 1972. That stay lasted just three days.Under the new programme, beginning in 2020, astronauts would make stays of a week. These would be gradually lengthened, so that within four years the base would be permanently manned, with astronauts living on the base for six-month stretches.The chosen site will be at or near one of the moon's poles, probably the south pole [TRUE], because of the long periods of sunlight those regions enjoy [controversial in the BIS paradigm. They're saying what they're doing but they're not really discussing the primary issue in the site location]. That would permit solar power generation, and the production of electricity, in keeping with Nasa's aim of "living off the land". The south pole has a special attraction: the suspected nearby presence of key elements, most notably helium-3, a lighter form of the gas that can be used for nuclear power. There have also been some signs that deep craters could contain ice, which would provide water and fuel.The moon base, said Scott Horowitz, NASA's director of lunar exploration, "will be a central theme in our plan for going back to the moon, in preparation to go to Mars and beyond". He added that agency scientists knew less about the lunar poles than they did about Mars, although the moon was only 250,000 miles from Earth.The rockets and landing capsules - the Ares I and Orion programmes - which will ferry astronauts back and forth will be exclusively American, Nasa said. But the agency wants to bring in other countries, including Britain, India, Russia and China, as well as the European Space Agency. The key question, unanswered by Nasa officials this week, is how much the base might cost. Unofficial estimates put the price tag at around $100bn....

With or without the Nazis, NASA planning a permanent lunar base at one pole or the other is an extremely interesting coincidence relative to the vertical axis issue if it isn't immediately related; the problem is that you cannot trust government on the larger situation.[ your blogspot for truth!]

PETER BIS looks at elements of corruption - often immediately visible in surveillance deployments - and 'belief structures' which he then traces to the underlying physics concepts.

The GOOD Pope John Paul I, MURDERED by swine. Even after all these years surveillance elements will not let us post the photograph we would like to show.

The Peter Bis holiday story. In late December 1983 Peter Bis shattered his kneecap in Kalamazoo Michigan. He promptly went to Borgess Hospital. They took at least 18 x-rays of the shattered kneecap, told him he need surgery within twenty four hours or he'd be crippled, and made him an appointment to see a Dr. Renick on the morrow to fix the leg.
At the time Peter Bis was starting up his own aircraft company - or trying to - and tangling with the Upjohn Gilmore power structure which dominated Kalamazoo as he fought to stay clear of corruption and threat projection.
The injury was so bad the nerve impulses felt like water running up and down inside the leg.

The next day - December 24 1983, the day of Christmas Eve - Peter Bis was assisted into Dr. Renick's office as scheduled at 10:15 a.m., with his leg swollen from ankle to groin. Renick came into the waiting room with the folder of x-rays, cracked the folder as if to glance inside but didn't really look at a single x-ray, and says "Get out of here - there's nothing wrong with you." Rest of the story: Borgess is a Catholic Hospital.... "continuing the healing mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph.... respect[ing] the dignity of human life and actively respond[ing] to the needs of the poor..... We are called to: Service of the Poor - generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need, Reverence - respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life, Integrity - inspiring trust blah blah blah which says nothing about effectively being a threat mechanism for racketeering influences and throwing Peter Bis out on the street as part of a larger strategy which included getting his heat cut off. Though the good people working the state emergency effort [severe cold that particular winter apparently resulted in an emergency response] told Peter Bis he could get the heat back on if he went and played ball with the local criminal elements, essentially giving them a majority stake in the airplane business.

Of course Peter Bis went hunting for the top dogs in the criminal scheme, and ended up at the Vatican 1990-1991 where an old priest took him into an office and gave him a special blessing to fight evil-doers in religious structures clear to God.
The old priest also confided in Peter Bis, telling him John Paul I had been murdered essentially for trying to clean the Mafia out of the church, but before his death had signed a papal decree which is the dogmatic word of God to all loyal Catholics through the Holy Papal Father - fighting the Mafia.

November 24-26 2007: scumbag bearded thug [and others] set up on Peter Bis in a small, triangular park on Mass Ave. near the Senate buildings in Washington D.C., apparently in preparation for the November 27 verbal assault on Peter Bis by an older apparent Mafia Catholic scumbag male actually in the Senate park across from Union Station.

This after 'they' -
surveillance elements somehow linked to the NCC Church with ties to the Christian Leadership Center located in the Heritage Center [holding out on how or whether the Christian Leadership Center is actually linked to Heritage] -
poisoned Peter Bis in 2005, putting him in the hospital for thirty days, of which the first fourteen were in a coma [Providence Hospital - again Catholic where a green lizard woman gave Peter Bis ice water sponge baths at 3:00 a.m.] before throwing him out on the street to die while teasing him with promises of bed rest in Christ House,
after Bis moved to expose their schemes to a woman in management apparently at Heritage who had [has] ties to the upper levels of Congress ['reverse engineering' the uncalled for and absolutely stunning response, presumably the elected delegates beyond staffers].

THEREFORE, as an urgent appeal Peter Bis respectfully requests all good Catholics withhold all holiday gifts, pledges, and tithes to the Catholic Church [effectively a boycott]fighting for:
1. an investigation into the death of John Paul I,
2. an investigation of Mafia and CIA ties to the Catholic Church including sexual molestation, state and local laws and other enactments related to [religious] sexual molestation including revisions to statute of limitations as a coordinated CIA effort, and the immediate litigation surrounding [religious] sexual molestation, and
3. recognition of satanic influences which continue to corrupt the Catholic Church at its highest levels.

Take heart. One Pope in recent history in fact was a very good or even great man who lost his life attempting to instigate reform. Of course he was not one of the Popes they recognize as great, as they go on to instead exalt the vile and criminal if not the alien and reptilian, but a man strong in spirit who called and yet calls for the good to recapture the church.

NASA's space telescope captures black hole chomping a star for the first time
The Hindustan Times. New Delhi: Dec 6, 2006.
Washington, Dec 6 -- NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has caught for the first time, the whole process by which a black hole eats a star, from the first bite to the final chomp.
Lead author of a new paper appearing in the recent issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, Dr. Suvi Gezari of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California said such type of events were very rare.
"This type of event is very rare, so we are lucky to study the entire process from beginning to end," said Dr. Gezari.
According to her, the black hole might have remained dormant in an unnamed elliptical galaxy for probably thousands of years.
But when a star ventured a little too close, the black hole's gravity tore it asunder.....
Indeed, the recent star/black hole scenario has been widely reported.
NASA scopes chaos; [B Main Edition]
The Gold Coast Bulletin
. Southport, Qld.: Dec 7, 2006. pg. 16
A GIANT black hole.... caught in the act of guzzling a star in a galaxy four billion light- years away, scientists using an orbiting NASA telescope said yesterday.
For the past two years, scientists have monitored the dramatic events as the star, residing in a galaxy in the Bootes constellation, was ripped apart by the black hole.
Scientists used NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer, an orbiting telescope sensitive to two bands of ultraviolet wave lengths, to detect an ultraviolet flare coming from the centre of a remote elliptical galaxy.
Astrophysics: Unity among black holes
Jörn Wilms. Nature. London: Dec 7, 2006.Vol.444, Iss. 7120; pg. 699

CLASSIC BIS is that the individual human, the Earth-Sun plasma exchange, and the larger galaxy[galaxies] discussed here ALL have the vertical axis head-to-groin, North Pole to South Pole, and as central force in the larger organization of galaxies.

To the extent the church and state DENY that and the potential for artificial corruption and manipulation, their activities are essentially SATANIC or in an active deception of GOD [particularly offensive to him in that they don't quite understand it but fuel fear with lies and denial].

With that as an 'overview,' Peter Bis looks at contributing factors primarily in church and government. You are invited to skip through the near endless surveillance discussions, and review the Egyptian/physics constructions at the start of the blogspot which are really central to the debate.

AGAIN Peter Bis makes the bust.

Robert Gates, professional CIA nominated to run the Defense Department, and Leo Wanta, man who raped Russia with Gates holding the door open for him in the early 1990s. SCANDAL. Beyond bizarre, Bis sources brought Wanta back in the August/September 2006 timeframe [see below] - conceptually well before Rumsfeld's November resignation - almost certainly knowing this was in the wind.

Thieves’ world : the threat of the new global network of organized crime, Claire Sterling, New York : Simon & Shuster, 1994; 304 pages with illustrations is one of the most complete formal references.

Two things take down Gates - participation in Iran Contra and the Council on Foreign Relations CIA 'restructuring' of the Soviet Union under Putin. Wanta is the smoking gun on 'new' Russia - unbelievable the Senate would turn a blind eye to that and approve [confirm] the guy now. SWINE BUSH for even trying.

08 December 2006: Missed Gates and hit Bolton. Bis was right, but he's a lousy shot [essentially the Senate made Bush trade guys].

Bis source says it's true - Bush bought 100,000 acres [in PARAGUAY]. Daughter went down under cover of a United Nations humanitarian mission, and American troops are known to use an air base in the region.
Land Bush bought is actually thought to be on or near the border with Bolivia, close to a major known natural gas reserve and aquifer.

Unknown source of unknown quality [perhaps with a visual confirmation] suggests Nazis NEEDED warm climate access which is what really drove their action in North Africa and initial plan to move Jews to Madagascar off Southern Africa [as opposed to 'rescuing' the Italian effort which is the common understanding of history]. No word on how or if Israelis in Palestine [creation of the Jewish state] figured into that paradigm.

THE HISTORY everybody is wondering about but can't articulate with precision. The Chaco War was between Paraguay and Bolivia, lasting from 1932 to 1935. 'Chaco' is the semi arid grass land [60% of the territory - 2% of the population] which contrasts with the large areas of swampy land on the maps, expecting large areas of swamp have been drained by this point. Nazis in Paraguay: former Minister of the Interior including in charge of police Edgar L. Ynsfran had a conversation with war ace and soldier Hans Ulrich Rudel who emerged as a traveling salesman after the war, and heard Mengele "had been on a ranch in the Chaco.' (the region near the Bolivian border)". Mengele is widely understood to have married his brother's widow, and another source says the marriage collapsed because the wife didn't like being "tucked away on a ranch in rural Paraguay."
Understanding the 1970s represented a shifting paradigm to the CIA structures [bad news - the good guys did not win], a CIA report in June 1972 suggested Mengele was in Encarnacion, and also cited a 1965 report by Nazis sources. Captured, Eichmann suggested Mengele was in Buenos Aires which appears to have been true to a point.
Most common reference to Mengele in Paraguay is Hohenau, which is about 50 miles outside of Asuncion entirely on the other side of Paraguay.
Most ominous single report on Mengele in Paraguay was by a Jew who claimed to have killed Mengele in the river between Argentina and Paraguay in 1968, which was fine for awhile but horrific when it turned out that beyond question Mengele hadn't died but the Jews were knowingly covering up for him [fascinating situation; how long and for what reason?]. Well, end of the day there are reports of Mengele interacting with other Nazis in exile [Barbie for example - another Nazi famous in the death of Jews] with possible participation in CIA activities. Meeting with Jim Jones after Jonestown. A guess is that the known 'participation of the Jews' goes further or is a more compelling argument for a CIA/Nazi interface than any alleged sighting or rumor about Mengele, and it simply is not possible to entirely remove Paraguay from that situation.

CIA Chavez in Venezuela coming up as CIA Castro declines, the sweep of reform brought new government to BOLIVIA intending to better distribute that poor country's natural resources - apparently NOT CIA orchestrated, and Bush is deploying to nip this gasp for freedom in the bud.

WASHINGTON WATCH. PETER BIS gets a visit [several] from Joshua Urness who is in strategic defense planning out of Seattle. Urness knows the Gambino crime family and a man named Ken Archer who runs allegedly runs shelters [more than one] including in Washington state. Which gets into the Bellingham situation outlined below – Bis looking at the origins of the Malvo/Mohammad beltway sniper situation and ‘use of shelters’ with a reimbursable from the state government as a CIA funding mechanism.
Bis then gets a visit from Greg Lake of the Archer Center [George G. Lake, Archer Fellow, University of Texas in Tyler Texas], and he is trying to figure out if the ‘Archer’ is connected – perhaps as either Kenneth William Archer or William Kenneth Archer but more likely some relative or other. Around that time Bis also gets visited by Christopher W. Webster of The Paragon Group which gets into a matrix of awareness and relationships; the ultimate concern is that people are trying to extort thermo fusion technology for weapons systems which is a policy violation if not exactly an immediate crime.

J34 is at least an antiterrorist reference [more or less a command directive to shield troops from terrorist attack - we haven't heard anything about a specific force structure tied to the directive beyond the developing intellegence capability in their new 'in house' agency] from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and it is not clear whether they share awareness.

The ‘defense’ – such as it is – includes Mike Mashon, a curator at the Library of Congress who Bis accuses of misleading him on a recovery program after he [Peter Bis] had been poisoned and leaving him to die on the street – abruptly reversing with the appearance of a Rolls Royce limousine with diplomatic tags perhaps from the British embassy,
W.T. Jenkins who apparently is influential in the tactical deployments of Homeland Security forces in the District of Columbia or capital region,
and a cast of characters – some well intended and some perhaps angling for their own ends – who Bis suggests aren’t really qualified to discuss the technology he has already outlined and submitted to the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland.
True/False yes or no. Have people looked at the technology and do they understand what Bis is driving at, and, if they have, why hasn’t some unified response been developed. The apparent inability to do anything leads to the impression of incompetence; Peter Bis is hopeful recent inquiries into the death of Princess Diana will expand into the larger patterns of corruption which increasingly taint our governments and institutions.

Peter Bis looks at corruption in the so-called 'New World Order' paradigm.
Declining Testosterone Levels in Men Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 (EST)
Testosterone levels in American men have been declining steadily over the past two decades. Some factor other than age may be contributing to the observed declines in testosterone over time..... a new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism concludes.
The reasons for this decline are unclear [IN MEDIA]....
“Male serum testosterone levels appear to vary by generation, even after age is taken into account,” said Thomas G. Travison, Ph.D., of the New England Research Institutes (NERI) in Watertown, Mass., and lead author of the study. “In 1988, men who were 50 years old had higher serum testosterone concentrations than did comparable 50-year-old men in 1996. This suggests that some factor other than age may be contributing to the observed declines in testosterone over time.”

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It is important for maintaining bone and muscle mass throughout life.... Testosterone also is present in women, but at significantly lower levels [apparently not routinely measured or not as showing as abrupt a decline if any].

Travison and colleagues based their study on data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS). The MMAS comprised three separate data-collection periods over 17 years (1987-89, 1995-97, and 2002-04). The study involved collecting blood samples, as well as health and biographical data, from approximately 1,500 randomly selected men residing in the greater Boston area.

After accounting for age and additional factors such as obesity, smoking, and medications, the researchers found that, each year, the subjects’ total and bio-available testosterone decreased an average of 1.2 and 1.3 percent, respectively.
For men 65-69 years of age in this study, average total testosterone levels fell from 503 ng/dL (nanograms/deciliter) in 1988 to 423 ng/dL in 2003. A normal, healthy adult male usually has blood total testosterone concentrations that range anywhere from 300-1000 ng/dL......

Is that decline an orchestrated result of the bio-engineered grains, corn syrup sweetener, and artificial color in the soft drinks effort [manipulation of the food chain],
is it a result of airplanes spraying chemicals over cities conceptually to mitigate ozone depletion,
is it a result of radiating cities to bring the crime rate down,
or is it somehow otherwise induced.
At an extreme level, is it part of an CIA MKULTRA-type effort broadly channeling society to targeted outcomes.

THAT it is happening is fairly obvious - the CAUSE is a matter of perspective.

Peter Bis looks at macro and applied corruptions in the New World Order, specializing in the 'human energy field' and manipulation of the human energy field which essentially is the difference between life and death and even degrees of life and death.
The 'modern era' of the story begins in 1978 with the death of John Paul I, followed in 1979 by Allard Lowenstein bringing AIDS to Africa in 'resolving the transition' between governments in Rhodesia, tornadoes in Connecticut and what has pretty evidently become orchestrated weather manipulation commensurate to seismic activity and attacks on communications and technology companies slash corporate structures - from bursting the so-called 'tech bubble' to the crash of Enron in CIA driven 'pump and dump' schemes, with Boeing moving to Chicago which Bis says is Mafia related and drives to CIA involvement in organized crime. Not entirely in jest, Bis suggests the CIA organizes organized crime which effectively represents a regulatory structure translating into broader corruptions. Busting Greyhound and Trailways before going after the airlines [Southwest hedged its fuel: if that was tied to the CIA or Enron it was an attack on American, United, and the Airline Pilots negotiated wage structure], with collaborating academics brightly characterizing the corruption as a vague 'new economy.' Reasonable men can disagree in whole and in part: the CIA-connected Cliff Brinkley claims the weather manipulation involves technolgy distinct from seismic activity [which he suggests is caused on a case specific basis using patterned explosives drilled into the Earth's mantle]; anyhow BIS HIMSELF MOVES AT THE NEXT LEVEL, in examining corruption in the Catholic Church as well as other religious structures beyond the enabling behavior in Congress.

Ratzinger, a wonderful name for the antagonist, lining up with the duplicity which shortly thereafter terminated the reform threat of John Paul I.

Bis speaks with some authority in characterizing the invidious activity as literally SATANIC; he is positioned in Washington D.C. Without arguing true/false or getting emeshed in credibility issues, Bis discusses a humanoid lizard figure actually in the White House which may relate to a large-scale police effort clearing Union Station in the summer of 2006. Most people assume Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone; the success of the CIA depends on focusing the controversy on that point and attempting to diminish or deny the progression of reasoning beyond that point.

Lone gunman, lone gunman, grassy knoll, grassy knoll.

We labor to free Bill Gates, apparently deposed in CIA regime change December 1999.
Senator Patty Murray acted to support Bis when he was in Washington State but in turn faces opposition which Bis was not able to entirely quantify; his expectation is that she OPPOSED the betrayal of Gates - at the price of some emnity - which was not made clear here previously.

Peter Joseph Bis, your Washington D.C. information source.

In between the top level strategizing, Bis does undertake community-based reform efforts.

National Community Church [NCC] coffee shop Ebenezer’s in Washington D.C. as a Jim Jones People’s Temple outreach program 2006. Forget about the division between church and state – this is all about the CIA moving in on people and rotting their souls including through homosexuality which apparently Jim Jones did too.
Bis can [and does] provide examples of surveillance elements which include an individual who wants to go back to school to be a 'therapist' in spite of the fact their Navy service and heavy drinking was almost certainly fueled by their cross dressing and gender crisis,
and a man without obvious physical handicap who has pockets full of food stamps which certainly sounds like some bizarre ‘CIA lateral support funding transfer’ whether or not its exactly a paycheck.
"Cross-racial sexual preference" is only mentioned here because Bis is trying to figure out if that was historic to given individuals or induced, which in turn may represent an element of the 'religious affiliation.'
Latest word is that some cops wear sunglasses because they’ve had their eyebrows plucked for ‘undercover’ work – cross dressing, and supposedly the FBI police is notorious for it. All the bad news at once.

Well, what about ‘up the hill’ rival coffee shop Neb’s [‘a place 4 friends’] as a CIA orchestration too, alongside CIA Ebenezer’s? Some evidence suggests its true – an Air Force colonel ambushed Peter Bis inside and asked him if he was going to continue to say bad things about Boeing and the Mafia. Peter essentially said that ‘when you got a bad guy on your bandit six you take ‘em out because generally its going to be him or you,’ or words to that effect AND Phoebe – who goes to Sarah Lawrence as maybe second or third generation ‘fix’ if not CIA – threw Peter Bis out the next day and banned him after trying to figure out what he’d said. SHE accused HIM of bothering the customers though Peter swears the Air Force colonel approached him and he had only replied in a low tone of voice.
Not diminished by the probability Neb himself is CIA-related and Seymour the counterman is or was similarly tied. Neb funded Seymour’s trip – to either Algeria or Morocco before continuing on apparently to Somalia. As far as can be immediately figured out, Seymour was not a longtime employee. No word on whether that would be supporting the Islamic warlords in the south or the conceptual government that is confined to one town and pretty much based in neighboring Ethiopia. On the other hand, Neb himself is a very personable guy whether or not CIA tied. Starbucks certainly is – of course we’re now wondering about coffee shops generally being a mechanism for CIA infiltration of the community; they’d leverage the expansion into being a funding mechanism so we’re looking for the ‘bean tax’ or ‘cup count.’ – your comments are always welcome and informers shielded.

Peter Bis attacked - by CHELSEA CLINTON[!?!]. Is this some kind of tabloid headline - once again, fact is stranger than fiction. In New York its pretty evident Jeanine Pirro threw the senate race [31 seconds of silence, partner-in-crime with Bernie Kerik of the famous bait-and-switch for Michael Chertoff], Hillary Clinton is attacking some ex-politician from Yonkers, and another aspect of that general offensive turns out to have included Peter Bis. BIG UP for Peter.

A claim of Peter Bis is that racketeering interests collaborated with government agencies in keeping him out of the airplane business, and that after a long life spent essentially as a police informer somebody owes making it up to him. At issue is a bouy tender in the custody of a Canadian shipyard, priced for either twenty five or forty grand depending on who you talk to and when you talk to them.
Chelsea Clinton walks up to Peter Bis, and - unprompted or so he claims - started talking about 'inflatable boats they have at their house.' SCORE for Peter - if it was beyond coincidental and it appears to have been.

Photo of Chelsea raises the issue of 'high yellow' in the Clinton White House. There were a number of women of mixed race who were very intelligent working in the Clinton White House, and one of our sources who worked inside [albeit BRIEFLY] suggests that might have reflected a breeding pool. Working toward mixed parentage in an orchestrated manner. He then suggested Chelsea Clinton looks like she is 'of mixed parentage,' and may - in part or in whole - carry a 'high yellow' identifier.

DOUBLE SCORE for Peter Bis if that is true - not just attacked, but attacked out of the double-secret inside-scoop hidden identity pool. - your source for the real news! In another case of mysterious identity:

Peter Bis met 'the head of the cleaning ladies at Buckingham Palace' in a tea shop on one [or more] of his trips to London approx. 1989 to 1991.

Did Tony Blair [01 May 1997]

kill Princess Di [31 August 1997].

US bugged Diana over billionaire ; Spies listened in on night she died, ROBERT JOBSON. Evening Standard. London (UK): Dec 11, 2006. pg. 3
AMERICAN intelligence agencies bugged Princess Diana ' s telephone over her relationship with a US billionaire.
She was even forced to abandon a planned holiday with her sons in the US with financier Teddy Forstmann on advice from secret services, who alerted their British counterparts.Both US and British intelligence vetoed Diana's plans to stay with Mr Forstmann in the summer of 1997, saying it was too "dangerous" to take her sons there.
Instead the princess went on holiday with Harrods owner Mohamed Fayed. This led to her travelling to Paris with his son Dodi, where they died in a car crash.

The revelation comes as it emerged that Diana's phone was bugged by US intelligence without the permission of the British secret services on the night she died. The US secret service had monitored Diana's friendship with controversial tycoon Mr Forstmann for weeks.
Authoritative leaks say the revelations will be published on Thursday by Lord Stevens, and could heighten existing conspiracy theories.
Mohamed Fayed has always insisted the princess and Dodi Fayed were murdered in a plot involving MI6 agents and US intelligence.
Lord Stevens is expected to conclude that Diana died in an accident caused by her chauffeur Henri Paul speeding through the Pont d'Alma underpass while under the influence of alcohol.

SWINE Blair.

We don't know for certain, but the controversy was enough to spur government security agencies to action in blocking the addition of graphics to this blogspot nine years after her death. Without commenting directly on the point, at issue may be confirmation of Peter Bis visit[s] with Her Majesty the Queen [Elizabeth II].
Blair maybe killing Di sounds like John Negroponte killing Richard Welch on the lawn in Athens - almost certainly Negroponte did not fire the gun before speeding off on the motorbike, but the question of 'proximity' is much more interesting. Blair walked into the batter's box with strikes against him; he appears to have already been corrupted in the death of John Smith [who made precursor sacrifice speeches same as Martin Luther King] in 1994 which openned the way for Blair to head Labor in the first place.
Controversial news show 48 Hours ran a program with people suggesting she - Di - had seen it coming and told her friends she would be killed, apparently either in a car or helicopter.

NEW and IMPORTANT. This website subsequently looks at technology issues - we very much attempt to explain 'full scenario' or define what we can't explain, but it is fair for a reader to question either the process or results. Virtually nobody doubts Peter Bis does live an immediate environment of corrupt agency influences however, which ebb and flow with the shift of the wind. 'Awareness' bubbles up as well as filters down - why agencies act the way they do is not immediately evident in all cases, but Peter Bis claims a street person named Lynn Miller knew both about a bomb in the car which killed Princess Di [apparently 'solium', we've never heard of it in any other context] and spoke in anticipation of the bombing attacks in London 2005. Lynn Miller may relate to a clique based at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C., a subject we return to.

Why raise the Blair/Di controversy now - Bush is going to try and cheat as they force him out, presumably seeking to further 'CIA' projects in progress, and more-likely-than-not trying to seize control of or 'manipulate' the process to replace him.
There have already been some possible 'precursor-type stories' in media, and afterwards it wouldn't be surprising to hear he'd written 'a political will' - which his people could spring on the public and try to enforce. Of course they would be prepared to support their move with 'contrived momentum' and a 'sense of inevitability.' How do you try to inhibit that[?] - if you are forceful in it, looking at the bigger picture diminishes the effectivity of his cheating. Don't let him pick and choose - all right, many people think of George W. Bush as a puppet with some adroit puppet master[s] really pulling the strings behind the scenes [James A. Baker III comes to mind for some reason]. Don't let them pick and choose. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure; go to the Europeans in advance.

What were the precursors, beyond Ken Lay effectively avoiding prosecution for example. A New York Times story that sounded CIA-ish discussing a BRITISH television movie about an attack on the American president [movie apparently used Bush's actual picture, and the story was quite recent]. Blair was probably in on that or anyway knew about it; the international aspect of the situation is already in play.
Perhaps coincidentally [perhaps not], Peter Bis raised the Tony Blair/Princess Di paradigm around the same time the story published but his source didn't give him exact dates, Team peterbis was originally wrong in providing dates to him, and Peter Bis - not wanting us to know the source had keyed him to the paradigm and it wasn't his intuition [he lies like swine to protect his sources anyhow] never went beyond the erroneous dates we provided him. Supposedly Peter Bis met 'the head of the cleaning ladies at Buckingham Palace' in a tea shop on at least one of his trips to England circa 1989~1991; he was gleeful about it and we think it was actually Her Majesty the Queen incognito though he definitely won't admit to that. Supposedly 'they' - he and whoever it was - discussed Princess Di at that time, and it isn't clear why they didn't bring him back in 1997 but in any case they didn't. When Lady Di died Peter Bis got a phone call in Kalamazoo from some thug [anonymous] who pretty much said she had been murdered; in and of itself we've come to think of the phone call as having been fairly circumstantial evidence to that effect.
Not only was she murdered but they had tracked Peter Bis to the extent of knowing both where to find him and that he would be upset about it.

OLD ISSUE new to this website. Cousin of Lady Di was going to snitch to the United Nations Geneva Switzerland on the royal family's [families] involvement in drug smuggling, and supposedly he got busted [with drugs which Bis suggests were planted] on the border between France and Switzerland. Larger situation deteriorating around Peter Bis, late March or April 1991 he attempts to undertake risk mitigation by going to Amnesty International in London. Calls for a cab at hotel [Heathrow] and has to say who he is and where he's going [in advance], rides to Amnesty and tells them who he is, takes a seat in lobby, and a woman comes out. She tells him "They'll be shut down" if they try to help him; Bis turns around and there is a surveillance element [red 'x' on diagram] standing there GLARING at the woman and obviously intimidating her.

Noting visual identification alone is usually not taken to be persuasive evidence, December 14 2006 Bis thinks the 'surveillance element' he saw in Amnesty International 1991 may have been identified on CNN as Buckingham Palace security for the past 16 years with experience guarding Lady Di and ties to the CIA and Secret Service [the 16 years at least an interesting coincidence]. So what? Does this mean Bis was protected beyond what Amnesty was capable of, or - for the sake of the argument assuming it was the same guy - should the incident be taken to reflect division among the royals if the Queen say liked Peter Bis but Charles and Phillip were spying on him? If Di's cousin was going to snitch to the UN about their drug smuggling, they obviously were intending to keep Bis silenced.

NOW, however, the feigned innocence in the police report on Lady Di's death simply is not credible.

About a year previous to the New York Times story that sounded CIA-ish discussing a BRITISH television movie about an attack on the American president, there might have been a precursor in The [London] Times - Faulty body vest 'put President's life in danger,' James Doran, Sep 27 2005, noting it ran on page 45 but may have planned to support the scenario.
Incidentally, this Gordon Brown fellow sounds equally mixed up in the orchestration and Americans should oppose him as a replacement for Blair.
Beyond the New York Times and Peter Bis, a Washington Post article from six months or a year ago described Bush returning from somewhere and moving from the helicopter to the White House in what sounded like 'a staged manner' but that was in the back pages right before the editorials and it was just text in a column; the Times story on the British television movie was a much bigger deal [maybe an escalation] with headline and photograph.

End of the day, the Legislative branch and Judiciary need to force Bush out and force him out hard - if he does beat them to the door they're going to have to 'out' him anyway but they ought to act fast in trying to diminish his capacity to manipulate the situation.

Peter Bis is monitored by CIA, DEA, old CID, and now apparently Treasury. One of his sources says George H.W. Bush is going back to the trough in hitting on a man named Leo Wanta who was one of four guys going after the ruble on behalf of a CIA/Mafia cartel as the old Soviet Union fell [breaking the dam on corruption which has since swept the globe]. Wanta routinely uses numbers in the trillions of dollars - as did Claire Sterling, a writer who worked the situation actually parallel to Peter Bis though they apparently never met.
While the WRITING on Leo Wanta is common on the net, photographs prove elusive. We've go one [extra special - Wanta wearing a Masonic jewel from back when John Paul the First was murdered, also investigated by Peter Bis], and it is controversial. Obviously that does not diminish the validity of the Bis source [everybody in the business is familiar with the scenario, but not that George H.W. Bush is going back to Wanta as a funding mechanism NOW at this moment 2006].

Speaking of CIA funding mechanisms. For all the talk on the religious right, the Constitution simply does not take a firm stand on abortion - it isn't mentioned. Copyright law is mentioned with great deal precision however, and current law has significantly departed from what the founding fathers intended. Why don't they change it back? Courts and Congress can't - copyright law is a SIGNIFICANT funding mechanism for the CIA which we can trace back to Elvis Presley and to Michael Jackson through his marriage to Elvis Presley's daughter [we hear BOTH the most recent effort to bust Jackson on child molesting AND the sister's 'uniform malfunction' exposing her breast at the Super Bowl post-John Ashcroft 'hanging a blue curtain across the statue in the Department of Justice' were CIA arranged].
Thanks to the Bis source on the tip.

Peter Bis EXCLUSIVE. A Bis source says celebrity Michael Jackson either 'is going' or 'has gone' to IRAN. Conceptually Jackson may go as a private citizen, or at least both Jackson and the United States government may claim he is going as a private citizen. The problem with that perspective, however, is that Jackson has long been tied to the CIA - at least since his now-distant marriage to Lisa Marie Presley - as is the current Iranian government which appears to have been developed under CIA director Richard Helms in Tehran 1973 to 1977 for the Council on Foreign Relations as the longterm successor government to the Shah.
Washington Post August 30 2006 notes Jimmy Carter is willing to meet with the immediately previous prime minister of Iran, apparently not holding them responsible for the CIA orchestration which effectively ended his administration's ability to impact the region.

Lauren Gross associated Condi Rice with human blood [ with link in column at right], and Bryan Adrian has provided a vampiric versus android paradigm [discussed]. Peter Bis - cultivating his sources literally for years [even decades] in playing the long game - now makes the circle complete in seeing Michael Jackson essentially factionalized with Condi Rice in visiting Iran.
State Department spokesman empty and meaningless in trying to claim that one isn't official business.

Michael Jackson acting for the Council on Foreign Relations? Please return to for more on these exciting developments as they are reported.

CIA GOES BACK TO THE TROUGH. More on the death of pizza man Brian Wells in Erie PA 2003 with the bomb locked around his neck and the possibility the President of Allegheny College in Meadville PA might be CIA.
[Our previous observation] "Wells died on August 28 2003 which was a Thursday; this year [2006] the freshmen arrive on the Sunday and the first day of classes is the Thursday - might have been one week later in 2003, but it would be especially interesting if the attack on the pizza man happened on the first day of classes in a fairly confined media market...."

Police manhunt shuts down Virginia Tech ; The search ends with the arrest of an escaped prisoner suspected in 2 killings, [FINAL Edition], Sue Lindsey, Associated Press. Orlando Sentinel. Orlando, Fla.: Aug 22, 2006. pg. A.7
Witnesses said William Morva was arrested [ ] next to the rugby field.... He was quickly taken in shackles to the Montgomery County Jail.... The search for Morva brought hundreds of police to the 2,600-acre campus and kept 26,000 students in their locked dormitories on the first day of classes for the semester. About 6,000 professors and other workers were sent home for the day.... Morva, 24, was sought in the fatal shooting of Montgomery County Sheriff's Cpl. Eric E. Sutphin as the decorated police veteran moved in on the fugitive Monday morning along an off-campus trail, the Sheriff's Department said.....

"[D]ecorated police veteran" with thirteen years of service. Law enforcement isn't a career, its a fraternity and it is not at all clear why the police let the CIA kill other policemen, if in fact this was part of a renewed 'blue death cluster' which we last saw in 2005.
Two which look like ringers in northern Virginia right outside the District of Columbia:

Fairfax Killer Had Fled Psychiatric Center, Tom Jackman and Cameron W. Barr, Washington Post, May 10 2006. The teenager who killed a Fairfax County detective [Vicky O. Armel] in an ambush at a police station Monday had broken out of a psychiatric center three weeks earlier, then carjacked an SUV to return home to Virginia..... Michael W. Kennedy...... An officer sitting in his car, Michael E. Garbarino, 53, was hit five times [and subsequently died].

Less certain but definitely of interest:
The Search for Officer Skerski's Killer, Slaying Suspect Wounded, Barbara Boyer, Julie Shaw, Larry Eichel, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 19 2006. In a dramatic confrontation on the streets of East Germantown yesterday afternoon, Philadelphia police shot, wounded, and apprehended the man investigators believe may have gunned down Officer Gary Skerski during a bank robbery last week in Frankfort. Police last night identified the man as Solomon Montgomery, 23, of the 2200 block of North Bancroft Road, who they said was wanted on weapons charges in California and had been arrested previously in Philadelphia....

Peter Bis focuses on the background power structure - here in Kalamazoo.

Larry Stoler in a prison photograph from Michigan - released on probation in Wayne County which is essentially Detroit.

Manuel Noriega in his prison photograph - release anticipated in 2007.

Larry Stoler took a lot of money off Kenbrook Court - a real estate entity in Kalamazoo Michigan [perhaps it was a condo association] - and eventually went to jail. Peter Bis reports it was ten million dollars and part of the sentence was paying the money back but the money is conceptually long gone [which Bis recently confirmed in a conversation with Garry Apps]. The story gets more complicated in that Brian A. Bigelow, long a friend of Peter Bis in Kalamazoo [dating back to at least the third grade - Bigelow's father was apparently a builder with a very good reputation, and his mother may have been in charge of a Boy Scout troop Peter Bis was briefly in] who worked at Kenbrook Court, told Bis the real scandal was Larry Stoler preparing to build a trailor corral with Noriega money. The idea was that semi tractors could drop and pick up trailors from a 'round house'-type building in an enclosed area [not visible from the road] including for clandestine movement of drugs. Stoler owned a racing boat [as did Topper Johnson] and allegedly moved drugs [as did Topper Johnson]; Peter Bis worked on both their boats. Larry Stoler owned a Donzi which is 'top of the line' - lesser craft are selling for $130,000 and $89,000 [Pt. Austin and Detroit in Michigan - it isn't a cheap sport]. Bis does not associate the death of Topper Johnson with Larry Stoler but rather a larger effort to hinder prosecutions in the money structure of Kalamazoo which might include the ten million dollar issue.

Omar Torrijos was killed in a plane crash 1981 whether or not Noriega was in on it with a controversy about CIA support; during his tenure as Director of the CIA, George H. W. Bush personally arranged annual payments to General Noriega in the initial amount of $110,000 (House Foreign Affairs Committee Report: "Narcotics Review in Central America" - U.S. Govt Printing Office, 1988).
Noriega was thrown down in the American invasion of Panama 1989, tried on drug charges and jailed in 1992, and is, as noted, sheduled for release next year.

Of interest. Tramp journalist Bryan Adrian [approx. same age as Peter Bis] met the daughter of a CIA executive including in Mexico where she ran away with him. Eventually the dad caught up with them and liked Adrian who took the dad out on a rented fishing boat [they pissed off the side] but said the girl was going to 'do the right thing' which in her case included entering into a CIA-arranged marriage with the son of a big rancher [ultimately a sad tale - the guy beat her, knocking one of her teeth out; she called Bryan Adrian who was going to arrange a rescue but she backed out of that when the guy stopped beating her. They live in Fargo, North Dakota]. In the time period after leaving Bryan Adrian but before marrying the son of the rancher Bryan Adrian got a call from her out of the blue - Noriega had apparently been associated with the Duarte brothers, and the CIA had taken one of them out in a New York apartment - conceptually with MALARIA and there was blood mist all over the walls which had to be cleaned up and she may have been picking out the guy's suit for the funeral [either 'essentially distraught' or in retrospect just setting up an 'alibi' in the call to Bryan Adrian - people with Agency connections are not always linear].
[Is 'blood mist' usually indicative of the terminal phase in malaria - EBOLA certainly, and malaria at least when the CIA does it in New York apartments].
Less clear is whether there is any relationship between the supression activity undertaken by the CIA in New York and the drug movement issue in Kalamazoo, including a transition in the relationship between the CIA and Noriega at a higher level with a 'secondary tier impact' on the Duarte brothers and the drug mobility concept Brian A. Bigelow says Larry Stoler was addressing.

Richard J. Cook, President of Allegheny College in Meadville PA,
and Brian Wells, Pizza Man killed by a bomb in Erie

came to Allegheny from Kalamazoo College which had a strong program sending students overseas[1] and there was a great deal of interest in taking over his position when he left[2] which might have been an indicator of CIA designation; the CIA is known to be in colleges ['orchestrated Kent State shootings' under Roskens is now dated but probably the most dramatic example; Dennis Sweeney and the multiple burnings of the Stanford Navy ROTC building is another instance of 'CIA-torching the ROTC building' which warrants honorable mention - CIA goes back to the trough][3], Allegheny has gotten good 'pretty evidently CIA-orchestrated media coverage' which included a football championship[4], Allegheny teams have repeatedly done well in competitions with Harvard which presumably have been rigged[5], Cook has traveled in academia with a support figure and that has seemed to be a fairly typical pattern in CIA movement [Peter Bourne and Mary King][6], Allegheny is known to have had other fairly prominent CIA figures [Archer Blood][7] at an important time in 'transition' which they led[8], and the history department has been effectively neutered[9] with psychology stressed[10].

Ten points which immediately come to mind suggesting Cook may be CIA affiliated.

The text just notes Tom Ridge was from Erie, 2003 was a transition year in Homeland Security, and that if Ridge had a role in selecting the target [Wells] it was probably as part of a bizarre CIA scheme to insure silence with complicity.

If Cook is CIA - presumably a CIA executive - they told him about it and may have had him provide support. Terrorism requires infrastructure - somewhere for the team to stay the night before and a proximate loiter area.
Wells died on August 28 2003 which was a Thursday; this year [2006] the freshmen arrive on the Sunday and the first day of classes is the Thursday- might have been one week later in 2003, but it would be especially interesting if the attack on the pizza man happened on the first day of classes in a fairly confined media market, in fact raising the possibility Cook used Allegheny in the first CIA mass psychology test/experiment since MKULTRA submerged in the early 1970s.

Word is Mitch Krinsky, a 1985 graduate gone to law has been delegated to investigate and advance CIA-linked faculty and staff to an early separation status. We wish Mitch well.

Why now - if he is CIA, a guess is that Cook is trying to make a higher paygrade before retirement.

Kalamazoo - where it all began, here admiring an A.J. Foyt Indy race car very similar to the one hung up over the bar in the lounge [called, appropriately, the Pit Stop] at the Kalamazoo Holiday Inn West where Peter Bis was working when the [Al]Capone Chicago crime family heir came rolling into town on a Sunday in 1976, noting the "Gilmore" prominent on the side of the car which Bis suggests relates to what he calls the "Upjohn Gilmore crime family" who he characterizes as a regional power broker.
Later Bis has an encounter - heck, an ongoing dirty word bar brawl - with the Gambino crime family he alleges put Hillary Clinton in the Senate; we do not know if this was an orchestrated precursor or if that time Bis was coincidentally in the right place at the right time. Capone's nephew or grandson was bragging that when somebody stole Al Capone's headstone on Halloween they 'put a word out' there was going to be some kind of trouble over it and it came right back.
Guy had a two seater sports car and was supposedly picking up a $15,000 cabinet of some kind [on a Sunday night]; supposedly he came in with a hot looking woman. Murray Humphries kept Capone family interests alive in Chicago well into and really through the Jimmy Hoffa Central States Pension Fund years [which some suggest ended in 1967 when he was jailed and others extend the four years]; all of that abruptly energized in Kirk Kirkorian's move on GM with the eternal Las Vegas issue [Kirkorian pretty evidently a CIA tool of long-standing in some respects parallel to their Mafia structures].
Bis claims both Oshkosh [the airshow] and Indy [the race] are actually opportunities crime families use to coalesce whether or not the events are entirely 'organizational-drive'; we look forward to reports from the field.

Jerry Alexander was the FBI agent who Bis says "clearly violated state and fed[eral] law" in throwing in with the pirates; Kalamazoo is half way between Chicago and Detroit in the 'Air America' triangle. At one time Al Capone had at least two known houses on Gull Lake; Peter Bis went to Western Michigan [University] which is immediate proximate to Kal College across a narrow 'Michigan Avenue' but there is no interaction between the two schools. They [Kal College]run students in and out of the United States and the students are viewed as rude and ego-centric which may fuel a corruption paradigm in a group type of identification.

If he's in it - the CIA, Cook wasn't pleased about this next point, but he figured it was benign. We think its a bust - success behind them NOW they're gaming in western Pennsylvania.
Murder Suspect Captured, Ann Weaver, Oklahoman, March 31 2005. CHANDLER - A camera crew from "America's Most Wanted" was about to start an interview with Ann Phillips on Wednesday when she got the news that the suspect in her daughter's death had been caught at a truck stop in Pennsylvania.
"I don't know that I've ever been so relieved," Phillips said. "I hate that they ("America's Most Wanted") went to all the effort, but I wasn't a bit disappointed, either."
[Amanda Ann Phillips-Bateman, 29, of Chandler at issue. Bobby Joe McCauley, 30, was captured about 3:00 p.m. in Harbor Creek, near Erie].
[FBI Special Agent Charles] Warner said that McCauley surrendered to authorities without resistance, adding that telling her parents was "redeeming."
"When we had to tell her parents we found her body it was a horrible thing," Warner said.

SUPPORTING NOTES: The CIA does not like it when Peter Bis uses their techniques against them, but he has the source at Western Michigan [also in Kalamazoo], Cyril Wecht was the coroner of Allegheny County [Pittsburgh] taken down by the CIA/FBI regime change mechanisms in about the same time period, and our guess is that while Erie is about equal distance from Pittsburgh and Cleveland - 90 miles each way - the pattern of communication stayed in Pennsylvania rather than crossing the state line.
Also, FBI Special Agent Charles Warner was evidently in on an orchestrated capture which fits into the CIA capital punishment paradigm, but that DOES NOT mean he was complicit in killing Wells.

St. Aloysius and the Egyptian Dog God; is fact really stranger than fiction. Whole story - at one time back in the Cold War, St. Aloysius on I [Eye] Street and North Capital in the District of Columbia apparently was a designated fallout shelter with deep tunnel ready as at least a standby presidential bomb shelter. Hard to believe our nation's defenses entirely hinged on having one Catholic church at a high state of constant readiness to support the ICBM/Air/Submarine elements of the Triad, but they were apparently involved at some level in the effort and anyway managed to get an official seal out of the deal.
Peter Bis went there - as the story unfolds, that's where he was introduced to a character we meet later, Thomas J. Mattingly - and they explicitly told him they have dog worship down in the tunnel. "Our God is reversed - d-o-g." [Did he ever go to a dog worshipping service there - NO; he claims it to be satanic but is relentless in pursuing the issue, in part to define a physics paradigm in which a plasma structure is corrupting churches including the black churches which are conceptually independent].
Whether or not all the participants knowingly trace the [sect?] [cult?] [religious practice structure?] back to the Egyptians,Bis is very much opposed to people [usually men] greeting each other with 'dog' as a salutation and touching knuckles [fists] again claiming it to be satanic. Ethical and moral values only go downhill from there, and Bis claims the 'New World Order' is active in conspiring to diminish social standards as part of an orchestrated plot trending toward a global reality of indentured servitude.

None of these people are CIA

Peter Bis has identified a coffee shop on the corner of F and 2nd NE in Washington D.C. as being closely associated with the CIA through the National Community Church, which he suggests is more or less a CIA front [raising interesting Constitutional questions - there is not suppose to be any endorsed religion in the United States and this definitely goes some ways down that path, to the extent of holding services and trying to get people 'right with Christ,' underwritten by the CIA funding mechanisms and people who would not be there apart from agency affiliations. Thanks for the subsidized coffee]. The coffee shop is near Union Station and they do hold formal services in a rented movie theater there as well as at the coffee shop [apparently in the basement], but in a larger pespective the station represents a transit hub in immediate proximity to the Capital and congressional office buildings [Senate side]. Bis alleges ongoing drug activity which has proven difficult to document, but the area is populated with a street population vulnerable to corruption [or 'exploitation', again at least in some instances with apparent ties to the CIA].
Saturday night about dusk - July 15 2006 - team peterbis was at the coffee shop, and immediately got validation on ties between the church, the coffee shop, and the Heritage Foundation - a conceptually 'conservative' think tank a few blocks away on Mass Ave. Bis goes outside and comes back; team peterbis goes out and observes an older Russian refugee woman who came to the United States in the early 1990s after supposedly serving time in the Gulug system photographing groups of young people who collected on the sidewalk - in context providing the tie to the CIA.

Blatant - without an attempt to hide it. Might have been planned, underlining the racketeering aspects of the CIA and diminishing the conceptual national security issues. CIA people living overseas in the nice apartments and driving shiny SUVs with tinted windows in permanent crisis mode. Sorry - 'exposing' Valerie Plame was just not that big a deal. Are any of the overseas services known to compile CIA galleries - here the Russians; apparently yes.

PETER JOSEPH BIS (born 1951, American) is a technical expert previously utilized by the Vatican - Father Klump - where he discovered and characterized a large-scale effort at manipulating 'human essence,' traced the effort in history to about eight thousand years before Christ, additionally gained an awareness of Mafia involvement in Vatican finances, and - quitting the organizational structure on realizing the magnitude of the situation - attempted to instigate investigation and reform. That more-or-less 'overview scenario' is the subtext to a great deal of organizational corruption, going well beyond 'ties' to coordinated and codependent CIA-Mafia structures for example, and invidious activity undertaken by the CIA including in the United States where they are not suppose to operate.
Trying to stick to only the highlights, the first half of this site looks at deployments and basically asinine CIA activity [oh, other agencies are certainly involved - spread the wealth around] which should be peripheral to Bis except that he has street creds in reform, and the second half starts to outline the technology paradigm which is really the field he represents. They drag him through crap to get to the good stuff, and here the taxpayer can share in the experience. Copyright 2006.

CIA Racketeering in the Mexican Situation. December 23 2003 [evening of - approx 6:30 p.m.] Bis is in a chow line in Pioneer Square [Seattle, down near the water]. Couple guys approach him; one short guy and one tall guy - both Anglos; the short guy does all the talking.
'You know Michael?' 'Which Michael?' 'Your brother Michael.' Bis tells them he can't cut them in the chow line and they say not to worry about it.
They offer Bis the opportunity to buy a boat on the east coast and run guns down to Belize, bringing back drugs and money. Apparently there are A LOT of high tech factories down in Mexico, and government officials kept coming around looking for bribes. The CIA at least at the time wanted the option of overthrowing the government of Mexico. And actually beyond wanting the option set about to do it - a guess is that the weapons have quietly accumulated whether or not they ever see Mexico City or are channeled somewhere else in the region.
Bis later located a boat in Reedsville Virginia - about where the northern terminus of the runs was going to be, and a photo of the dock or quay also showed a boom derrick which would have been useful for loading and unloading the illicit cargo. Bis said he didn't want any part of it and the guys walk. Conversation over by 6:50 p.m.

NOW Bis hears in Belize they've got low end dormatories set up around a secured courtyard invariably featuring a company store, and buses coming to the gates to bring people to work and take them back again [Pete says real early to real late but the hours aren't precisely documented] at virtual slave labor rates. About eight cents an hour or a dollar a day which sounds more like China than Latin America but that's what Peter Bis hears. Looking at the recent election in Mexico, Peter Bis figures the 'narrow win' of the conceptual free trade advocate has some additional meaning not yet clear, but effectively representing a CIA fix one way or another.
And the idea is the CIA set up to perpetuate rather than improve that situation.

11 Indicted in International Counterfeit Drug Ring, Washington Post [Express] In Brief, Sep 21 2006 page 3. Federal authorities have indicted 11 people in Georgia, North Carolina, South Dakota and the Central American nation of Belize on charges of selling counterfeit prescription drugs over the Internet. Investigators believe many of the drugs had little or no medicinal value, and that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals of Norcross, Ga., the company behind the scam netted more than $19 million.

Longer term:

Sniper Indoctrination Center Bellingham Washington

PETER BIS, gentleman in the park who greets people as they walk up to the Senate Office Buildings from Union Station in the mornings, on the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham Washington. He says the pastor was a ‘flaked out’ skinny old guy about 6’-1” tall with gray hair, there was an oriental guy as manager night and day, at the time they allegedly didn’t have a director [Bis living in the Mission about mid March through May 2001, staying in Bellingham to early July 2001], and the OWNER was a guy named KEN Archer who owns [anyway owned] a bunch of missions. The men and women were very strictly segregated. There were about 60 men upstairs in a barracks style housing arrangement with bunks; they had satellite t.v. with 128 channels, snacks and popcorn, and could go out until 10:30 p.m. and smoke on the sidewalk, crossing the street to buy drinks or whatever from a gas station. Toilets were stainless steel with a built in rim. Bis says the men had a lot of radios, including in the laundry room and in the blanket/towel room.
Women, on the other hand, had no t.v. or radio, and, when – feeling sorry for them - Peter Bis obtained a boom box and gave it to them, it was promptly confiscated. There was no attendant at the desk or anybody to deal with them, they slept on the stage after chapel was over [which typically lasted from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.], and they couldn’t go outside a fenced in area in the parking lot to smoke. They were not allowed to cross the street and go to the gas station to buy things.
Bis worked at the ‘We Care’ donation center diagonal across the intersection from the Lighthouse Mission, riding around the area and doing pick ups – the Lighthouse Mission had a second building used for in-take more immediately across the street from the mission building. Bis has drawn a map of the immediate area showing alleys and features – a side door from the chapel to the parking lot where the women smoked and the area they were not suppose to leave.

That Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham Washington is where beltway sniper John Muhammad trained Malvo, arriving a couple months after Bis was spirited off to Arizona by one of the Watergate conspirator’s kids [a son whose mother apparently divorced or separated and living in Texas had bought him a silver instead of a black pickup truck, and Bis says all the guy did between Bellingham and Arizona was complain about the color of the truck]. We don’t know what put Bis in Bellingham, but we do know his removal looks pretty circumstantial in figuring in a CIA activity pattern. Immediate reference is USAToday, Muhammad raised suspicions in Washington, October 29 2002. BELLINGHAM, WASH (AP) - Suspicion began swirling around John Muhammad about a year ago in this coastal town... Local authorities [ ] heard various people’s concerns in October, November, December and June. And twice, investigators visited the homeless shelter where he lived to see about children in his care. But there was nothing to indicate Muhammad, 41, and his 17-year-old companion John Lee Malvo would, months later, become suspects in the serial shootings.... The Rev. ALAN Archer [our emphasis], who runs the Lighthouse Mission, was among the first to raise red flags. Archer said Muhammad took calls from travel agents at the shelter and claimed to fly to Denver and Salt Lake City.... Archer got so suspicious he called the FBI in October [2001].... [the article going on to identify Kristine Sagor and Harjit Singh in Bellingham, and Bellingham police interactions with the FBI].
Ken versus Alan Archer and owner versus pastor–were they brothers, did Bis get the name wrong, or did somebody lie about it. Bis heard missions get $37.50 a night per person, and the CIA is hugely effective at maximizing opportunity – with government subsidies the CIA might have run a profit on Muhammad and Malvo in Bellingham.

Peter Bis suggests Charity House in Spokane was nothing more than a CIA drug front circa 2001-2004, in turn raising the possibility the CIA was behind a helicopter pilot in the Army Reserve who turned out to be a mass murderer there, and law enforcement officers molesting children. In other words, Bis would expand the CIA paradigm entirely across the whole state.
Reference or both suggest the CIA has undertaken regime replacement at Microsoft, toppling the real Bill Gates for an imposter.

REVISED. REVISED. Maybe related - perhaps a coincidence in timing - Peter Bis said there are people extremely opposed to Patty Murray [D-Wa]. PREVIOUS MISTAKE REVISED. The Bis implication is that she - in a larger sense a political element - is OPPOSED TO the betrayal of Gates.

At this point, longtime readers of this website know virtually anything is possible in the Peter Bis - CIA government agency context. A ‘comments’ section can be found at the bottom of this website [blogspot], and it isn’t symbolic. Reader comments – tips, information, corrections and perspective – are all actively solicited and very much appreciated.

[Bis notes this photo is of an unknown but attractive young lady]

Capital Hill Belly Dancers for Christ; an outreach program of the Center for Christian Leadership co-located with the Heritage Foundation. Conservative think tank ? We think not.

Bis was chased around one of the 'big states' by a man who may have been associated with the CIA and may have been on steroids. He apparently told Bis his name was Jason Miller. Arriving in Washington D.C., Bis met a second guy - Jeremy Shull - who looks like Jason minus the steroids, drives like Jason with or without steroids, lives in spooky Jonathon House on Capital Hill which is maybe a Bissell Yale Skull & Bones-ish religious fraternity 'chapter off campus,' and works for a senator from one of the 'big states.'

Bis thought it was the same guy minus the steroids. He tells this to a lady who talks to him briefly, she leaves; the guy comes up to Bis with a plate of food, Bis eats it, Bis wakes up in the hospital 14 days later and is in for another 16 days recovering from the poison. [Was it an 'exotic'? - No; 'indicators' are it was a common though deadly substance - perhaps a cleaning fluid the autopsy could miss if the Doctor wanted to and there was an autopsy to begin with, undertaken by the then-terrible Office of the D.C. Medical Examiner though media reports that unit is improving]. The guy tried to kill Bis; a different guy later said 'they'd put twice as much poison in as they needed and Bis was only saved by his blood sugar being real low'[?][apparently advantageous under poisoning] or words to that effect.

Now the weird part: years later, intelligence sources tell Bis that for certain the two guys are two different guys, Jason Miller and Jeremy Shull. When Bis told the lady about it he was wrong on that point; Jeremy Shull then tried to kill him anyway.

Secondary problem – The CIA apparently runs a cell out of NCC Church [potentially validated by Russian surveillance mechanisms in Washington D.C.] that includes two different guys who seem to have tracked Bis [of these two, the second saying ‘everybody from Cleveland is whacked in the head’ kind of blew the first's cover]. Bis thinks they link to the attempt undertaken to kill him undertaken by Jeremy [one of these guys was the one who said they'd used twice as much poison as they'd thought they'd need].

Jason Miller, the guy who drove Bis out west, has a sister who was a production assistant on Babe Watch [of course we mean Baywatch]. The CIA has a significant - indeed dominant - presence in media.

Peter Bis ultimately suspects girls who work or worked at the Christian Leadership Center/Heritage Foundation/Belly Dancers for Christ were in on the whole thing.

The plot thickens [June 2006]. Mildred Morrison aka Mildred Miller is [was] a woman regularly on Capital Hill, who initially had a positive 'relationship' with or at least 'awareness' of Peter Bis. According to Bis, she represent[ed] an 'alternate force structure' which he views in a very negative context. Earlier [at some point 2004/2005, probably early 2005] she told Peter Bis that delegates and staffers liked having him on Capital Hill because it "gave them hope they could take back the government" or words to that effect. Recently [mid 2006], according to Peter Bis [1] she has become somewhat hostile, and [2] one of the guys referred to her, confirming certainly a tie between the guy in the senator's office and Mildred who represents the alternate force structure.

Inhofe. All right, this is serious. The Senator is Inhofe [R-Ok.]; he apparently has or had a staffer affiliated with the CIA whether he knows it or not, and the staffer is immediately familiar with 'an alternate force structure' that has a 'presence' on Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

NCC Church
[at least the branch in Washington D.C.] meets in Union Station; Bis claims private security guards from Union Station undertake surveillance efforts focusing on him [on one occasion three blocks away from Union Station at Teamster's Headquarters] and its an interesting nexus, particularly given the possibility the church has agency ties.

Complicating the situation, Bis alleged one of the Capital Hill belly dancers for Christ comes from Oklahoma. Without addressing the poisoning controversy, at the end of the day, Mildred Morrison aka Mildred Miller of the 'alternate force structure' on Capital Hill which Bis views very negatively may be more central in the larger paradigm than Bis was able to document.

In what is at best a 'fluid environment' - Bis challenging widely held assumptions on basic religious definitions in looking at an alien plasma structure resident in the 'Chapman-Ferraro Cavity' which prompts a discussion of radiation characteristics and the effect of Earth's movement in space discussed below - establishment churches and Washington fixtures [including some governmental organizations] unfortunately feel threatened by Bis and visibly react which can be seen or is reflected in communication structures.
Organized crime is at least a subtext behind that situation if not always an immediate participant; government agencies effectively are immediate participants but at least appear to be often at odds with each other.
In personality Bis definitely fights back; the outcome is a long [and growing] list of incidents - staged surveillance, crime, racketeering and the intent of crime or significant deception which Bis attempts to document and resist - providing context or background to the technology issues which is really what he represents.

Bis says that what is being represented as 'Christ' and salvation is entirely the opposite in corruption of the proximate human environment,
is ruled by physical strutures, properties and inter relationships [whether or not they're readily recognized or understood by us] which at least from certain perspectives enjoy 'the knowledge of God without the power of God,'
and unchecked - unquestioned - held unaccountable including at the human interface - are in fact satanic.
This is that story. Again, copyright 2006.

When Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas they brought Iver Johnson down from somewhere in New England to manufacture weapons for the CIA in support of at least the Contra effort - probably others but Contras for sure. They had some M-16s but the lugs on the bolts were screwed - they didn't rotate into the positions on the inside of the receiver at the bolt face they way they were suppose to - which maybe turned out to be an issue with tolerances at the chamber; anyway, a man named Terry Reed was hired to fix the problem. Adler Berriman Seal was a hauler who brought cocaine into Mena Arkansas which was the funding mechanism, with the CIA supposedly putting drug money into Arkansas bonds through Hillary Clinton at the Rose law firm which is actually the least verified part of the story. William Barr was the CIA executive who felt she was soaking up too much of the money in overhead, going on to be Attorney General under George H.W. Bush. Seal's death in early 1996 definitely ties to John Roberts, the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and what is pretty apparently the orchestrated Iran Contra scandal [Roberts left the Reagan White House to duck the scandal], but the immediate issues are the cocaine and weapons.


In 1984-85 Peter Bis worked the Federal Organized Crime Undercover Task Force Kalamazoo Michigan with Captain James Baker and Lt. Mike Bowie of the Michigan State Police Criminal Intelligence Division out of Lansing. Late 1984 Bis led them to the head of KAL Screw products - manufacturing bolts and fasteners for military weapons [Bis recalls it as being the 'AR-15' but the difference between the AR-15 and M-16 may be trivial in the fasteners without having seen the weapons sent down] who had an oversized briefcase full of cocaine in an 'end table' with lamp at the end of his sofa in an apartment in or near Kalamazoo. The cops WOULD NOT arrest the guy. The question is whether or not the CIA was paying for the fasteners with cocaine - trading cocaine for work on the Contra weapons.

The Israelis were involved in the weapons scheme, furnishing cheap/malfunctioning [AK-47s] they captured in the Middle East among other weapons - no immediate word on whether they were in on the drugs or drug smuggling into the United States at that point or not.

Which Bis claims ultimately ties into the death of Topper Johnson and the Upjohn Gilmore family, a regional power broker around Kalamazoo. We do not know how close John Roberts or for that matter George H.W. Bush was to that action on the inside. We do know that in August 1985 [afternoon of Wed. Aug 21] the trio of Oliver North, John Poindexter, and John Roberts met very shortly after receiving a written inquiry from Lee Hamilton [dated Aug. 20 1985], then-chairman of one of the House committees looking at covert support for the Contras in violation of the Boland Amendment, specifically asking about 'support' for the Contras, and we do know the ultimate outcome or response to the Hamilton inquiry was a lie that significantly figured into Iran Contra.

That lie - the response to Hamilton - was the pivotal 'first act' in the conspiracy.

The AR-15 is a substandard copy of the M-16, and its actually possible Bis uncovered a secondary scandal if it turns out the CIA supplied AR-15 rather than M-16 rifles to the Contras.

The original Bis involvement dates to the early 1980s when he was trying to open an airplane brokerage business in Kalamazoo. Ironically, that was when Terry Reed was doing the same thing in Oklahoma and got bought in to the CIA collaboration paradigm which Bis has resisted. A particular aspect of the business required FAA certification or at least approval, and Bis found himself opposed by the head of the Experimental Aircraft Association and host of the big Oshkosh fly in at Wittman Regional Airport every year.

Bis alleges FAA corruption apparently resulting in at least one conviction, but in a larger context suggests the Oshkosh show is significantly Mafia linked if not mob dominated, and actually ties to the 9/11 attacks in precursor activities.
J. Lynn Helms was the FAA administrator who, according to Peter Bis, received the slap-on-the -wrist and $100,000 fine for walking with $22 million - which sounds so ridiculous we think it might have been a 'Bush-government socialism' CIA funding mechanism [guessing they shared some of it - up to a third - with J. Lynn Helms, or more literally let him keep some].

As he sees it, J. Lynn Helms and other interests combined to keep him [Bis] out of business.

Complicating matters, the daughter of the resident FBI agent married into the Upjohn Gilmore family as Peter Bis was trying to get back on his feet in Kalamazoo, effectively tying the FBI into the regional power structure and what becomes an issue of 'rural gangsterism' to use a term frequent in writing on Chinese political mechanisms.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is traditionally shown with halo of flames. Bis says that is a literal - rather than figurative or allegorical - illustration of flames burning the soul out of a man, transforming the figure into a woman. Virgin Mary, nuns, and at least in some instances Mafia queens.
Sounds extreme. Saturday, April 29 2006 a bagger in a Safeway shouted "He's sleeping with the fishes. If he doesn't let it go, he's sleeping with the fishes," immediately prior to a woman flagging Team with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. While of course we aren't always certain which threat pertains to which member of Team peterbis we post here with discussion to follow below.
[Note - alternately, the threat may have pertained to research into collusion between Junius Morgan and Lionel Rothschild in refinancing America's Civil War debt, which, combined with a possibly orchestrated panic in 1907 led to the design of the Federal Reserve by Paul M. Warburg - enacted by Woodrow Wilson and used to finance World War I - which after Versailles appears to have led into the Holocaust].

The uncomfortable reality of working with Bis is that he lies like the devil to protect his CIA affiliations, only reluctantly admitting the man/soul transformation potential is in fact one of their devices even beyond the Mafia utilization. Agencies badly factionalized, a group attempted to use old Mafia-chief [Carlo] Gambino's grandson [retired Colonel in the Adjutant Generals Corps, needs motorized wheel chair due to brain tumor, black and white dog named Mary on a leash, lives near Bill Gates outside Seattle] in communication with Bis, and Gambino came accompanied by at least five thugs as a security element when he visited Bis 'on the third Saturday of February 2005' [February 19, 2005] outside Union Station in Washington D.C. It sounds like a movie but is all too unfortunately true; he introduced himself to Bis, provided some identifiers so Bis would know he was Mafia, and then he told Bis that he [Bis] needed to 'get right with the churches.'

One identifier was a signal the old man [Carlo Gambino] would flash the grandson when guests came to the house. He'd ask the grandson to get them a bottle of wine, while making a hand gesture with some fingers extended. One finger was a signal that the guest wasn't very important - don't bring a very good bottle of wine, while the full five fingers [four with thumb] meant the guest was as important as as you could get and to bring the best wine possible.

Cutting to the chase. In the course of a decades long fight with the Mafia, drug dealers, local - corrupt - power brokers, and the underworld, Bis briefly drove a taxi in Kalamazoo Michigan. Over a two to two-and-a-half month period he got three 'personal calls' - requests for him specifically and not just any cabbie to go pick up a particular passenger. Same unknown guy, casually dressed and nondescript. First two times the guy spoke generally about politics and kind of about Bis; third time the guy offers Bis the senate seat from New York and then the presidency ["the presidency does go with this office"]. Bis doesn't take it.
Not originally alert to it, Bis doesn't remember where he picked up or dropped the guy off the first time.
Second time he thinks he picked up at the Sprinkle Road Holiday [Inn] and dropped at Cross Roads Mall,
Third time he thinks he picked up at [Radison] Hotel downtown and dropped off at Cross Roads Mall.

Gambino's grandson recalled that they'd offered it to Bis, and says they gave it to Hillary Clinton in return for her silence on what the Monica thing really meant.
Team peterbis immediately asked Bis what the Monica thing had really meant, and he said he didn't know beyond that it was the reason the Mafia put Hillary Clinton in the senate seat,
and that Gambino's grandson had worked for Hillary Clinton while she was in the senate or apparently at some point between January 2001 and early 2005 when they - Bis and Gambino's grandson - had their meeting. That latter point may be immediately credible at least on a superficial level given Hillary Clinton's position on the Senate Armed Services Committee and Gambino's grandson's position in the Adjutant General's Corps.

Bonanno-Gambino. The grandson's name was hyphonated, it represented the marriage of the two famous crime families - he was apparently closer to the Gambino side, presumably reflecting a Bonanno mother and Gambino father, and he represented himself to Peter Bis as having worked for Senator Clinton. Bis does not know whether the latter point is true or not - he did not attempt to verify the association, but only reports the claim.

William Casey naming Bill Clinton - then in Arkansas - as a participant in cocaine smuggling [Carone-Ferdinand v CIA, 131 F. Supp 2d 232, which, contrary to the written opinion, gets powerful validation from external indicators]. Note neither Casey or Carone-Ferdinand connect Hillary Clinton with the money laundering, though Terry Reed did in a neutral context while reporting Berry Seal did in a negative context [associating Hillary Clinton with laundering the drug money] and William Barr did in a strongly negative context [moving drug money into bonds and essentially sucking at it or consuming up to a third of the laundered money in overhead].

Click to expand and then expand again for legible text.

The Casey declaration of December 1986 [facing an emergent IRAN CONTRA]. We think 'Monica' actually represented a CIA attack upon the presidency, similar to what had happened ten years previous. Fascinating is the Nixon signature - Casey [and at some level Reagan] apparently went back to him and he delivered.
Also note the Mafia family mentioned through Carone is Genovese and not Gambino.

The evidence attachment was something that came in the mail without any signature or real return address; it relates to Colby moving the money and the CIA was not happy when the plaintiffs produced it.

Anyway, this meeting in February 2005 with Gambino's grandson was immediately after a sequence in which Bis had been thrown out of a CIA executive's borrowed house.
While Bis was living in the house with the CIA executive [Thomas J. Mattingly, discussed below], the CIA executive - Mattingly - tried to threaten him with a DIFFERENT Casey declaration. One that was effectively a death bed declaration, but similar enough to the one shown for Bis to believe the one shown is credible independent of Carone-Ferdinand.

Thrown out of the house, a low level drone with a CIA affiliation spoke about moving a boat to Chicago so Bis could work on it while taking a job with 'Gambino-linked' Boeing which Bis had dismissed, leading to his promptly being thrown out of the next shelter,
but before a man named Jeremy Shull who is linked to the intelligence community on Capital Hill and may be linked to NCC Church tried to kill him with poisoned food, putting Bis in the hospital for thirty days [fourteen in a coma].

Bis alleging most church affiliated organizations are linked to the Mafia, of course the ambulance brought him to Providence Hospital where they kept his blood sugar low and threw him out on the street to die; a woman at NCC Church holding out the promise of bed rest but not following through on it.

Per Bis, the subtext to the meeting with Gambino's grandson. Boeing built a space plane, but doesn't have an engine for it, and he says the same thing about Concord II [per early 1990s]. They had the plane either designed or built but needed an engine; not immediately posted - prior to creation of this blogspot, in the autumn of 2005 Bis gave a brief description of discussions with the British in which they'd offered him a job designing the engine. The British apparently worked their engine problem out - no word on how or whether their solution relates to Boeing [1998 ~ 1999 Rolls Royce definitely had propulsion people on the Boeing JSF or Joint Strike Fighter program], but Bis is firm in stating his belief Boeing is linked to organized crime.

No word on whether the meeting with Gambino's grandson had anything directly to do with Hillary Clinton - whether she set it up or asked him to handle it. On 'getting right with the churches,' Bis references In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I, by David A Yallop, Bantam Books 1984 or prior to Bis going to work for the Vatican, ISBN 0553050737. Elton John was going to make a movie about it but was threatened sufficient to discourage him; Elton John is definitely associated with threat mitigation in the case of Ann Powers, daughter of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley [Detroit].

Doom's November

Tuesday, April 25 2006 approx. 5:30 p.m. on Penn Ave.
near J. Edgar Hoover Bldg.
Team peterbis 'flagged' by middle-age Anglo male
wearing "Doom's November" t-shirt.
A guy brought his shirt to our attention.

Summer 2006 attack will not be in D.C. ....
"You don't have the right latitude."


Mixed indicators, multiple choice, or - less happily - multiple incidents. Of course we urge anybody who has solid information to contact the authorities, or at least pass the good stuff across so we can post it.

Thomas J. Mattingly [TJM] was apparently CIA-related Nov./Dec. 2004 - Jan. 2005 in alleging there is going to be a major incident [presumably so-called 'terrorist'-originated] in the summer of 2006, effectively warning Peter Bis to leave the Washington D.C. area. Mattingly attended United Press International functions in Washington D.C., and allegedly disappeared into China early 2005 at which point Bis lost contact with him.
Mattingly grew up in St. Louis, where his father ran a tug boat company. In one instance he fell between the dock and a barge and the father never let him work there again. Mildred Miller, woman perhaps figuring into the National Community Church scenario, once mentioned to Peter Bis that her uncle had a tug boat company and when she was younger she got mad because she wasn't allowed to work on them. It's an interesting coincidence if it isn't related; word on Capital Hill is that Mattingly has extensive connections [effectively representing CIA surveillance of the legislative branch] which people are trying to quantify.

Court activity: Seattle legal group Perkins Coie essentially argues Boeing does not have any liability in the incidents of 9/11 because Atta and the other terrorists waited until the flight crews opened the cockpit doors before attacking [as opposed to forcing the doors, which would have been a liability issue for Boeing].

The immediate issue is racketeering within the 9/11 scenario [suggested], with secondary issues including an ongoing CIA attack upon the judiciary in the United States [known], CIA drivers in the U.S. relationship with China [known], and organized crime structures utilizing or infiltrating Boeing which ultimately represents the CIA establishing funding mechanisms that evade legislative oversight [known] essentially in violation of the Constitution [certain].
Huntleigh USA Corporation [petitioner] v. Transportation Security Administration Department of Homeland Security and the United States [defendents]. Petition of Review of an Agency Order.
Exhibit 1 Letter from Perkins Coie to Sarah Tauber [Transportation Security Administration] December 15 2005, page 2.
"Access to Sensitive Security Information Is Necessary for a full and fair defense of Boeing in the September 11 litigation.
Plaintiff's premise their claims against Boeing on the allegation that the design of the cockpit doors caused or contributed to the September 11, 2001 hijackings. Specifically, plaintiff's allege in their Master Complaints that each of the four hijacked aircraft lacked a "secure" cockpit door that would have prevented the terrorists from accessing its cockpit.
A fundemental deficiency in plaintiffs' claims against Boeing is that there is no evidence that the hijackers accessed any of the cockpits by breaking through cockpit doors. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary: the hijackers planned and trained to storm the cockpits when the doors were first opened by crew members....."

Within the 9/11 racketeering issue, it appears the CIA is gaming in the government's withholding of information [ultimately legitimizing the withholding] and that they - the CIA - may have orchestrated these actions to set standards in this emergent legal field [citing to an orchestrated circus tent fire in Hartford circa 1944 which was a disaster Barnum & Bailey then acted to mitigate for example]. It is possible or even likely one or more of the 9/11 committee members has additional CIA affiliations [perhaps Jamie Gorelick] and acted in anticipation of the then-pending litigation, but the larger point is that 'CIA affiliation' - and impact - can not be isolated. 'Affiliation' more likely applies to the defendant/government side of these matters but that is by no means a given constant; plaintiffs might have raised clearer or more certain 'companion claims' in additionally noting Boeing had not modified cockpits for the possibility pilots would be individually armed [or would want to be] for example, a debate that originated prior to 9/11 but might threaten other CIA objectives.
Of course the 'perfect Boeing' is of interest - none of the cockpit doors were forced open. As late as the 1970s Caterpillar was keying the ignition on all their heavy equipment the same - an operator could go from a backhoe to a dozer and use the same key; a guess is all Boeing cockpit doors opened with the same key on 9/11 while not all cockpit doors are opened in flight.

Bis notes CIA terrorist events have in the past been 'date specific' - most obviously "9/11" [Elvis Presley Detroit Mich Sept 11 1970 appears to have been the original "9/11"; in their invidious activities the CIA goes back to the trough] but the attack on the Branch Davidians in Waco was similarly date triggered followed of course by the Oklahoma City bombing and McVeigh construction. Anyway, in that vein Bis notes June 06, 2006 will be 06/06/06 or even 6/6/6, perhaps lending itself to being included in a CIA legend of some kind though it is not immediately clear if that was his original observation or merely talk he was speading for a source in threat mitigation.

We went public, and the public was gracious enough to respond.

Summer 2006 attack will not be in D.C. ....
"You don't have the right latitude."

Assuming latitude - and not longitude - is the issue, we took a quick survey. The District of Columbia is about 77 degrees east, the 75th meridian runs from Gitmo to Philadelphia - to paraphrase the legendary W.C. Fields, we're not sure if that's coincidence or not - and 'the Big Apple' [New York City] looks to be about 74 or 73.5 degrees east. Montreal, and a mysterious airport Bis alleges is closely associated with the New World Order north of Montreal, is also in the picture North America-wise.

Who is the tease and why so shy?

The guy is a sharp NOW tech/fashion New York photographer at the absolute top of his game - with a feature in GQ a year ago we think the CIA adjudicated,
not to at all disparage his eye or skills but rather to savagely attack a CIA manipulation structure which commands indentured servitude as a resurgent form of essential high end if not white collar peonage in these United States circa 2006.

A one line email from his account.

Either owing or hoping, 'they' - some figure[s] between him and Mattingly/McLaughlin - asked him to send it for them and he did [either because he owes them or because he is hoping to get more work from them which indicators suggest is somewhat more likely. Does him NOT owing them mean he worked it off previous - don't even go there].

Or maybe it was just a joke, a gentlemen's wager, or, as he has his own theories about the 9/11 attacks and subsequent history [if you look at an alternate attack scenario you obviously are obligated to develop alternate consequences etc etc.], all of the above.
Angelina Jolie and CIA mush-love victimizing black children - there is a cure for AIDS and always has been only she doesn't want to give it to them but instead kills their parents; talented anyway, in relative terms our guy is an artistic genius and we wish him well.

And anyhow on April 25 2006 a guy on Penn. Avenue near the
J. Edgar Hoover Building showed us his t-shirt which said "Doom's November," perhaps representing a change of plan. That would be on the street between the Justice Department and FBI headquarters for people who don't know where the Hoover Building is.

Of possible interest: Thomas K. Mattingly II was an astronaut on Apollo 16 [splash down 27 April 1972] loaded with "Anothosite, a calcium rich white rock. Light mineral Plagiocluse crystalized as molten Moon cooled and solified; floated to the surface and formed anothosite as heavier minerals sank," and
"images in the far-ultra-violet region [ ] taken by astronaut John Young"..... "Earth's outermost atmosphere, or geocorona, a region where oxygen and nitrogen glow brightly in ultra violet light. The glow arcs extend over Earth's nighttime side are produced by oxygen ions (oxygen atoms that have lost an electron) recombining with electrons in the upper atmosphere." Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. The latter citation may tend to validate other Bis perspectives on plasma structures in retrograde movement on the daylight side of the Earth at about the altitude [maybe a little bit higher], and the name 'Mattingly' is an interesting coincidence if the men - Thomas J. Mattingly and Thomas K. Mattingly - aren't related. Did a CIA executive scam an astronaut's name as cover - we aren't certain.

Every now and then you hear stories about mining on the Moon - might be anothosite.

UNRELATED. The CIA anthrax legend - attacking mail handlers in the District of Columbia and the CIA-linked National Enquirer down in Florida - is conceptually still open. Casual conversation with a man on the street in Washington: They're letting Steve Hatfill 'take the fall' on it.... WRONG.
Why we can not believe the 'rogue agent' scenario [articulated to date], and still include CIA anthrax in the 9/11 project designator:
the attacks of 9/11 were obviously orchestrated [without claiming he provided specific names or dates Bis apparently tried to stop them in advance, the CIA acknowledging there was chatter in the community which presumably included Bis though some was almost certainly precursor disinformation and artificial or induced stress],
Moussaoui legal developments suggest he was and continues to be orchestrated,
Jose Padilla [with the optimal legal standing to sue] and John Reid ['passenger apprehended' because if he'd succeeded they never would have been able to utilize what he'd done in a legend] orchestrated,
and the ringer - external indicators [not our impression or suspicion] suggest beltway sniper John Mohammad is orchestrated.
'Rogue anthrax' would mean that one type of attack in the otherwise complete constellation of attacks was not orchestrated. They got lucky BOTH in the nature of the anthrax attack and in the TIMING of the anthrax attack, though they didn't leave it up to luck anywhere else. No way. Actually, the group isn't a constellation so much as a spectrum, running roughly 9/11 to Reid to Moussaoui to Padilla to Anthrax to Mohammad, with the cluster of guys in Upstate New York maybe falling on the Mohammad side of Anthrax.

The GENIUS in the the 'open legend' - leaving anthrax open as opposed to the sniper attacks for example - is that they get to keep threatening Congress with it. A month hasn't gone by without fire trucks outside the Dirksen/Hart/Russell Senate Office Building complex, audible alarms, imperative commands, and the crisis whore paradigm.

Though of course all views need to be considered.

Other developments.

Of interest related to previous discussions of a parasitic plasma structure dating back ten thousand years or about eight thousand years before the time of Christ:

Presidents of Mexico, United States and Canada [Prime Minister] climb pyramid at Yucatan conference end of March 2006.

Concerning a different pyramid in Mexico:
USAToday, Thur. Apr. 06 2006, Pyramid unearthed in Mexico City, page 10A.
A sixth-century Indian pyramid in Mexico City has been discovered beneath the site of a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ....
Built on a hillside by the Teotihuacan culture, the pyramid was abandoned about 1,000 years before Catholics began re-enacting the crucifixion there in 1833....
Its base is the same size as that of the giant Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, which is Mexico's biggest ancient city.

Bis essentially provides a continuity paradigm; its possible the antiquities are being held and leaked forward as part of the larger CIA 'intelligent design' designator intended to reinforce the New World Order.

Nuclear power plant accident at Chernobyl as an original 'New World Order' ochestration designed to hasten the fall of the Soviet government which had come to be viewed as impeding domestic activity in the United States. Stunning if that's true - commensurate to the CIA effort to frame Reagan in IRAN CONTRA, 1986 is otherwise much earlier than is typically articulated.

The Peter Bis perspectives are fairly unique - for example, a magnetic field has been detected wrapping itself around a distant 'rod-shaped gas cloud' which Bis alleges can be a characteristic of male/female interaction here on Earth and can similarly be documented.
Space 'Slinky' Confirms Theory with a Twist, Ker Than,, January 12 2006. Washington D.C. - Astronomers have discovered a giant magnetic field that is coiled like a snake around a rod-shaped gas cloud in the constellation Orion. ....The discovery, presented here this week at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, was made in the Orion Molecular Cloud, a known stellar nursery in the constillation Orion. It supports a previous theory about how magnetic fields interact with gas clouds.
The article references the Green Bank Telescope - "a radio observatory in Virginia" -with a technology implication.

Peter Bis suggests one of his brothers is associated with criminal structures originating in Chicago now extending into North Carolina, and cites to experiences in their youth [particularly involving father and sister] which definitely raise the possibility of a long term CIA focus on the family in a MONARCH-type manipulation scenario though Bis himself has apparently not fully evaluated the probability of that. Literature includes mention of another case in Michigan which was in a formal CIA project structure [postal authorities identifying a child pornographer whose child was appropriated by the CIA perhaps a decade pre-Bis, citation pending]; in general it is not clear when government agencies began to take interest in Peter Bis, whether they influenced or more likely monitored his educational background, and the extent to which they figured in his association with the Vatican and reporting to the United Nations - all points underlying our discussion.
Traveling up the eastern seaboard Peter Bis visited the guy 'shortly after 9/11 and the subsequent anthrax attacks,' now reporting that at the time the brother was apparently exhibiting concern and getting his mail out of the mail box with gloves as a precautionary measure [a point which came up in conversation between Peter Bis and the brother's children]. Everyone assuming the attacks were government orchestrated, Peter Bis felt the precautionary measures might have been a reflection on his brother's associates and a possible threat scenario.
Peter Bis also suggests his brother took or withheld his [Peter's] portion of their mother's estate which included some real estate holdings near the university in Kalamazoo, perhaps indicative of a larger - unified - suppression effort targeting Peter Bis and their ability to use law while manipulating family structures on a long term basis.

The Bis Conceptual Family Structure: A History
Russian Heritage
Oral tradition
Great great great grandmother was a Jewish - Russian - Ballerina who apparently married into the line.
Great great grandfather was a Russian cavalry officer who picked a woman out of a field near the German border; threw her over the back of the horse and brought her back to St. Petersburg or anyway Russia proper.
[Great grandparents appear to be the hinge, identified only as a missing generation]
Grandparents came across as POLISH CATHOLIC [as opposed to Russian Orthodox] on a boat full of Polish Jews approx. 1908; the Jewish women helped deliver second child ['Valentine' called James and Uncle Jim] on the boat. Grandfather left grandmother, first child Mary and Valentine/Jim in New York and went down to Brazil with a cousin, where they stayed two months looking at farm land but returned and moved to Michigan.
Grandmother died of a ruptured gall bladder.

Mary had twin daughters Dolly and Terry [cousins to Peter Bis]. Dolly had a son Tim McCormack [sp?] who was a big basketball star and apparently is an announcer.
Valentine/Jim did not have any children.
Tony had a daughter Carol from his first marriage who disappeared. He also had a son Joseph from a second marriage who technically should be the oldest male heir in the line.
Some confusion about which of two uncles was older [of Uncles Tony and John]: John had two sons; Johnny in Colorado and Allen in Michigan - both have Lou Gehrigs Disease - but anyway Tony's son Joseph is older than either of them.
Tony is alleged to have had fully webbed toes, which may be reptilian.
Skipping Peter for a moment, Ann married out of the Catholic faith and was shunned by the rest of the family.

Children of Peter Bis the elder [though not "Senior"]
Child died/miscarriage.
The form of a child which became Peter Bis the younger [though not "Junior" or 'the Second'].
Upjohn came out with a fertility drug.
Mary Ann
Paul [lived or lives in Michigan]
Michael [North Carolina]
Stanley [deceased]

At 18 months, a woman walked up to Peter Bis' conceptual mother, picked up the then-healthy form of the child which became Peter Bis, blew on it, and the next day it had polio and effectively died. At three years 'what we know as Peter Bis' was assembling motorized bicycles; older Peter Bis screamed "This is not my child" at the mother and went after her, so child Peter Bis sliced the old man with a piece of glass and never really looked back.

Old man beat him every day, and allegedly did other bad things to other members of the family.
Old man apparently had cut a deal with crime figures to take political office but never actually did, and seems to have worked only menial jobs [including driver ed instructor and for a water service].
Peter Bis does not speak well of him.
Other people in town similarly did bad things to Peter Bis [effectively picking on him and singling him out - a cop leaving him locked in the back seat of a patrol car all afternoon]; ultimately a pattern of communication and orchestration becomes very clear.

Following his work for the Vatican, Peter Bis returned to Kalamazoo. In 1996 some White Russians arrived, and offered Peter Bis the Russian throne - apparently with an airplane to take him there. It is not immediately clear why they did not offer the throne to Tony's son Joseph who technically is the oldest male child in the line.
One question is whether or not the woman who blew on the child was intending to kill it; another question is the re-animation of the child's body. A third question is Peter Bis' subsequent interaction with a female named Kim Lisa Taylor who was born about 1960 and had a draft notice from 1966 with her social security number on it [as an infant, long before women were drafted], and whether or not Kim Lisa Taylor was connected to the government agencies.

Their relationship effectively ended when she levitated horizontally 18 inches off their bed, screaming hysterically on a Sunday morning in January 1984. She would not - apparently could not - talk other than to scream; aside from a meeting in a prosecutor's office and a single instance in which she exhibited 'rapid age progression' he never saw her again.

Unfortunate as that was, we can quantify the woman Peter Bis got but we do not quantify the women he didn't get which does make evaluation of a larger communication structure somewhat problematic at key points in time. Unsolicited, Peter Bis departing the country in December 1989 three things happened in short order. He got in a car accident in Germantown Maryland, two fairly well dressed women came up to him in a restaurant at the Holiday Inn Dulles and discussed his Russian heritage, and that night he was involuntarily implanted with a tracking device essentially stapled into his brain stem.
Peter Bis returned to the United States in 1991. He 'de-briefed' with the FBI in Washington D.C., sitting outside the FBI building [perhaps once in a restaurant or museum] because the agents claimed their offices were monitored - and they did not trust the surveillance mechanisms.

In this time period Bis wrote a report on George H.W. Bush and the death of a significant number of people in Kuwait. In a hotel lobby a well-dressed man said it was going to take Bush four months "to straighten this out." Bis tried to run, and was promptly arrested out West somewhere - perhaps in Nebraska; a lawyer had to bail him and followed him in a car to the state line.

On the other hand, it is not clear how much Bis told the FBI. Included in his travels was moving on Prince Philip [at an air show specifically mentioning helicopters] over drug smuggling, and meeting the Queen who was traveling incognito for tea [apparently her majesty was quite clever in her disguise]. They had a very serious discussion. Peter Bis does not like Charles and considers him pretty low in drugs and women; it isn't clear where Peter Bis would have picked up that insider information apart from the meeting with the Queen, or for that matter how he would have gotten to see Philip - apparently it was a near proximity encounter without a verbal exchange - otherwise.
Aug 31, 1997, Peter Bis was driving for All-Star taxi in Kalamazoo, and living in a single room apartment without any television. 'Hotel' type phone service went through a switchboard; he's sitting in the room and the phone goes off.
Bis answers it. A male voice says "Turn on the t.v. You just lost a friend." Bis goes up several flights of stairs to a room where a guy had a television - Princess Di had been killed in Paris.

BIS ALLEGATIONS recorded here without further comment.

In that time period [October 1997]- we do not know if it was related or not. Bis got summoned to a meeting. Driving cab down King Street in Kalamazoo [Mercury Grand Marquis] he got 'pulled' - beyond plasma physics into accelerated matter forms; when, as he says, the big guy calls you it ain't optional - and had a meeting out in space with about eighteen other entities which were arrayed in two rows [semi circle] facing him, with a couple above and a couple below. Bis does not pretend to be the big guy who set this up - just that abruptly he was out in space leading a meeting of eighteen beings [responding to questions about whether he was senior of the eighteen he provided the layout]. Out in space in a Mercury Grand Marquis? It changed, and when the time came, it changed back.
Meeting over, he was returned to King Street - about a half hour later and a mile and a half from where he lifted.

How often does that happen - Bis claims it never happened before or since. Approximately 1967 he had an 'out of body' experience when he was ejected from the back of a station wagon [hovering 'over a tree' essentially as a 30' wide plasma structure with total 360x360 degree sensory awareness looking down on the accident for an undefined amount of time before reanimating the body],
and prior to animating the body of the child at the beginning of the sequence [1950s] he watched, in the company of three other beings which he describes as 'lights', the child die [of polio]. In hospital as mother prayed - doctor went and got orderlies and father walked off for some reason. Life essence departed the body in a whoosh of light and a 'black crud form' - representing the father's evil passed to the first generation - came 'scuttling out', and went 'scuttling off' into a mass of shadow at the periphery of the vision. Unlike the movie Ghost, multiple animated crud forms did not attack the body but when it went lifeless the one came out and went scuttling off to join the others;
anyway, beyond those instances Bis denies any other 'interim' meetings out in space.

An ultimate background perspective. Possibilities discussed Washington D.C. 2005-2006,

again recorded here without further comment.

One of perhaps several possible outcomes of history has the Earth ending. This was noted, and 'another type of people' sent Peter Bis [in a pre-Bis configuration] to check. The idea was for the pre-Bis to arrive in Russia 1908, apparently intending for him to either 'arrest' or otherwise 'channel' technology development in significant ways with the ultimate goal of averting the negative outcome. This Bis recognizes. Why Russia 1908 as opposed to England 1908 is a very good question which defies explanation or else he hasn't cared to explain; it's an amazing coincidence that he ended up re-animating the body of a child whose grandfather left Russia right around the time Bis [in some pre-Bis form] was arriving if it wasn't part of a larger design.

The other possibility is that the woman - never identified - knew Bis was scheduled to arrive, and killed the child, allowing Bis to re-animate it.

From Wikipedia, noting some entries appear to be CIA-driven. The Tunguska event was an explosion that occurred at 60°55′N 101°57′E, near the Podkamennaya (Stony) Tunguska River in what is now Evenkia, Siberia, at 7:17 a.m. on June 30, 1908.
The explosion was caused most probably by the airburst of a meteorite or comet 6 to 10 kilometers (4–6 mi) above the Earth's surface. The energy of the blast was later estimated to be between 10 and 15 megaton TNT. It felled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers (830 sq mi).
In recent history, the Tunguska event stands out as one of the rare large-scale demonstrations that a full doomsday event is a real possibility for the human race.

Sibir newspaper, July 2, 1908
On the 17th of June, around 9 in the AM, we observed an unusual natural occurrence. In the N Karelinski village (200 verst N of Kirensk) the peasants saw to the North-West, rather high above the horizon, some strangely bright (impossible to look at) bluish-white heavenly body, which for 10 minutes moved downwards. The body appeared as a "pipe", i.e. a cylinder. The sky was cloudless, only a small dark cloud was observed in the general direction of the bright body. It was hot and dry. As the body neared the ground (forest), the bright body seemed to smudge, and then turned into a giant billow of black smoke, and a loud knocking (not thunder) was heard, as if large stones were falling, or artillery was fired. All buildings shook. At the same time the cloud began emitting flames of uncertain shapes. All villagers were stricken with panic and took to the streets, women cried, thinking it was the end of the world.
The author of these lines was meantime in the forest about 6 verst N of Kirensk, and heard to the NE some kind of artillery barrage, that repeated in intervals of 15 minutes at least 10 times. In Kirensk in a few buildings in the walls facing north-east window glass shook.

Not for religious content but in applied physics Bis compares that to a particular biblical passage: Exodus 14:21 And when Moses had stretched forth his hand over the sea, the Lord took it away by a strong and burning wind blowing all night; and turned it into dry ground: and the water was divided.
14:22 And the children of Israel went in through the midst of the sea dried up....
14:23 And the Egyptians pursuing went in after them....
14:24 And now the morning watch was come, and, behold, the Lord, looking upon the Egyptian army through the pillar of fire and the cloud, slew their host.
14:25 And overthrew the wheels of their chariots, and they were carried into the deep....
[From The Holy Bible, Douay Bible House, New York 1941]
In other words the physics [however unbeknownst to us at this time] is much more literal and applicable - replicable - than some would acknowledge, and Bis differentiates between people who argue out of ignorance and the church[es] which he claim are deliberately misleading their flocks. The betrayal is the frustrating issue.

Understand government agencies in Washington D.C. do not necessarily show their best players on the field which observers close to Bis recognize as a mistake - 'withholding' drives towards misunderstandings from the start, and there probably are gaps in the communication sequence. Beyond the structural issues however [test and validation blah blah blah], some aspects of the Bis paradigm have been confirmed and the situation HUGELY mishandled in driving into organized crime structures and allowing those crime structures to meaningfully interact with agency coordination mechanisms. That is [apparently] a CIA problem, and the CIA is the problem.

'Bis' matters in Washington D.C. are currently being [mis]handled in a kind of group dynamic by a lot of people who combined cannot consistently find him a sheltered place to pitch a sleeping bag at night, never mind bathing regularly and a diet halfway mitigating his physical conditions. The effort includes one cop 'who surely feels lucky to have drawn this assignment' with most other cops pleasant and a few deliberate ***holes, with two wouldbe / used-to-been Natural Suck Ass 'pseudo-Christians' congesting to actually threaten Bis, the guy they're suppose to be helping. In a way 'pseudo-Christian' is even unfair - they may be genuine in their faith, but their faith is in error; Peter Bis has been trying to clarrify this error for them, and they stubbornly persist in their error. Worshipping a manipulation structure is not Christian. The best the United States can do - the most appropriate response - was arranging to have Bis punched in the face and thrown out of the park between the Courthouse and the Canadian Embassy.
Bis looks at nuclear waste - getting rid of it using an Accelerated Radiation Decay Method; the established nuclear waste disposal community wouldn't like that though. For all their crying, no bureaucrat or politician certainly in Washington D.C. is going to rock the boat. Things do not move quickly here, though there are more potential jobs in construction and cheap energy than in the known nuclear disposal industry. Of course Bis does tend to run hot and cold; frustrating for him it is an unfortunate situation and government structure - even after decades - is not immediately equipped to deal with it.

It looks like a matter of taking down Allen Dulles; our side of the alien interface is being mishandled and his usefulness is over. LSD in World War II; funding the Nazis through the Bank of International Settlements - those days are gone. In literature he abused a girl in Michigan 1950s; in 1962 he set Marilyn Monroe up in Michigan - its almost inconcievable that Allen Dulles never visited Kalamazoo and saw Peter - perhaps from afar - and visited with Peter's conceptual father. With forty years notice this was the best he could do; but for him Peter Bis would be off in an airplane company somewhere rather than sitting in Washington D.C. and screaming for Dulles to be fed into the plasma structure.

It's not that we're crazy alone for putting up with this; the aliens are crazy for letting it go on. People can be educated in the scenario - factionalized, I am sure Dulles has some friends but they can learn to live without him. Street indicators are that he doesn't have as many friends as he thinks he has anyway. No time like the present. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

At some level Peter Bis represents a mechanism for interagency communication, and one of his sources says Lee Harvey Oswald [born 1939] didn’t die in November 1963 but is held as a convict down in Texas, participating in the mass prison break during election crisis 2000 [early Dec 2000 recaptured late Jan 2001 Colorado, killing one cop in a robbery in the interim].
Of possible interest: James Earl Ray broke out of Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros Tennessee on June 10 1977 also with six other guys, but was quickly recaptured on June 13 1977.

Photos from the Texas break:

Problem: source identified the convict by location of a picture in a particular two-row photo spread that isn’t immediately available, so we now reproduce all their photos. CIA factions sometimes maneuver on the web so we searched: the only reference seems to have been on a Free Republic website identifying Patrick Murphy [transcripted as follows].


To: Boner1. that Murphy guy looks like lee harvey oswald, they know where other four are, developing. 28 Posted on 01/22/2001 12:09:59 PST by eastforker
To: eastforker. Texas Department of Public Safety news conference shortly. MSNBC has Janie Hawkins, the mother of the murdered Irving police officer on about every five minutes. God bless her for her loss, but she let us all know she saw an attorney this morning and that she is angry that the Irving police are not keeping her better informed. This woman will become even more insufferable before this whole thing is over. She is even blaming George Bush for the escape of these cretins. 85 Posted on 01/22/2001 12:34:33 PST by sinkspur
To: sinkspur. This woman will become even more insufferable before this whole thing is over. Darn, Margarite Oswald, Lee Harvey’s mother, just flashed through my mind. She was determined to hog the limelight. 88 Posted on 01/22/2001 12:37:08 PST by xJones

Convict Larry Harper conceptually died, but the others – including the alleged ‘Murphy resembling Oswald’ – let themselves be recaptured and locked up. Bush probably was behind the break; confined since 1963 the guy got out for six weeks commensurate to transition teaming, and walked back into prison at the inauguration.
REVISED. Were Murphy to really be Oswald [which we do not take a position on beyond that one of Bis' sources said with certainty one of the convicts was Oswald and the Free Republic commentator made a comparison between Murphy and Oswald], the implication would be that they'd let him out at some point and brought him back in conceptually for re-offending [1984-02-23 burglary F84-70221-L and 1984-03-22 agg. sexual assault F84-85489-RL, sentenced for both 1984-11-02 Dallas].

Murphy was actually up for parole at the time of the break "but felt he would have been given unfair parole requirements that would have landed him back in prison" [interview KKTV reported Last 2 Texas prison escapees surrender, Nick Wadhams, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan 25 2001 page 04]. Probably the first time you've ever heard of someone 'on the edge of walking' conceptually 'throwing it back at the man' and breaking anyway.

This perspective was brought to the attention of the United States Senate. Within twenty four hours Bis gets visited by two different men conceptually unrelated to each other, who said they were at one of the government war colleges or defense universities, and were working on studies of corruption in the NSC.
'NSC - National Security Council[?]. '
'Yeah. The National Security Council.'

Could mean the hit on JFK was not original CIA but came out of the Council on Foreign Relations by way of the National Security Council, with Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon 'little kids hungry for presents under the tree' rather than big bad wolves at the door.
Story has it JFK fired Allen Dulles after Bay of Pigs.
Dulles said "Fire me? You don't even know who I work for."
Funny story, but JFK must have told Bobby and somehow Dulles ended up on the Warren Commission anyhow, with media reporting Bobby thought of Dulles as a friend.
The really strange part - we don't know if we believe it, but something Bis heard.
JFK didn't die in November 1963 either.
Family hustled him off to Eastern Europe.
If they did, Dulles had a hand in it.
And an 'evacuation' would explain the autopsy 'issues' at Bethesda [wherever that 'second' body came from. If JFK had 'doubles' maybe they torched a double - wasn't there a viewing at the White House].

So Bush breaks the particular convict during the election crisis in 2000 - JFK alive or dead isn't pivotal to the Bush involvement but it creates an interesting tie from Bush to Oswald. Obviously Bush felt comfortable in the scenario, and others have suggested at least some of the conceptually "executed" CIA death row convicts haven't really died. Watch - Oswald may yet get that break, originally reported on a Free Republic website chat line.
news from the agencies
March 2005. Peter Bis persists in trying to obtain a boat, and government keeps interfering with him, his phone calls, and the people discussing sale of the boats which infuriates Bis beyond that it is always sad to watch government asserting situational dominance effectively in a mocking or demeaning way. Lot of those guys don't have much going on [the low level government dime - two privates will talk about where they did basic, two dogs will sniff up each others' ass, and two cops will compare benefits packages]. Instead they periodically offer Bis employment with them which - implanted, tracked, and monitored - additionally infuriates Bis.
The Bis situation appears to have a following at the absolute top of government, Bis has periodically disseminated misinformation effectively supporting Bush, and Bis does not seem to understand President Bush is effectively behind the invidious surveillance no matter who exactly orders it or sets about to hassle him up. Time for Bush to go, though Bis is just one small thing bringing him down and that actually is funny.

Former Coast Guard Buoy Tender [Canadian]
Class: Home trade 1
Built: 1957
Length 154 feet
Breadth: 34 feet
Draft: 13.4 Feet
GRT: 750.58 Tons
Reg. Ton: 265.37 Tons
Below Deck: 485.21 Tons

Engines: Twin 8 cylinder Crossley Bros
600 hp each @ 300 rpm
Refurbished engines in 1994 with low hours
Spare screw and shaft
Fuel: 7 tons per day @ 14 knots
4.5 tons per day @ 10 knots

Generators: Twin V12 Detroit Diesels 230/115V, 435A
3 cylinder Detroit Diesel 230/115V, 152A300V, 100A Inverter

VANDALIZED 2 Sperry 120 mile radars
VANDALIZED Krupp-Atlas 480/AZ6025 Depth Sounder
BROKEN WINDOW[s] with some interior damage [including shattered toilet, effectively raising mechanical, electrical and plumbing questions].
2 Carlisle & Finch Searchlights [these may have also been damaged in the attacks]
1 Trident Electric Log
1 Electric Wiper
1 Clearview
2 Life rings
Communications Gear
1 25-man life boat

Cargo: 16,000 cubic foot hold forward, 22 ft x 10.5 hatch, 15 ton boom with below deck winch.

Modernized galley with new refrigerators. New 8 ton refrigerated storage below decks.
Accommodations for 28 including 2 staterooms and 3 single cabins
Contained sewage system

Located on the east coast of Canada
Price $200,000 CDN or best offer

Scruton Marine Services Phone 519-583-1636 Fax 519-583-2189

After Bis said he wanted it, the boat got vandalized and the high tech gear got smashed pretty evidently at the behest of the CIA/Mafia surveillance and crime structure no matter who actually did it. The people at Scruton Marine have been very decent to Peter Bis and the incident was more than coincidental in timing. Now Bis wants the equipment replaced and upgraded; the U.S. Navy does block mods and upgrades of their sea equipment - the hope is they've got otherwise 'dated' 200 mile or better radar and a mid range sonar package in surplus/stores at the Portsmouth New Hampshire yard or other east coast facility.
There is room to put a radar dome on the boat.
4.5 tons of fuel per day at 10 knots steady. 9,000 lbs divided by [7lbs per gallon water; gas lightly less and diesel slightly more] equals about 1,300 gallons per day [at $3.00 per gallon] equals about $4,000 per day to run it. Bis wants the screws put in housings [essentially 'ducted'] which he claims will greatly economize the operation; insofar as they vandalized it in the first place, the idea is to have some structural work done at the boatyard when they replace the destroyed equipment. Kept in real cold water, it isn't clear what the bottom growth or hull condition is - Bis would like it scraped; certainly if its briefly dry docked - but suggested if he had to he could do that himself.

Basically it's a trade - those facilities aren't the cheapest facilities to use in having work like that done, but on the other hand they attacked him - he's never attacked them. That boat will break sheet ice and keep passages open, one idea might be to 'privatize' Coast Guard operations on an east coast port with Bis running winter duties; in the bloc mod program he would like to mount a platform for helicopters. Looking at the Joint Strike Fighter or Harrier, a STOVL configuration [Short Take Off/Vertical Landing to conserve fuel at launch] is not impossible. Steel and flat welding isn't that expensive; a hydraulic launch and ramp would have to be catch-as-catch-can [what's mouthballed and can the Navy technical schools do depot welding].

Beyond Bis it's an interesting situation - selling the Taiwanese a full up aircraft carrier would not be viewed favorably by the Chinese, while putting 'fleet mods' in the area is much less threatening and more problematic to oppose.

PLEASE NOTE: BIS has no intention of defending Taiwan or participating in activities related to Taiwan, and also refuses to carry weapons, drugs or people for the CIA.
Routinely critical of the American agencies, foreign agencies are no better - and the interest expressed here in the concept apparently led to Bis getting unwanted attention on the street.
Agencies are basically parasites sucking juice from something else which Bis refuses to tolerate.

In raising the point, the idea was the possible mod of available vessels rather than operational deployment. Has STOVL airplane technology really impacted fleet strategies. First World War-era battleships carried airplanes launched off the stern, but as full up weapons systems capable of attacking other fleet groups those planes were primative. In relative terms 2006-2007 it isn't clear how much better a Harrier or Joint Strike Fighter - which tend to be slow - is or isn't, or how STOVL planes stack in combat against a real carrier plane much less a Chinese fighter, but that is a very abstract question. LAUGH if the Navy is ultimately forced to landbase F-22s in Korea or on Okinawa or Guam and fly them in a long haul commute to protect carrier-based STOVL planes further south: plans must call for keeping the current carrier planes if the STOVL technology doesn't enhance or extend capabilities as a stand alone.

Taiwan is an island and obviously will not be taken by surprise - presumably they are working to protect their own interests and short range STOVL might do a lot to improve their defenses but that really is not an issue to be debated here; again, Bis doesn't want any part of it.
Everybody knows the CIA is working a betrayal scheme and as they get closer will be trying to recruit sacrifice flies - no, its bigger than that. Pete just doesn't want to be involved.

Not a man for small thoughts, Bis has conceptualized getting a second - smaller - boat to tow or be towed; word on the streets is the Navy has some 'YP' or yard patrol boats available very cheap. They have a wood composite hull which Bis wants to fiberglass, and claims it can be done quickly and inexpensively [apparently a boat with an exposed wood hull wants to be pulled out of the water and scraped every two or three years]. It should be noted Bis has experience working on boats, and fiberglassing a hull sounds relatively routine next to other structural modifications.


Early 1980s Peter Bis attempted to start an aviation company in Kalamazoo, Michigan; applying for start-up assistance from a government entity in 1983 brought his business plans to the attention of a local syndicate which was able to monopolize the political basis for participation in the program and - when Bis refused to enter into a partnership with them - froze him out. Bis says the deal included him moving into a building owned by the Upjohn Gilmore family with them providing 'security' - apparently including access to the government financing - or zero; he would not get the financing. A message 'he couldn't refuse' and he refused.

Coincidental to that 'attack' or their placing a strangle-hold on the business plan, Bis blew out his knee and tendons in his leg as he fell through an unsafe ground condition in a utility work area. Effectively commanding the area, the syndicate was able to deny Bis immediate medical treatment for the leg which basically crippled him as a longterm outcome.

Bis alleges Timothy F. Reineck M.D., 315 Turwill Lane Kalamazoo is the doctor who caved, setting him up for surgery and then reversing, at the crucial moment throwing Bis out of his office and into a Michigan winter.
Now Bis is crippled.

Peter Bis fought 1983 to 1989, bought a motor home and drove to Florida late 1989, returning to Michigan the motor home was sabotaged in Pennsylvania, he bought a Firebird, they chased him to Washington D.C. and implanted him base of skull/top of spine December 23rd/24th 1989 at the Holiday Inn Dulles [airport]. The implant is thought to be a locating device and does not appear to include a neural monitoring or neural stimulus capability; adversarial deployments in the field appear to be based on observation rather than reconstructed or monitored neuro-processing.
See 'Try Some Chips on Immigration?', IN THE LOOP, Al Kamen, Washington Post May 01 2006 page A17. Sens. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).... according to an account Specter put in the Congressional Record, asked [Columbian President Alvaro] Uribe about seasonal workers who don't return home..... "President Uribe said he would consider having Columbian workers have microchips implanted in their bodies before they are permitted to enter the United States to work on a seasonal basis," Specter reported.
"I doubted whether the imp[lantation of microchips would be effective," Specter reflected, "since the immigrant worker might be able to remove them."
Even the most talented immigrant worker board certified in neurosurgery would be hard pressed to remove implants from the hypothalamus, but that is an emergent issue. Dating publication of the installation technology, Bis recalls a similar article from the 1994-95 timeperiod we are currently unable to locate [a particular sheik implanting wives].

flew out to Geneva Switzerland via London. After working with the Vatican he eventually returned to the United States before a 'change in the climate' - continued deterioration - forced him into a pattern of movement as a precursor to again leaving. The extent to which government agencies used him during this time period of movement is not immediately clear but he apparently remained in contact with insight into baseline activity [realtime ground observations].
1. Bis has seen the 'global energy grid' [atmospheric - radiant energy projected into space] on a computer at a private place of business or non-government location. He suggests Phase I cost about $20 billion dollars in the 1980s [support for then-existing capabilities] and Phase II cost about $20 billion dollars in the 1990s [which included enhancement with advanced technologies].
2. Bis does have contacts in government agencies which use him to bring information forward, effectively making him a conduit but not a resident anywhere which is basically exploitive. Nonetheless, combined with his experiences fighting corruption both in earlier private life and with the Vatican the contacts keep him or use him as an informal means of communication - in part among themselves which is not necessarily reassuring to members of the general public effectively victimized by lack of a clearer 'standard operating procedure.'
Presumably the Agency response is something on the order of 'that's how it always goes' fighting racketeering or emergent activity which does not cleanly fall in a predetermined jurisdiction. Inadequate or unchanged in the 'conceptual post-9/11 environment' which is not without controversy of it's own, that response tolerates a significant amount of invidious activity and erodes 'rule of law' or concepts of justice in the United States. The controversy originating in Kalamazoo 1983, Peter Bis bears witness to an almost Chinese or Asian concept of 'rural gangsterism' or an effective breakdown of the central government's ability to maintain order within it's own administrative structure.

The Simplified Version of What He Did

Our solar system - a MEMORY DEVICE for the non-major [order out from the Sun]:
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars [dirt planets], Jupitor, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune [gaseous planets], Pluto [odd dirt planet]
Many Venerated Experts May Just Say Utter Nonsense [in] Public.
[Courtesy of]

MACRO BIS raises the possibility a type of 'life form' with characteristics of a plasma structure originated on one of the gaseous planets; Bis himself reports on speculation [apparently among well placed sources] about prior civilizations on Venus and Mars. Venus has a 'backspin' or retrograde orbit - on all other planets in this solar system the Sun rises on the east and sets in the west but on Venus that's reversed, raising the possibility the plasma structure undertakes a retrograde movement to stay on the daylight side of the Earth.
PROBLEM. We don't talk much about it because the technology base is an arcane specialty of its own, but the global energy grid [radiant energy deliberately projected into space] has had the effect of extending plasma structure effectivity to the dark side of the Earth and may be diminishing what hitherto had been the relatively short cycle periodic relief [night]. By nature the plasma structure does have a retrograde movement but we don't know if that has diminished since the second phase of the system was substantially completed in the 1990s.

Capable of interplanetary movement within this solar system, Bis reports 'they' are attempting to provide the plasma structure with a deep space capability, leaving 'they' an undefined variable in the equation. Venus and Mars exhausted, it is not clear there is a future beyond Earth immediately visible which may represent promise or peril.
Worthy of note in context: Venus / Earth / Mars are all 'inner planets' fairly near the sun - from Venus which is an average mean distance of 67.2 million miles from the Sun, to Mars which is an average means distance of 141.6 million miles from the Sun [Earth orbits about 93 million miles from the Sun]. Beyond Mars the planets are abruptly further out - Jupitor, which is next closest, orbits at an average mean distance of 483.6 million miles from the Sun and Saturn at 866.6.
Bis speaks of a 'deep space' capability without specifically addressing the capability of the plasma structure to travel to the 'outer planets' in this solar system; both Saturn [Titan] and Jupitor [Europa] have moons which may be capable of sustaining human life.

Intuitive as the Earth advances towards the Sun, more complex topics of discussion include plasticity of the plasma structure as the Earth moves away from the Sun and the elongated dimension of the Chapman Ferraro Cavity is heated as the 'daylight' side of the Earth. Here we note the additional comments about Apollo 16: "images in the far-ultra-violet region [ ] taken by astronaut John Young"..... "Earth's outermost atmosphere, or geocorona, a region where oxygen and nitrogen glow brightly in ultra violet light. The glow arcs extend over Earth's nighttime side are produced by oxygen ions (oxygen atoms that have lost an electron) recombining with electrons in the upper atmosphere" and one question is the extent to which that exchange becomes distorted or biased. On the other hand, if it doesn't change [if the exchange is a constant] does it reflect a long-term accommodation/adaptation of the structure perhaps now moving into an artificial 'global warming' scenario.
Peter Bis respectfully notes the recent passing of Van Allen.

A Van de Graaff generator. Globe on the left is our star [the Sun], and globe on the right is the Earth. Two diagonals bracket the equator - those are the Van Allen Belts [described below]. Based on a fusion dynamic taking place along the internal axis, the red arrow [above] shows a power 'diversion.' Characterizing that diversion [optimally quantifying the diversion but whether that has been done is not entirely certain] represents an initial step toward understanding a fairly immediate alien 'presence' and it's energy requirement which in turn helps to understand it's history, activity or capabilities, and growth or sizing potential.

The energy transfer - arrows at the North Pole - similarly occurs at the South Pole [a note on the diagram] though the arrows were omitted for clarity. Magnetic polarity occasionally reverses which Bis looked at in addition to 'wobble' on the axis and other irregularities in the Earth's rotation.

Bis then suggests there are elements of continuity between the Earth/Sun plasma exchange and the Sun/Black Hole physics paradigm, diagram here from a NASA site.
Implied is that at a 'macro level' there is similarly opportunity for corruption.

NASA's space telescope captures black hole chomping a star for the first time
The Hindustan Times. New Delhi: Dec 6, 2006.
Report from the Asian News International brought to you by the Hindustan Times
Washington, Dec 6 -- NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer has caught for the first time, the whole process by which a black hole eats a star, from the first bite to the final chomp.
Lead author of a new paper appearing in the recent issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, Dr. Suvi Gezari of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California said such type of events were very rare.
"This type of event is very rare, so we are lucky to study the entire process from beginning to end," said Dr. Gezari.

According to her, the black hole might have remained dormant in an unnamed elliptical galaxy for probably thousands of years.
But when a star ventured a little too close, the black hole's gravity tore it asunder.

"Part of the shredded star swirled around the black hole, then began to plunge into it, triggering a bright ultraviolet flare that the Galaxy Evolution Explorer was able to detect. Today, the space-based telescope continues to periodically watch this ultraviolet light fade as the black hole finishes the remaining bits of its stellar meal," said Dr. Gezari.
"The observations will ultimately provide a better understanding of how black holes evolve with their host galaxies," she said.

"It will help us greatly in weighing black holes in the universe, and in understanding how they feed and grow in their host galaxies as the universe evolves," added Dr. Christopher Martin of Caltech, a co-author of the paper and the principal investigator for the Galaxy Evolution Explorer.
Incidentally, in the early 1990s, three other resting, or dormant black holes were suspected of having eaten stars when the joint German-American-British Röntgen X-ray satellite picked up X-ray flares from their host galaxies.

Astronomers had to then wait until a decade later for NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Space Agency's (ESA's) XMM-Newton X-ray observatory to confirm those findings, showing that the black holes' X-rays had faded dramatically - a sign that stars were swallowed.
Now, Dr. Gezari and her colleagues have, for the first time, watched a similar feeding frenzy unfold through the ultraviolet eyes of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer.
The team used the telescope's detectors to catch an ultraviolet flare from a distant galaxy, and then watched the flare diminish over time, as the galaxy's central black hole consumed the star.
Additional data from Chandra, the Canada France Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii and the Keck Telescope, also in Hawaii, helped the team chronicle the event in multiple wavelengths over two years, Dr. Gezari said.
"The star just couldn't hold itself together. Now that we know we can observe these events with ultraviolet light, we've got a new tool for finding more," she added.
Published by HT Media Ltd. with permission from Asian News International.

NASA scopes chaos; [B Main Edition]
The Gold Coast Bulletin. Southport, Qld.: Dec 7, 2006. pg. 16 Copyright News Limited Dec 7, 2006. GIANT black hole... caught in the act of guzzling a star in a galaxy four billion light-years away, scientists using an orbiting NASA telescope said yesterday.
For the past two years, scientists have monitored the dramatic events as the star, residing in a galaxy in the Bootes constellation, was ripped apart by the black hole.
Scientists used NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer, an orbiting telescope sensitive to two bands of ultraviolet wave lengths, to detect an ultraviolet flare coming from the centre of a remote elliptical galaxy.
The scientists hope the findings will give a better understanding of black holes, whose gravity is so powerful light cannot escape.

Astrophysics: Unity among black holes
Jörn Wilms. Nature. London: Dec 7, 2006.Vol.444, Iss. 7120; pg. 699

Returning to the subject at hand, the specifics of the 'fusion dynamic' [not the diversion] are being brought forward in publication, basic research reported In a Foot Long Cylinder, a Power Fit For The Sun, New York Times, April 28, 2005. ..... scientists report they have produced nuclear fusion - the same process that powers the sun - in a footlong cylinder just five inches in diameter... page A18. Same day Colorado Springs Gazette references USAToday, UCLA creates handheld nuclear fusion generator. About 800 neutrons a second ["puny"]; cites to UCLA's Seth Putterman, co-author of study in today's Nature.
The 'false-alarm' or subsequently 'discredited' cold fusion [table top] experiment at University of Utah 1989 pretty obviously was a precursor to the current belated revelation anticipating deniability or the claim of a 'key distinction': see New York Times
Dr. B. Stanley Pons
[ ] says he and British colleague, Dr. Martin Fleischmann, achieved nuclear fusion in test cell..... Mr 24, I, 12:5
... Federal Govt concludes that prospects of producing energy with low temperature nuclear fusion are quite remote... (M), Jl 13, I 1:1
... interest in fusion process elsewhere in US, as well as in Japan and India noted, diagram; photo (M), O 31, III, 1:1
...Panel of Expects convened by Federal Govt says there is no convincing evidence that low-temperature nuclear fusion would lead to useful source of energy (M), N 4, I, 9:2

In any case the fusion dynamic concerned Bis who was working for the Vatican 1990 ~ 1991, and, to the extent publication or verification has been delayed and ‘reduced in scope’ government agencies pretty obviously continue to withhold technical data. Without identifying his sources Bis has acknowledged travel in England and similarly acknowledged spending time in Utah including Salt Lake City.

Awareness, retraction, and subsequent release [validation] of the fusion dynamic illustrates a fairly exclusive 'reciprocity concept' now [January 2006] reflected in the immediate Hwang Woo Suk [South Korean] stem cell controversy, again anticipating ultimate validation but at some diminished credibility and economic toll [never mind physical pain and suffering to the likely constituent community which could benefit immediately]. The key question - the essence of Bis matters - is whether or not the 'trades' or evident agreements have been subjected to a legislative oversight function. Are concepts of representative democracy based on informed choice being advanced or diminished - this is the 'fork in the road,'
and there is a 'range of costs' associated both with 'foregone opportunity' and subsequent recovery - falling for the artifice half heartedly constructed to reach the point which has already been passed. Winners and losers are being chosen, but apparently by a Council on Foreign Relations-type of self-defined process rather than elected representatives.

Continuing his work in the fusion dynamic after leaving the Vatican suggests 'Bis movement' or his travel pattern has been essentially directed or much less random than he would have people believe, perhaps returning to the issue of poor inter-agency communication.

A Van de Graaff generator

When the generator is running, at death 'human essence' divides or 'is divided,' some energy sparking from the globe on the right to the globe on the left, and some redirected [diverted] to feed a parasitic life form which is basically a plasma structure that projects like HIPAS and HAARP have been studying in the Van Allen Belts. Sounds extreme, but the Bis description is additionally supported by media precursors which are now fairly dated. His work in reality an iterative effort with ramifications in nuclear medicine ['biothermal fusionary genetic engineering'], after characterizing the process flow Bis took the history of it back to eight thousand years before Christ while working for the Vatican 1990 ~ 1991. Widely recognized now but not when he was researching, the ancient civilizations on earth were located inside the area bracketed by the Van Allen Belts, Bis further verifying in part by inspection, in part with technology, and in part by testing including against organizational and surveillance structures.

Bis is/was aware of at least potential 'interaction' between the plasma structure and the 'global energy grid' but was not able to fully characterize the activity. Bis understands the plasma structure to have historically expanded and contracted in response to given variables [validated with Battle of the Somme-type situation referenced in a type of media precursor - shadow world]; a fear is that in collaboration a promise of expansion will be extended by parties that will not suffer the loss.

The visual representation of 'human essence.'

Is there a God [single, the Big Guy]. The aliens don’t know with anymore certainty than we do, but he definitely didn’t write [or cause to have written] the Bible, never mind performing miracles or sending the progression of unity figures of which Jesus is probably the most famous with his subservience concept.
In fact that was done by lower energy and life forms which gets into a debate about having the knowledge of God without the power of God – or literally Satan. Some churches are starting to preach about various sexual orientations or that prostitutes and drug dealers should be ignored [instead of prosecuted] with various excuses in law for example which may be rooted in a CIA designator or project number – Bis claims that to be Satanic but it doesn’t automatically equate to a takeover of the church as falling into the structure of subservience to the plasma life form definitely does.

What about the incident October 1997 [Bis summoned to the meeting in space]. Driving the Mercury Grand Marquis he got 'pulled' - beyond plasma physics into accelerated matter forms; when the big guy calls you it ain't optional. Meeting out in space with about eighteen other entities arrayed in two rows [semi circle] facing him, with a couple above and a couple below. Bis does not pretend to be 'the big guy' who set this up - just that abruptly he was out in space leading a meeting of eighteen beings with him situated in what had been a Mercury Grand Marquis.
Bis represents awareness as stages:
Plasma Physics [introductory].
Amplified Matter Acceleration.
Amplified Matter Annihilation.
Energy can change the manifestation of mass, which Bis uses to lead into discussion about Earth, wind, fire and water which he equates to power in various biblical citations. The Bis grievance with a possible government agent, who is at least conceptually Navy cryptics. When Bis was a young man in Kalamazoo, federal agents were going to the local college kids trying to investigate the ultra high frequency binary impulse transmittions which were emanating from chez Bis and impacting the military satellites. More recently he left a kid sitting in a puddle of urine on the seat of a pickup truck in the middle of the Arizona desert after a night time display he refuses to detail. Bis circulated a three hundred page paper written in six parts through the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland pro bono at no small expense to himself. The agent they put on Bis doesn't even try. Has he even read the papers? Apparently not. Can he rewrite them for publication in peer review journals, presumably citing extensively to the Bis documentation or simply listing Bis as the senior researcher? No, or at least his command structure hasn't told him to do it.
This is not what Bis calls 'the big guy' - this is just Bis, and the agent or command structure or whoever can't handle this never mind the more advanced stages. Bis does not represent 'the big guy' here as being God but as being 'a big enough guy' not to leave him any choice in pulling him out to a meeting in space driving a Grand Marquis. Is gravity electricity - yes and no, Bis cagey with it saying "Not in the way you mean." On the other hand he doesn't want to play games, and says he put enough out already for people to work with.

Bis claims the Blessed Virgin Mary was very likely a man at some stage of transformation, that nuns are frequently men, that the Mafia is able to effectively utilize men who have become women as a power source within their community, and that the transformation may be at least in some part reversible.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is traditionally shown with halo of flames, Bis alleging the representation is much more literal than some - all right, more literal than virtually anybody else - would have you believe. In his construction, the flames are burning the soul out of a man, transforming the figure into a woman. In a sense this is almost good news - you thought the whole thing was the the story of a drunken peasant which got taken up as legend - oh no, Bis claims it to be very real. The critical Bis allegation. Not only does he claim its real, but he claims the Church - effectively the Vatican - has it documented, of course in a secret library. Da Vinci Code, movie, believe what you want to believe, but know the CIA does use movies as an important mechanism to advance adjudicated awareness or 'diminished education.' Alternately, know a lot of doors are locked in silence until you say the the magic word or the Pope gets shot, and then there's talk to spare, burning up wire to and fro and in between the agencies.

Christ Made in China - by 'eight cents-an-hour slave' labor. Vatican is in the process of switching its Chinese 'affiliation' from Taiwan to the mainland, perhaps as an element of the CIA abandonment of Taiwan. May 2006 the Chinese promptly act to name their own bishops which conceptually is an issue in their relationship with the Vatican, but understand that relationship exists on a number of different levels. The Vatican may effectively let them do that simply as a way to secure access to the masses as it were; the question is whether or not the CIA has a role in naming church officials in the United States. If they do, the Chinese will know about it and will seek to have that same influence as part of a larger reciprocity concept.

Given the God situation with Christ [technically the whole 'savior series'] as the question, why not lie – you got Christmas carols and the holiday gift season, why be the Grinch? The problem is that the delusional practice has clearly rendered us vulnerable on a number of counts, not least of all to the aliens who can check. More literally they already know, have an ability to act in the knowledge, and do act in the knowledge; this isn’t multiple choice or an essay question. There is a dangerous downside to the ignorance which can be mitigated and we need to do that - mitigate the threat and act to restrict their ability to manipulate. Even if it was all positive activity [which it isn’t] we would still have to act to preserve our independence though our actions would obviously be different - politicians would proudly proclaim their affiliation rather than taking refuge in their constituent's ignorance.

Bis says most people [literally their energy fields] in a normal state are VHF [very high frequency], but for example Hitler was UHF [Ultra High Frequency], with some discussion of a mass effect on the collected individual fields.
Hitler’s Filmmaker Riefenstahl Dies, David Rising, Times Union [Albany New York], Sept 10 2003 page D8.
She heard Hitler speak for the first time at a 1932 rally..... In her memoirs, [Leni] Riefenstahl describes her first impression of Hitler’s charisma. “It seemed as if the Earth’s surface were spreading out in front of me, like a hemisphere that suddenly splits apart in the middle, spewing out an enormous jet of water, so powerful that it touched the sky and shook the earth. I felt quite paralyzed.”

The secondary issue is a treasonous effort to 'harvast' the planet before torching it and running - who is instigating this and why, where they plan to go that is better than Earth, and what they hope their lives will be like are all worthy subjects of study - but end of the day, getting people out of the plasma field should be viewed as a two step process with a hidden threat behind the immediate situation.
In its entirety - plus AIDS as an engineered virus and the current CIA activity structure emergent in domestic politics - the situation is diminishing to concepts of democracy and freedom which is really shameful, particularly to the extent it is being undertaken by people in violation of the public trust and at taxpayer expense.

DEATH SQUADS. Peter Bis alleges the Mafia runs death squads up and down the interstate highways, usually of three, five, or seven units, and that major efforts [high ranking mobsters or colony leaders on the criminal side, witnesses on the government side] often include use of a semi or detached rig. He says the death squads are generally torched guys who are effectively zoombies in the plasma structure [and specifically that the observation relates to the VHF/UHF dislosure], without getting into the degree of functionality they retain or claiming an absolutely uniform condition exists.

Team is currently working to upload graphics – section in progress.

...[T]he Gospel of Judas offers a new creation story, depicting the evil world as the product of a bloodthirsty, foolish lower deity, rather than the higher, true God. This duality "is why this gospel could never be accepted by orthodox Christianity," said Bart D. Ehrman, chairman of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Newly Translated Gospel Offers More Positive Portrayal of Judas, by Guy Gugliotta and Alan Cooperman, Washington Post April 7 2006 [interesting to note Gugliotta anyway is the Post science writer].

A secondary issue in theology may have an even greater immediate importance: the Gospel of Judas alleges the betrayal of Christ was an inside arrangement which Christ certainly participated in and possibly instigated. While direct evidence is scant, it seems reasonable to suggest this line of thinking may have been taken to legitimize all kinds of CIA duplicity in furthering collaboration with the alien power structures behind creation of the religious establishment.

Modern politicians end of March 2006 tour pyramid in Mexico.

Bis seeks a particular image graphically illustrating the interrelationship between subjects and seated ruler via the plasma structure represented by the Sun shown with rays extending to halos over the heads of the figures. Meanwhile, these images show the Sun with rays and figures of rulers wearing oversized head coverings which, with earings and other jewelry, Bis says have properties related to an electric field surrounding the human body utilized by early rulers in maintaining situational dominance. Matson Photograph Collection, Library of Congress, Tutenchamun's [i.e., Tutankhamen's] Tomb.

Odd story in Egyptian history at the end of the 18th dynasty. Amenophis IV replaced worship of Amun and local Gods [a multiple deity scenario] with new cult devoted to Aten - Sun God - alone [single deity], and he [the pharoah] took the name 'Akhenaten.' In notes immediately at hand it is not entirely clear if the above image is of Akhenaten at Amarna 'offering to a solar disk' or 'Ankhesenamun receiving life-giving rays of the Aten,'the latter being King Tut's wife. Effectively Tut's older brother had tried to institutionalize a 'new religion' with single God or anyway a huge variation on the old practices; Tut reigned age 10 to age 19, at age 13 returning to Thebes and restoring the old order [worship of Amun with multiple Gods],
Tut dies, widow sought Hittite alliance [in taking a Hittite husband which the Hittites agreed to], Egyptian General Horemheb kills the Hittite and "stamped out every trace of the Aten heresy" starting the 19th dynasty which, under Seti I [1312] and Ramesses II [1298 for a reign of 67 years] is about the height of Egyptian civilization. Ramesses' tenure was almost aborted in fighting the Hittites near Kadash in Syria; "It was the personal courage Ramesses himself, and perhaps a little bit of luck sent by the god Amun, which enabled the army to regroup and win a limited victory" recounted on a column at Luxor which is thought to be exagerated. The Egyptian Way of Death, Ange-Pierre Leca translated by Louise Asmal, Doubleday 1981. The column says Ramesses himself put 25,000 chariots to flight.
All we know for sure is that the effort to transition to a single God - Aten representing the Sun as it happened - was not successful, and the old God[s] - Amun with others - returned.

The Beetle and the Brain. Bis suggests in ancient Egyptology, the beetle [Egyptian Scarab] was used to represent the hemispheres of a human brain with licence on the frontal lobe depending on where you section it. The point leads into a technical description of a bubble chamber and a vulnerability to the plasma structure.

Bis views the image of the leader 'striking the spike' into the head of the kneeling subject [barely visible in the photo-of-a-photo posted here] as a literal effort to dominate or even assume control over a secondary human energy field.

Like patron saint - or even lesser saint - with golden halo in an Orthodox Church, it is not difficult to find images of ancient Egyptians with towering head gear or round orbs. Bis believes those images were much more literal representations than most scholars suggest, representing a quantifiable energy field or mechanism concept the Egyptian would have understood in a ritual context [elements presumably confused in prayer, or an aspiration rather than consistent reality].

Bis cites extensively to THE BOOK OF THE DEAD [ancient Egyptian, the example of text here from the 1901 ed. E.A. Wallis Budge, Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum, Vol. II].
Chapter LXV, The deceased kneeling in adoration before Ra, hawk-headed, and having a disk encircled by an uraeus on his head.
Text: The Chapter of coming forth by day and gaining the mastery over enemies.
I have seen the god Abet-ka placing the cord; the child is tied with fetters, and the rope of the god Ab-ka is drawn tight ...... Behold me. I am born, and I come forth in the form of a living Khu, and the human beings who are upon the earth ascribe praise [unto me]....
Chapter LXV, Behold, I have come forth on this day, and I have become a Khu (or a shining being); therefore all the Khus let me live, and they shall cause my enemies to be brought before me in a state of misery in the presence of the divine sovereign princes.

The Nature of the Book of the Dead, from The Egyptian Book of the Dead, translated by Dr. Raymond Faulkner, The American University in Cairo Press, 1998.
"Consider the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) at Ginza.... 2.5 million blocks weighing on the average a ton and a half apiece.... If we assume that Khufu reigned for fifty years and [ ] his builders worked at a breakneck pace ten hours a day, one enormous block had to be added to the pyramid every four minutes or so - every day for fifty years, inexorably...."
"The Bible and the Koran, each of which transmits the revealed messages of a single supreme deity to humanity, are fundemental to their respective religions. These books articulate the bases of faith: the nature of the deity and the theological underpinnings of man's relationship to the deity; the obligations of god to man and man to god; the moral code by which adherents should conduct themselves; and, especially in the case of Islam, even the social and political thought by which believers should organize their societies. The Book of the Dead, on the other hand, is chiefly concerned with the afterlife. Its purpose was not to set forth the basic tenets of Egyptian religion, nor to guide the faithful through religious life, but rather to assist its owner in the next world..... It is a collection of texts from which the individual was able to choose for his or her particular scroll, based often on a combination of what could be afforded and the current religious views of the period. Certain chapters were loosely considered to be essential, others were completely discretionary....."
"Theological literature is often aimed at convincing the reader of a unique truth, but such argumentation would be foreign to the purpose of most Egyptian religius literature. Egyptian theology tended more toward inclusion than exclusion. It was not expressed fanatically - except forthe brief appearence of a virtual monotheism during the reign of the "heretic" pharaoh Akhenaten (1379-1362 B.C.E.)......."

Essentially the citation returns to the issue of viewing 'intelligent design' theory as a conspiracy intended to enslave mankind, Bis suspecting the monotheism of Akhenaten was resurrected as the Christ concept which is not a great intellectual leap but a matter of first quantifying and then evaluating process revisions apparently formulated over the interim 1362 years.

Bis does not know if the CIA was behind efforts of the Taliban to destroy the two huge figures carved from stone in Afghanistan [Buddha figures in Bamiyan Province, raising the probability Mulla Mohammad Omar was a CIA plant, U.S. abandonment following the Soviet withdrawal was strategized, and the 1996 takeover was CIA orchestrated], but generally suggests the relationship between hierarchy and plasma structure crosses cultural boundries [incl. temple complexes in Mexico he has discussed in detail and Angkor Wat in Cambodia which he has referenced but not in detail].
At some level the interested third party 'hides' in Bis discussions which tend to focus on aspects of the immediate plasma structure and its saturation of the human environment - what about the even more ancient 'intellegent design' parameter involving more typical alien life forms, and how does the plasma structure fit into their concept of a relationship with humans. 'Did they bring it, is it a tool for them to utilize in exerting situational dominance, and do they have a relationship with it apart from Earth and humans' left unanswered.

Discovering falsehoods and racketeering certainly in the diversion of 'human essence' or energy but also more generally in the social structures laboring to maintain the 'established hierarchy' or cultural basis for significant misrepresentation, Bis was no more inclined to ignore corruption in the guise of religion than he previously had in Kalamazoo. Lack of a support structure in dissent [coupled with the inability of the interested parties including government security agencies to articulate a unified response], however, ultimately rendered him vulnerable and forced him into a flight pattern.

Reincarnation and other variations on the energy cycle represent a range of potential Bis has worked to quantify; November 1999 a plasma structure in the image of Satan was reportedly maintained over the capital [Washington D.C.] detected by a thermographic camera technology. The camera has since disappeared out of the Pentagon and Bis denies having it in his possession without discussing whether he knows where it is or if he has a general sense of who took it.

The Outcome

Still not common, the sequence leading from 'emergent/early religions or religious aspects of society into technical parameters now being defined' is increasingly recognized if not understood [the incredible precision of Egyptian civil engineering draws quite a bit of speculation for example], at which point Bis does not merely ‘up the gain’ or raise the stakes – he characterizes the second half of an equation. A repository to ‘bank’ against in institutionalizing situational dominance. Still emergent, parameters are defined including in The Domestic Analogy and World Order Proposals, Hidemi Suganami, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge / New York 1989; earlier is the 'concept of reciprocity issue' in Staatsbankrotte; Wirtschaftliche und Rechtliche Betrachtungen, Alfred Manes, Verlag von Karl Siegismund Berlin 1919 - perhaps with a suggestion of Allen Dulles then at Versailles which was obviously followed by the rise of the Nazis and ultimately World War II with Holocaust. Slaughter of Armenians is thought to have been a precursor roughly simultaneous to Dulles at Versailles which wants investigation particularly concerning British interaction and the dating of a 20th century or modern relationship; Bis sources additional [section in progress].

That formal bank structure essentially is the 'New World Order' with multilateral participation, Bis going on to state with certainty the Mafia and other criminal elements are recognized and factored into it - participation is 'multi-dimensional' as well as multilateral. George H.W. Bush nomenclature dates to the late 1980s or early 1990s. Famously non-confrontational, Bush at least acquiesced to the inclusion of the criminal element but it is possible, particularly given simultaneous drug movement and CIA fundraising, he actively sought it out and attempted to institutionalize Mafia and criminal involvement in the New World Order as an ultimate step in a CIA subproject ongoing from at least the postwar period. As with the Quayle nomination, Bush may have felt a need to be in charge; anyway, at issue now is separating and hopefully eliminating the criminal element. For that matter, course correction is an issue in Iraq where he soured relations with conceptually allied factions by setting them up to be crushed in solidifying Saddam Hussein's grip on power after the first Gulf War. The open question is whether Bis, taking the assignment about a year after George H. W. Bush took office, was brought in or 'guided in' - presumably by a faction or group sharing awareness - in an effort at damage control.
Trying to fairly assess the situation, a problem will be underestimating potential damage. It is even possible George H.W. Bush was implanted with an invasive neuroprosthetic providing foreign operators a reconstructed data product - his thought process - in 1975 or prior to assuming control of the CIA reflecting Vichy or more literally Quisling tendencies in the agency [don't stop with the Mafia - their propensity for evil collaboration is limitless], but noted here is the neuroprosthetic monitoring function which parallels 'the bank' as manifestations of the New World Order.

Bis worked with the Vatican and reported to the United Nations 1990~1991.
At the origin: Italian financier Roberto Calvi, central figure in $790-million bank fraud scandal, is found dead hanging from Blackfriars Bridge, London, after being missing for 9 days; had led Ambrosiano Bank until his ouster June 17 (M), Je 20 1982, 14:3.
Italy begins extradition proceedings against Licio Gelli, 62-year-old former mattress salesman who became head of secret Masonic Lodge called Propaganda 2, who was arrested in Geneva, Gelli is charged with pol espionage, criminal association, extortion and fraud (S), S 15 1982, 5:1; S 19, 37:1.
Repts that prominent Argentines have been members of secret Italian lodge called Propaganda 2 are being investigated by Argentine Govt after arrest in Switzerland of Italian industrialist Licio Gelli, who heads orgn.... (M) O 3 1982, 8:1.
Status on Bis arrival:
Workers in building in Milan, Italy, discover 418 sheets of photocopied documents and letters written by Aldo Moro, former Prime Minister who was killed in 1978 after being held captive for 55 days by Red Brigade terrorist group; apartment where papers were found was hideout of now moribund Brigades, discovery of papers provokes questions in Italian press about whether certain mysteries might be cleared up in Moro's kidnapping and murder; there are still disputes over whether police bungled search for Moro and whether Government did enough to save him (M), O 14 1990, I, 8:1.
Giulio Andreotti, who was Prime Minister then as now, is portrayed as being close to Central Intelligence Agency (M), O 21 1990, I, 6:1.
Italian Parliament begins inquiry into clandestine operation code-named Gladio, created decades ago to arm and train resistance fighters in case Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies invaded; there have been disclosures of similar operations in virtually all Western European countries; photo (M), N 16 1990, A, 16:5.

Gladio was eventually linked to both the terrorists and the Propaganda 2 Masonic Lodge; through Licio Gelli, Michele Sindona, and Roberto Calvi to the Vatican.
That built towards the death of John Paul I in a number of ways - including through John Cardinal Cody of Chicago who apparently had significant ties to the CIA - but in a Bis scenario you end up looking at the attack on the Vatican Bank undertaken by Sindona and Calvi collaborating with Bishop Paul Marcinkus, another religious 'administrative figure' from Chicago with ties to the CIA, as an ultimate funding mechanism for the CIA and precursor to the American Savings & Loan crisis of the 1980s. 'Attack on Vatican Bank' in many respects parallels Nugan Hand in Australia and the Asia-Pacific in the same time period; its possible the two operations 'back' into a single designator within the CIA work breakdown structure.
What happened: Calvi was a long time employee of Bank Ambrosiano - you would not have automatically known he was crooked - but Sindona and later Marcinkus went after Banca Cattolica Veneto [Catholic Bank of Venice] which then pulled away from helping Albino Luciani, Patriarch of Venice, who to everybody's surprise went on to become John Paul I. They knew the writing was on the wall; writer David Yallop represents the murder as a reaction to specific actions the new Pope took [making a list of people to fire] but it's equally possible the crime was commited at the conspirators' earliest opportunity.
Was he murdered by the CIA [maybe/maybe not].
Was he murdered with their permission [almost certainly].
Marcinkus remained head of the Vatican Bank until 1989 when Bis arrived; he retired to Arizona and recently died.

American intelligence sources suggest Vatican assets total 5.75 trillion dollars [that's five thousand, seven hundred and fifty billion dollars], and it's likely that number came from Marcinkus - very possibly the CIA has a better handle on Vatican assets than the Vatican.
Indeed that number is so significant it is probably watched by a full time cadre within the CIA using legacy check points Marcinkus designed for them and developing new as required.

The United States [under the Nixon-Kissinger administration] is widely considered to have overthrown Chilean President Salvador Allende, starting with the assassination of Gen. Rene Schneider, continuing through the death of Allende and then somewhat after that Orlando Letelier getting blown across Sheriden Circle here in Washington D.C. with Roni Moffitt, leading into an investigation of Operation Condor and the government of Augusto Pinochet,
but it can be argued what we did in Italy has has far greater consequences and long term impact. Remember Pinochet only governed Chile for nineteen years; Allen Dulles put the Mafia in government - and in the church - to stay.

Claire Sterling, Thieves World; The Threat of the New Global Network of Organized Crime, Simon & Schuster 1994, page 35 cited to a criminal striking a plea bargin [Leonardo Messina] and informing on "an elected government presiding over the international underworld." Knowledge dated to 1980, and a summit had been held in November 1991 at which Salvatore "Toto" Riina had been elected top boss. Messina had not known where the summit had been held; the election may have figured into the subsequent deaths of Judge Giovanni Falcone in Palermo 1992 and Judge Paolo Borsellino.
Activity continues today, see Addio, Dolce Vita, The Economist, Nov 26 2005, Special Section page 14. Calabria has the 'Ndrangheta.... It is believed to have been responsible for last month's assassination of the deputy chairman of the region.... Mr. Berlusconi was heavily criticised for his failure to speak out against the attack....

Louis Freeh, My FBI: Bringing Down the Mafia, Investigating Bill Clinton, and Fighting the War on Terror is a source not yet reviewed perhaps bringing additional clarity to an overview perspective though more likely Bis brings clarity to Freeh; concluding this section Bis discusses Federal Undercover Organized Crime Division Task Force operations [pending].

In brief, Bis concepts have been validated by 'transient publication' in the Washington Post and elsewhere:
1. The atmosphere of Mars was not stolen,
2. Plasma does feed back from the Earth to the Sun, and
3. A magnetic field has been detected wrapping itself around a distant 'rod-shaped gas cloud' which Bis alleges can be a characteristic of male/female interaction here on Earth and similarly can be documented.
Space 'Slinky' Confirms Theory with a Twist, Ker Than,, January 12 2006. Washington D.C. - Astronomers have discovered a giant magnetic field hat is coiled like a snake around a rod-shaped gas cloud in the constellation Orion. .... Astronomers call that wound-up shape "helical." The discovery, presented here this week at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, was made in the Orion Molecular Cloud, a known stellar nursery in the constillation Orion. It supports a previous theory about how magnetic fields interact with gas clouds.
[Identifies Timothy Robishaw and Carl Heiles of Univ. of Calif. Berkeley, Jason Fiege and Ralph Pudritz of McMaster Univ., and Green Bank Telescope - "a radio observatory in Virginia."]
Bis suggests Women Like Men Who Want Kids, Study Says, Don Babwin AP, [Washington Post Express], May 10 2006 is similar. "The study wasn't all bad news for men not interested in settling down. It found women can pick out men with the highest testosterone levels."

What kind of citation is that? - [the atmosphere of Mars was not stolen, obviously putting the concept in play] which is exactly the point - articles appear to be 'ghosted' through the Science designation in the front section of the Post. Brief remarks that run in a certain edition, aren't indexed, and fall off the face of the earth. Bis definitely reacted operationally to the third point and very likely to the second point - without being able to date the first or second point it isn't possible to discuss a causal relationship with the Post via the agencies, and Bis more generally has backed into the first point which published previous [late 2004 or early 2005].

An aspect of documenting Bis is defining the capabilities of government security agencies which are clearly – hugely - factionalized, and the interest of conceptual inspection, oversight or regulatory bodies which is endlessly tentative. At least in the absence of media coverage this response is conceptually 'the best' or most appropriate our nation's leadership has been able to develop, and it should be noted that in Washington D.C. - on Capital Hill - some factions do care about Peter Bis and are concerned about the issues he represents. He is not simply ignored, but in spite of their best efforts or at least periodic interventions the song remains the same; debriefing Bis on his return to the United States in 1991 government agents advised him to leave the country again.


The Earth's Van Allen Belts consists of highly energetic ionized particles trapped in the Earth's geomagnetic fields. On the sunward side of the Earth, the geomagnetic fields are compressed by the Solar Wind while on the opposite side of the Earth, the geomagnetic fields extend to three Earth Radii. As a result, the geomagnetic field form an elongated cavity, known as the Chapman-Ferraro Cavity, around the Earth. Within this cavity, reside the Van Allen Radiation Belts. These radiation belts are composed of electrons with thousand eV energies, and protons with million eV energies.

A significantly invidious alien life-form
resident in the Chapman-Ferraro Cavity
for the past eight thousand years.

The particles in the belts are not directly injected by the Solar Wind. Magnetic fields of a magnitude of 0.3 gauss prevent the Solar Wind from directly entering the radiation belts. Most of the particles result from neutron Albedo [ ], the process where Solar Flare particles interact.....

II. A Van de Graaff machine is simply an electric power supply which has a characteristic of high voltage and low current output. This is in contrast to a dry cell battery. Dry cells are electric power supplies which give high current and low voltage output.....
While it's true that electric charge, charge imbalance, voltage, current, power, and energy exist, it is NOT true that there is a "stuff" called Static Electricity. Just because voltage and current may vary, that's no reason to invoke a new kind of "electricity" called "static."
Van de Graaff machines and batteries do not differ as much as we might think. After all, if enough VDG machines are connected in parallel, their currents add up and they can light a normal incandescent bulb. And if enough dry cells are connected in series, their voltages add up and they can attract lint, raise your hair, charge your body, cause corona discharge, and make giant sparks.
......"Static Electricity," is a class of effects in the same way that "biology" or "weather" are classes of effects..... while scuffing your shoes on the rug involves "static electricity," scuffing your shoes does not create any substance or energy called static electricity.......
The Van de Graaff machine [ ] can be used to demonstrate two important things: electric fields and electric forces. Everyone encounters magnets and magnetic fields, but few are aware that *electric* fields exist. These fields are usually hidden under the label "static electricity" and are ignored. This is unfortunate, since knowledge of electric fields leads to the understanding of sparks and lightning, voltage and circuits, and even the physical basis of chemistry and biology. In the functioning of the everyday world, e-fields are MUCH more important than magnetic fields, yet all the emphasis is placed on the latter. Students have difficulty understanding voltage because voltage *IS* electric fields, and if we don't understand electric fields, we will be befuddled by "voltage." The Van de Graaff machine is extremely useful because it produces electric fields which are strong enough to be measured, manipulated, felt directly, played with, and finally grasped at an intuitive level.

Van de Graaff Generator, Hints and Demos, William J Beaty 1994

Peter Bis and a government agent [designated former Navy cryptologist] talk over a period of time, with the government agent increasingly attempting to exert situational dominance in addressing Bis 'options.' Driven to it, in retaliation Bis finally leaks the agent's name - to prayer group on Capital Hill [with some irony: the agent had been trying to induce a 'Jesus concept' into the Bis scenario which was unfortunate in an operational context and absolutely blind from a management perspective] - with verbal confrontation on the evening of Wed. Feb. 01 2006 at 6:30 p.m.; on Thur. Feb. 02 2006 at 4:30 a.m. Bis was attacked suffering a severe blow to the head.
It was stupid to use a 'cover' in dealing with Bis in the first place - not every agent is a secret agent, and the government should have used an open source which definitely reflects on management associated with this effort.
It was idiotic to bring a 'Jesus concept' into the Bis scenario given the subject matter [various technology parameters in the context of fraudulent religion] and the immediate past history [Bis thrown out of the National Basilica revealing a communication mechanism between the Jews, the agencies, and the Catholic Church],
and it was a 'wrong thing' to try to tell Bis how he was going to live his life after the immediate situation has resolved itself anyway when he obviously has been a 'team player' which the government knows very well.
NOTE: That the government had tried to induce the 'Jesus concept' into the Bis scenario was documented week of January 16 2006 as a subtext to Bis activity. It is true - they did try to do that.

With war in the offing, [Sir] Henry Sopwith built the Sopwith Camel on his own dime that Britain would be defended and was ultimately knighted for doing that. Deaf and blind in the late 1980s, at his one hundreth birthday festivities the British government blew a formation of jets low overhead which the old man felt through bone convection rather than heard, and he symbolically looked up to where the planes had been, knowing they were no longer there. At one time Peter Bis had a significant amount of money - well in the six figures - and he readily spent it trying to define this situation and in reporting to three different organizations within the United Nations [Switzerland]. Agents - and agency management - of the United States government attacking him now having failed to cow him into subservience - on the streets of Washigton D.C. in full view of the foreign surveillance and threat mechanisms - is really beyond ingratitude and cowardice.

The individuals involved should be reprimanded - particularly the supervisors - with disparaging letters placed in their files, excepting only the actual assailant who did an excellent job.

DEPLOYMENT SCENARIOSThe world is full of both refugees and people with only first names. ‘John’ was essentially held in a condition of indentured servitude by a cabal of New York Jews who traded him among themselves, unbeknownst to him souring other career alternatives he attempted to pursue [contacting potential employers and telling them not to hire him for example, similar to Judy Cunningham Carbondale Illinois and New York mid-1990s-to-date in an apparent CIA-related project structure]. Active suppression well beyond passive utilization or monopolization, the situation is complicated both by his sister marrying into the cabal and John’s family’s origins being tied to the Balfour Declaration, which John claims was a focus used to legitimize the State of Israel making him particularly attractive in the scenario. New York Jews were practicing indentured servitude [citing to the prior case of Dennis Sweeney - now somewhat dated - and various other deployments - more recent - a larger pattern does emerge in addition to John’s actions apart from Bis]; John fled New York for Washington D.C. as he attempted to abandon the United States for another country – [perhaps Scotland] – which he thinks will offer him citizenship.John also claims to have abandoned his family but apparently still is in contact with the sister who married into the cabal of Jews [perhaps two sisters].John, on occasion, stays close to Peter Bis, leading Bis to suspect either a government agency or the Jews are utilizing John as a surveillance mechanism.
NEW ON JOHN [Jan 24-25 2006]. Agency manipulation has reared its ugly head immediately proximate to Bis in a probable disinformation scenario, with John attempting to plant a last name - typically routine, but in his case reflecting a communication mechanism between the Jewish community and a controlling faction in the government security agenc[ies] who have interests in Bis.
NEW ON BIS. Surveillence activity: awareness with a 'prevention' objective as opposed to any significant assistance in actually moving the situation forward - they don't do anything much for Bis but half heartedly prevent others from doing too much to him [hospitalized for poisoning with fourteen days in a coma whether or not the poisoning was intentional and endlessly subjected to petty abuse from the cops] - Bis finds the surveillance to be a frustration, but recently announced - same Jan 24-25 timeframe - he expects the Jews to be ultimately vindicated for 'a lot of things' which came across as funny given John's transparency. Without dwelling on it, Bis matters reinforce both the tie between the agencies and the Jews and the essentially predatory nature of the relationships.Second relationship [former Navy cryptologist] is similarly 'show the dog the bone' - clearly well intended [WRONG - Bis attacked February 02 2006] on an individual level and perhaps intellectually closer to Bis in the technology background but ultimately failing to meaningfully step toward any resolution [unless its designed to maximize a half ass effort to pump Bis for information on a casual basis which is possible].
--BACKGROUND [prior to the 'disinformation' effort and attack]-- John got a Sunday Bulletin at St. Patrick in the City [founded 1794], 619 Tenth St., NW Washington dated January 15, 2006 which discusses The National Prayer Vigil for Life [“Join pilgrims from around the country for the National Prayer Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Sunday, January 22 at 8:00 p.m. Following the Mass, there will be Rosaries, Holy Hours and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the night until morning”]. Perhaps at the behest of others, John brought the matter to the attention of Peter Bis who initially declined to attend but reversed himself an hour or two before the Vigil was scheduled to start, they went to the Basilica, and Peter Bis – but not John – got thrown out at the door. The man running the event barred Bis from entry, the problem in evaluating the situation being the instability of John as an agent of others [undefined] beyond communication mechanisms of the Catholic Church [including with the Jews or with the Jews via the government agencies assuming a routine denial of prejudice or participation in a surveillance structure], but that is common or even de rigueur in a calculated effort at destabilization. Some humor but it is true: for the student interested in how to do it, ‘scale of magnitude’ – from the endlessly trivial to the most breathtaking audacity – is an important variable to utilize in defending institutional corruption. Aside from John, the man running the event, and the Basilica, the CIA at least was known to ‘hassle up’ foreign agents they couldn’t turn and one example a veteran cited included orchestrating fender benders [source in literature rather than Washington interview]. The symbolism of being thrown out the door – or barred at the door by the man – is similarly suspect as an exclamation point in Bis, who had been in contact with the Church immediately previous and thought the relationship had stabilized; beyond revealing a communication structure additionally raising the possibility the prior contact led Bis through a deliberate disinformation-as-a-precursor sequence
[ultimately to the effect of validating John as a disinformation source one way or the other - planted last name or planted Basilica scenario].Assailants prevailing in turn incentivizes corruption and invidious behavior – do the most bizarre things possible in exerting situational dominance; infuriating is that churches much less prominent than the National Basilica and the man running that event have been repeatedly tested and proven prone to collaboration including in a pattern beyond Bis matters. That practice ‘knowingly catches’ or is even ‘premised on the likelihood of catching’ the subject or target at moments of reduced vigilance; more humor but on the other side of the coin – it only works once, and then rolls into a pattern of validation tending to reinforce the convictions of the person undertaking what the forces of institutional corruption perceive as an attack.

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